XWF Presents: Inferno
| XWF is Live - September 16th, 2018 from Columbus, Ohio at Schottenstein Center |

We have another sold out crowd as XWF Inferno is just minutes away from starting. The fans are packing into their seats and ready to see some great wrestling action. The camera pans around the arena as fireworks shoot out from the entrance ramp. Our commentary team tonight is a very familar one with Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry "The King" Lawler. The team goes over tonight's card and highlights that this is the final Inferno before Anarchy.

As they continue to talk about the show, we see that Brandon Draven is already inside the ring. Next out is Preacher. Michael Cole talks about how Preacher went to Michael Everett's office and said he wanted control of the XWF. JBL said that he had some nerve and should show the owner of this company more respect.

(Singles Match) Brandon Draven Vs Preacher

Back and forth action to start out this match. Both men with a similar style and persona with neither backing down. Brandon gets an advantage in the early match, perhaps some ring rust still from Preacher. He works Preacher on the outside and slams him into the steel steps. Back inside the ring Brandon continues to work on the back of Preacher and is getting confident as the match goes on. Perhaps too much confidence as Brandon Draven goes for a high risk move off the top rope but nobody is home. Preacher uses the mistake to his advantage and eventually nails the Crucifix Bomb! for the three count.

Winner of the Match: Preacher

After the match we go backstage as Michael Everett walks out of his office. Renee Young is standing there with a microphone and asks him about what happened with Preacher. Michael said there was no way in hell he would ever let Preacher have control of this company. He said Preacher was dangerous and needed to be stopped. Renee asked if Michael had plans for him at Anarchy. Michael said that Preacher would be taking on Daniel Slaine for the World Title. Michael also said that he didn't want to be accused of being unfair or bias towards any superstar in the locker room. Michael Everett however said that he hoped Daniel Slaine got rid of Preacher once and for all.

(Singles Match) Daniel Slaine Vs Montgomery Goldstein III

The match starts and it doesn't take long for Daniel Slaine to start his offensive moment. Catching MG3 with an enziguri and a few high risk moves. Eventually MG3 is able to counter Slaine and show off his skills as well as he performed a big flip dive on Slaine. Montgomery tossed Slaine on the outside and hit him with a suicide dive being taughting the fans and heading int a commercial break. When we return we see that Slaine is back in control and performs a one-handed sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Daniel Slaine acted surprised that he didn’t get the pin. Slaine charges at MG3 but runs into a boot from MG3 who picks up a two count moments later. Slaine avoided MG3’s finisher. Montgomery caught him with a sling blade clothesline however and MG3 set up for a running dropkick and ran into a KTFO! and Slaine puts him away.

Winner of the Match: Daniel Slaine

The commentary team recaps what's happened so far and also begins to talk about Anarchy again. Michael Cole says that it has been announced that Willow Phoenix will take on Brandon Draven in a singles match.

(US Title Match) Brandon Young Vs Mike Dimter

Brandon Young threw some punches to the face of Mike Dimter. Mike came back by setting up for a surfboard. Dimter got Young in the surfboard, but Young escaped and delivered mutliple kicks to Mike and then applied the surfboard and dropped Mike Dimterinto a pin for a two count. Later in the match Dimter clotheslined Young off the ropes. Miz followed up with some knees to Young’s head and jawed at him. Mike Dimter heeled it up and Young eventually blocked a punch and then went on the offensive. Young hit a running dropkick in the corner and then threw kicks in the corner. Young performed a huracanrana from the ropes and covered Dimter for a two count. Young dumped Dimter to ringside and then leapt off the top rope and dove onto him. Young threw more punches at Dimter and rolled him back inside the ring. Young went up top. Dimter cut him off on the top rope and went for a superplex. Mike Dimter feeling the momentum, picking up Young and hitting him with the Liberty Bell! Mike scores the pinfall and drops to the mat in both shock and joy.

Winner of the Match AND New US Champion: Mike Dimter

Mike Dimter is given the US title and he raises the belt high above his head as the fans cheer. He exits from the ring as Brandon Young looks suprised and angry. Wondering what went wrong. Suddenly the camera cuts to an undisclosed location where Kyle is shown tied up to a chair, struggling to break free from the ropes. He screams and yells frantically for Brandon to come and save him when suddenly a black bag is thrown over his head.

The camera reveals it to be Mindy and Preacher as they laugh and circle around Kyle like a pair of hungry hyenas while Brandon and his homies helplessly look on at ringside, completely horrified as the camera quickly cuts to commercials.

(Main Event) Tom Gallo Vs Blake Archer

There was a small Tom Galoo chant from the live crowd but Blake Archer clearly getting the support tonight. Gallo was in offensive control early in the match. Gallo performed a sit-out powerbomb for a two count at one point in the match and was shocked when Archer kicked out. Archer came back with a finisher attempt, going for the spear but Gallo moved out of the way. Archer caught Gallo in the Sagittarius Bow and forcing a tapout.

Winner Of The Match: Blake Archer

After the match we see Blake Archer grabbing a microphone as he stands in the ring. He talks about what an incredible ride its been in the XWF. Saying that he's met some incredible people and had some amazing matches. He said that he couldn't do it without the fans. Blake Archer said that he's had some time to think recently and was about to make the hardest decision of his career. As Blake was about to continue speaking he was suddenly attacked from behind by MG3. Montgomery nails Archer with a fury of strikes and kicks. Picking him up and then sending him right back down with a DDT. MG3 than grabs the microphone and said that no one cared about Blake Archer anymore. He said that his time was up and MG3's time was now. Montgomery said that at Anarchy it was going to be the two of them inside Hell in a Cell and that MG3 was going to end his career. The fans boo loudly as MG3 exits from the ring and our show comes to a close.