XWF Presents: Inferno
| XWF is Live - May 12th, 2019 from Lexington, Kentucky at Rupp Arena |

Our show opens up to a sold out crowd here tonight. The fans are on their feet and ready for some great action. Fireworks shoot out from the arena floor and our camera pans around the arena. We eventually head to our commentary team. The familar crew of Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Michael Cole: Hello Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Sunday Night Infero. I am Michael Cole and I'm here with my broadcas partners Jerry "The King" Lawler and John "Bradshaw" Layfield. Guys, we've got a lot of great action tonight. "The Bombshell" Victoria Scott and her sister Danielle Scott also known as Fire and Ice take on the XWF Legend Angel.

Jerry Lawler: I would not want to be either of them tonight.

Michael Cole: We also have Max Farrell and Josh Graves taking on Daniel Slaine and Sheena Montgomery as the main event.

JBL: I never thought I'd see Sheena back in the ring and I'm saddened to be wrong. How on earth did she get a contract here?

Michael Cole: Would you stop. These fans couldn't be more excited about Sheena and...well, hold on a second. It looks like we've got company.

:"Psycho Dance" Blasts throught the Rupp Arena as the XWF United States Champion Sid Vicious walks out on to the stage.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring...He is the current United States Champion....Pyscho Sid Vicious!

Sid Vicious walks down the ramp and climbs on to the apron. He climbs in over the top rope as he stands in a corner awaiting Brandon Young.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, making his way to the ring...He is Brandon Young!

"Pretty Fly For A White Guy" By Offspring blasts throught the PA system but after a few minutes its clear that no one is coming out.

Michael Cole: Folks I'm being told there is a situtation...

Jerry Lawler: Where is Brandon Young?

The Tron shows Brandon Young's friends Franco Leo Willie and Kyle trying to open the locker room door but to no luck.

Michael Cole:Well it looks like Sid's not going to have a match after all.

JBL: Looks like an easy night for Sid as his opponent is stuck in the locker.

"Again" By Flyleaf plays now and "The Bombshell" Victoria Scott makes her way out on to the stage as she's got a microphone in her hand.

Victoria Scott: Sid...as you can tell your opponent for tonight is a little occupied tonight. So I have decided to take the advantage to come out and challenge you one on one for the United States Championship.

Michael Cole: I think its now become obviously who is behind Brandon Young being trapped in his locker room. Once again Victoria is messing with people to get what she wants.

Victoria Scott: You have what I want and I am honestly sick of just whooping your ass for free. I wanna make these people pay for me to whoop your old crazy ass. So how about it? Me and you for the XWF United States Championship.

Sid Vicious lets out a grin as he hands the belt and motions to the ref that the title is on the line.

Michael Buffer: Ladies and Gentlemen...The following match is now for the United States Championship!

Victoria Scott Vs Sid Vicious (US Title Match)

Victoria Scott kicks Sid Vicious below the belt before the ref turns around then she nails a Hammerlock DDT. Victoria Scott picks Sid Vicious up as she nails another Hammerlock DDT on Sid then she goes for the cover...




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and NEW United States Champion....Victoria Scott!

Victoria Scott smiles as she looks up at the ref who hands her the US Championship.

Michael Cole: She did it..She's finally won her first ever Championship in XWF.

Jerry Lawler: Well it was by crook.

JBL: King it don't matter...The referee never saw what happened and he counted the three count and we have a new United States Champion.

Jerry Lawler: Let's not forget...She's still gotta team with her sister against Angel later tonight.

Michael Cole: And thats just one of many great matches we have for you tonight, including our next match. It's a match that neither of them want. Ashley and Jackson being forced to face each other thanks for Preacher. That match is up next...

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring first...Jackson Bryant!

"Cocky" by Kid Rock blasts across the arena as Jackson makes his way onto the stage on his bike. He gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as he drives down and circles the ring before getting inside.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, hailing from New York, NY.....Ashley Blade!

"Catch My Breath" by Kelly Clarkson hits the PA system next as Ashley Blade walks onto the stage. She has determination in her eyes and seems more ready for the match than Jackson as she heads into the ring.

Ashley Blade vs Jackson Bryant

The bell rings. Jackson refuses to charge or even attempt to attack ashley. Ashley looks hesitant or at the very least doesnt seem to know what she wants to do. they get face to face and start trading words. Jackson looks convicted to his promise to not fight Ashley. Ashley smacks him across the face.

Ashley: Fight me! Not for Preacher not for Josh. For them!

Ashley points to the crowd who slowly began to boo the match.

Jackson: I dont give a crap about them. I care about the union. i Care about you. They dont matter!

Ashley: I was hoping you would say that Jackson! Ashley starts to deliver some stiff chops as well as more punches. Ashley kicked him in the midsection over and over again and the ref pulled her off of Jackson. Ashley backed off for about three seconds before she delivered a quick shoulder tackle into the corner. She delivered two more shoulders in the corner before quickly hitting a DDT on Jackson. Ashley went for a quick pinfall attempt, but Jackson kicked out at one. Ashley quickly bounded up and kicked Jackson in the head. Ashley smirked and posed for the crowd for a moment before making her way back to Jackson. Jackson saw this and Ashley ended up face first into the middle turnbuckle thanks to a perfect drop toe hold. Jackson got up and pulled Ashley into the center of the ring by her hair. Jackson delivered a quick short arm clothesline and then went for a pinfall on Ashley....

Pin: 1............................................2.......

Ashley kicked out of the pinfall and slowly rolled her way out of the ring.

Jackson: Enough Ashley! This is what Josh and Preacher want. us fighting. torn apart. Quit buying into the BS!!

Jackson shook his head and licked his lips as he made his way out of the ring himself. The ref kept telling both of the competitors to get back in the ring as Jackson pulled Ashley up off of the floor. Jackson went to send Ashley into the steel ring steps, but Ashley reversed the maneuver and it was Jackson that ended up going into the ropes head and shoulder first. Ashley blew a kiss to the fans as she rolled into the ring to break the count that the ref had started. Ashley then rolled back out onto the floor and she made her way to Jackson. Ashley delivered a snap DDT to Jackson on the outside which sent Jackson rolling around in pain on the floor. Ashley stood up and took a bow before pulling Jackson up off of the ground and sending him back into the ring. Ashley got back into the ring and quickly curb stomped Jackson before attempting a pinfall...

Pin: 1.....................................2............

Jackson kicked out and you could see the angered look upon the face of the lady of the union. Ashley stood up as Jackson started to pull himself up using the ropes. Ashley stood in front of him and dared him to hit her. Jackson delivered a stiff slap to Ashley's face, and Ashley slapped him back. Jackson slapped Ashley back and Ashley slapped Jackson again. The two trades chops and slaps as the fans cheered for Ashley and booed for Jackson. Jackson got the better of the exchange as the two found themselves in the middle of the ring. Ashley ducked a clothesline and Jackson ended up bouncing off the ropes. Ashley ducked another clothesline and Ashley smirked as she kicked Jackson in the midsection as he came off the ropes once more. Ashley quickly connected with a northern lights suplex and held it for the pinfall attempt....

Pin: 1....................................2..............

Jackson kicked out and the fans went crazy. Ashley shook her head no as she stood up, stalking Jackson. Ashley quickly signaled the end as she attempted a "Blade Cutter" with an added pin package, but Jackson did a reversal into a back body drop. Ashley grabbed her back as she got up off the ground. Jackson connected with a clothesline and Ashley got up. Jackson grabbed her and irish whipped Ashley into the corner. Jackson attempted to hit the jumping knees in the corner on Ashley, but Ashley dodged that move which sent Jackson to the mat hard on his head and shoulder. Ashley pulled Jackson up from the mat and spiked him with a DDT before she stood up and signaled the end of the match to the fans. Ashley attempted the "Blade Cutter" and this time it connected. The fans grew to an incredible level as Ashley attempted a pin on Jackson...




Jackson kicked out. Ashley grabbed her hair and then the camera quickly turned to see Michael Everett coming down to ringside. He was screaming for Ashley to get back on Jackson and hit another Blade cutter. Ashley smirked an evil smirk and slowly pulled Jackson up from the mat. Ashley set up one more time and connected and Ashley pinned Jackson...




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall.....Ashley Blade!

Jackson is dazed on his back but slowly pulls himself up to his feet.

Jackson: What the hell Michael! What about getting her to see things clearly? what happened to fixing her and the union?

Michael scoffs at Jackson and throws a towel at him before raising Ashley's hand in victory as we head to a commercial break.


We return from commercial break. The camera circles around the crowd who are enjoying a great show so far. The camera then shifts its attention to the titantron. We see Preacher on the screen, sitting at his desk. Mindy stands behind him, to his side. Preacher begins to shuffle some papers and begins to speak.

Preacher: Glory to the highest! Last week I was interupted by the sinner known as Sheena Montgomery. Moments before I could announce the Main Event for Collision Course. However on this blessed Sunday I bring good news! For at Collision Course I am bringing back....The Elimination Chamber. Six of the best athletes that XWF has to offer will be inside the steel cage. The match starts with two and over time more superstars enter until one is left the winner. And the winner will be declared the XWF World Champion.

Mindy: And we all know that will be you.

Preacher: Now Mindy, I am just one of six superstars and everyone will have their fair chance. Now lets announce the other five superstars. Obviously the World Champion Daniel Slaine will be in the match but also....

"Cry Little Sister" blasts across the arena and Angel walks onto the stage. We see Preacher angry as he's once again interupted. Angel has a microphone in her hand and slowly begins to walk down the ramp. She gets into the ring and the fans cheer loudly. She gives them a few minutes to cheer before starting to speak.

Angel: Preacher...Preacher...Preacher. I think I speak for everyone here when I say.....Shut Up.

JBL: She cant talk to him like that!

Michael Cole: Whose going to stop her? It certainly won't be you or I.

Angel: I hear you talking about Collision Course and I'm sure the Elimination Chamber will be a great match. I'm also sure that I'm not one of the names you are going to announce. So lets great straight to the point. I'm not worried about the next PPV. But what you should be worried about Anarchy. In case you didn't hear me Preacher, I want you at Anarchy. And regardless if you want it or not...I'm going to get it.

Jerry Lawler: We've been waiting a long time for this match. Michael Everett will soon regain the company and it appears that he's told Angel she's got the match.

Angel: But Anarchy is still months away and I've got two annoying girls to deal with. So Danielle and Victoria, get your ass out here right now!

Angel tosses the microphone out of the ring and we see Mindy shaking her head with disgust before the feed to Preachers office turns off. We then hear "Riot" By Three Days Grace blast across the arena as Danielle Scott and Victoria Scott head to the ring.

Michael Cole: In case you are just joining us, Victoria Scott won the United States championship earlier tonight in shocking fashion, but she's got no time to celebrate.

Victoria Scott & Danielle Scott Vs Angel

Victoria and Danielle huddle on the outside of the ring while Angel paces back and forth. Neither want to get into the ring with her. The camera picks up on what Victoria is saying.

Victoria Scott: Ok, lets attack her at the same time! We'll go on the count of three. ONE....TWO...THREE!!

Victoria and Danielle charge into the ring but at the last second Victoria stops herself and stays outside. Danielle enters the ring and quickly realizes she's alone. She turns around and screams at Victoria but its too late. Angel grabs Danielle and nails her with a german suplex that sends her across the ring. Danielle tries to crawl out of the ring but Angel grabs her by the pants and lifts her back up. Angel lifts Danielle up over her head and uses her like a bench press before hitting her with a military press slam. Angel gives off an evil grin as she now grabs Danielle by the throat and lifts her back up. Angel toys with her like a cat with a mouse before nailing her with a chokeslam. Outside the ring Victoria has her back turned and is yelling at the fans who are cheering for Angel. Suddenly Angel grabs Victoria by the hair and lifts her up onto the apron. Angel goes to hit Victoria but she senses Danielle from behind. Danielle Scott is charging at Angel but Angel moves out of the way and Danielle spears Victoria out of the ring. Angel nails Danielle with another chokeslam before hitting her with the Apocalypse! Angel with the cover....




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall....Angel!

Jerry Lawler: That was not a pretty match for those two. Angel is on another level.

Michael Cole: A clear message was sent to Preacher tonight. That message is not to mess with her. And for Victoria and Danielle? The message was not to run your mouth.

JBL: If I was Preacher, id fire her on the spot. She is a liability in this company and too dangerous to compete in the ring.

Michael Cole: Do you really want to make Angel angrier than she already is?

JBL: I'm not saying I'd do it...I'm just saying its what Preacher should do.

Michael Cole: Alright, well folks I was just about to take you to the ring for our next match. But it appears that we have something going on backstage near Preachers office. Im told we have cameras back there. Lets see whats going on...

**Our scene goes backstage as Michael Everett heads into the office of Preachers. Mindy steps in front of the desk, blocking the way. Mindy and Michael stare at each other before Michael puts his hands on her shoulders and pushes her aside.

Michael Everett: This little Elimination Chamber...I want in.

Preacher: Dear Michael, I don't think you are in a position to want anything. Not only do I decide your fate but I'm not sure you've wrestled enough recently to deserve a shot.

MIchael Everett: I havn't wrestling enough? Who makes the matches? O yeah...you.

Preacher: At Collision Course I'm going to recapture the World Title and you want to get in the way of that. Regardless, I'm a fair man and if you want in the match, you need to wrestle in another match first.

Michael Everett: Sure...how about me against you, with me kicking your ass.

Preacher: Me against you huh? Actually I like the sound of that. One thing though...originally I was going to suggest you face Daniel. But your match sounded so good that I'm not going to make it a handicapped match. Me and Slaine against you. And as far as I know you and Slaine are still on good terms. So if Slaine refuses this match, then he will be stripped of his title. Anything else you want?

Michael Everett: No....that'll be all.

Preacher grins as Mindy shows Michael the door and we head back to the commentary desk. **

Jerry Lawler: This doesn't seem fair to me. Preacher is really pushing his powers.

JBL: I'm obviously a fan of Michaels but who knows...maybe Michael will defy the odds.

Michael Cole: You're unbelieable....but folks this night has been off the charts and we are only half way through the show. Still to come is our mega main event. But first, the Knockouts champion finds herself in a unique role. She will be the special guest referee for this next contest. Lets take you down to the ring....

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring first and making her XWF Debut. She is "The Huntress"....Alex Calaway!

"Unholy Confessions" by Avenged Sevenfold blasts through the arena as Alex Calaway makes her way onto the stage. Alex continues down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring. She gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as she stretches in her corner.

Michael Buffer: And the opponent, she hails from Daytona Beach Florida...."The Golden Rose".....Annalisa Stratus!

"Love Me Like You Do" blasts across the arena as Annalisa Stratus makes her way onto the stage. She gets a mixed reaction from the crowd but after pumping them up a bit she gets a strong reaction as she makes her way down to the ring. She walks up the steel steps and jumps over the ropes and into the ring as she awaits the opening bell.

Michael Buffer: And finally, she is tonights special guest referee...the Knockouts champion...Gail Bentley!

"Bad Girls" by M.I.A blasts over the PA system as Gail Bentley makes her way out to the stage to the fans giving her the mixed reaction. Gail begins to make her way down the ramp as she blows kisses and continues to pose as she makes her way down the ramp not really paying the fans no attention. Annalisa keeps her eyes on Gail as Gail Bentley enters the ring. Showing both women her referee attire and letting them know she's in charge. Gail calls for the bell and this one is underway...

Annalisa Stratus Vs Alex Calaway

The bell sounds and the two Divas immediately go at it. Annalisa Stratus hits a couple of forearms and mounts Alex Calaway in the middle of the ring, but Alex's able to scramble away to the outside. Calaway takes her time getting back into the ring and as soon as she does, gets rolled up by Annalisa Stratus for a cover....

Pin: 1.........................

Annalisa Stratus slams Alex Calaway into the corner, then does it on the other side of the ring, not stopping the assault as she heads to the middle rope and hits a missile dropkick for another cover....

Pin: 1.........................................2..........

Michael Cole: So far so good in this match. Gail is calling things down the middle and showing that she can be a fair referee.

JBL: I don't care how good of a job she's doing. It has to be in the back of Annalisa's mind that Gail can make her life hell at any moment.

Annalisa Stratus goes up in the corner and tries for a headscissors, but she's tossed out to the apron and Calaway attacks the knee to send her falling to the outside. Alex brings things back into the ring for a cover...

Pin: 1...............................................2...........

Calaway bridges over in a hammer lock, but Annalisa Stratus is able to fight out of it. Alex Calaway fights off a suplex and hits a single arm DDT. Calaway screams at the ref before getting in Stratus's face. Calaway puts her knees on Stratus's shoulders and chokes her against the middle rope before tossing her into the corner. Calaway charges Stratus in the corner but misses. Alex Calaway's able to catch Stratus by the arm and pound away at it, driving her to the mat where she's able to clamp on an arm bar. Calaway tosses Annalisa into the middle rope. Calaway skips around, and runs right into a dropkick from Annalisa Stratus. Stratus is able to roll Calaway up sloppily, then she hits a flying clothesline and another dropkick. Annalisa sends Alex Calaway crashing to the mat, then she sends her into the corner and follows up with a backbreaker. Annalisa Stratus hits Calaway with a running knee and than hits the Wilting Rose! She goes for the cover.....



Suddenly Gail stops the count and refuses to make the three count. Gail gives her a wink as Annalisa gets up and gets into her face. The two women begin exchanging words with each other when suddenly Stratus is rolled up from behind...



THR-NO! Kickout at the last second by Annalisa. Alex quickly picks up Stratus and tries going for a DDT. Annalisa counters and nails another Wilting Rose! She goes for a strong cover and Gail goes to count. Locking her eyes on Stratus the whole time...




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall....Annalisa Stratus!

Annalisa quickly gets back to her feet and once again gets in the face of Gail Bentley. The two begin shoving each other and exchanging words. Security quickly comes down to ringside and seperates the two of them.

Michael Cole: This is getting out of hand quickly and....

Suddenly the titantron lights up once again and its Preacher. He gives off a laugh and watches as Annalisa and Gail struggle to get at each other.

Preacher: Enough....enough of this. If you two want to kick each other its going to be on my terms...not yours. So here's what we're going to do. Next Inferno you two are going to be in seperate matches. A "Beat The Clock" challenge if you will. If both of you win, whoever wins in the fastest time will get a prize. The prize you ask? Well...you'll find out on the next show. Good luck to both of you....

Security continues to seperate Gail and Annlisa as our scene goes to a commercial break.


We return from commercial break and its time for Main Event action. Michael Buffer stands inside the ring as he gives introductions.

Michael Buffer: Making his way to the ring first, he is the Evolution Champion...Max Farrell!

"Coming Alive" by Dale Oliver begins to play as Max Farrell walks out onto the stage. He gets a strong reaction from the crowd as the fans cheer loudly for one of the big underdogs of XWF. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring.

Michael Buffer: And his partner....Josh Graves!

"Seek N Destroy" by Metallica blasts across the arena as Josh makes his way onto the stage. He heads down the entrance ramp and joins Max inside the ring.

Michael Buffer: And their opponents, heading to the ring first and making her return to the XWF....Sheena Montgomery!

"Drinking My Baby Goodbye” by the Charlie Daniels band begins playing over the PA system. Sheena then walks out, strutting, whirling, and twirling just totally into it as she makes her way down to the ring, stopping nearest the guardrail by the steps. She lets a fan, often a child, give her a quick good luck peck on the cheek, which she returns before shooting up the stairs and hopping over the ropes. She climbs the turnbuckle and once on top of it, she turns her hands into six shooters firing off towards the crowd before blowing them out and hopping down.

Michael Buffer: And har partner, he is the reigning and defending XWF Heavyweight Champion of the World...Daniel Slaine!

"99 Bottles" by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Max Farrell & Josh Graves Vs Daniel Slaine & Sheena Montgomery

It's time for our main event and this one has the makings to be something special. It appears that Josh Graves is going to start for his team and Daniel Slaine will start for his. We have a bell and the two circle the center of the ring, and lock up. Both testing each other before eventually breaking. They circle and lock up again and Graves with an arm drag takeover. Another lockup and Daniel Slaine backs Graves into the corner. Daniel nails couple of stiff kicks to the midsection before backing himself up to the middle of the ring. He charges at Graves but nobody is home as Josh moves out of the way. Graves with an arm drag, and another, before going into an arm bar to slow the pace. Slaine gets to a vertical base and elbows Graves in the head. Josh Graves front suplexes Slaine across the middle of the top ropes and then lands a field goal kick to the ribs of a fallen Slaine. Daniel Slaine back to his feet and gets sent to the ropes. Slaine back off the ropes and Graves lands a nice clothline that sends him down. Josh reaches over and makes the tag to Max Farrell. Graves holds an armbar as Max climbs the top rope. He leaps off with a double axe handle and Slaine goes down. Max tries for a quick cover....

Pin: 1.............................

Only a one count and Max didn't expect much more. Max picks up Slaine and leans up up against the ropes. He nails a couple hard chops to the chest before irish whipping him off the ropes. Slaine comes back around and Max has a sleeper hold locked in. Slaine could be in trouble as he drops to a knee and tries fighting it off. The fans start to rally behind Daniel as he gets back to his feet. He nails an elbow to the midsection of Max and then nails another. Daniel Slaine with a couple of uppercuts now that sends Max into the the corner. Daniel climbs onto the middle rope and begins punching away at Max. It's a series of 10 punches in a row before Daniel jumps down. Max looking a bit dizy so Daniel follows up with an enziguri that sends him onto the mat. Daniel goes to pick up Max but then looks over to his corner. Sheena and slapping the top turnbuckle and wants a tag.

Michael Cole: I don't think she wants to wait any longer. Sheena has been itching to get into this ring all night.

Jerry Lawler: The fans want to see it too!

Daniel Slaine grabs Max and tosses him into their turnbuckle. Daniel makes the tag to Sheena and the fans cheer loudly. Sheena starts off with a couple of hard kicks to the midsection. She continues those kicks until Max falls onto the mat with his head leaning up against the turnbuckle. Sheena then backs up a bit and tips her imaginary hat to the fan. She charges at Max and nails him with a bronco buster. Sheena drags Max into the middle of the ring and goes for the cover...

Pin: 1......................................2...........

Kickout at two as Sheena gets back to her feet. She picks up Max and nails him with a quick snapmare suplex that sends Max right back down. Sheena nails a couple of kicks and follows up with a big leg drop in the center of the ring. She thinks about going or a cover but perhaps is feeling froggy instead. She starts to climb the top rope but Max quickly gets back up and makes Sheena lose her balance as she sits on the top turnbuckle. Max gets her up on his shoulders and delivers a nice muscle buster. Max quickly tags back out to Graves who enters the ring and nails a few stiff kicks. Sheena Montgomery fights up to her feet, and she tries to fight out of the opponents corner, but Graves won't let her out. Josh grabs her leg and floats her over into a single leg boston crab. He starts to sit down on her, applying the pressure as Sheena tries to find the ropes. She eventually does and Josh breaks the hold. Josh Graves waits for Sheena to lift herself up. Leaning up against the turnbuckle now as Josh quickly flies at her with a big splash in the corner. Josh goes to the opposite end of the ring and flies back with another splash. Is the third time the charm? He charges at her once more but this time Sheena moves out of the way. Sheena gets behind Graves and nails him with a giant bulldog. Both get up at nearly the same time as Sheena delivers a dropkick, then another. Josh tries swinging for a clothline but Sheena ducks and nails him with a spinning heel kick. Sheena heads to the top and hits a moonsault press on top of Graves. Sheena crawls to the corner and tags Slaine who comes in with a couple of clotheslines, and a big right hand to Graves. Daniel SLaine hits an atomic drop, then hits Graves with a series of right hands in the corner. Slaine misses a splash in the corner, and Josh Graves hits a giant crossbody and a pin attempt....

Pin: 1.............................................2.....

Michael Cole: Another kickout and all four of these supestars are living up to the hype tonight. Each one has been on this main event stage before. They know how important nights like this are.

JBL: But two of them are going home disappointed, there can only be one winner Michael.

Daniel Slaine near his corner but slowly picks himself up, ready to fight. Sheena has other plans though as she tags herself in. Graves goes after her but Sheena with the quick reflexes to dodge everything thrown at her. Sheena Montgomery hits a kick to the side of the head, then backs Graves into her own corner, tagging Slaine back in as they appear to be working well as a team. Slaine clamps Graves into a rear chin lock, grapevining his legs around Josh's body. Josh Graves fights up to his feet and out of the hold, but he runs into a back elbow and a giant clothesline from Slaine. Sheena tags back into the match and comes in with a slingshot senton to Graves. Sheena goes right into a rear chin lock and she has the arm of Graves. It's not enough though as Josh fights to his feet. Sheena goes for a dropkick but misses. Josh Graves follows up but misses an elbow drop. Slaine tags in and stops Graves, sending him into the corner. Josh Graves catches him with a big boot, then he gets Sheena with a giant powerslam. Graves makes the tag to Max, and Max comes in with a springboard dropkick. Max Farrell clotheslines Sheena before hanging her up on the ropes and hitting a kick to the chest. Max hits Sheena with his finisher, Criminal Justice! and sends Slaine from the ring. Max quickly going for a cover...



NO! Sheena kicks out at the last second and Slaine is there for good measure to make sure it wasn't a three. The referee orders Slaine back to his corner but Max is going to assist the referee as he starts pounding away at Slaine in the corner. Sheena back to her feet and spins Max around. Nailing him with the Last Call! Graves gets into the ring now, he spins Sheena around but Sheena Montgomery is right there and nails a Last Call! on him too. The fans pop as she appears to have momentum on her side. Daniel Slaine stays in the ring and picks up him up, nailing him with a KTFO! Sheena goes for a cover on him but the referee is telling her he's not the legal man. She pushes Graves away and then goes over to Max, going for a cover....



THR-NO! Kickout at two and too much time had been wasted. Sheena and Slaine pick up Max and nail him with a few punches. They irish whip him to the ropes and go for a double clothline. Max ducks it though and follows up with a springboard onto both of them. All three are down and Max starts to crawl towards his corner where Graves is. Max makes the tag and Graves is now the legal man. Graves spots Slaine by the ropes and clothlines him over the top. Sheena now hits Graves with a backbreaker and both are down. Max Farrell alone in the ring, he spots Slaine outside and dives out of the ring with a suicide dive and everyone is down now. The fans are cheering loudly for a great main event. Sheena and Graves getting to their feet at the same time. Sheena wih a punch and Graves hits one of his own. Sheena with another, Graves follows suite. The two punch back and forth before Sheena switches things up and kicks Josh Graves in the midsection and drops him to a knee. Sheena hits the ropes and goes for a shining wizard but Graves graves her and lifts her up. Going for a powerbomb perhaps but Sheena hits him with a hurricarana that sends Graves to the floor. Sheena puts her hand in the air with a "Hook Em" symbol and she's calling for the finish. She's stalking Graves for another Last Call! as she leans against the ropes. Suddenly Max climbs onto the apron and gauges her eyes, blinding Sheena. Slaine is back to his feet and he grabs Max off the apron and nails him with KTFO! on the outside. Back inside the ring Sheena is rubbing her eye, blinded at the moment and she doesn't see Graves back up as he nails her with a Freeze Flame! Josh with the cover...




MIchael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match by Pinfall....Max Farrell and Josh Graves!

Josh quickly rolls out of the ring as Sheena can't believe what just happened. She looks upset about how her first match went down. Daniel Slaine gets into the ring and checks on her as Inferno comes to a close.