XWF Presents: Inferno
| XWF is Live - April 8, 2018 from Cleveland, Ohio at Quicken Loans Arena |

We open up XWF Inferno to a sold out crowd here tonight. The fans are in their seats and ready for a great show. We go over to commentary as they welcome us to the show.

Michael Cole: Hello everyone and thank you for being with us tonight. I am joined tonight by JBL and Jerry "The King" Lawler and what a show we have for you.

JBL: No doubt about it, another great edition of the Union led Inferno.

Michael Cole: The World Champion, Daniel Slaine will be in action tonight. Along with Michael Everett and Nikki Blade. Also Jackson Bryant making his return to the ring. But first we have a great match for you. The new Evolution champion, WIllow Phoenix with her toughest match yet as she takes on Ashley Graves.

Jerry Lawler: What a way to kick off the show, I can't wait.

We head down to the ring for the first match of the night....

Summer: Headed to the ring, she hails from Death Valley, California. The Dark Queen....Willow Phoenix!

The lights go out and flames shoot from the ramp and stage. Willow Badman appears on stage in a red and black trench coat with a red and black mask on her face. She walks down to the stairs to the ring and removes the jacket. As the jacket falls to the floor the flames shoot higher and the lights comes on. She steps into the ring and removes the mask from her face. Willow drops the mask to her face as her hair covers her face. She then flicks her head back causing the hair to behind her head. There is black paint curving out of the corner of her eyes.

Summer: And her opponent, she is an XWF Legend....Ashley Graves!

"Hell Yeah" by Rev Theory blasts across the arena as Ashley Graves makes her way out onto the stage. The fans cheer loudly as she slaps hands down the entrance ramp before walking up the steel steps and getting into the ring.

Ashley Graves Vs Willow Phoenix

And Willow fires the first shot! Ashley stumbles backwards, and then walks right back into another right hand from Willow, and another, and another! Willow whips Ashley to the ropes, Ashley comes back and Willow nearly takes her head off with a vicious clothesline! Ashley goes down. The fans attempt to boo Willow's efforts, but, she quickly deny's that, yelling at them to "SHUT UP!" which in turn makes them once again boo her. Willow brings Ashley to her feet and whips her into the turnbuckle. Willow charges at Ashley with another closeline looking to smash her into the corner, but, no! Ashley gets a leg up and Willow's jaw bounces off her boot. Willow hits the mat, cupping her chin, and wrenching in pain. Ashley takes advantage, hopping up on the second rung off the turnbuckle and flying off with a perfectly executed elbow drop onto Willow's chest. Willow clinches her chest, rolling around the ring in pain. Ashley follows up, sending stiff boots into Willow's sore chest.

Michael Cole: Ashley taking an early control of this match.

Willow continues clutching her chest during Ashley's assault of stomps. Ashley finally brings the weakened Willow to her feet, and crashes her back down to the mat with a quick devastating snap suplex. Ashley scoops Willow back up, another snap suplex! Ashley drops down, hooks the leg.

Pin: 1...................

Jerry Lawler: Ashley doing her best to work Willow down.

Ashley grabs Willow by her hair, and hooks her head, setting her up for a DDT! No! Willow knows all too well what's coming, jabbing Ashley's side. Willow breaks free and wraps her arms around Ashley, nailing a belly to belly suplex! Ashley flies across the ring but manages to get back to her feet rather quickly, where Willow keeps on, spearing Ashley down to the ground, raining lefts and rights! Ashley avoids some of the strikes, rolling out of Willow's fists, grabbing Willow's arm, trading places with her and locking her in an arm bar!

Michael Cole: Ashley showing her gifted technical side.

JBL: Oh please!

Ashley cranks back on Willow's arm, Willow stretches her free hand out to the ropes but is too far away. Willow manages to fight to her feet, bringing Ashley with her, but Ashley refuses to release the hold! Willow reserves the momentum, and gets out of it hitting Ashley with a Japanese arm drag! Ashley hops back to her feet, Willow, again, takes Ashley back down with another arm drag. Ashley, still maintaining her energy, yet again quickly gets to her feet. Willow's now limp arm throws a sloppy clothesline, Ashley ducks it, slips behind Willow and wraps her up into a sleeper!

Jerry Lawler: For someone who has had so much going on in her life and hasn’t been wrestling much, Ashley is really looking good against the Evo Champ.

Michael Cole: Well, not just that, but, Ashley knows how Willow wrestles better than anyone..

The sleeper hold begins to take Willow down, dropping to both knees. Ashley keeps cranking, and, eventually, Willow is laying on her side with Ashley right on her keeping the sleeper applied. Willow's eyes roll over and shut. The referee drops to his side and lifts her arm, and, it drops without any sign of life. The referee raises her arm again, and, again.. it drops.

JBL: Oh, man. If Willow doesn't wake up we will never hear the end of this from Ashely.

The referee lifts Willow's arm for the last time and drops it, but, just before it can hit the mat, Willow opens her eyes and shoots her arm up into the air. Ashley looks EXTREMELY frustrated, knowing that she was just a spilt second away from defeating Willow. Willow manages to climb to her feet, Ashley still holding on for dear life, Willow elbows Ashley's side, Ashley is forced to let go, Willow slips behind Ashley and now locks her into a sleeper! Ashley's eyes get wide, Willow smells blood, and flips over Ashley's shoulder going for the Falling Phoenix! No! Ashley manages to grab Willow in mid-flight, and drops her hard to the mat.. Ashley takes advantage of Willow's fragile state, ripping her off the mat and then with a forearm that sends Willow crashing onto the outside mat. Ashley follows Willow outside, bringing her to her feet, and whipping her into the steel steps! THUD! Willow shoulder rams the steel, crumbling down to her back next to the steps. Ashley pulls Willow to her feet and pushes her back into the ring. Ashley slides back in, as well, pinning Willow.

Pin: 1........................................2..............

Willow manages to get the shoulder up despite just being thrown into steel steps like a crash dummy. Even though she couldn't get her pinned, having successfully weakened Willow throughout the match, Ashley knows she still has the upperhand here. Ashley drags Willow by her feet out into the middle of the ring, and hooks her legs, flipping ,her over and clamping in a sharpshooter! Willow pounds the mat, screaming.

Michael Cole: This is it!

JBL: No way this is not going to happen, Willow can get out of this.

Willow begins crawling, managing to take Ashley with her. Willow inches closer, and closer, and closer to the ropes, she reaches out a hand, but just before she can grab them, Ashley yanks Willow away and pulls her back out to the middle of the ring. Willow's eyes fill with fear, she realizes this could be it.. Ashley cranks back harder, the possibility of a win just inches from her grasp now. But, no! Willow, with every drop of energy left in her body, manages to shift her weight and flip Ashley over onto her back and off of her. Willow nearly crawls to the ropes, grabbing onto them, desperately, and using them to climb back to her feet, but, Ashley is already back up, and she charges at Willow slamming her into the turnbuckle. Willow falls back into the corner, leaning into them for support, and Ashley begins chopping away at her chest. The crowd, of course, "WOOOO's" after every loud smack of Ashley's backhand bouncing off Willow's chest. However, Willow soon turns the tables, slipping out of the corner, and throwing Ashley into it! Willow fires off with revenge, chopping Ashley's chest. Willow stops, backing up, sizing Ashley up as Ashley stumbles out of the corner holding her chest in pain... FALLING PHEONIX! Willow executes it, perfectly, but then goes down and lays on her back, clearly exhausted at this point.

JBL: If Willow can get to Ashley and pin her, then this might be it.

Willow realizes she needs to make the pinfall to put this match away. Willow slowly crawls over to Ashley's downed body, and drapes an arm over her chest.

Pin: 1........................................2.......

No! Ashley Ashley gets her shoulder up just in the nick of time. Willow rolls over on her back, shaking her head, but soon begins to slowly stir to her feet.

Michael Cole: Ashley really dominated this match up until the Falling Pheonix, and it's beginning to show on Willow.

Willow grabs the rig ropes, using them to pull herself up, and once she's up, a bit of energy reemerges. She carries herself over to the downed Ashley, grabbing at her hair, and yanking her up to her feet. But, Ashley explodes out of nowhere, hitting Willow with a sick forearm, and then whipping her to the ropes. Willow hits the ropes, bounces off, runs back to Ashley with a closeline, Ashley ducks, and the referee eats a closeline by Willow! The referee rolls into the corner, holding his neck. Ashley charges at Willow, and Willow manages to use Ashley's momentum to hit a Samoan drop! Willow drops down and rolls out of the ring, grabbing the her Evo Title left on the outside. Willow slides back in, Evo title in hand, stalking Ashley

Jerry Lawler: Willow looking to take advantage with the referee down.

Ashley still feeling the effects of the Samoan drop, takes a little time getting to her feet. She does, however, and slowly stumbles around to catch Willow charging at her with the Evo title. Ashley counters! Ashley gets Willow in the stomach, grabs the title from her, backs up a bit, and then smashes the heavy gold championship over Willow's head. Willow doesn't go down, entirely, no…she awkwardly bounces off the ropes and stumbles forward into the middle of the ring, and bam! Ashley clocks Willow again with the belt. Ashley notices that the referee is beginning to show signs of life, so, she throws the title out of the ring and covers Willow. The referee stirs, finally coming to, crawling over to the pinfall. Ashley, still hooking Willow's leg, curses at the official to hurry, and then, finally.. the referee slowly slaps his hand down on the mat.

Pin: 1....................................2..................

Thre-- NO! Willow thrusts her arm over just before the referee's hand could hit. Ashley is ready to end this, she reaches down, grabbing Willow's already worked legs, and straps her up in a figure four leglock! Willow instantly comes back to life, angrily shouting out as Ashley works her legs, Willow bites down onto her own fist, trying anything to avoid or take her mind off the pain. Ashley glares on across from their entangled legs, staring intently at Willow, waiting for Willow to pass out or tap. Willow's pain takes a turn into a different direction. Suddenly, her reaction seems to be more joyful than painful. Willow's head drops back onto the mat, her hands run through her hair, and she begins laughing wildly. Ashley, seemingly a little confused by this, still keeps the vicious figure four locked in, despite Willow's current state. Willow, clearly, has transformed her pain into pleasure . Sitting up, pounding her fists on his knees, begging Ashley to crank harder, and she does. Eventually, after several disturbing minutes, Ashley sees no point in continuing, breaking the hold free. Despite Willow's enthusiasm for the move, it's still taken it's toll, as Willow coils her legs up, nursing them. Ashley reaches down and grabs Willow up, Willow limps to her feet, and Ashley hooks her arm around her head, and lifts her high in the air! NO! Willow drops down behind Ashley and a backbody drop. Willow, again, uses the ropes to pull herself up, and crashes down onto Ashley with a bionic elbow. Willow completes this procedure a few more times until she's pleasantly satisfied with dropping elbows into Ashley's head, and then.. she drops down, and pins Ashley.



Ashley kicks out. Willow lifts her face from the mat, looking over at Ashley and smiling. Willow pushes herself to her feet, and the brings Ashley to hers. Willow grabs Ashley and executes a brutal spinebuster. Willow, again, drops down and pins Ashley.




Ashley kicks out. Willow yet again smiles, suspiciously pleased, wiping some sweat off her face. Willow picks Ashley back up, but, no, Ashley isn't finished !She swamps Willow with a right, Willow stumbles around and then walks right into a kick to the gut from Ashley, followed by a DDT-- NO! Willow then jabs Ashley in the eyes with her fingers….The referee doesn't manage to see it, either! Ashley stands, groaning, hands covering her eye. Willow moves in, cupping Ashley face in her hands, and plants a big fat smooch on Ashley!

JBL: Willow just keeps getting' weirder and weirder.

Ashley, still writhing in pain, still manages to look stunned by Willow's surprising Bugs Bunny-like kiss. Willow backs up, and hits a hard close ling to the ropes! Ashley falls backwards into the ropes, bounces forward, and stumbles right into THE FALLING PHEONIX!




Summer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….Willow Phoenix!

Ashley is laying on the mat, it was a hard fought match and she was taking a moment to compose herself and bring herself up to her feet when out of nowhere Willow attacks Ashley with kicks to the back of the head. Ashley is doing everything in her power to protect her head, curled up in a fetal position.

Michael Cole: What the hell is Willow doing? She won the match there is no need for this!!

Jerry The King Lawler: And with the blows to the head, this could be really bad for Ashley with a past history of head trauma!

JBL: See now if Ashley was wise she would have had the Union have her back and this wouldn’t of happened.

Willow is laughing as she kicks her one more time and starts yelling down at Ashley when all of a sudden the fans get out of their seats screaming as we see Nikki Blade running down the ramp and slides into the ring. She looks over her shoulder back to the entrance and like clock work, Michael Everett comes running out along side Daniel Slaine. Nikki runs and spears Willow hard to get her away from Ashley and Michael slides in real fast and hovers over Ashley to protect her. Daniel is pointing at Willow, screaming some obscenities at her as she rolls out of the ring and heads back up the ramp with a grin on her face. Michael rolls her over, checking the back of her head and Daniel tells Michael to get her out of the ring. Michael slides her to the edge, getting out himself first than grabs Ashley pulling her to him. Nikki showing her concern as Michael picks her up in his arms and they carry Ashley up the ramp and out of the arena.


We return from commercial break with Jackson Bryant walking down the entrance ramp with The Union theme music playing. Inside stands Josh Blade as their match is up next...

Josh Blade Vs Jackson Bryant

The match starts off with Josh Blade using the most of his side advantage. Jackson Bryant tries to use speed advantage but Josh Blade is in control. Loud Jackson Braynt chants but they are quickly stopped by a huge boot to the face and Jackson goes down. Josh goes for a quick cover....

Pin: 1................................2...........

Michael Cole: So tell us JBL, do you have any inside information regarding the return of Jackson?

JBL: All I know is that Jackson has been sitting on the sidelines for too long. He's a fighter and one of Michael's most trusted men. It's great to see him back inside the ring.

Jackson Bryant runs off the ropes and dropkicks Blade's knee. Jackson starts chopping Josh Blade down with stiff kicks to that knee. Blade grabs Jackson Bryant by the throat, throws him into the corner and Jackson winds up outside. Blade chases him out, but Jackson runs in first and kicks Josh Blade down to the ringside area. Jackson does a running drive through the ropes onto Blade. A missile dropkick by Jackson and he's in control. Jackson Bryant lands several big kicks to Blade's chest. Blade blocks one of the kicks, stands up and knocks Jackson down. Josh Blade throws Jackson into the corner. He throws him into the opposite corner and his a running clothesline then a sideslam. Here's another cover...

Pin: 1.....................................2............

Josh Blade goes up to the top rope and hits a flying clothesline on Jackson Bryant. Blade is heating up and the crowd pops. Josh Blade teases the chokeslam and locks it in, lifts him up but Jackson escapes and runs to the outside. Back in the ring, Jackson slaps Blade in the face everybody is in shock. Blade unloads on Jackson. Back and forth action and Jackson Bryant lands a very stiff kick to Blade's head. Josh Blade back in control Blade signaling for a power bomb. He goes for it, but Jackson Bryant rolls him up in a small package.




Summer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall.....Jackson Bryant!

Michael Cole: And a strong win for The Union here tonight as jackson Bryant picks up the victory in his return match.

Jerry Lawler: Give the man his dues, Jackson is back and looking good.

JBL: Was there ever a doubt?

Michael Cole: You have to imagine that this is yet another positive for The Union as they continue to run the show. But it's not just Jackson Bryant. That's because Daniel Slaine has been on a hot streak lately and that could continue in our next match.

JBL: As if there is a doublt Michael. Daniel is the easiest bet in wrestling right now. Whenever he wrestles you know hes going to win.

Michael Cole: Never say never, but that match is up next...

Summer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring first. He hails from Philadelphia,PA. He is "The Beast" Andre Ford!

"Won't Let Go" By CFO$ blasts through the arena....Andre Ford makes his way out to a huge ovation as he walks down the ramp then walks over to the steps and walks up the steps then climbs up on the middle turnbuckle then he jumps into the ring.

Summer: And his opponent, he is the reigning and defending XWF Heavyweight Champion of the World...Daniel Slaine!

"99 Bottles" by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Andre Ford Vs Daniel Slaine

The bell rings and Daniel Slaine locks Andre Ford in a head-scissors on the ground but Ford quickly escapes. Both superstars are standing again now and Ford suplexes Slaine back down. Ford locks in an armlock on Slaine. Slaine eventually escapes but Ford continues to punish him. Ford lands a dropkick on a seated Slaine. Slaine rolls out to the floor to regain his composure. Andre Ford goes out after him, but Slaine was playing possum and takes out Ford with a huge clothline on the outside. Slaine picks up Ford and now irish whips him into the ring post as Andre hits hard.

Michael Cole: Daniel is looking to make an example out of Ford tonight. He ended the career of the Mysterious Stranger just a couple weeks ago and could he end another tonight?

Jerry Lawler: He said he wanted a new XWF where no one got a free pass. Tonight Daniel is going to make Andre Ford earn his keep.

Back in the ring, Slaine goes for a quick pinfall attempt....

Pin: 1.........................................2.........

But Ford kicks out at two. Slaine slaps in a rear chinlock on Ford as the crowd claps for Ford to try and rally him into a comeback. Ford hits the ropes but Daniel Slaine catches him with a big kick for another pinfall....

Pin: 1............................................2..................

Meanwhile, Daniel Slaine is in control of Ford in the ring, stomping away at him in the corner. Slaine locks Ford into a weird standing submission hold but Ford eventually escapes. Andre Ford catches a kick attempt by Slaine and clotheslines him down. Ford with a nice suplex on Slaine. Ford hits him with yet another suplex. Ford scoops Daniel Slaine up and hits him with a sit-down slam. Andre Ford grabs Slaine's legs and it locking him up in the Sharpshooter. It's fully applied and in the center of the ring. Slaine is crawling to the ropes. Ford drags him back into the center of the ring. Slaine reverses him way out of it. Both men up to their feet now. Andre with a clothline but Slaine counters and hits the KTFO. Slaine with the cover....




Summer: Your Winner Of The Match by Pinfall....Daniel Slaine!

JBL: That's two Union wins in a row, what a great victory by our World Champion Daniel Slaine.

Jerry Lawler: You must be really enjoying this arn't you JBL?

JBL: More than you'll ever know King!

Michael Cole: Proving why he is the champion, Daniel gets the job done once again. So with two Union victories tonight, could we see three? The Union has tag team action in our Main Event here tonight. Mike Dimter has been talking for weeks about wanting to get his hands on Michael Everett and tonight he will get his chance...

Summer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is our Main Event of the evening! On their way to the ring first, they are the team of Mike Dimter and Victoria Scott!

The lights go out in the arena then "Only Thing I Am" By Core Effect blasts through the arena....."The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter and Victoria Scott make their way down to the ring. The fans give them a warm reaction and cheer for both.

Summer: And their opponents, representing The Union. They are the team of Michael Everett and the Knockouts Champion...Nikki Blade!

The Union theme music blasts across the arena as Michael and Nikki walk onto the stage. Fans boo loudly as the two take their time going down the entrance ramp. They stand at the bottom of the ramp, talking strategy before Nikki heads into the ring and Michael goes up onto the apron.

Mike Dimter & Victoria Scott Vs Nikki Blade & Michael Everett

The bell sounds and Victoria Scott goes for a quick rollup out of nowhere and gets a two count before Nikki Blade retreats to her corner and tags Michael Everett, who shoves Victoria into the corner. Everett punches her but Victoria comes back with some strikes, then she goes for a suplex but Michael Everett reverses it. Victoria floats over and kicks Everett, then Mike Dimter comes in and assists with a double team suplex before making a pin attempt.

Pin: 1......................

Mike Dimter kicks Everett in the corner takes him down with a snapmare, then Victoria helps him hit a tandem side slam for another near fall. Victoria sends Michael Everett into the ropes and goes for a side kick, but Nikki Blade pulls her out of the ring and they regroup on the floor. Mike Dimter sends Nikki into the ropes and kicks her, then Everett tags in and elbows Dimter before backdropping him on the apron. Everett clotheslines him off the apron and tags out, then Nikki rolls Dimter in and goes for a pin attempt before choking him with her boot. Nikki holds him in a fireman’s carry while Everett kicks him, then Michael Everett stomps him in the corner and they use quick tags to keep Victoria Scott isolated.

Michael Cole: You have to like the Union strategy tonight. Nikki and Michal working great together inside that ring and keeping the action fast paced.

JBL: I don't think there is a better couple in this business. Michael and Nikki know what the other is going to do and they use that to their advantage.

Victoria Scott makes a comeback with some right hands to Nikki Blade, then Everett blind tags in as Victoria throws Nikki outside. Dimter waits for a tag but Nikki pulls him off the apron, then Everett throws Mike Dimter outside and Nikki Blade takes him down with a clothesline. Dimter finally gets a hot tag and takes Michael Everett out with a dive on the floor, then he rolls Nikki inside and hits a top rope crossbody.

Michael Cole: Mike is keeping right up with The Union and keeipng this match going. What an upset it would be if he and Victoria won tonight.

Mike Dimter whips her into the corner and hits a running back splash, then he hits a Samoan drop for a cover....

Pin: 1..................................2..........

Mike Dimter heads up top but Nikki crotches him on the ropes, then she sets up a superplex but Victoria Scott and Everett get involved and the four come crashing down after a Tower of Doom spot. Nikki reaching for a tag, but Victoria pulls Everett off the apron and Mike Dimter kicks him in the face. Dimter hits a Superfly splash then he goes for a super Samoan drop but Nikki Blade counters and tries to piledrive him. Michael Everett blindtags in as Dimter grabs the ropes, but Nikki pulls him away and slams him into the turnbuckles, with Everett running in an enziguir. Nikki goes after Victoria and Michael locks in the TCO in the middle of the ring. Mike Dimter has nowhere to go and eventually passes out from the pain. Refusing to tap out but this match is over.

Summer: Your Winners of the Match by Submission....Nikki Blade and Michael Everett!

Jerry Lawler: And The Union has swept the board tonight. Three matches and three victories on this edition of Inferno.

Michael Cole: When the Union first took over, it looked like it would be a bumpy ride. But right now they seem to have complete control of this company and who knows what that means for everyone else.

JBL: This is just the beginning Michael. Wait until you see what happens at New Blood Rising.

Michael Cole: The first PPV for The Union should be an interesting one. Thank you everyone for joining us this evening...Goodnight!