The fireworks begin shooting from the arena as we are lived for the biggest show of the year. While the WWE has Wrestlemania, we have Anarchy. The fans know how important this show is and so do the wrestlers backstage. We head down to commentary to begin the show.

MIchael Cole: Welcome everyone to a historic night in XWF history. It is Anarchy 2021 and what a show we have for you tonight.

JBL: That’s not just a statement Cole, its a fact. This show is loaded from top to bottom and I don’t know if we’ve ever had a bigger card.

Jerry Lawler: Every match has importance. Every match has a story to be told and tonight we get to see how those stories end.

Michael Cole: Some matches have been built up for weeks, others months. As you said King, tonight we look to get some resolution to those matches. Starting with our first match tonight where Alex Morgan puts her title on the line.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t think of a hotter way to start off this show than with two of the hottest women in all of professional wrestling!

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring first. She hails from Beverly Hills, California. The Pampered Princess…. Malaboo Dreamstone!

Barbie girl by Aqua hits and MALABOO then DREAMSTONE is seen on the tron screen in hot pink lettering as Malaboo comes to the stage in a hot pink mini dress and white go go boots with Malaboo on them in glittery pink lettering she model stomps her way down the ramp waving as the fans go crazy over her and a few of the males in the audience shout of Marriage proposals to as this happens pink pyro and glitter shoot out of the ramp way with every step she takes. She jumps on the ring and dose a split going all the way down and going under the bottom rope to get in to the ring. Then comes back up and makes her way to her corner blowing kisses to the audience.

Michael Buffer: And her opponent, she is your XWF Knockouts Champion… Alex Morgan!

“Unholy Confessions” by Avenged Sevenfold blasts throughout the arena as Alex Morgan walks down the ramp. She limbs into the ring and starts to pace back and forth as she awaits her opponent.

Malaboo Dreamstone Vs Alex Morgan (Knockouts Title)

The bell rings and the match is underway. Alex Morgan runs at Malaboo Dreamstone and goes for a clothesline, but Malaboo moves out of the way and uses Morgans momentum to throw her out of the ring. Malaboo stays in the ring as Morgan is standing outside of the ring.

Michael Cole: Morgan is taking her time getting back into the ring after being thrown out like that.

JBL: It’s all most like Morgan is embarrassed because of what just happened.

Alex Morgan gets back into the ring and locks up with Malaboo in the middle of the ring. Malaboo throws her into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Morgan drops down and takes her legs out. Morgan puts Malaboo into a headlock. Malaboo gets up and elbows Morgan in the stomach. Malaboo jumps up and hits a dropkick. Malaboo picks up Morgan and goes for an Arm Drag. Morgan goes down and Malaboo covers…

Pin: 1……………………..

Alex Morgan kicks out of it. Malaboo tries to pick her up but gets punched in the gut. Both women are down. Morgan gets up first and picks her up. Morgan goes for a Belly to Belly Suplex and hits it. Morgan then jumps up to the top rope and goes for a 450 Leg Drop and hits it.

Jerry Lawler: That’s all for Malaboo.

Pin: 1………………………..2……….

Malaboo kicks out at two and half. Alex Morgan tries for another pin right away…

Pin: 1……………………..2………………..

Michael Cole: Another kickout by Malaboo and right now I think Alex Morgan is trying to tire Malaboo out. Forcing her to kickout of these pins.

Morgan goes back to work and hits a Sitout Rock Bottom on Malaboo. Morgan jumps up and hits the Shooting Star Leg Drop. Cover….

Pin: 1…………………………………2………………

JBL: Morgan has to be getting pissed off. She is going for a steel chair.

Morgan brings the chair into the ring and sets it up. She runs and goes for a Triple Jump Moonsault. Malaboo sees it coming and gets the chair to block it. Morgan sees this and jumps down to her feet. Both women are up and Morgan runs at Malaboo only to be Hip Tossed. Malaboo then goes and jumps up to the top and hits the Whisper in the Wind. She picks Morgan up and goes for a DDT. Malaboo hits it and both women are down.

Jerry Lawler: It looks like both women used up all their energy on that exchange. Wait, Malaboo covers.



No! Morgan kicks out. Both women get up and Morgan kicks Malaboo in the stomach and hits the X-Factor. She then rolls out of the ring and gets the Knockouts Title and then throws it into the ring to distract the ref and it works. She then hits Malaboo with the chair in the ring.

Michael Cole: What the… she just cheated!!!



NO! No Malaboo kicks out of it. Both women get up and the ref is checking on Morgan. Morgan tries to pull Malaboo out of the ring but Malaboo pulls her up to the apron.

JBLl: What a damn minute. Morgan is up on the apron thanks to Malaboo. What is she gonna do?

Morgan gets up and sees this so she runs toward Malaboo, but Malaboo moves and Morgan hits the turn buckle. Malaboo hits the Gold Diggers Shovel! Cover now…




Michael Cole: She did it!!! Malaboo won the knockouts title!

The ref walks over and hands Malaboo the title who is now jumping up and down.

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and NEW Knockouts Champion….. Malaboo Dreamstone!

Malaboo Dreamstone goes up on the turnbuckle on shows the fans the title. Morgan gets back up and has the chair in his hands. Malaboo jumps down and gets hit in the face again. Morgan then sets the chair down and raises up her hands.

Michael Cole: Talk about poor sportsmanship. Malaboo won the title fair and square and yet Alex Morgan trying to ruin the moment.

JBL: I think I like this side of Alex.

Michael Cole: Of course you do. But fans as we said at the top of the show. We have some great matches tonight. The Union taking part in both the Tag title and World title matches. And speaking of The Union. Words I never thought I would say, but Sheena Montgomery is in action next.

Jerry Lawler: I still can’t believe she’s part of this group. Part of them.

JBL: It’s time that she came around and joined the winning team King!

Cassandra Marx Vs Sheena Montgomery

“Sucker” by Motorhead fired off overhead launching the fans into a frenzy of boos and the hurling of insults and trash toward the stage where Sheena stood pulling on her jacket in the Picard manuver to almost add to the sharpness of the look.

Michael Cole: There she is the last holdout, the last person anyone would ever have imagined selling out to The Union?

JBL: Riddle me this. How is wanting to become successful, actually wanting to be something selling out?

Sheena continues to make her way to the ring the fans booing she taunts and eggs it on even tearing up a “Why? Sheena Why?” sign before climbing onto the apron and making her way inside. As she continues to jaw and taunt the fans the ref puts a hand to his ear before looking over toward the announce table and conversing with the ring announcer. They both look to Sheena and shake they’re head before the ring announcer begins.

“Cassandra Marx is not cleared to compete. So we regrettably are forced to cancel this match.”

The fans directed they’re ire at Sheena who just shook her head and took the mic from the ring announcer.

Sheena Montgomery: Ta hell with that! She wants ta be some kinna replacer! She wants to be me so desperately she can bring her scrawny ass to this ring broken arm or not. Ring the bell!

She then turned to the referee.

Sheena Montgomery: Start your count!

As the referee begins the ten count Sheena takes the mic from the ring annoucer to address the rabid and booing fans with a pair of middle fingers before addressing them.

Sheena Montgomery: Right back at ya! An you can spare me all that “Why Sheena? Why?” happy horseshit. … Look at what this place has become since I was taken out? and you got your answer. Look at who the champions are now? and you got your answer. Look in the mirror and you got your answer.

Her baiting setting off the crowd once more Sheena cut them off almost at a shout.

Sheena Montgomery: Yea, yea, yea pretend you gave a damn now don’t you. Pretend you really meant any of your little social media posted well wishes and worry, when we all know why you were really doing it. To make yourselves feel better, to virtue signal for clout, to avoid looking like you were the one person that didn’t, try to clear your consionus . …. Cover yourself cause imagine if you didn’t … How it might look if you weren’t. … Sheep. But where were you when I really needed you? When I was at my lowest? Facing the worst of it? … I’ll tell you! You were here chanting and cheering for someone else, here accepting, and promoting lesser wrestlers. Why Sheena? Why?

She snorted digging in even more

Sheena Montgomery: You stood by when Kevin and Stephanie accidently released me, left the majority of my recovery, and rehabilitation out of my own pocket. time served, blood, sweat, and tears be damned. When they put a volume of wrestling talent, and a body count of fakes, phonies, wanna be’s and imitators to fill the hole left with my absence. But then how accidental was it really when Stephanie always hated me, always hated losing to me on every metric avalible, and thought she could just make another, could just make a few more…. Why Sheena? Why… Bad Blood held the tag titles? Alex Morgan was the knockouts champion? .. … almost like putting pearls on swine, a slap in the face, or pissing in my mouth following up my legacy with such half assed attempts to follow up from everything I did. Everything I have done. …It’s almost funny to think of all those years I lost, I wasted making you all happy, putting smiles on peoples face sacrificing who and what I was capable of cause I made the mistake thinking you cared when all you wanted was some perpetual underdog, and little engine that could. Some little clown for your amusement an organ grinders monkey to dance to your tune. Then theres the Slaines and all the time lost thinking they…. That I was a member of the family. When all they wanted was a crash test dummy to take the abuse and occasional chair or table meant for them… a simp to sing they’re praises and run to they’re defense. An emotional support animal for one of the most needy women I have ever met…. What they really wanted wasn’t a friend, or a sister but a little purse puppy that would all but piss herself at the merest hint of attention from them….. Never saw me as a equal, and always took pleasure in upstaging my successes with they’re own.

Going after the Slaines set off a new wave of insults, boos, and trash throwing that only fueled Sheenas fire.

Sheena Montgomery: Truth hurts don’t it? Forsake and then stand in shock when the only ones that where there for me would be the ones I stand with. … The Union … Miss Nikki even with two newborns, a Union to resserect, an insurrection to begin, and her own career to re establish. …. Still made the time, took the time . … Came to Montana to find me, to show me the truth. … The Uinon is stronger then ever, and now has the trilogy of terrors, the furies themselves. The most dominant and decorated female talents in the history of the XWF Nikki Everett, Angel and Sheena Montgomery We are going take the country back,take the xwf, from what it is and make it so much better, so much more, rebuild it to its best form a form in our image….Yeah Buddy!”

The ref finished his count and cast a glance at the ring announcer and the time keeper before there was a quick cut to commentary which much like the bell was almost buried under boos.

Jerry Lawler: Never thought it would hear that catchphrase and actually kinda hate it.

Michael Cole: I’m not sure how to feel about her answer to the questions but it is an answer.

JB: Where is the lie? Ever since she was injured I have had to listen to the two ofy ou talk all about how Cassandra, or Loralie, or Morgan were gonna be the next Sheena. Forget and try to replace her just as fast as the Slaines. Who I”m shocked haven’t taken Marx in like a surrogate.

As the view returns to the ring Sheena directs the ref to raise her free arm in victory.

Sheena Montgomery: Guess she really didn’t want it that bad after all…. and the winner of the match representing The Union Sheena Montgomery!

Sheena Montgomery: Oh wait this is Anarchy, and she so wanted to have an Anarchy moment, and wanted to use me to get it. Your welcome Cass.

As Sucker by Motorhead fired up again the titantron lit up to show the image of Cassandra Marx laid out sandwiched between two parts of a broken hot pink surfboard her left arm in a cast broken in several places. Sheena makes her way out and stops at the top of the ramp to admire her work before shrugging it and the fans boos off before she heads out.


We return from commercial break with the United States champion Loralie Blackwell already inside the ring. She paces back and forth as suddenly….

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring first, he hails from Los Angeles , California…. Black Heart, Jason Thunder!

Smoke everywhere and pyros burst. Then, Black Heart enters through the intro with a hoody on . Then stops , when the song verse or chorus starts he takes of the hoody and does bumps is chest. Then , he walks down the ramp and enters the ring. He reaches over and gets a microphone from the bell keeper and begins to speak.

Jason Thunder: Hold on just a moment Loralie. Perhaps you didn’t see what Sheena did just a few minutes ago. But I would hate to see something like that happen to you. So what I suggest is that you get down on the mat and let me cover you. No one has to get hurt. I win the title. All is right in the world. What? I see you looking at me. Do you really think you have a shot? Hunny, this is a mans ring and that womens title doesn’t belong around a womans waist.

Loralie tries to go after Jason Thunder but the referee holds her back.

Jason Thunder: You really want to do this? Alright, its your funeral….

Jason Thunder Vs Loralie Blackwell (US Title Match)

Jason Thunder goes to the ropes and tosses the microphone away and as he does the referee calls for the bell. Loralie Blackwell rushes at Jason and nails him with a backbreaker. She then climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off with the Nightmare Twist! Cover now…




The referee calls for the bell and Loralie quickly exits from the ring. Jason Thunder looks shocked at what just happened.

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and STILL United States Champion…. Loralie Blackwell!

JBL: I don’t think Jason was ready. I don’t think that’s fair!

Michael Cole: He turned his back on Loralie and after everything he said to her, I think he got what was coming.

Jerry Lawler: Jason does not look happy. This wasn’t the Anarchy moment he thought he’d be having her tonight.

Michael Cole: It just goes to show you that anything can happen at Anarchy!

We go backstage now where Daniel Slaine is getting ready for his match to defend the tag titles and Ashley walks through the door. Daniel looks up and smiles.

Daniel Slaine: Hey beautiful I didn’t think Id see you here tonight. What changed your mind?

Ashley Slaine: Had to come and support the love of my life so, I figured why not at Anarchy.

Daniel: Im not going to complain, love having you here with me.

Ashley: Daniel…just be careful ok? I don’t trust them and with Shay over there….

Daniel: I know, don’t worry. I can handle the likes of the Union and Shay if I have to.

Ashley: I hope…

As they are talking Nikki and Angel show up at the door with Sheena by their side.

Nikki Everett: Oh look who showed up. Too bad your not on the biggest card of the year but then again its only for people that actually wrestle.

Angel: Whats the matter…no good shows on tonight:

Ashley looks at Sheena who looks back at her with no emotion in her eyes then she looks at Nikki.

Ashley: Im sure you are all loving it. But Ill be back soon dont worry to much about me.

Nikki: Like we ever do. Lets go we got tag titles to win.

The three of them leave and Ashley just sighs.

Daniel: Don’t worry to much about what they said.

Ashley: Im not. You better get ready.

Daniel: kiss for good luck?

Ashley: Of course.

Ashley kisses him on the lips and he smiles and heads to the door for his tag match which is up next….

Back At Ringside.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall. On their way to the ring first. Representing The Union. They are the team of Angel and Nikki Everett!

The Union theme music hits as Angel and Nikki walk onto the stage. Not too far behind them is Sheena who has decided to join the fun. Both Nikki and Angel have a look of confidence and Angel with an extra look that says she’s ready to kill. The two head down the entrance ramp and into the ring.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, he is the reigning and defending XWF Tag Team Champion… Daniel Slaine!

“99 Bottles” by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Nikki Everett & Angel Vs Daniel Slaine

The bell sounds and it appears that Angel and Daniel Slaine will start things off. The two circle around the ring and tie up. Daniel Slaine nails Angel with a kick to the midsection. He then irish whips Angel to the ropes and when Angel comes back through Daniel nails her with a stiff clothline. Angel slowly gets to her feet and Daniel dares her to come back for more. Angel looks ready to fight but Nikki yells at her to make the tag. Angel looks a bit suprised but she agrees and tags Nikki into the match. Nikki walks right up to Daniel Slaine and slaps him in the face. Daniel holds his face and gives off a grin as Nikki starts to bad mouth him. Nikki Everett and Daniel Slaine lock up and the two fight into the corner. Both superstars fight around the ring as Nikki locks on a headlock now but Slaine pushes him off.

Micheal Cole: I’m a bit suprised Nikki is in this match so early. I thought Angel would be doing most of the work.

JBL: Nikki is the queen and she wants to prove to the world that she is just as good as anyone else.

Nikki Everett hits a couple of elbows to the back of Daniel Slaine’s head before sending him into the corner hard. Nikki heads up on the corner but Slaine catches her on his shoulders. Nikki starts to fight out of it and eventually turns it into a DDT and here’s a cover….

Pin: 1…………………………..2…………..

Nikki Everett hits Slaine with elbows to the heart and goes for another quick cover….

Pin: 1………………………………2………..

Two count once again. Nikki Everett waits for Slaine to stand, and when he does Nikki nails a huge clothline that sends Slaine over the rope to the floor. Nikki rolls outside and grabs Slaine by the hair. He slams him into the barricade a couple of times before tossing him back into the ring. Nikki plays to the crowd on the outside but the distraction allows for Slaine to a baseball slide that Nikki crashing into the barricade. The referee tells Daniel Slaine to bring things into the ring and thats exactly what he does. Daniel Slaine rolls outside the ring, grabs Nikki and slams her head into the steel ring post before rolling her back in. Daniel Slaine picks up Nikki and goes for a KTFO! but Nikki fights out and kicks Slaine in the head. Nikki Everett makes a tag to Angel and Angel climbs the top rope. Leaping off with a double axe handle and then goes for a cover…

Pin: 1…………………………………………2……….

Michael Cole: The numbers game might be too much for Daniel Slaine.

Angel slowly picks up Daniel Slaine but he begins to fight back. He nails her with a few punches and then a knee in the midsection. Slaine picks Angel up for the KTFO! But Angel breaks free and delivers a clothline from hell. Angel gets back up only to nail a couple of leg drops on the head of Daniel. Nikki cheers her on in the corner. Angel picks up Daniel Slaine and nails him with a tombstone piledriver. She gets back up and the fans boo loudly. Angel makes a throat slash motion and tells the fans that this one is over.

Jerry Lawler: Give Daniel credit for being a fighting champion. But his time as a singles tag team champion is over.

Daniel Slaine is down, Angel is circling him as Nikki is bouncing on the bottom rope. Sheena gets up on the ring apron and doing what Nikki told her to do. Sheena is about to go into the ring when …

HELL YEAH blasts and the fans go crazy.


JBL: WHAT? She cant be out here!

Ashley comes running down the ramp and gets to the ring. She yanks Sheena off the ring apron then spins her around. Ashley doesnt waste time and clothlines Sheena. Nikki is screaming pointing at Ashley who now is up on the ring apron in Daniels corner expanding her arm towards him.


Jerry Lawler: I guess Daniel had a partner all along. Not waiting for Sheena to come to her senses.

JBL: This is a travesty!!!

Ashley is now bouncing on the bottom rope, reaching far into the ring. Daniel smiles and gives one big leap and makes the tag. Ashley enters the ring and Angel’s eyes glow red as she charges at Ashley but she runs right into the fist of Ashley. Multiple punches in a row as Angel is backed into a corner. Ashley then follows up with a dropkick to Angel who falls down on the mat. Ashley then goes over to Nikki and delivers a punch to her as Nikki falls off the apron. Ashley Slaine is on fire right now. Picking up Angel and nailing her with the Blade Cutter! Cover now….



No! Nikki gets back in the ring and breaks it up at the last second. Nikki Everett grabs Ashley by the hair and picks her up. Nikki then slaps Ashley across the face and yells at her. This only angers Ashley as she grabs Nikki by the throat and tosses her onto the mat. Ashley climbs on top of Nikki and begins pounding away at her. Angel back up to her feet though and grabs Ashley. Picking her up and nailing her with a chokeslam. Daniel Slaine back to his feet now and he grabs Angel. Lifting her up and nailing her with the KTFO! Nikki back up now and she jumps on the back of Daniel. Trying to apply a sleeper hold on him.

Michael Cole: This match has erupted into chaos!

JBL: Ashley was not part of this match. Why hasn’t the referee called for the bell? This is outside interfence!

Jerry Lawler: Weren’t you always saying that Daniel needed a tag partner to be the tag team champion? Well now he’s got a partner!

Daniel Slaine flips NIkki over his head and tosses her onto the outside. Ashley Slaine is still the legal person as she waits for Angel to get up. Daniel Slaine nails her with a second KTFO! and then Ashley nails her with the Blade Cutter! and coves her now….




Michael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match and STILL Tag Team Champions. Daniel…. and Ashley Slaine!

The two celebrate inside the ring as Sheena checks on Angel who rolls out of the ring. Nikki Everett looks beyond furious as she lets out a glass shattering scream. Ashley raises up the tag team title and yells some words back at Angel, Nikki and Sheena.

Michael Cole: A Moment the Union will not forget. Ashley Slaine has returned and ruined what Nikki and Angel thought would be an easy night.

JBL: This is outragous!

Jerry Lawler: And now its all up to Michael Everett. Could you imagine if he doesn’t win tonight?

Michael Cole: We are set to find out in just a few minutes. Its our Anarchy Main Event and folks this one is going to be a lot of fun…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your Main Event of the evening. On his way to the ring first, the challenger… Max Farrell!

“Coming Alive” by Dale Oliver begins to play as Max Farrell walks out onto the stage. He gets a strong reaction from the crowd as the fans cheer loudly for one of the big underdogs of XWF. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring.

Michael Buffer: On his way to the ring. Hailing from New York, NY…He is the leader of The Union …Michael Everett!

You are beautiful on the inside
You are innocence personified
And I will drag you down and sell you out
Run away

“Judas” by Fozzy begins to play as Michael Everett walks out onto the stage. He is joined by his lovely wife Nikki Everett. The fans boo them both loudly as he walks down the ramp and over to one of the young fans in the crowd. Michael takes off his shades, snaps them in half and than hands them off to one of the fans. Michael walks up the steel steps and gets into the ring.

Michael Buffer: And their opponent, he is the reigning and defending XWF Heavyweight Champion of the World…. Kevin Kronic!

“WIthout Me” by Eminem blasts across the arena as Kevin Kronic heads onto the stage. The fans cheer loudly as Kevin raises the title up above his head before heading to the ring.

Michael Cole: I don’t think anyone thought we would see Kevin Kronic main eventing Anarchy in 2021, let alone being the World Champion. But the wrestling legend is proving many people wrong and hopes to do it once more tonight.

Max Farrell Vs Michael Everett Vs Kevin Kronic

Our Main Event is underway as the bell sounds to make this one official. All three superstars stare each other down. Kevin Kronic tries to clothesline Max Farrell, but Max ducks and attacks both opponents, tossing Kevin Kronic over the top and out to the floor. Max tries for a quick roll up, but hot shots Michael Everett into the canvas when that doesn’t work. Kevin Kronic stands on the outside, taking his time and not in any rush to return to the ring. Meanwhile, Everett recovers and tosses Max to the outside. Kronic goes after him but Max Farrell slams Kevin Kronic’s head into the apron before sending him back into the ring for a pump-handle slam from Everett. Goes for a cover now….

Pin: 1………………………2…………

Max Farrell comes in to break up a pin and tries for an SCF on Michael Everett, but Everett shrugs it off. Max stuns Kronic with a big shot, then walks into a huge kick from Everett. Another cover….

Pin: 1………………………………………2………….

Michael Cole: Another kickout and it goes without saying that these triple threat matches are extremly difficult. You can lose the match without being pinned.

JBL: Which is great news for Michael Everett, bad news for Kevin Kronic.

Michael Everett stomps on Max while he’s down. Max tries to mount a comeback, but Everett catches him with another stiff kick to the midsection. Everett cuts Kevin Kronic off from coming back into the ring, but the distraction leads to him getting hung up on the top rope when he misses a kick. Kevin Kronic heads into the ring and avoids a neckbreaker from Max Farrell, hitting a big boot instead. Kevin Kronic takes Max into the corner and kicks and punches away at her. Kronic now grabbing Max Everett the throat and nails him with a chokeslam. Here’s a cover…..



Michael Cole: No! Only a two count.

Jerry Lawler: We are seeing everything out here tonight and none of these superstars are holding back.

Michael Cole: They’d be foolish too. Anarchy matches like these are once in a lifetime and winning the World title at Anarchy is a moment unlike any other.

Kevin Kronic slams Max’s face into the canvas. Max tries to fight back, but Kevin Kronic hits him with a series of clubbing blows to the back. Max comes back with a series of rights and kicks, but Kevin Kronic comes up with a giant suplex that plants Max Farrell on the back of his head. Michael Everett comes in and attacks Kronic in the corner, viciously stomping away. Everett whips Kevin Kronic into the opposite corner, but runs into a big clothesline from Max. Max catches both superstars with clotheslines and kicks before tossing Kevin Kronic into Everett. Max hits Everett with the corner clothesline and catches Everett with a shoulder to the gut. Max hits a double axe handle to Michael Everett before going for a pin on Kronic…..

Pin: 1………………………………………2………….

Kickout once again. Max Farrell attempts a figure-four, but Everett avoids it and hits him with a fameasser. Everett tries to pin Max Farrell, but Kevin Kronic breaks it up before the count can begin. Max avoids a back suplex from Kevin Kronic and hits a huge torando DDT. Everett tosses Max from the ring and goes for the pin on Kronic…..

Pin: 1……………………………………….2……………

Michael Everett begins yelling at the referee, telling him to count faster. Michael Everett then shoves the referee. The referee doesn’t back down though and shoves Michael back. This only makes Michael angry as he punches the referee and knocks him out.

Michael Cole: You’ve got to be kidding me. This should be a disqualificcation.

JBL: By who?! The referee can’t call for the bell. He just got knocked out!

Michael Everett slides out of the ring and reaches underneath the ring. He pulls out a steel chair. Michael goes over to Max and slams the chair over his back. Michael than climbs back into the ring and slams the chair over the back of Kevin Kronic. The fans boo loudly as Michael slams the chair down on Kevin, over and over again. Michael Everett than begins to place the chair around the neck of Kevin. Trying to end his career. Michael goes to stomp down on the chair when suddenly Max Farrell gets into the ring and attacks Michael from behind. Max Farrell with left and right shots as Michael covers up in the corner. Max Farrell continues his punches in the corner when suddenly he’s grabbed from behind.

Jerry Lawler: And here we go with the number games….

We see that its Angel. She grabs Max by the throat and nails him with a chokeslam. The fans boo once again as Michael gives off an evil grin. Michael yells at Angel to finish Max off. She picks him up again and grabs him by the throat. She lifts Max in the air but suddenly Kevin Kronic gets back to his feet. He takes the chair off his throat and swings it at Angel. He hits her so hard that she stumbles out of the ring. Michael drops to his knees and begs his father to put the chair down. Kevin Kronic doesn’t listen though as he slams the chair over the head of Michael Everett.

Michael Cole: Yes! This is it Kevin, this is your moment!

Kevin looks at Michael Everett and then looks at the referee who is starting to wake up. He then looks at Max Farrell who is down on the mat and also starting to wake up. Kevin takes the chair and slides it out of the ring. He then looks outside the ring at Angel. Kevin Kronic begins to climb the top rope.

JBL: What is he doing?!

Michael Cole: I have no idea. Kevin could win this match right now…

Kevin Kronic leaps off the top rope and dives onto Angel on the outside. Taking both himself and her out of this match. Max Farrell gets to his feet and looks around the ring. He see’s hes the only one there with Michael Everett still out cold from the chair shot by Kronic. Max Farrell picks up Michael Everett and lifts him onto his shoulders.

JBL: No….No no no!

He nails Michael with the Criminal Justice! Max Farrell goes for the cover….




JBL: Noooooo

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and NEW XWF World Heavyweight Champion…. Max Farrell!

Michael Cole: We have a new champion and folks….I think Kevin just sacrificed himself. He took Angel out of this match to make sure Michael didn’t become champion.

JBL: That’s cheating! It’s supposed to be everyone for themselves.

Michael Cole: It was The Union that got involved in this match. It was Michael that brought a chair into the ring.

Jerry Lawler: And its Max Farrell walking out our new champion! What a moment!

We see Summer rush down to the ring. She wraps her arms around her husband and kisses Max as he raises the World title above their heads. The fans cheering loudly as Anarchy goes off the air.