XWF Presents: Inferno
| XWF is Live - November 26th, 2017 from the PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania |

Our show kicks off tonight with a sold out crowd for another edition of XWF Inferno. We see Preacher and Blake Archer standing inside the ring as it looks like we are about to kick off the show with tag team action. Suddenly The Union theme music begins to play and out walks Daniel Slaine and Michael Everett.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to XWF Inferno and what a show we have for you tonight. Two big tag team match and so much more.

JBL: This show is about to kick off with something special. I've been looking forward to this match all week.

Michael Cole: A Main Event worthy match no doubt about it. But it just goes to show how loaded our card is. The Union in two tag matches tonight, although I've been told that Ashley and Nikki are requesting not to be known as The Union during their introductions.

Jerry Lawler: I know MIchael has tried hard to get Ashley to join The Union but I don't see it ever happening.

Michael Cole: It would be hard to imagine. But we also thought the same thing about Daniel Slaine at one point and here we are.

Michael Everett & Daniel Slaine Vs Preacher & Blake Archer

The bell rings and it looks like Michael Everett and Preacher will start things out for their respective teams. We get a lock up and Everett backs Preacher into the corner and buries his shoulder in Preacher's gut. Preacher responds with two arm drags, an inverted atomic drop, and a spin kick. Preacher taunts Michael who lays on the ground for a few seconds before quickly getting back up. Preacher tags in Blake Archer, but Everett backs away and tags in Daniel Slaine.

Michael Cole: So many bigger than life superstars in this match. Three World Champions and Blake Archer who looks determined to eventually hold that title himself.

Jerry Lawler: Archer has been a champion everywhere he's went. Not to mention having some of the biggest matches and victories right here in XWF.

We get a lock up and Slaine shoves Archer away. Archer targets the arm and wrenches it, before hitting a couple of forearms. Archer tries for a hip toss but Slaine blocks it and knocks Archer to the mat. Archer gets up and gets in Slaine's face, hitting the ropes and hitting a shoulder block once, then again. Slaine asks for another, but Archer surprises him with a big boot. Preacher tags in and hits a dropkick on Everett who russhes in, but with Preacher distracted, he's attacked from behind by Slaine. Slaine now with a few kicks and punches to Preacher. Sending him off the ropes and Slaine with a big clothline that sends him down. Slaine picking Preacher back up now and hitting him with a powerslam and here's the cover...

Pin: 1.............................

Only a one count as Preacher kicks out right away. Slaine lands a legdrop and than puts Preacher into a headlock. Preacher reaching out to Archer but he's in the center of the ring with nowhere to go. Slaine has the hold locked on but Preacher fighting to his feet. Nailing Preacher with a couple of stiff elbows to the midsection and than a low blow that sends Slaine to his knees. The referee warns Preacher not to do it again but Preacher shoves him out of the way and than climbs the top rope. Preacher goes to the top and leaps off but he's caught by Slaine. Preacher turns it into a roll up for a cover....

Pin: 1...........................................2..................

Kickout at two and Michael Everett tags in and Preacher wrenches the arm, climbs the ropes and hits a nice arm drag. Preacher in control of this match in the early goings and showing why hes one of the best. Picking Everett up for a chokeslam and nailing it. Preacher with a cover....

Pin: 1.............................................2..........

And Everett kicks out at two. Archer tags in and we gets a double back elbow before Preacher hip tosses Archer on Everett for another near fall. Everett fights back and tags out to Slaine who comes in with a shoulderblock over the top rope into Archer. Slaine chokes Archer on the middle rope, drawing in the ring but Michael is right there and meets him with an enziguri. laine and Everett hit an assisted low dropkick that sends Archer to the floor now. Slaine makes the tag to Everett again and Slaine goes to the outside. Grabbing Archer who is sent back in and Everett goes for the pin....

Pin: 1.................................................2..........

Michael Cole: A great match so far and how do you think these two teams are doing tonight JBL?

JBL: This is an interesting matchup because Slaine and Everett work so well together. The Union is really starting to take shape. But at the same time you can't underestimate the strenghts of Archer and Preacher. They might not like each other, but they are tough to beat.

Michael Everett locks in a rear chin lock and Archer fights to his feet only to be thrown to the mat. Slaine back in the match and working with Everett now. Everett sends Archer into the corner, but when Everett launches in, Archer moves. Slaine sends Preacher from the apron but he turns around to eat a spear. Slaine rolls to the outside and Everett is alone in the ring with Archer. Blake Archer grabs Michael and hits him with the Checkmate! Archer with the cover....




Michael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match by Pinfall....Blake Archer and The Preacher!

JBL: Talk about luck....

Michael Cole: A strong win that had nothing to do with luck John. Instead it had everything to do with Preacher and Blake Archer being just as good, if not better than Daniel Slaine and Michael Everett.

JBL: In your dreams. That's the World Champion and leader of The Union you're talking about!

Michael Cole: And tonight they lost. It'll be interesting to see if Ashley and Nikki can do any better in their match later tonight. But up next we have singles competition. The Mysterious Stranger is in action after this commercial break....


The opening to "I wanna be a cowboy" by Boys Don't Cry plays, The Handsome and Classified Gentleman walks out. In his left hand he has a stick horse and he tips his hat as the words speak about it to the ladies in the crowd. Around his waist he has a lasso to amplify his cowboy dream, he straddles the stick horse and he waves is $1 looking cowboy hat in the air and yelling, "YIPPY YO YO YO!?" and than throws it into the crowd before he gallops his way to the ring.

Michael Cole: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Inside the ring...Josh Blade! And his opponent, hailing from Baltimore, Maryland....The Handsome and Classified Gentleman!

Before he gets there he takes a detour and to gallop all the way around the ring waving his lasso and threatening to lasso some "lucky lady" before rolling into the ring and taking bow to the crowd as he is introduced to them. He places his accessories in his corner and pulls a carrot out of hit tights pretending to feed it to his horse, than he stands there in his matching wrestling attire.

Josh Blade Vs The Mysterious Stranger

The bell souonds and Josh Blade gets right in Strangers face. Taughting him and pushing him into the corner. Josh Blade than slaps him across the face as the fans boo. Josh Blade turns around and yells at the crowd now but the Mysterious Stranger takes advantage of the distraction and puts Blade in the Hurts Donut! a cobra clutch and he turns it into a crossface and Josh Blade has no choice but to tap out.

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Submission...The Mysterious Stranger!

Jerry Lawler: That was certainly fast! I don't think Josh Blade knows what hit him.

Michael Cole: He overestimated his opponent and it hurt him. The Mysterious Stranger is picking up the wins and he means business. Let this be a lesson to Josh Blade and everyone in the XWF.

The Mysterious Stranger picks up a microphone after the match and begins to speak.

Mysterious Stranger: Swranger has said he will do anything to get his hands on that title and my mind has not stopped thinking about it. Brandon Young jumped me in the line and I was here first. I deserve this even if the champion doesn't see that. I will stalk you I will not let you sleep. The Mysterious Swranger will be everywhere you go BY... you will not escape me until you give me a shot at that championship!

Mysterious Stranger drops the mic and heads backstage as the camera goes back over to the commentary booth.

Michael Cole: Well we heard rumors that Stranger wanted a shot at Brandon Young and it looks like he is making his case known. It'll be interesting to see if management grants him that shot.

JBL: This guy is a freak, you can't let him get a title shot.

Michael Cole: He's a great wrestler John and deserves a shot at Brandon Young just like everyone else.

JBL: It would be a terrible move for the company. Hopefully Kevin and Stephanie are smarter than you are Michael.

Michael Cole: Hold on folks, I'm being told we have a camera backstage. Lets see what's going on....

We go backstage and see Preacher walking backstage and looking to leave the arena. He is stopped by Jeremy Borash.

Jeremy Borash: Preacher if I could ask you a couple of questions about your match tonight. How did it feel picking up a win with Blake Archer?

Preacher: Jeremy allow me to make one thing very clear....

Before he can finish his thoughts, Preacher is attacked from behind. We can't get a good look at the man as he assault Preacher on the concrete floor. Picking him up and throwing him into the wall as Preacher falls down in pain. As the man turns around we see that its none other than Stitches. Jeremy Borash goes to ask him a question, a bit shaken by what happened.

Stitches: No comments....

Stitches leaves as a few of the medical staff goes over to Preacher to check on him. The camera leaves the scene and goes back inside the arena.

Michael Cole: What the hell was that? Does that mean that Stitches is back?

JBL: I thought that nutjob was gone from XWF?!

Michael Cole: I don't know whats going on. All we know is that he attacked Preacher and there must be some kind of reason behind it.

Jerry Lawler: I have a feeling we won't have to wait long to find out.

Michael Cole: You're probably right King. But folks we are ready for our Main Event of the evening. The Women's Revolution takes front stage as four of the top women in XWF are set to do battle. Including the brand new team of Ashley Graves and Nikki Blade. Lets take you down to the ring for introductions....

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring first. They are the team of Tia and Taylor Matthews!

Fighter by Christina Aguilera begins to play and out walks Taylor Matthews and Tia Matthews. The fans give them a strong reaction as the two walk down the entrance ramp and head to the ring.

Michael Buffer: And their opponents, accompanied by Blake Archer. They are the team of Nikki Blade and Ashley Graves!

Ashley's music plays and out walks Nikki and Ashley. Following behind them is Blake Archer and the fans also give them a strong reaction. Nikki and Ashley stare at Tia and Taylor inside the ring and exchange a few words before climbing into the ring to start this match.

Tia and Taylor Matthews vs. Nikki Blade and Ashley Graves.

Taylor Matthews and Ashley Graves look to start things out for their respective teams. The bell rings and we get a quick lock up. Taylor goes behind Ashley, but Ashley turns it around and takes Taylor to the mat. Taylor fights up and the two trade holds for a bit before Ashley takes Taylor over with a side head lock. Taylor is able to fight up to her feet and pushes Ashley away, but she goes right down to a shoulderblock. Taylor responds with a big back elbow and a monkey flip out of the corner that sends Ashley flying. Taylor Matthews tags out to Tia Matthews who comes in and hits a beautiful dropkick on Ashley Graves. Ashley begins fighting back and she's able to tag out to Nikki Blade who comes in and is immediately rolled up....

Pin: 1.................................2..........

Tia tags out to Taylor and together they double team Nikki, allowing Taylor to score another two count. Another tag out to Tia, who comes in and hits a low dropkick in the corner in tandem with Taylor. This sets up another near fall. Tia tags back out to Taylor, and the two kick at the backs of Nikki's legs before slamming her face to the mat. The ref says the tag wasn't made and Taylor Matthews's back in. Taylor jumps off the middle rope toward Nikki but she's caught and slammed to the mat instead. Ashley tags in and she and Taylor trade blows in the middle of the ring before Ashley throws a great dropkick and now a cover for her....

Pin: 1.........................................2........

Michael Cole: It's great to see Ashley and Nikki on the same side, putting their difference aside. But the question still remains, can it last?

JBL: Ashley is a great addition for the Union, no doubt.

Michael Cole: Except Ashley has made it perfectly clear that she isn't a part of The Union and that this tag team is a non-Union team which is why Archer is out here tonight.

Ashley locks in a modified rings of Saturn, but Taylor is able to fight up to her feet and out of the hold, only to be slammed back down to the mat by her hair. Ashley tags out to Nikki Blade who comes in and wrenches on Taylor's arm. Nikki charges Taylor and hits a big shoulderblock before locking in a rear chin lock. Taylor Matthews fights up to her feet and out of the hold and she's able to make the tag to Tia. Tia comes in and hits an immediate 'rana on Nikki Blade before tagging both Nikki and Ashley Graves with big kicks. Tia heads up to the top, avoids interference from Ashley by jumping over Nikki and dropkicks Nikki into Ashley. Tia Matthews goes back up top and goes for the shooting star press, but Nikki gets her knees up and Tia crashes and burns. Nikki Blade tags out to Ashley who comes in and makes the pin.....

Pin: 1.....................................2...............

But it's broken up by Taylor. Ashley works over Tia's arm and neck in a seated hold, but Tia Matthews is able to fight up to her feet. Tia struggles to make it to her corner but Ashley Graves puts her back down. Both knockouts trade roll ups before Ashley pops up with a huge clothesline to Tia for another near fall. Ashley tags out to Nikki who comes in and stomps away at Tia. Nikki runs into the corner and launches herself off the middle rope with a Vader bomb type move. Nikki locks in a front face lock and Tia struggles to make it to her corner but Nikki Blade stops her cold. Tia rolls up Nikki, but then Nikki goes for the ankle lock. Tia is able to roll through and send Nikki Blade flying through the ropes to the outside. Nikki prevents the tag by pulling Taylor from the apron. Nikki makes it back in the ring and tags out to Ashley Graves who comes in and grinds her boot into Tia Matthews's gut while Taylor Matthews is livid, distracting the ref. Ashley hits a big standing neckbreaker before tagging back out to Nikki Blade. Nikki comes in and simply stands on Tia's chest before picking her up and slamming her back down to the mat. Nikki goes for the Vader bomb again but Tia gets her knees up and Nikki's chin drops right onto Tia's knees. Both knockouts make the tag and Taylor comes in taking out Ashley with a series of clotheslines. Taylor tries for the Matthews Effeect! but she's thrown off. Taylor catches Ashley Graves with a kick in the corner, a kick to the chest on the apron, and a giant cross body block from the top rope for another cover....

Pin: 1......................................2..................

Ashley tags in to Nikki with a hot tag and goes right after Taylor. Tia inside the ring now and she tosses Ashley to the outside and continues to battle with her. Tia nails Nikki with a DDT and both women are down. Ashley and Taylor battling in the crowd now and the referee goes outside to try and restore order. As he does we see Nikki rolling out of the ring. She's taking her time and it looks like she's looking for something under the ring. Tia back up now and grabs Nikki by the hair to pull her back in, but Nikki has a steel chair and slams it over Tia's head, sending her backwards. Nikki slides the chair back under the ring and climbs inside, going for a cover. The referee notices the pin and comes rushing back into the ring.

Michael Cole: No, it cant end like this!




Michael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match by Pinfall....Ashley Graves and Nikki Blade!

Nikki rolls out of the ring and goes into the crowd where Ashley and her celebrate. Meanwhile Taylor makes her way back to the ring and checks on Tia, wondering what just happened.

Jerry Lawler: I dont think Ashley has any idea what just happened.

Michael Cole: She won't be happy when she finds out. I know these two are trying to make it work but I don't think Ashley would of wanted to win like that.

JBL: A win is a win Michael. Nikki did the right thing and tonight The Union celebrates!

Michael Cole: We thank you for joining us tonight on this Thanksgiving week. We can't wait to see you next time for our Christmas Edition. Live on XWF Inferno....Goodnight!