XWF Presents: Inferno
| XWF is Live - July 1st, 2018 from Grand Rapids, Michigan at the Van Andel Arena |

We open up to a sold out crowd here tonight and it's the final Inferno before our next PPV. A huge lineup tonight that is sure to bring some great action. The fans fill the stadium and cheer loudly as the fireworks explode from the entrance way. Our camera pans around the arena before heading down to commentary.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone for another edition of XWF Inferno. I am Michael Cole and joined as always by my broadcast partners, JBL and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

JBL: Tonight is going to be a lot of fun. The World Champion....Daniel Slaine is in action tonight, and not to mention a big main event.

Michael Cole: Polly Norris and Willow Phoenix, both women who have been a thorn in the side of The Union. That's why Michael decided to make them face each other and see if he could get them off his back.

Jerry Lawler: It's a good strategy but it might also prepare them for future matches against The Union, making them stronger in the process.

Michael Cole: We shall see how that unfolds and a lot more tonight. Right now we see Josh Blade standing inside the ring. Lets take you down to Michael Buffer to introduce his opponent...

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, he is a former Heavyweight Champion of the World...Max Farrell!

"Coming Alive" by Dale Oliver begins to play as Max Farrell walks out onto the stage. He gets a strong reaction from the crowd as the fans cheer loudly for one of the big underdogs of XWF. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring as he awaits his opponent.

Josh Blade Vs Max Farrell

Josh and Max lock up and Max tosses Josh into the corner. He charges at Josh, but he dodges out of the way quickly and hits a pale kick to Max’s skull. Josh stands up assessing the environment before running off the ropes and back at Max hitting a shining wizard. Josh waste no time locking Max into a chin lock, Farrell pulls on Josh’s hands while pushing himself to his feet. He gives Josh and elbow, but Josh clubs him hard across the back. Following fast Josh rushes off the ropes and into a sunset flip on Max Farrell going for a quick pinfall.

Pin: 1................................

Micheal Cole: Josh Blade is setting a rapid pace in this match, is Max going to be able to keep up or slow him down?

JBL: JB is a part of the Union and it should be clear why. Look at this athletic ability he is displaying!

Jerry Lawler: He is quite impressive, but will he be able to keep this pace?

Josh pulls Max up and rips his shirt open before slapping him hard across the face. Max tosses himself at Josh hitting a lou thesz press following with vicious punches. Josh gets his hands up adding some resistance to this offence. He pushes Max off him and pulls himself up with the ropes. Max grabs him by the wrist Irish whip to the ropes, NO Josh reverses! Max is sent into the ropes and Josh leaps up hitting Max with a hurricarana, he lands near the corner turning around and resting against the turnbuckles. Josh charges for him, Max pulls himself up with the ropes and kicks his feet into Josh’s face before uploading with a clobbering clothesline!

Micheal Cole: Huge clothesline from Max Farrell to slow down this intense attack from Josh Blade. These two are hitting hard and fast.

JBL: If you ask me Farrell is afraid of losing to Josh Blade, the guy can’t afford anymore embarrassment. Siding with The Preacher and Blake Archer is a sign the guy really has hit a new low.

Jerry Lawler: I think that it is a smart move, Farrell will need all the help he can get fighting the likes of the Union.

Josh pushes himself up to all fours crawling up to his feet, Behind him Max Farrell pushes himself up and wobbles over using the ropes to catch himself. As Josh turns around the two of them lock eyes and rush center ring colliding into one another. Max punches Josh in the face and he answers with and back hand chop. Max grabs his chest and kicks at Josh’s knee causing him to stagger. Josh retaliates hitting a spinning heel kick to Max’s chest knocking him back into the corner. He traps him there and stands on the second rope he strikes Max, 1,2,3,4,5,6...Max grabs Josh and pushes him off the turnbuckles with a sitout powerbomb! Farrell leans forward seeing this as a chance to get the win.

Pin: 1..................................2...............

Micheal Cole: Close call there, Josh Blade strongly kicks out at the two. Both men are back up in the center of the ring exchanging strikes back and forth.

Max gets Josh to duck his head and grabs him for a suplex! Their body bounc into the canvas and Max rolls over Josh trying quickly for another pinfall.

Pin: 1.............................

Josh Blade kicks out! Max locks his arms around Josh’s head before he can get up, but Josh rushes into the ropes grabbing them and bouncing Max off his back. Josh looks behind him at the stunned Max and springs himself off the top rope flipping back onto max with a moonsault. This time Josh is the one that goes for a quick victory!

Pin: 1.........................................2............

Fans scream almost like they were scared for a moment. Josh bangs his hand on the mat thinking that time he had it. He turns around giving a double axehandle to Max before he can stand. He flops back down onto the mat where Josh stomps him hard in the chest. He tries again and Max grabs his ankle flipping him over and tripping Josh to the mat. He hops over him hitting a bulldog leaving Josh holding his face on his back. Max steps out on the ring apron hyping up the crowd to feed off their energy. They cheer loudly and Josh rushes him, but Max catches him with a hook punch. Josh swings back and Max climbs the turnbuckle and hits a leaping lariat as Josh turns around! Max’s arm bashes into Josh’s chest knocking the wind out of him and both men hit the mat like a sack of potatoes.

Micheal Cole: What a lariat from the top rope!

Jerry Lawler: He can get just as intense as Josh Blade has been, both men are wearing down though from the looks of it. This is going to be the true test right now.

The Ref stands above them starting to count them down. Max hears the count through ringing in his ears and tries to shake it off. Opposite him Josh is breathing heavily attempting to get some of his wind back that move had taken. He starts to roll over falling back still needing a few more moments to breath. Max tries to stand but stumbles forward back down onto the mat. The fans seem worried, but at the same time love how spent these two are getting in the fight. Max pushes himself to his knees, the Official getting his count up to a FIVE! … Fans wake back up clapping and hollering at Max. He takes a few gasp of air and pulls his body up with the ropes, the Official shouts Seven...but Max is on his feet. He looks back at Josh as he gets to his at the same time, Max looks at him and rushes, but Josh counters with a drop toe hold. He rolls his body over Max’s and locks Max’s left leg under his arm and pulls back with a single leg crab!

Micheal Cole: Max Farrell is stuck in a submission hold, but I am not so sure that Josh Blade has enough gas to apply it fully.

Max spins around and kicks Josh with his free leg. Josh is pushed into the ropes and Max gives him a hip toss as he rebounds back towards him. Josh groans as his spine is snapped into the mat. Max kicks him hard in the back and leaps over him grabbing his head delivering a neck snap. Josh falls back onto the mat sprawled up. Max stands up feeling an energy surge, he lifts his arm up and down to draw the crowd into things, they start to clap and chant his name. Max, Max, Max! Josh rolls over looking lost in the middle of the ring. Max hops over him pushing him over shoving his shoulders flat on the mat.

Pin: 1.................................2.............

Both men stand up, but Max strikes first with a strong lariat. Max doesn’t want to give him any room to breath. Josh smacks the mat to pep himself up. Max bends him further in half pulling hard on his legs adding pressure to his ankles as well. Josh looks up seeing the ropes within inches, he pulls himself dragging Max’s heavy mass with him touching his finger to the bottom rope to get the break. Max releases the hold and looks back with a slight bit of frustration setting in on him. Max thinks quickly stomping into Josh’s back before he can stand up. He pulls him to a vertical base by the head, but Josh shoves him away with desperation. Max stumbles back a few steps and goes for another lariat, but Josh dodges out of the way and hits Max with an ensiguri! Both men are down with the fans showing signs of high anxiety. Josh is faster to get up then before, he walks over to Max lifting his leg up over exerting the muscles with a muffler stretch! This time Max is the one in pain from a submission he gets to his back and kicks Josh off of him. The two of them stand up stumbling… Josh grabs for Max, but he counters and hits CRIMINAL JUSTICE!

Micheal Cole: It took all he had! Max Farrell is down, Josh Blade is down, that Criminal justice was a huge hit for both of them!

Max blinks slowly and starts to come back to reality. The fans are ecstatic screaming his name. He sits up and nearly falls, but catches himself. He sees Josh laid out across the ring and crawls inching his body closer to Josh’s before finally being close enough to toss his arm over Josh’s torso. The official drops giving the count…




Fans start to boo they are just as amazed as Max looks as he double checks with the ref.

Micheal Cole: So close folks, but Josh Blade had just enough recovery time to get the shoulder up from that finishing maneuver.

JBL: He is a tough kid and a great athlete, I think Max might have overlooked that.

Jerry Lawler: I doubt that, but Josh Blade certainly is giving the former World heavyweight champion a run for his money.

Max stands back up, it looks like he is thinking about a second criminal justice to put Josh away, the intensity rises in the arena. From across the ring and behind him Jackson and Daniel Slaine emerge from the fans the jump up on the ring one on each side. Daniel Slaine is the first to get Max’s attention causing him to charge only for Slaine to duck off the ring. Jackson on the other side shouts to Max and he rushes over at him trying to connect only for Jackson to duck his strike. Josh uses the distractions to club Max in the back of the head bending him over, he positions him and hits the Cutting EDGE! The audience gets angry while others watch in dead silence as Josh overs his limp opponent.




Micheal Buffer: Your Winner of the Match.....Josh Blade!

The Union members waste no time interrupting Buffer and stomping on Max in the middle of the ring out numbering him three to one. Max tries to fight back like a wounded animal and the three of them tackle him down. Each of them pick him up and give him a triple Powerbomb! Fans boo loudly hating to see this down to Max Farrell. It seems like Union is just going to keep picking away at him when …. Blake is seen at the entrance, he rushes down to the ring with a sense of urgency, he slides in and strikes Josh Blade first, then Jackson. Daniel manages to get a kick to the midsection, but Blake retaliates grabbing him around the throat and hitting THE MARK!

Micheal Cole: THE MARK chokeslam and all the Blakeoholics in the audience are going crazy!

JBL: ‘The what?

Jerry Lawler: Blakeoholics the people that come to XWF because they just can’t get enough of the guy. Wow look at him go! Wait...

As Jackson and Josh get up he grabs each of them by the throat looking to hit a double mark, but Everett flanked by Nikki and Ashley is heading to the ring. Blake doesn’t see them and Ashley delivers a chop block to the big guy taking him to one knee. Everett slams Blake into the turnbuckle and calls for Nikki to hand him something. He looks back and gets the SAME handcuffs used to lock him to the ring back at Battleground. Nikki and Ashley hold Blake down to the second turnbuckle. He shoves them in defense before Jackson and Slaine help out. Micheal cuffs him to the ropes and backs off as Josh Blade hits a knee to the face, followed by Daniel with a boot to the face.

Micheal Cole: This is the same trick the Union had to use at Battleground to stop Archer!

JBL: Go with what works Cole.

Jerry Lawler: This is just a massacre right now.

Suddenly the crowd erupts as Brandon Draven rushes out from the entrance area and heads down the ring. He lifts his fists up and he's ready for a fight!

JBL: What is this idiot doing out here?

Michael Cole: Brandon is making his debut tonight against Daniel Slaine and it looks like he's tired of waiting. Hes out here trying out help out Archer and Max but could it be a mistake on his part.

The Union circle around Brandon Draven and look ready to strike at any moment. Michael walks towards him, goes to hit him, but then suddenly pats him on the back as he begins to smile...

Michael Cole: What is going on here?!

Suddenly Draven begins attacking Max and it looks like the numbers game once again rises. Micheal smirks at Blake and stomps on Max. He wraps his legs up and flips him over leaning back with the TCO! The sharpshooter is pinching Farrell's nerves with every second it is locked on he grits his teeth and shakes his head instinctually tapping the mat. Blake jumps around trying to get loose to help Max out, but Slaine delivers a superkick to the chops.

Daniel Slaine: This is because of you Archer, this is all because of you!

Brandon Draven delivers swift kicks to Archer in the face knocking him out and Micheal lets go of the exhausted and hurt Max Farrell. Fans boo them loudly as Micheal brings the group center ring and raises their hands high in the air. The boos don’t phase him in fact he seems to enjoy the reaction as the show fades out.


We return from commercial break where BY’s entro plays. Pretty Fly for a White Guy by The Offspring rings out on the PA. Brandon Young comes out slower then normal. He glares at the laughing and cheering audience.

Micheal Cole: Looks like Brandon Young is still showing the effects of that battle around the arena he had with Blake Archer.

JBL: Still coming out here though, he is an inspiration.

Jerry Lawler: I am not so sure he is that hurt of he wouldn't be out here.

Michael Cole: Well our next match of the night was supposed to be Brandon Draven against Daniel Slaine but it now appears the Union have yet another member to their group.

Jerry Lawler: I wonder what Mike thinks about Josh joining The Union?

Mike Blade is already in the ring and has no time to think about that now. He watchhes BY enter and get in his face right off the bat.

Brandon Young Vs Mike Blade

BY delivers a kick to the gut and then a back hand chop. He Irish whips Mike Blade into the corner, rushing after him hitting him with an elbow smash. Mike Blade got back to his feet quickly and Brandon catches his foot blocking a kick. He mocks Blade and Blade counters him with an ensiguri. He quickly covers BY.

Pin: 1......................

Micheal Cole: Just a count of one there.

JBL: Brandon Young is a real trooper, he is not 100% at all and he is still gracing us with a match tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Didn’t you say injuries are no excuse before?

JBL: Shut up Lawler nobody asked you. Each week you put down Brandon Young, but he could have been killed.

After kicking out Brandon pushes Mike off him. The two meet in the center of the ring and start slugging it out. Mike weaves but his strikes seem weaker then BY’s. He has Mike Blade dazed and rushes back off the ropes striking him with a jumping punch to the forehead. Mike is knocked down hard to the mat. Brandon stomps on his face and Mike grabs his face squealing in agony. Brandon’s smile is gone he lifts Mike up and delivers a suplex to him and covers him.

Pin: 1.................................

Micheal Cole: He hasn’t had enough. Mike Blade with a fast kickout right there, that seems to have Brandon Young all worked up.

JBL: Mike Blade should just submit out of respect. I can see why BY chooses to be disrespectful, to get it you need to give it.

Brandon stands up and strikes Mike in the side of the face before hooking him into a front face lock. He lifts him up but instead of a suplex he walks over to the turnbuckle and tosses Mike into it. His neck cracks off the top turnbuckle and then he crumbles down to the mat. BY runs ot the opposite corner and then rushes full blast at Mike slamming him between the middle turnbuckle and his knee. STAY DOWN YO! He shouts at him before delivering a hard SLAP right across the face. Mike rolls to his stomach. BY crawls over top of him and pulls him up into a camel clutch. Mike struggles to get free cringing not to cry from the pain.

Micheal Cole: Brandon has a painful looking camel clutch on Mike Blade, but he is struggling not to give up.

Mike Blade pulls at BY’s fingers trying to unlace them from in front of his face. Brandon starts to loosen up and let's go all of a sudden. Mike’s face snaps off the mat. Brandon kicks him in the back of the head and reapplies the hold. He is dead set now on getting that submission win and not afraid to show it. THIS WILL BE BLAKE! He wrenches hard bending Mike like a pretzel.

Micheal Cole: Brandon is wanting to send a message here.

JBL: Yes that he is going to make Blake Archer pay. Poor Mike Blade is the victim right now in order for that message to get sent. The Homies were not able to be here all because of that sociopath!

Jerry Lawler: Blake did go a bit far, but that is a risk that is taken when in a match like they were.

Brandon Young has Mike Blade where he wants him, before any bones could crack or muscles could get pulled Mike Blade taps having no choice but to submit before damage is done.

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Submission....Brandon Young!

BY refuses to break the hold. The ref pulls on him forcing a break. The fans boo loudly and he taunts calling them stupid. He finds the camera and speaks to it.

I had to do this all because of you Dorian, this is your fault Blake.

Micheal Cole: Come on, you can’t blame him BY!

JBL: Yes he can Micheal, I told you this is a message for the so called Big Dog. He won a battle but not the war.

Jerry Lawler: I think B-Y… is just a sore loser like he always has been.

Suddenly....Blake Archer's music plays. Brandon Young whips his head around looking as the large man steps onto the stage with his wife holding his hand. His face almost looks like a Frankenstein monster now without his mask on to cover scars he has earned outside the ring.

JBL: What in the hell are they doing here?

Mary-Jane: Hello Brandon. That was an impressive win, no games just straight through the fat. Speaking for not just myself, but my husband. We're not too appreciative of this delusion you keep living in. You are a sad small little man and you need help. I've tried to reason with Blake, I have tried to convince him to walk away, but he insist. At Independence how about you two go at it one last time?

The fans cheer they like the idea of Brandon Young getting beaten up by Blake yet again.

Mary-Jane: This will not just be an ordinary match, this will not be a no disqualification where you two fight all over the place. This time you will both be locked inside of a steel cage. This is your intervention Brandon, if you lose this time you must join The Preacher, Max and my husband to better not just this company but yourself. What do you say Brandon?

Brandon looks up towards the ramp before motioning for a microphone.

B Money The Man Brandon Young: Being married to Dorian you probably do think beating Mike Blade is impressive. Blake you got a lot of nerve coming out here after what you did last inferno.

Brandon walks around the ring.

B Money The Man Brandon Young: I accept yo, but don't expect me to lose. Don't expect me to play nice. If I win. I want you, Mary Jane!

Brandon throws the Mic down. That fans stir into a commotion and Blake pulls the mic from MJ to his lips.

Blake- Done.

Micheal Cole: Is he serious?

JBL: He is just being a cocky bastard, good maybe BY will show her what being around a real man is like.

Jerry Lawler: I don't think Blake will agree with that, but I am not so sure I would bet my wife if she looked like Mary-Jane. These two men will finish their rivaly at Independence inside a cage....


We return to commercial break and its time for our Main Event of the evening...

Michael Buffer: Headed to the ring, she hails from Death Valley, California. The Dark Queen....Willow Phoenix!

The lights go out and flames shoot from the ramp and stage. Willow Badman appears on stage in a red and black trench coat with a red and black mask on her face. She walks down to the stairs to the ring and removes the jacket. As the jacket falls to the floor the flames shoot higher and the lights comes on. She steps into the ring and removes the mask from her face. Willow drops the mask to her face as her hair covers her face. She then flicks her head back causing the hair to behind her head. There is black paint curving out of the corner of her eyes.

Michael Buffer: And her opponent, she hails from "The Right side of Wrong, Polly Norris!

The lights fade to a blue purple skyfield of stars as Holler by Girls Generation kicks off as does the entrance of the one and only Polly Norris, who gives off other then her usual all to cheery appearance a salute to the crowd before strutting and bopping her way down to the ring. Once inside she gives the announcer, and her opponent an all too hammy a curtsy before going to a corner to await the bell.

Polly Norris Vs Willow Phoenix

Willow starts the match off by tieing up with Polly. Willow puts Polly into a headlock, but Polly sends Willow into the ropes. Willow comes back and Clotheslines Polly down, the crowd boos.

Michael Cole: They sure do hate Willow.

JBL: What do you expect Cole? The woman attacked Ashley Blade, you don't do that and get a standing ovation from the crowd.

Polly stumbles up and Willow Armdrags her down, into an Arm Wringer. The crowd is behind Polly, however, and starts clapping. Polly uses this momentum to work her way up. Polly throws Willow to the ropes now and then hits a Back Bodydrop. Willow hits the mat, stumbles to her feet, and Polly follows up by kicking her in the gut and executing a Neckbreaker! Polly kicks at Willow a few times before climbing to the top. She looks around... and flies off with a Frog Splash!

Michael Cole: Shades of Eddie Guerrero!

But no! Willow rolls out of the way at the last moment, letting Polly crash into the mat. Willow hits her with a Snap DDT!

Jerry Lawler: Beautiful! That could end it!

Pin: 1...............................2..............

Michael Cole: Not quite yet.

Willow climbs to the top rope now. Polly stumbles to her feet, and as she turns around, Willow flies off the top.. and hits a Diving Cross Bodyblock! She connects with Polly and then goes into a pin.

Pin: 1..........................................2........

Jerry Lawler: Very few people have the heart of Polly.

Realizing she needs to wear Polly down a bit more, she puts her into a Single Leg Crab.

Michael Cole: Focusing on the leg is almost always a good idea. Take out someone's ability to walk and use their legs and they're easy pray.

Polly crawls towards the ropes, grimacing in pain. Willow cranks on the hold, getting all he can out of it. Polly lunges... and reaches! The crowd cheers as the ref tells Willow to release it. Willow, of course, waits until the very last second to do so. She picks Polly up, who is favoring her leg, and then throws her into the turnbuckle. Willow kicks her a few times before lifting her up and then climbing up with her. Willow gets Polly in a vertical position, throws her arm over her shoulder... and hits a Superplex!

Michael Cole: Wow! Even though that was for Polly I think that move right there was a message for Ashley Blade.

JBL: She can send all the messages she wants, Ashley come Independence is going to kick Willows ass!

She takes Polly right down to the middle of the ring! Willow quickly floats over and pins her.



NO! Polly gets the shoulder up!

Willow gets up and backs off. Clearly she's ready to end this. As Polly starts to get up, Willow runs at her, and-

Michaael Cole: Willow with a clothesline!!

But no! Polly avoids the clothes line and then hits Willow with a few rapid kicks, ending with one right between the eyes! Polly pins Willow!



NO! Willow kicks out!

Polly lifts Willow up..and BAM!! Hits the Classically Trained and Willow is down and Polly covers fast.




Michael Cole: Polly has done it, she defeated Willow and....

After the match we see Polly Norris slowly picking herself up and exiting the ring. She grabs a microphone as the fans cheer loudly. Entering back into the ring and begining to speak.

Polly: I said I would return the XWF Womens title to its rightful holder, and I am here to do just that. But to be fair to her, and perhaps even my opponent Willow I also allow for whatever revenge she has in mind. In fact lets make the choice even easier for her.

Polly slips to the outside and pulls a body bag out from under the ring and tosses it inside. Rolling in after ward she dumps the contents onto the mat. A sledgehammer, guitar, barbwire bat, steel chair, and a cattle prod.

Polly: What can I say? I do prefer the classics Besides we all know which one the Blades prefer. So without any further to do your XWF Womens Champion Nikki Blade.

Nikki comes out Michael Everett at her side. She nearly gets in Polly's face but as Norris looks to step forward and meet Blades aggression with a smile. Everett intercepts widening Norris grin.

Polly: Oh please if I wanted to try anything I'd have done it by now.

Nikki smirks and gently pushes Everett aside to stand face to face with Polly.

Norris removes the title from around her waist and presents it to Blade. Nikki not taking the title Norris giggles and kneels down to present the title to Blade. Nikki takes the title and backs up a step Polly rises.

Polly: So what now a spear and punches or?, ...

Polly turns her back to Nikki and moves to a space behind the weapons.

Polly: Anytime your ready.

Norris waits a little while and when nothing has happened she turns to face Nikki who smashes polly in the face with the title looking at the title while norssi writhes on the mat in pain Nikki sees a spot of blood on her belt.

Nikki You got blood on my belt. You dumb bitch!

Blade proceeds to kick Polly while she is down, after several kicks she then climbs atop Polly and proceeds to lay into her so much so that Everett steps in and pulls Blade off of Norris. Wiping some of the newly drawn blood off her lips Polly licked it and then went to tackle Blade. But Everett and a referee keep the two apart as the show comes to a close.