XWF Presents: Inferno
| XWF is Live - October 1st, 2017 from the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio |

XWF Inferno is live with a sold out crowd here tonight from the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. Instead of camera's typically rolling near ringside, we are intead shown backstage. Complete chaos is taking place as The Union is in the building and making their presense felt.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone and XWF is under attack!

Jerry Lawler: We have to get some better security, this is out of control.

We see Michael Everett, Daniel Slaine, and Jackson Bryant attacking superstars left and right. Weapons in hand, including a stun gun in the hand of Jackson Bryant. We see superstars like Matt Morgan and Josh Blade being beaten on the ground as Michael Everett pushes away camera crews and leads the charge in this assault. Mike Blade comes charging at them, trying to defend the locker room as he goes after Jackson Bryant, nailing him with huge left and rights but eventually the numbers game is too much. Daniel Slaine wacks him over the back with a steel chair as Mike falls to the ground. The three begin kicking away at him now, making an example out of him as more referees come in, only to get attacked themselves. Michael Everett continues down the hall way, looking for his next victum until he reaches the locker room of Raven Trueblood. He gives the door a few knocks but gets no answer. Michael and Daniel kick down the door and see Raven inside as the three attack him all at once.

Michael Cole: This is disgusting...this is a gang assault.

JBL: This is Michael Everett living up to his promise. He said that things would be different. He said The Union was back and he meant it!

Raven hardly has a chance as The Union continues to attack him. Whenever he begins to get some momentum, Jackson is right there with the stun gun and lays it into him. Dropping him to the floor. Michael drops down, yelling some words to him before slapping him a couple times in the face. Jackson than picks up Raven and tosses him onto his shoulder. The three leave the locker room and the fans cheer as it becomes clear that The Union is heading towards the ring. The camera switches and we see the three men on the entrance ramp. Jackson drops Raven Trueblood off his shoulder and rolls him down the entrance ramp. Some fans cheer while others boo as they walk down to the ring. Jackson rolls Raven into the ring and Jackson Bryant climbs inside along with Daniel Slaine. Daniel picks up Raven and nails him with a KTFO! Michael Everett remains on the outside, grabbing a microphone as he heads into the ring.

Michael Everett: Would you look at this....this piece of shit inside my ring. This is what you get for running your mouth. This is what you get for sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. Months ago I warned you Raven. I told you this feud between Archer and I was just that...between him and I. But you couldn't leave well enough alone. You messed with The Union. You messed with Michael Everett. In case you havn't figured it out Raven...I hold grudges and payback is a bitch. You see Raven....

Sudden the fans cheer again as the camera pans out and we see Slash Sydel rushing down the entrance ramp. He's seen enough and slides into the ring.

Michael Cole: Kick his ass Slash!

JBL: Is he stupid or something?

Slash Sydel goes right after Michael Everett. Big punches to the ribs and face. Jackson goes after him but Slash hits a hard elbow that sends him backwards and Raven continues to attack Michael. Daniel Slaine pulls Raven off and the two now going after each other with punches. Slaine goes for a clothline but Slash ducks and nails an enziguri that send him down. Michael Everett on his knees now. Telling Slash to think about what he's doing. Slash has a grin on his face and cracks his knuckles. He goes closer to Michael when suddenly we see Nikki Blade sneaking up behind him and hitting him with a low blow as Slash drops to his knees.

Jerry Lawler: O come on! This is too much now. Three against one wasn't enough?

Michael smiles as he pushes Slash backwards onto his back and than proceeds to lock in the TCO in the middle of the ring. Slash refuses to tap out. He's in serious pain as Michael locks in the hold harder. The camera pans on Slash's face as he appears to eventually pass out from the pain. Refusing to ever tap out to the hold. Michael eventually releases the hold and kicks Slash out of the ring. Michael grabs the microphone again as Jackson Bryant goes back over to Raven and picks him up.

Michael Everett: In case you havn't figured it out. The Union does what it wants...when it wants. This is our show now and if you're not with us....you're against us.

Daniel Slaine grabs Raven and hits him with another KTFO and thats all she wrote. The nWu theme music begins to play as Jackson, Nikki, Daniel and Michael all stand inside the ring with their hands raised high. The fan boo loudly as The Union exits from the ring and heads towards the back.


Michael Cole: We are back everyone and I have to apologize for what we just saw. A brutal attack by The Union on multiple members of the roster. That was hard to watch.

Jerry Lawler: Who is going to stand up to these guys? Where is management? I mean I know that Kevin is deal with issues but we need help.

JBL: There is no one who can stop The Union now. Daniel Slaine was the final piece of the puzzle and The Union is showing their power.

Michael Cole: I have to agree with King. We need people to stop The Union. We thought it might be Slash, but he was taken out tonight. Raven might of had his career ended tonight. This just does not look good...

JBL: You better watch yourself Cole or you'll be the next one out the door.

Michael Cole: I'm not saying anything that isn't true JBL! But we do have wrestling tonight and a good match ahead of us. Preacher who perhaps is another man who can help fight The Union. A former World Champion and current United States Champion....lets go to the ring...

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring first. He hails from Parts Unknown....He is the Reigning and Defending United States Champion....The Preacher!

The lights begin to flicker, and the screen flashes up bright white blinding everyone in attendance. The crowd automatically boo as the words 'PREACHER' come across the screen in big black bold letters, only briefly before being replaced by a black crucifix in the center of the screen. Smoke begins bellowing out from the entrance way eclipsing the XWF logo behind. No music plays as the lights turn to complete darkness, and a single spotlight shines down onto the stage.

Then, the dark figure of Preacher along with his beautiful valet, Mindy, step out from behind the smoke, as they make their way to the top of the ramp. Dressed head to toe in a dark suit, he begins slowly gliding down the ramp towards the ring. Fans boo him either side but children have a look of fear in their eyes as he walks past them. At the bottom of the ramp he stops, removing his suit jacket and tie and handing it over to Mindy to take care of. He then rolls into the ring, and stands in the center of the ring, arms wide in a cross position, as the lights come back on in the arena.

Michael Buffer: Headed to the ring next, he hails from Clown College in Sarasota, Florida. He is the Evolution Champion...Stitches!

'Divide and Conquer' by Idles begins to play as Stitches make his way down to the ring. The fans give him a mixed reaction as you just never know what kind of man or personality you are going to get from Stitches. He takes his time walking down the ramp and getting inside the ring.

Stitches Vs The Preacher

The bell rings and Stitches hits Preacher with a bunch of punches, backing him into the corner before being pushed away and hit with a big right hand. Preacher hits Stitches with a series of rights before hitting a big suplex and trapping Stitches in a rear chin lock. Stitches fights to his feet and hits Preacher with a bit head butt, but is caught with a huge backbreaker from the big man. Preacher kicks and stomps Stitches in the back before hitting him with a giant right to the side of the head. Preacher whips Stitches into the corner hard and attacks him in the corner, burying his shoulder in Stitches's midsection before hitting him with another big right. Preacher hits Stitches with a big kick, but Stitches comes back and sweeps Preacher's legs out, taking him down to the mat. Stitches brings the fight to Preacher with punches and kicks before grinding his elbow into Preacher's back, then hitting a dragon screw. Stitches hits Preacher with an elbow drop before wrenching his head and neck. Stitches lets Preacher stand and clamps on a headlock, tries to transition into a neckbreaker, and is pushed off into a big slam from Preacher.

Michael Cole: You know that Preacher will want to take out his frustrations in this match. Losing the World Title was a tough loss but you have to know he'll rebound.

JBL: Preacher doesn't get enough credit. One of the biggest stars in this company and he worked his way from the bottom to the very top.

Preacher catches Stitches with a big kick to the chest before heading to the top. Stitches stops Preacher and attacks for a bit before being pushed away. Stitches ducks a flying clothesline from Preacher and hits a flying elbow of his own and now a cover...

Pin: 1.......................................2........

Stitches locks in a modified dragon sleeper before dropping it and clamping on a sleeper hold. Preacher stands with Stitches on his back and crushes him in the corner, but then he runs into a back elbow from Stitches. Stitches jumps from the middle rope and is caught with a fist to the gut from Preacher. Preacher wraps his hand around Stitches's throat, but Stitches fights it off, only to eat a boot to the side of the head. Preacher hits a low dropkick to a seated Stitches that's good for another cover...

Pin: 1...............................................2.........

Jerry Lawler: Stitches needs a big victory of his own. A mixed bag of wins and losses since joining the company. A win tonight would go a long way.

Michael Cole: No doubt about it. A win against the former champion will get managements attention for sure.

Stitches fights back, trying for a sunset flip, but Preacher pulls him to his feet. Stitches traps Preacher in the ropes for a huge dropkick that's good for a cover....

Pin: 1.........................................................2........

Stitches teases going for Old School, but Preacher yanks him down from the top rope, hits him with two big running splashes before connecting with a giant sidewalk slam that's good for another two count. Preacher heads to the top rope and catches Stitches with a big flying clothesline. Preacher quickly grabs Stitches and puts him in osition and nails The Crucifix! Preacher with the cover.....




MIchael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall....The Preacher!

Jerry Lawler: A big victory tonight for the champion.

Michael Cole: No doubt about it and Preacher looks like he hasn't lost a beat. What is next for his carer? A World Title rematch? United States title defense? You know Taylor Matthews and Mike Dimter have both called him out.

JBL: Whatever is next, I'm sure Preacher will be ready.

Michael Cole: He certainly will be and peaking of ready. Do you think Ashley Graves is ready to fight tonight? She had strong words for Brandon Young earlier tonight and their match...the Main Event is up next....


Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring first. She is a Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer and former World Champion....Ashley Graves!

Michael Buffer: And the opponent, he hails from Douglasville, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds....Brandon Young!

Pretty Fly for a white guy by Offspring starts to play as Brandon Young comes out flanked by his posse of homies. Kyle, Franco, Leo, and Willie. They are pat Brandon on the back as they make their way to the ring. Brandon hops up on the apron hitting his chest with his fist. He climbs into the ring between the ropes.

Brandon Young Vs Ashley Graves

Fast-paced start to the match with both superstars running the ropes and landing a series of back and forth strikes. Big chop by Ashley Graves and Brandon Young goes down. Ashley plays for the crowd and they eat it up. Ashley kicks Brandon Young while he's down and the fans cheer for her.

Michael Cole: Whenever Ashley is in a match you know the fans are going to support her. She represents everything good with wrestling.

JBL: She kisses their ass! That's the only reason they support her.

Brandon Young goes for a suplex but it's blocked. Young lands a high knee lift on Ashley and now has the upper hand. Going for a quick cover....

Pin: 1.................................2...........

Loud Ashley Graves chants. Young working her over in the corner, but Ashley fights back, slaps him in the face and chops him. Young charges at Ashley, who throws him outside the ring. Ashley jumps off the middle rope to the outside but Young moves and nobody's home. Young in the ring as the referee starts counting. Young jumps out and works Ashley over. Brandon Young screams at Ashley, "You can't hang with me!" as he continues to work her over. Nice dropkick to Ashley's hip and Brandon again with another cover....

Pin: 1...................................................2............

Brandon Young applies a reverse-headlock submission hold. Young in real control here as he puts his foot on Ashley's chest and gloats for the crowd. Brandon Young whips her into the ropes but Ashley hits a flying small package out of nowhere!



NO! Almost a two count and Ashley quick to her feet again. But as she gets up, Young's homies are there and grab her foot, distracting her as Young gets to his feet and shoves her into the corner. Brandon Young follows up and hits a fame-asser. Young with the cover...

Pin: 1.......................................2..........

Brandon Young jumps on Ashley's back and applies a sleeper hold. He's got in locked in for a minute or so. Ashley finally breaks free. Young gets whipped into the corner. Ashley climbs the turnbuckle and delivers 10 punches to Young's head. Hurricanrana off the top rope and this should be it....

Pin: 1....................................................2.........

Loud Ashley Graves chant again and this is one hell of a main event. A former World Champion up against one of the hottest newcomers in XWF. Ashley and Young slugging it out back and forth. Ashley hits a running bulldog, flexes for the crowd and goes for a lionsault - but Young gets his knees up and Ashley's hurting. Brandon Young nails the Disrespectful Youngster! This is the match right here....



NO! Ashley kicks out at the last second. Young rolls to the outside, getting frustrated and talking strategy with the homies. Young comes back in the ring, charges at Ashley moves out of the way and Young goes shoulder first into the corner. He slowly turns around and Ashley is right there with the Graves Cutter! Ashley with the cover....



NO!!! Brandon Young kicks out this time and Ashley is stunned. She asks the referee to make sure the call was correct but he says it is. Ashley takes a deep breath and picks Brandon Young up and tosses him to the ropes. he goes for a clothline but Young ducks. Brandon with a dropkick but Ashley moves out of the way. Brandon to his feet and Ashley with another Graves Cutter! Ashley with the cover.....




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall....Ashley Graves!

Ashley slowly gets to her feet as the referee raises her hand in victory. A hard fought victory for Ashley when suddenly she is attacked from behind by Brandon Young and his group of homies. They pick her up as Brandon talks smack to Ashley. Telling her that she's going to learn what he's all about. Brandon grabs Ashley and looks like hes sizing her up for a Disrespectful Youngter when suddenly Daniel Slaine and Michael Everett rush down to the ring. Young spots them and quickly exits. Unfortantly a few of his homies arn't quick enough as Michael and Daniel nail them with a few punches before clothlining them to the outside. Ashley slowly gets to her feet. Spotting Daniel and gives him a small smile, she than looks over at Michael with a confused look on her facing as the show comes to a close.