XWF Presents: Inferno
| XWF is Live - December 2nd, 2018 from New York City, New York at the Melrose Ballroom |

We are live from a sold out crowd here tonight. The fans are hot for the final Inferno before the PPV and it looks like we arn't wasting any time tonight. We see Michael Buffer standing in the center of the ring with a microphone in hand. Its time for our first match of the night...

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring first. She is the Evolution Champion....Ashley Blade!

"Hell Yeah" by Rev Theory blasts across the arena and out walks Ashley Blade. She quickly runs down the entrance ramp, slapping fans hands and putting on a show before sliding into the ring. She climbs up onto the turnbuckle and lifts her hands high above her head as the fans cheer.

Michael Buffer: And the opponent, he hails from Douglasville, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds....and he is the United States Champion....Brandon Young!

Pretty Fly for a white guy by Offspring starts to play as Brandon Young comes out flanked by his posse of homies. Kyle, Franco, Leo, and Willie. They all pat Brandon on the back as they make their way to the ring. Brandon hops up on the apron hitting his chest with his fist. He climbs into the ring between the ropes.

Brandon Young Vs Ashley Blade

The bell rings and here we go. The two lock up and go back and forth at each other. Ashley Blade backs Brandon Young into the corner but when the referee goes to seperate the two, Young stomps on her foot and pokes her in the eye. Ashley is knocked down and mocked by Brandon Young as the fans boo loudly. Young applies a hammer lock to Ashley and screams, "Who's the man!" The crowd stomps and claps, trying to get Ashley back into the contest. It works, as Ashley Blade is back up and flying all over the place already. Ashley hits a big spin-kick on Young and then poses for the fans. The crowd is very hot for Ashley in this one. Ashley with a headlock on Young and the crowd is cheering Ashley along. Brandon Young manages to turn the tide of the offensive flow of the match. Young is working over Ashley in the corner now. He hits her with a big belly-to-belly and than a cover....

Pin: 1.................

Michael Cole: For weeks Brandon Young has talked trash about Ashley. It seems like he's trying hard to get underneath her skin.

JBL: It's called mind games Cole. A strategy I liked to used a lot on my opponents. But I think Ashley is smarter than to fall for that.

A loud "Lets Go Ashley" chant breaks out from different sides of the arena. Young hits a big dropkick on Ashley as she was leaning against the middle of the ropes. Young with another nearfall now....

Pin: 1...............................2.......

Brandon Young yelling at Ashley as he beats on her. The crowd tries rallying behind Ashley Blade as she is stuck into another chinlock by Young. Ashley Blade breaks out of the hold and is a hot ball of offense again. Huge cross-body press off the ropes and a cover....

Pin: 1..................................2............

Jerry Lawler: These fans are really supporting Ashley and thats the one thing that suprised me. They never gave up on her when she joined The Union.

Michael Cole: That's because Ashley remained true to herself. She never let the influcences of Michael or anyone else get in her way.

Brandon Young slows Ashley down again. Ashley is back on the offensive. She climbs to the top and you have to wonder what she's going to do here....

JBL: It looks like we've got company!

It looks like we'll never know what Ashley has planned as it appears Young's "Homies" are walking down the entrance ramp and towards the ring but not far behind them is Polly Norris and Angel who make it to Ashley's corner. Brandon Young rolls out to the floor and starts yelling at Angel who just smirks at him.

Michael Cole: I wouldn't do that Young, you have yet to meet the likes of that woman right there.

JBL: Angel does not look impressed either.

It looks like a fight could break out any minute but the homies don't want a fight tonight as they begin backing up on the ramp. A distracted Young is suddenly grabbed by his hair and tosses back into the ring by Ashley Blade. She nails him with a clothline and than another. Ashley hits a DDT and than goes for a cover.....

Pin: 1.............................................2........

The homies then change their mind and rush back to the ring to try and get involved but chaos begins as Polly and Angel grab Franco and Willie and they start to brawl on the outside of the ring. Ashley watches as does Brandon Young but then they both start to fight again. Leo then makes his way under the rope and grabbing Ashley by the back spinning her around and goes to forearm her in the face. She ducks and Leo hits Young right across the face.

Michael Cole: The ref has lost complete control of this match!!

The ref looking around looks at the time keep and signals for the bell and it starts ringing.

JBL: I think he's had it, this match is done.

Michael Buffer: The ref has called this match a double disqualifiction!!

As Ashley and slamming her fists on the mat and Brandon Young is getting back to his feet Back in Black blasts and Michael Everett walks out onto the stage with a mic in his hand.

Michael Everett: Excuse me but this match is not over! Not by a long shot. We will have a clear cut winner here tonight. Now, last time I checked, I was the owner and boss of this company and what I say goes so Ref restart this match and Homies.....Polly and Angel....GET THE HELL OUT OF THE ARENA!! You are banned from ring side as of this moment!

They all look at one another and start to head up the ramp. Young is complaining that his boys have to leave ring side but it falls on deaf ears. They all leave and the ref signals for the restart of the match. Ashley out of no where grabs him and gets a small package on him and somehow Brandon Young kicks out at the last second and Ashley confirms with the referee just to make sure. She picks him up slowly but Young nails a couple shots to the midsection. He sends her to the ropes with an irish whip. Young goes for a dropkick but Ashley holds onto the ropes and no one is home. Ashley follows up with a shining wizard and Young is down. Ashley climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off with the Apocolypse! Ash with the cover....




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall....Ashley Blade!

Michael Cole: A huge win for Ashley as she continues to get the better for Brandon Young.

JBL: I obviously support Mr. Everett in every decision he makes. But I have to wonder why he choose to restart this match. Ashley doesn't deserve the win after Polly and Angel got involved.

Jerry Lawler: You mean after the homies got involved first. You seem to have left that part out.

Michael Cole: Personally I'm glad it ended this way, the fans deserve a winner But folks, I know a match that Must have a winner and its our next match. That's because a shot at the US title is on the line....

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for a shot at the United States championship! On his way to the ring....Max Farrell!

"Coming Alive" by Dale Oliver begins to play as Max Farrell walks out onto the stage. He gets a strong reaction from the crowd as the fans cheer loudly for one of the big underdogs of XWF. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring.

Max Farrell Vs Brandon Draven (#1 Contener for US Title)

The bell sounds and this match is under way. The two tie up and Max Farrell clearly in control of this match as he ties up with Brandon Draven and delivers and backbreaker to him quickly. Max dominates for a while until Draven reverses him on the floor and whips him into the ring steps. Brandon Draven is now in control of the action as the match returns to the inside of the ring. Draven has Max Farrell where he wants him now, controlling and offensively dominating him for several minutes. Draven hits a huge superplex on Max off the top-rope and goes for a pin.

Pin: 1..........................

Michael Cole: Only a one count and you have to believe that Brandon Young is watching this match closely tonight.

JBL: Or at the very least putting this match on his DVR. After a tough match with Ashley earlier tonight, Brandon Young has to remain focused on anyone trying to take his title.

Brandon Draven continues to dominate Max. Max Farrell gets a few hope spots in, but ultimately, Draven cut him off each time and remained in control of the offense. Brandon Draven punishes Max a bit longer until after a punch exchange, Max manages to start making his comeback. Max is picking up the pace in this match now, taking it to Draven. The fight spills out to the floor where Max Farrell beats up on Draven a bit more. Just when it seems like Max was in control, however, Draven cuts him off on the floor and whips him into the barricade.

Jerry Lawler: You see Draven doing everything he can to keep Max down. Using the ring and surrounding areas to his advantage.

Back in the ring, Brandon Draven is once again in control of the offense. The two quickly end up back on the floor again and Draven continues to deliver more punishment. They end up on the top rope together. Instead of Draven hitting a superplex, like he did earlier, Max is trying for one now. Brandon Draven ends up knocking Max Farrell off the top. Before he can do anything, however, Max blasts Draven with a punch and climbs back up top. In the end of all of this, Max ends up hitting Draven with a huge Samoan Drop off of the top rope. As Max Farrell stands tall, waiting for Draven to get up, the fans break out into a loud "XWF" chant. Max waits for Brandon Draven to get up and then blasts him with Criminal Justice! NO! Draven rolls him up out of nowhere....




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall....Brandon Draven!

JBL: I did not expect to see that....

Michael Cole: I don't think many did, including Max. We know that he's had a lot on his mind lately. A lot on his plate, but this is not what we thought would happen.

Jerry Lawler: What a great match it should be, between Young and Draven though.

Michael Cole: And many great matches to come tonight. We are going to take a short commercial break but when we return. Daniel Slaine is in action....


It's in the middle of Inferno, Michael is in his office when the door opens up and Nikki walks in wearing her regular clothes, she had no match tonight so she came to see if she could help Michael with anything and also to make sure he was ok after what had happened at the end of the last inferno with Preacher. She closes the door behind her and lays her title on the chair and walks closer to the desk. He lifts his head up and looks at Nikki who is smiling at him. He couldn't help but think of the last words Ashley Blade said to him as she left the office earlier.

Nikki: Hey babe, show is going great dont you think?

Michael Everett: I'm impressed with what I'm seeing. A new #1 contender for the US title and Ashley Blade and Brandon Young was an excellent choice to open up the show......Speaking of Ashley. I spoke with her earlier in the day.

Nikki, concerned about their conversation and what she told Ashley in confidence..she walks and sits down on the desk next to him as he leans back in the chair.

Nikki: Oh yeah? Well I'm glad you guys are talking, hope it didnt end in harsh words or anything.

Michael Everett: No....actually it ended very strangly. Apperently there must be some joke running around the arena that I'm not aware of, because she called me dad? Strange, isn't it?

Nikki: Really? Wow that's weird huh? I mean why would she say something like that?

Michael Everett: I'm not sure. The whole conversation was weird. Talking about you and that womens championship. Speaking of which, you've got one hell of a fight on your hands against Annalisa Stratus.

Nikki trying to think of how to change the subject, she wasn't ready to tell Michael yet and how she wouldnt be defending the title.

Nikki: No word from PReacher I'm guessing?

Michael Everett: No and its best to keep it that way. I have all of my security focused on making sure that he keeps his distance from us until the PPV. I don't need anything or anyone trying to ruin my shot at once again becoming World Champion.

Nikki: I just worry, we don't need him going off the deep end or Mindy attacking me over this..I can't have that happen.

Michael Everett: Trust me, my security protection includes you as well. I don't trust either of them. The fact that hes World Champion right now is a disgrace and I won't allow it to continue much longer.

Nikki: So...Um you and Ashley talk about anything else?

Michael Everett: Just our continued.....disagrement regarding her leaving The Union. She seems to think she had to do it for herself. I think she's making a big mistake.

Nikki: Like I said Im glad the two of you are at least talking, family is important you know.
Michael Everett: I suppose so. Have you and her talked about much of anything?

Nikki: Yea, told her I wasn't mad at her, that I understood her side of it. I think what she is trying to do is pretty cool.

Michael Everett: You are much better off in The Union though. An established name, a place where you can continue to grow. Ashley is taking a huge risk going off on her own.

Nikki: Michael... I mean if I were to join them you would be angry at me too?

Michael Everett: Are you thinking of joining them....Nikki?

Nikki: No Michael, I'm not I'm just asking a quesiton...but I guess while we are on the subject of what I'm doing listen....about me defending my title against Annalisa..
Michael Everett: I can't wait for you to kick her ass. After you beat Polly, the world should know just how great of a champion you are.

Nikki: I'm not that great Michael...there are better than me out there. But I...

She struggles with the words, this should be a happy time for her and Michael but she wasn't sure how he would react to it, with all that was going on and people leaving the Union.

Nikki: I can't defend it Michael..

Michael Everett: Can't? Why? Does this have something to do with Ashley? Something she's said to you?

Nikki: No Michael Ashley didn't have anything to do with this, as a matter of fact you did.

Michael Everett: Nikki.....what are you talking about?


Michael Buffer: Headed to the ring, she hails from Death Valley, California. The Dark Queen....Willow Phoenix!

The lights go out and flames shoot from the ramp and stage. Willow Phoenix appears on stage in a red and black trench coat with a red and black mask on her face. She walks down to the stairs to the ring and removes the jacket. As the jacket falls to the floor the flames shoot higher and the lights comes on. She steps into the ring and removes the mask from her face. Willow drops the mask to her face as her hair covers her face. She then flicks her head back causing the hair to behind her head. There is black paint curving out of the corner of her eyes.

Michael Buffer: And her opponent, he is the former XWF Heavyweight Champion of the World...Daniel Slaine!

"99 Bottles" by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Daniel Slaine Vs Willow Phoenix

We have a bell and the two circle the center of the ring, and lock up. Both testing each other before eventually breaking. They circle and lock up again and Willow with an arm drag takeover. Another lockup and Daniel Slaine backs Willow into the corner. Willow with an arm drag, and another, into an arm bar to slow the pace. Slaine gets to a vertical base and elbows Willow in the head. Willow Phoenix front suplexes Slaine across the middle of the top ropes and then lands a field goal kick to the ribs of a fallen Slaine, and another. Willow with another arm bar. Daniel Slaine back to his feet and gets sent to the ropes and kicks Willow in the gut. Slaine back off the ropes and Willow lands a nice spinning heel kick. Slaine rolls outside and Willow Phoenix climbs the ropes and hits a flying cross body onto Slaine on the outside. Slaine gets inside the ring first and tries to bring Willow in with the delayed DDT , but instead Willow reverses into a sharpshooter but Slaine quickly wriggles free. Slaine applies a headlock to Willow Phoenix on the mat. Willow battles to a vertical base and lands elbows to break free. She goes to the ropes, and Slaine lands a dropkick, and a two count. Slaine applies a sleeper on the mat now.

Michael Cole: Two of the best in the ring tonight. Daniel Slaine from the mens division,Willow from the womens and thats the great thing about XWF. Everyone is equal and everyone has a chance to shine.

JBL: You are half right Michael. Everyone is equal, but those in The Union are a step above. Daniel Slaine threw that all away.

Michael Cole: Threw it away? He's been doing just fine without The Union. Do we have to keep bringing this up? Let it go JBL.

Willow Phoenix is sent to the corner. Willow springs off and it looks like the two collide heads accidentally. Both supersars are down for a count. They are both up at eight and now exchange blows. Willow hits a flying forearm, and then some shoulder blocks as she bounces off the ropes. Finally, she lands a clothesline and a cover....

Pin: 1.....................................2...............

Willow Phoenix on the second rope and lands a drop kick to the head. Willow off the ropes and Slaine hits a snap powerslam. Another cover now...

Pin: 1.............................................2.........

Daniel Slaine looking for an KTFO, but Willow counters into a backslide and gets a two count. Slaine sends Willow into the turnbuckle headfirst. Willow tries to apply a sharpshooter but Slaine reverses into an inside cradle. Two count. Willow hits a big insiguri kick to the back of the head, followed by a running bulldog. Willow Phoenix getting a little risky now. Begining to climb the top rope and thats not something we see from her too often. She leaps off but Slaine gets the knees up as a reversal. Daniel Slaine then connects on an inverted backbreaker. Slaine goes for an KTFO but Willow shoves him off. Willow hits a tiger bomb and goes for the pin...



NO! Kickout at two. Willow Phoenix charges Daniel Slaine in the corner and nails him with a spear. She then climbs the ropes and hits a flying forearm smash. Willow calling for Phoenix Rising! perhaps but again but Slaine catches her and tosses him into the corner. Willow bounces off and Daniel Slaine is waiting. He nails the KTFO and here's the cover....




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall....Daniel Slaine!

Jerry Lawler: Another opponent and another win in the books for Daniel Slaine a tough fought victory here tonight.

Michael Cole: An impressive win and have to wonder whats next for Daniel. Will we get some answers? Does he even know?

JBL: I'm not worried about Daniel. He's time as champion is over. It's time for fresh talent to rise to the top and that includes Michael Everett.

Michael Cole: Your bias is showing once again. No shock to any of our regular viewers. But if Michael wants to win the title he has to beat the man who is wrestling next. Tom Gallo is making his way down to the ring and his opponent is none other than the World Champion. Lets take you down to the ring for our next match....

Michael Buffer: And his opponent...he hails from Parts Unknown....He is the Reigning and Defending, XWF World Champion....The Preacher

The lights begin to flicker, and the screen flashes up bright white blinding everyone in attendance. The crowd automatically boo as the words 'PREACHER' come across the screen in big black bold letters, only briefly before being replaced by a black crucifix in the center of the screen. Smoke begins bellowing out from the entrance way eclipsing the XWF logo behind. No music plays as the lights turn to complete darkness, and a single spotlight shines down onto the stage.

Then, the dark figure of Preacher along with his beautiful valet, Mindy, step out from behind the smoke, as they make their way to the top of the ramp. Dressed head to toe in a dark suit, he begins slowly gliding down the ramp towards the ring. Fans boo him either side but children have a look of fear in their eyes as he walks past them. At the bottom of the ramp he stops, removing his suit jacket and tie and handing it over to Mindy to take care of. He then rolls into the ring, and stands in the center of the ring, arms wide in a cross position, as the lights come back on in the arena.

Preacher Vs Tom Gallo

Preacher and Tom Gallo lock up and Preacher over-powers the challenger early on. Preacher yells "you will receive no mercy from me!" as he punishes Gallo. Gallo tries fighting back briefly, but Preacher cuts his attempts short with a clothline. Tom Gallo picks himself up by the ropes and see's Preacher charging at him. Gallo ducks and Preacher goes flying onto the outside. As soon as Preacher turns around, Gallo comes flying off the top and splashes onto Preacher on the floor.

Michael Cole: An important match here tonight for both men. Preacher showing a bit of emotion tonight after being attacked by Michael last week and Gallo looking for something to prove to himself.

JBL: I wouldn't want to be Gallo if you ask me. Preacher has a different look to him tonight. He's focused and ready.

A loud "Tom Gallo" chant breaks out as the action returns to the ring. Gallo hits Preacher with a ton of kicks. Gallo hops up onto the top rope but Preacher chops him so hard that he falls over and crashes out onto the floor. Preacher goes out after Gallo on the floor. Preacher runs at Gallo but Gallo moves and Preacher crashes into the ringside steps. He grabs his leg and screams out in pain.

Jerry Lawler: That look pretty serious. You've got to remember that Preacher faces Michael Everett next and Michael would love to face Preacher on one leg.

Back in the ring, Gallo is now targeting Preacher's hurt leg with repeated kicks. Gallo picks him up now but Preacher nearly suplexes Gallo out to the floor but instead snaps his arm down hard to the apron. Preacher launches Tom Gallo half-way across the ring with another suplex-throw sort of move. Preacher throws Gallo over the top and onto the floor just as Gallo was trying to fight back. Preacher leans Tom Gallo's head against the ring post and repeatedly smashes it with forearms. Out on the floor again and Preacher runs and splashes onto Gallo. Preacher throws Gallo back in the ring. Preacher bashes each side of Tom Gallo's head with forearms before settling into a choke. The crowd tries to rally behind Gallo and get him back into the match. Preacher nails Gallo with a big chokeslam type of move. Going for the cover now.....

Pin: 1..........................................2...........

Only a two count. He gets back up and splashes Tom Gallo in the corner. Preacher scoops Gallo up and slams him in the center of the ring. Preacher tries to splash Gallo but Gallo rolls out of the way. Both guys get to their feet and Gallo starts fighting back with more kicks. Preacher misses a splash in the corner and Gallo continues to kick the crap out of Preacher. Tom Gallo and Preacher go to the top and Gallo hits a huricanrana on Preacher for a cover....

Pin: 1..........................................2...................

Michael Cole: Not something you see often from a man of that age but Gallo continues to show that age is just a number and he can compete with anyone in that ring.

A "this is awesome" chant breaks out as Gallo continues to kick Preacher. Both guys hit the ropes and Preacher smashes into Gallo hard. When they get up, Preacher tries running at Gallo again but Tom Gallo pulls the ropes down and Preacher goes flying out to the floor. Gallo comes off the apron and catches Preacher with a spinning tornado DDT on the floor.
As the fight continues on the floor, Gallo runs at Preacher and hits him with a double-foot dropkick. Tom Gallo picks Preacher up and tosses him into the ring. Gallow then tries climbing the turnbuckle. He waits for Preacher to get up and leaps off with a double axe handle but Preacher with a kick to the midsection and than a Crucifix Bomb! Preacher with a cover.....




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall......Preacher!

(As Preacher is seen celebrating in the ring, we are taken backstage once again to continue the conversation between Nikki and Michael Everett....)

Nikki: I guess there is no way around it and when I can't defend that title at the pay per view everyone is going to think I'm afraid of Annalisa but the truth couldn't be further, Ashley wasn't to far off with her remark to you.

She takes a deep breath, then looks over at him then her stomach starts to twist as she starts to stumble her words.

Nikki: I guess... The truth is..

Michael Everett: Nikki....Are you?

Nikki: I'm sorry...I know that the title means so much to you and I guess on our honeymoon I fogot to make sure things were taken care of...and I didn't....

Michael looks into her eyes, standing up and walking over to her across from the desk. He puts his hand on her stomach then leans in and kisses her.

Michael Everett: I love you...

Nikki: You're not angry at me are you?

Michael Everett: Angry? No....that title is one thing but you....us. That's bigger than anything we've done before.

Nikki smiles, she wraps her arms around his neck holding him as he lifts her off the floor hugging her back.

Nikki: I know with everything with Ashley and :Slaine leaving the Union and then me having to drop the title...I didn't know if you would be happy, but I love you Michael so much and I wanted this to be something you were really happy about.

Michael Everett: I am, and I'm glad you told me. Obviously we will have to figure out this title situation. But it will be for another night.

Nikki: Lets just keep this between us ok? I really don't want the whole company to know anything just yet. And with PReacher...

Michael Everett: It will stay between us. At least until this whole Preacher situation is resolved and you are ready.

Nikki: And I dont want to get you distracted with your match against Preacher either. But know I will be out there supporting you and in your corner always.

Michael Everett: You'll be supporting me from my office, with Jackson keeping you company. I'll take care of things inside the ring.

Nikki: But Michael, Im always with you.

Michael Everett: It's for the best Nikki, I don't want anything happening to you out there.

Nikki knew arguing with him wasn't going to help. She looks up at him and nods.

Nikki: Ok Michael. So should we watch the rest of Inferno from in here?

Michael Everett: Sounds good to me, and then once the show is over, the two of us will begin celebrating the good news.

She smiles as he leads her to the desk, he sits down and pulls her onto his lap as he grabs the remote to the TV and she leans back against him as they finish watching Inferno.


We return from commercial break and see that Victoria Scott and Polly Norris are already inside the ring. Above them is the steel cage which is slowly being lowered. The two exchange words with each other. Waiting for the cage to set into place.

Michael Cole: Polly has been waiting for this match for a long time. For the past month, Victoria Scott has blindsided her and attacked her backstage. Now Victoria has no place to go. Nowhere to hide. These two settle their differences inside the ring....

Victoria Scott Vs Polly Norris

The bell rings and Victoria Scott immediately tries to escape the cage. Polly Norris yanks her down and goes to work on her. Victoria quickly turns the tide and is now in control of the offense here in the early goings of this contest. Both girls climb the cage. Polly Norris gets her legs wrapped around Victoria's head, who is underneath her, and humps the cage, slamming her face-first into the cage repeatedly. Victoria crashes down to the canvas as a result.

JBL: You talk about how much Polly wanted this match, but Victoria has the oppertunity of a lifetime ahead of her. No one is giving her a chance in this match.

The ladies trade shots, with Victoria getting the better of it. Victoria slams Polly into the cage and then chokes her with her boot. Polly tries fighting back with punches but Victoria knocks her down with a big kick. Victoria throws Polly Norris into the corner and hits a big Sting-like splash on her. Victoria nails Polly with a back-breaker across her knee and then leaves her draped across her knee so she can stretch her back out some more. Victoria charges Polly in the corner, but Polly Norris moves and Victoria flies through the ropes and crashes into the cage. Some replays are shown of that spot as Polly starts getting in some offense for the first time since the beginning of the match. Polly drops Victoria with a big kick to the back of the head. Polly misses a move on Victoria and smashes into the cage as a result. Victoria climbs to the top rope. Polly Norris goes up after her. Victoria grabs Polly and jumps off with a big neckbreaker type move. Both girls crash down the mat hard. Victoria tries to pin Polly after that spot.......

Pin: 1....................................2............

But Polly gets her shoulder up at two. Both girls climb to the top rope again. Polly Norris knocks Victoria off and Victoria gets choked on the top rope on the way down. Polly comes off the top rope with a big spear on Victoria. Polly looks ready to leave the cage now. She goes towards the door and gets ready to exit it. Suddenly though a person dressed completely in black rushes down to ringside. Grabbing the cage door and smashing it into Polly as she flies backwards.

Jerry Lawler: What is going on?!

Michael Cole: Who just did that? And look....look at Victoria!

Victoria Scott takes advantage of the oppertunity, crawling towards the cage door and exiting from the cage and this match is over....

MIchael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match.....Victoria Scott!

Polly can't believe what just happened. She looks over towards the masked individual and watches as we see that its none other than Annalisa Stratus who cost Polly the match.

Michael Cole: The number one contender for the Knockouts title. I think she just got the attention of Polly and Victoria too!

Annalisa laughs as Polly gets upset at the result. Victoria Scott slowly climbs to her feet and demands the referee raises her hand as this is how the show is going to end...