Inferno opens up to a sold out crowd for another edition of XWF Inferno. The fans are on their feet, cheering and clapping as the show gets started. Quickly those cheers turn to boo’s as Judas by Fozzy blasts across the arena.

You are beautiful on the inside
You are innocence personified
And I will drag you down and sell you out
Run away

We see Michael Everett walk onto the stage in a suit and tie along with a microphone in his hand.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to XWF Inferno and as you can see Michael Everett is heading to the ring. But guys, Michael is scheduled to wrestle tonight and he’s not in his gear.

JBL: Michael could wrestle in a suit just as well as tights if he wanted too!

Jerry Lawler: That might be true but the microphone suggests that Michael Everett is here to talk and I’m curious to see what he has to say.

Michael Cole: I imagine a lot is on the mind of Everett. He was supposed to be the #1 Contender for the World Title but it was Max Farrell who interrupted the contact signing and Max signed his own name on the contract.

Michael Everett stands in the middle of the ring as the fans continue to boo.

Michael Everett: I’m going to ask that you fans politely shut your mouths and show me the respect that I deserve.

The fans boo even louder as Michael pauses for a second.

Michael Everett: Last week you all were robbed of a great moment. A historic moment that was going to feature me signing the contract. Securing my place at the Main Event of Anarchy. And yet you idiots cheered as Max Farrell attacked me. Attacked Kevin Kronic. And put his own name on the contract. Now I want to make it clear that my lawyers have been involved. They have assured me that I will be wrestling in the Main Event of Anarchy. And that I have every right to sue Max Farrell for everything he’s worth. However I am a forgiving man and a fair man.

Michael Cole: Is he talking about the same Michael Everett?

JBL: Shut your mouth Cole!

Michael Everett: So right now I’m asking…No, I’m demanding that Max Farrell comes out to the ring right now. That he rips that contract in half and apologizes to me like a man. As you can see I’m not wrestling tonight. And I refuse to wrestle again until Anarchy. So Max, get out here right now and face me.

“Coming Alive” by Dale Oliver blasts across the arena as Max Farrell walks onto the stage. He has the contract in one hand and a microphone in the other. The fans cheer as Max makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring.

Max Farrell: So, what? You want me to say I’m sorry? You want me to give up my chance at winning the World title at Anarchy? At being the #1 Contender?

Michael Everett: I’m the #1 Contender! Not you! That was supposed to be my signatue. Now I demand you rip that contract up!

Max Farrell: No, I don’t think I’m going to do that. See, I know how you treat people Michael. I see what you’ve been doing to Ashley. I see how you treat her. How you treat the other wrestlers in the back. How you treat your father, how you treat the women in your life. How you’ve treated my wife and treat me. I don’t like it, and honestly Michael I don’t like you. And if this contract in my hand didn’t mean I’d be getting a World title shot I would be doing something with it. But I wouldn’t be ripping it up. Instead I’ve be shoving it up your ass!

Michael Everett: How dare you. How. Dare. Yo-

Suddenly Max Farrell kicks Michael in the midsection and nails him with Criminal Justice! The fans cheer loudly as Max gives off a grin. He picks up the contract and exits from the ring as we go back to commentary.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t think that’s what Michael had in mind.

JBL: Someone should arrest this man! What the hell is wrong with him?

Michael Cole: Folks it appears Michael is going to have to deal with Max Farrell going to Anarchy. And while Michael’s night might be ruined, our night is just beginning. A huge show for you including our next match. A triple threat to crown a new Evolution champion. It should be a lot of fun and its up next…


Jason Thunder Vs CJ Walker Vs Josh Blade

The bell sounds and here we go as the three men circle around the ring. We see Jason Thunder get in the middle of them and proclaim that he should be the champion. He shoves CJ Walker and then shoves Josh Blade as well. CJ responds with a huge punch to Thunder who bounces into Blade. Josh nails Thunder with a punch as well and its now become a game of ping pong with Thunder in the middle. CJ and Blade go back and forth punching Thunder until eventually he falls down on the mat. CJ Walker picks up Thunder and nails him with a suplex. Blade, not to be outdone, picks up Thunder and nails him with a military press slam. Walker grabs Thunder now and tosses him out of the ring. CJ slowly turns around and now its just him and Josh Blade. CJ Walker charges right into Josh. Blade backs CJ into the corner and buries his shoulder in CJ’s stomach. CJ responds with a couple of forearms, but Blade is right back at it with the shoulders. Blade stomps away at CJ Walker repeatedly before picking him up in the corner and choking him. CJ hits a couple of rights kicks at Blade. Josh catches CJ’s leg, kicks him, then tosses him across the ring. Blade slams CJ into the corner and stomps away at him before choking him with his boot. Blade drags CJ to the center of the ring and goes for a cover…

Pin: 1………………………………2………..

Only a two count. Blade picks up CJ but CJ Walker begins to fight back. He irish whips Blade across the ring and as he comes back around CJ locks in a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. He applies the pressure and Blade drops to a knee. CJ continues to apply pressure but Blade back up to his feet. He runs backwards into the turnbuckle and slams CJ into it that forces CJ to release the hold. Blade comes charges at him but CJ moves out of the way. Blade slams hard into the turnbuckle pad and bounces off. CJ grabs him and nails him with Criminal Justice! Cover now..



No! Jason Thunder back in the ring and he breaks up the count. Jason Thunder now covers Blade…



Michael Cole: Could we see an upset right here!?

NO! Josh Blade kicks out at two.

Jason Thunder picks up Josh Blade and tries going for the move again. This time Blade pushes him away into the ropes. He goes for a clothline but Thunder ducks it and delivers a superkick. Thunder tries climbing the turnbuckle now but Blade is right there. He climbs up onto the ropes and is trying for a superplex. Thunder holds onto the ropes though, trying to fight it off. CJ Walker back into the ring now and he goes underneath Blade. This results in CJ Walker delivering a top rope powerbomb to Blade while Josh delivers a superplex to Thunder at the same time. CJ takes advantage now with a cover on Josh.

Pin: 1…………………………..2……..

Kickout at two. CJ then goes over to Thunder and goes for a cover…

Pin: 1………………………2……………

Michael Cole: No! Another kick out and this match feels like its just getting started.

JBL: There are no friends in a Triple Threat match. Even if I worked with someone in a match like this, I was thinking in my head how I was going to stab them in the back.

CJ Walker back up now and slams Blade’s face into the canvas. Blade tries to fight back, but CJ hits him with a series of clubbing blows to the back. Blade comes back with a series of rights and kicks, but CJ comes up with a giant side suplex that plants Josh on the back of his head. Jason Thunder comes in and attacks Blade now in the corner, viciously stomping away. Thunder whips Walker into the opposite corner, but runs into a big clothesline from Blade. Josh Blade catches both men with clotheslines and kicks before tossing CJ into Jason. Blade hits Thunder with a corner clothesline and catches Thunder with a shoulder to the gut. Josh Blade hits a double axe handle to Jason Thunder before going for a pin…..

Pin: 1………………………………………2………….

Kickout once again. Josh Blade back up now and attempts a figure-four, but Thunder avoids it by kicking away. Jason back up and delivers a kick to the midsection before hitting Blade with a fameasser. Thunder tries to pin Blade, but CJ Walker is back and breaks it up before the count can begin. CJ Walker picks up Blade now and tries for a suplex. Blade avoids it and instead delivers a spinebuster. Thunder in the ring now and he pushes Blade out of the way and out of the ring. Jason Thunder grabs CJ and tries for the Liberty Bell! CJ counters though and lifts him up in the air. Hitting Criminal Justice! and cover…



No! Thunder kicks out and CJ can’t believe it. CJ Walker picks up Thunder and tosses him into the turnbuckle. CJ starts to climb. Looking to go for Criminal Justice! from the top rope. Josh Blade back in the ring now and he tosses CJ out of the ring. Josh Blade grabs Jason and delivers the Blade Cutter! out of nowhere. Cover now…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and NEW Evolution Champion…. Josh Blade!

Jerry Lawler: He did it! Josh has done it!

Michael Cole: One of the biggest wins of his career. Josh Blade shocks the world and becomes the new Evolution Champion.

JBL: Just what we need. Another Blade holding a title.

Michael Cole: Josh Blade has scratched and clawed his way to the top. He has had his ups and downs and tonight is no doubt, a top moment.

Jerry Lawler: And these fans seem excited for him.

Michael Cole: Folks what we just saw was a great match. But I have a feeling the next match is going to be just as good. If you enjoy tag team wrestling this might be for you. Although this tag match will also be a handicap match…

We go back down to ringside with Bloodline standing in the ring. This match won’t be easy but if anyone is up to the task it’s their opponent…

Michael Buffer: And their opponent, he is the reigning and defending Tag Team Champion… Daniel Slaine!

“99 Bottles” by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Daniel Slaine Vs Mike Dimter & Mike Blade

The bell sounds and it appears that Mike Blade and Daniel Slaine will start things off. The two circle around the ring and tie up. Daniel Slaine nails Blade with a kick to the midsection. He then irish whips Blade to the ropes and when Blade comes back through Daniel nails him with a stiff clothline. Blade slowly gets to his feet and Daniel dares him to come back for more. Mike Blade instead tags out to Dimter. Mike Dimter and Daniel Slaine lock up and the two fight into the corner. Both superstars fight around the ring and down to the mat, but neither gains an advantage. There’s a stalemate as they soak in the cheers for both wrestlers. Dimter locks on a headlock now but Slaine pushes him off.

Micheal Cole: A slow paced match to start things off and that has to favor Daniel Slaine in a match where he won’t have a chance to get a rest unlike his opponents.

Mike Dimter hits a couple of elbows to the back of Daniel Slaine’s head before sending him into the corner hard. Dimter heads up on the corner but Slaine catches him on his shoulders. Dimter starts to fight out of it and eventually turns it into a DDT and here’s a cover….

Pin: 1…………………………..2…………..

Mike Dimter hits Slaine with elbows to the heart and goes for another quick cover….

Pin: 1………………………………2………..

Two count once again. Mike Dimter waits for Slaine to stand, and when he does Dimter nails a huge clothline that sends Slaine over the rope to the floor. Dimter rolls outside and grabs Slaine by the hair. He slams him into the barricade a couple of times before tossing him back into the ring. Dimter plays to the crowd on the outside but the distraction allows for Slaine to a baseball slide that Dimter crashing into the barricade. The referee tells Daniel Slaine to bring things into the ring and thats exactly what he does. Daniel Slaine rolls outside the ring, grabs Dimter and slams his head into the steel ring post before rolling him back in. Daniel Slaine picks up Dimter and goes for a Freeze Flame but Dimter fights out and kicks Slaine in the head. Dimter locks in a camel clutch, and Slaine looks to be in some pain. He tries fighting for the ropes but hes not getting very far. Intead Daniel struggles to his feet, with Dimter on his back. Dimter fights back with elbows to Slaine’s neck and then nails him with a belly to belly suplex. Mike Dimter makes a tag to Blade and Blade climbs the top rope. Leaping off with an elbow and then a cover…

Pin: 1…………………………………………2……….

Michael Cole: The numbers game might be too much for Daniel Slaine.

JBL: I said it before and I’ll say it again. Daniel Slaine has no place in the tag team division without a tag team. He’s going to get himself hurt or worse.

Michael Cole: Daniel refuses to give up and if I was a betting man I’d always put my money on Daniel Slaine.

Mike Blade hits a suplex and hits Slaine with an elbow. Blade tags back out to Dimter who enters the ring again. Mike Dimter heads out to the apron and springboards from the top rope, but Slaine catches him and rolls through, standing up and shouldering Dimter. Dimter hangs on to the ropes, so Slaine drops him out to the floor. Daniel looks around at the crowd and then back at Dimter on the outside. Slaine dives through the ropes to the outside to take out Dimter.

Jerry Lawler: What?! Daniel is pulling out all the stops tonight.

Daniel Slaine brings things back into the ring where he hits the belly to back suplex. Slaine calls for the KTFO! but again Dimter counters, this time locking in an anaconda vice. The submission slows down the pace of the match and puts serious pressure on Daniel Slaine. Slaine fights out of it and somehow is able to turn it into a sharpshooter. Mike refuses to tap out and Dimter eventually fights his way out of the hold and grabs the ropes. Both superstars slow to get to their feet now and Dimter and Slaine trade rights and kicks in the middle of the ring. Dimter gets the upper hand with a back kick. He hits the running knee in the corner and follows it up with a bulldog. Dimter out of nowhere hits the Liberty Bell! Cover now…



NO! Daniel Slaine kicks out at the last second and Dimter begins arguing with the referee. He shoves the referee and the referee has had enough and shoves him back into his corner. Blade tags herself in and tries calming Dimter down. Daniel Slaine is back up and nails a splash onto Blade and that pushes Blade into Dimter who falls off the apron. Daniel Slaine brings Blade into the middle of the ring and hits him with a KTFO! He goes for the cover…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….. Daniel Slaine!

Michael Cole: There you have it folks. What more can you say about Daniel Slaine. He picks up victory after victory. Despite not having a partner he is just as dangerous as anyone in the tag team divison.

JBL: He should be stripped of those titles!

Michael Cole: Are you going to do it?

JBL: I’m a commenator, its not my job!

Michael Cole: That’s what I thought. But anyway, its time for our main event of the evening. The Union is in action after a short commercial break….


Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your Main Event of the evening. On her way to the ring first…… Malaboo Dreamstone!

“Barbie Girl” by Aqua hits and MALABOO then DREAMSTONE is seen on the tron screen in hot pink lettering as Malaboo comes to the stage in a hot pink mini dress and white go go boots with Malaboo on them in glittery pink lettering she model stomps her way down the ramp waving as the fans go crazy over her and a few of the males in the audience shout of Marriage proposals to as this happens pink pyro and glitter shoot out of the ramp way with every step she takes. She jumps on the ring and dose a split going all the way down and going under the bottom rope to get in to the ring. Then comes back up and makes her way to her corner blowing kisses to the audience.

Michael Buffer: And her partner. SHe is the XWF Knockouts Champion…. Alex Morgan!

“Unholy Confessions” By Avenged Sevenfold hits as the Knockouts champion Alex Morgan makes her way outex climbs into the ring and climbs on the top turnbuckle.

Michael Buffer: And their opponents, they are the team of Sheena Montgomery and Nikki Everett. The Union!

“Sucker” by Motorhead hits overhead as Nikki Everett and Sheena Montgomery emerge from the back to a riotous boos. They stop at the top of the ramp where Nikki produces a mic. Sheena gently takes it from her.

Sheena Montgomery: Look what we have here wrestler barbie and the paper champion. You gals got bout three seconds ta get outta that ring for you get hurt. Morgan you’ve been a lousy Knockouts champion, an know you couldn’t win it honestly, and needed me to drop it. So give it up now, or I’ll leave you like I did at Lockdown. Sniffing the dirt, and covered in Union colors .

Nikki took the mic for a moment.

Nikki Everett: And how much can you really trust your partner, her sister has a title and she doesn’t. So you just know she is eyeing yours. Might even try to use this match, try to use us to soften you up.

Nikki offers it back to Sheena now directing her attention to Malaboo while Morgan is daring the two of them to come on down holding the ropes open.

Sheena Montgomery: Oh, and wrestler barbie Morg ain’t no Loralie, She isn’t gonna be able to carry you. She can’t hardly carry the title on her shoulders. She has only really proven to beat Sabrina Rossi and thats not an accomplishment, thats an entry requirement, a hazing ritual. Your gonna have to be ready to fight fur yourself, and other then onlyfans videos and snuff films I don’t think ya got it in you. Don’t think you got anything in you other then taking women in wrestling back to the dark ages.

Nikki took the mic back now clearly annoyed.

Nikki Everett: Still in the ring? … Your funeral!

Sheena again takes the mic from her turning toward the booing fans.

Sheena Montgomery: An ta all you folks booing us. Keep it on up an your gonna make the night a lot longer for them fakes. The more you boo the worst its gonna be for them… So keep it up an they’re blood will be on your hands.

Dropping the mic she and Nikki rushed the ring and the match breaks down before it even starts with Nikki and Malaboo going at it, while Morgan and Sheena are exchanging blows. .

Michael Cole: The fans are in fact booing but it does seem they are hesitant .. or don’t want to.

Jerry Lawler: It’s denial, its still hard to believe Sheena is with The Union, and if the fans still can’t believe it neither can I….. but there it is.

JBL: They should feel guilty about booing her as she has finally done the best thing for her.

The Union Vs Malaboo Dreamstone And Alex Morgan

The match is slowly brought back to order with Sheena and Morgan in the ring the Madpony irish whipping Alex toward the ropes where Nikki yanks down the top rope sending Morgan to the outside where Sheena catches the slowly rising Morgan with a baseball slide before spearing the Knockouts champion back sfirst into the announce table before turning her around and slamming her face first into it before whipping her into ringside area spearing her againback first into the ring before rolling her into the ring, taunting the booing fans then turning to mock Morgan as she crawled toward her corner to make the tag. Sheena putting a stop to that by stomping on Morgans hands before pulling her back up and going for a suplex that Morgan reverses before again making a desperate dash toward her corner cut off by Nikki Everett who threw her into the Union corner where her and Sheena double teamed her until the ref started his count. Sheena yanking and tossing Morgan back into the middle of the ring by her heir before setting her boots on it and yanking the champion up all the while taunting morgans partner…. Malabooo who has seen enough and tries to enter and break it up only to be caught and stopped by the ref who was again missing The Union double teaming Morgan Sheena tying Morgan up in a spinning toe hold while Everett choked her. The ref finally noticing and chastising the madpony who blew him off before shoving Morgan into The Union corner and tagging Nikki in .

Michael Cole: This is just hard to watch King seeing Sheena use the kind of tactics she’d have gone after other wrestlers for.

Jerry Lawler: True enough but you have to admit for two people who have spent much of they’re careers as rivals they are working like a well oiled machine.

JBL: Was there ever any doubt the queen has already made a better wrestler out of Sheena then the Slaines ever did. As for her tactics. whatever works..this is just the beginning. This is the killer instinct people mocked her for not having now making itself known thanks to the Everetts.

Nikki goes for a twisting moonsault off the top onto the champion who gets her knees up and buys the kind of time she needs to make the tag to Malaboo who charges in catching a rising Nikki Everett with a clothesline before catching a trying to enter Sheena, catching her with a drop kick before taking both Everett and Montgomery and slamming them head to head before focusing her attention on Everett whipping her into one corner and Sheena into the opposite. Nailing the queen with a bronco buster before hitting Sheena in the opposite corner with a stinkface.

Michael Cole: Malaboo and morgan also showing some solid chemistry, and Dreamstone perhaps looking to prove she is, that she can be a serious competitor.

JBL: A serious competitor with a stink face…. Sheena was right she is taking women in this sport backwards and is gonna pay for it.

Malabooo then goes back on the attack on Everett before catching a thumb to the eye. Nikki hits her with a hair yank back breaker before locking in a camel clutch making sure to have her face her corner and her partner, forcing Morgan to watch her partners torture. Malaboo withan impressive ring knowledge gets her foot on the rope forcing a break, and while rubbing at her neck and throat then catches a stalking Nikki with a double leg take down before proceeding with a old fashion ground and pound that the ref has to break up leading Nikki to slip to the outside where her and Sheena are in confrence for a moment before Morgan and Malaboo jointly dive over the ropes and catch The Union girls with stereo dives before high fiving and hip bumpiing Morgan tossing Sheena into the barridade t while Malaboo rolls Nikki back into the ring . As Nikki is still clearing out the cobwebs Malaboo hit her with a basement drop kick and a quick pin.

Pin: 1…………………………….2………….

Nikki kicks out and as Malaboo picks her up nikki immediate catches her with a throat thrust before going to tag Sheena in. Montgomery fires a series of boots to the gut to keep Malaboo doubled over before dropping her with a ddt before dragging her over toward the ropes choking her on the bottom rope before sling shoting her neck first into it. Sheena continuing the assault on the throat with a blatant choke getting in the refs face as he chastises her for the choke Giving Malaboo a chance for the most devastating move in all of pro wrestling a surprise roll up.

Pin: 1………………………………..2…………………..

Michael Cole: Malaboo really sending a message now with a near fall on both the queen and the madpony.

Jerry Lawler: Yes indeed makes one wonder though if The Union wasn’t right and that Malaboo might not have gold in mind.

Malaboo catches Sheena in a series of arm drags before hooking her for a Michinku dirver where you can almost hear Dreamstone mock the madpony “ whose carrying who now?“ before hittiing the move for another quick nearfall.

Pin: 1………………………………2………………..

Sheena again gets her shoulder up and begins to make her way over toward her corner but gets cut off and dragged toward the middle of the ring…where much to many shock she almost seems to to be begging off while Malaboo looks ready to pounce again before Sheenas yanks her down to the mat and proceeds to stomp a mudhole in Malaboo adding insult to injury by slapping her across the face a few times before picking her up and hitting a series of knee lifts sending Malaboo back to the mat the hard way before walking rigt across Dreamstone to spit at the Knockouts champion baiting Morgan intot he ring, and into the refs stopping her long enough for Everett and Sheena to drop a double elbow on Dreamstones throat before Everett leaves. Sheena comes off the ropes with a fist drop that Malaboo rolls out of the way of, the two get up Sheena catching malabooin a last call that dreamstone shobesherout of before catching sheenawitha boot to the gut before hitting sheena with a Gold Diggers Shovel. Cover now with Morgan cutting of Nikkis attempt to break up the pin….




Michael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match by Pinfall….. Malaboo Dreamstone and Alex….

As Morgan and Malaboo are celebrating in the ring Sheena and Nikki pounce and go on the attack. The fans boo loudly as the two stomp away on their opponents.

Michael Cole: This is uncalled for. You lost the match, get over it.

JBL: This is about more than a match Michael. This is about showing whose in charge. And sending a message.

Nikki orders Sheena to pick up Alex Morgan. She does so as Nikki charges at Morgan and nails her with a knee to the face. Nikki then tells Sheena to pick up Malaboo next. As she does the fans cheer loudly as Loralie Blackwell rushes down the ramp. She slides into the ring as Nikki and Sheena quickly exit from the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Finally some help….

Michael Cole: And look how quickly The Union leaves the ring. You know I’d expect this from NIkki but I still can’t believe we are seeing it from Sheena.

Sheena grabs the Knockouts from the commentary desk. Raising up Nikki’s hand with one arm and the Knockouts title with the other arm. Showing that soon it’ll be with The Union as the show comes to a close…