“Gasoline” By Meek Mill blasts throughout the XWF Performance Center in New York City then “The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter with Taz walk out on to the stage.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to the first Inferno of 2021. I’m Michael Cole and what a way to kick off the new year.

JBL: Tonight history is going to be made. The first ever Tornando Tag Team Championship match in our main event.

Jerry Lawler: It’s going to be crazy JBL, I have no idea whats going to happen.

Michael Cole: A new year bring new faces, new challenges and even new champions. Speaking of which here comes the new Evolution Champion…

Demons by Icon For Hire plays overhead and the new Evolution champion comes our setting her hands on the belts centerplate beaming with a measure of pride before crossing her hands in front of her like bullet belts topped off with devil horns before turning and raising her arms to spread a goldenrod and red robe decorated with a raven sitting on a branch with a wolf howling at the moon, a cowgirl with a gleam in her eye, and a red haired viking woman. After giving the fans, and camera a moment to take in the robe she heads on down the ramp with the hint of purpose. Climbing the steps and over the top rope she crosses her arms across her chest like bullet belts one last time before dropping them to the belt.

Cassandra Marx Vs Mike Dimter

Cassandra hands the title off to the referee, Taz gets on the apron to taunt her getting her attention long enough for Dimter to go on the attack smashing her from behind before choking her on the ropes all the while he and Taz taunt the fans. Using the ropes to throw her toward the mat he begins to stomp away at Marx his onslaught giving the commentators a chance to chime in

JBL: Looks like Dimter is making his case for a title shot.

Michael Cole: Is that what you call it. Seems like he is just looking to bully the new champion.

Jerry Lawler: Or felt slighted that Cassandra didn’t mention him when she named contenders.

Michael Cole: She does have a point. The Evolution title could be viewed as a star making title.

Cutting back to the ring Cassandra caught one of the stomps and almost turns it into ankle lock but Dimter kicks her away while holding a hand to her ribs Marx takes a few breathes before ducking a charging clothesline and turns the returning Dimter into a lawn dart with hurricanrana immediately looking to follow it with a basement drop kick that Dimter dodges rolling to the outside to taunt her and the crowd a little more which only works long enough for her to come off the top rope with a crossbody that plants them both on the floor outside. Marx is the first to her feet but catches a rake of the eyes as she is about to go back after Dimter who then spears her into the apron before rolling her back into the ring. Blatantly choking her before rolling into the ring and slingshotting her throat first against the bottom rope. He goes for a pin.

Pin: 1…………………………..2……………

JBL: A focused game plan by Dimter going after the throat and back of Marx.

Michael Cole: Effective to be sure as the Evolution champion has hardly been able to put up up any defense.

Jerry Lawler: One has to wonder if this being her first major match with a male superstar may be weighing on her mind.

Michael Cole: Don’t see how as she was inspired and to a lesser extent mentored by Sheena Montgomery.

Back in the ring Dimter rams Cassandra headfirst against the corner post before giving her a couple knife edge chops as he is jaw jacking with the fans. As he goes to return to the attack Marx ducks under another attempted chop, and lays into him with a series of knees and a knee lift dazing Dimter long enough for her to lay him out in the center of the ring with a bulldog, and goes for a quick pin

Pin: 1………………………………2………………

Cassandra goes right back on the attack with a series of knees to the back before locking in a Rings Of Saturn, but Dimter forces the break as he makes it to the ropes. Cass takes a few steps back at the referees encouragement before trying to step in and resume her offense, only to get caught with a throat thrust that leaves her instantly crumbling to the mat grabbing at her throat coughing, and choking Dimter immediatly continues his attack choking her in front of the ref barely breaking before the five count. She rolls out to just outside the ropes where she springboards over the ropes dropping Dimter with a drop kick she picks him back up and whips him toward the nearest corner, but is reversed but catches the charging Dimter with a spinning back kick, as she is about to go back on the attack. Taz distracts her directly in front of the ref who confronts him. While Cassandra looks to lock in the Ravens Cry someone from the crowd hops the rail, and blast her in the face with some kinda powder that immediately has her hit the ring clutching and trying to get whatever it is out of her eyes her eyes. Dimter uses this to his advantage as he locks in the tazmission and Marx has no choice but to tap out.

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Submission….. Mike Dimter!

While Dimter celebrates the hooded figure stands with him then the masked figure unveils himself as “War Machine” Mike Blade

JBL: The War Machine Mike Blade is back, and what a return!

Michael Cole: What a return? He and Dimter stole a victory, is that really something to be proud of?

JBL: Stole? If the ref didn’t see it. It didn’t happen. Besides it wasn’t like she was gonna win anyway like you said she is a student of Sheena Montgomery.

Returning to the ring Dimter shoves the ref out of the way and grabs Marx by the hair and starts to yell at her only to have Cassandra spit in his face. Mike Dimter and Blade look to pounce again, and Cassandra even half blinded starts to try to fight against the odds just long enough to get to the outside of the ring and collect her belt holding it high and defiantly not seeing Taz behind her who chokes her out with the Tazmission before the three stand over her. Mike Dimter with a foot on the fallen while Blade is to the left, and Taz to his right.

Michael Cole: A sickening display and…. hold on a second.

Josh Blade, Joey Hunter and Brandon Draven run down the ramp and they slide into the ring as they stand in front of Cassandra Marx to make it 4 on 3. Then out of nowhere Josh Blade hits Cassandra Marx in the face with a chain that’s wrapped around his fist and Cassandra Marx falls to the mat.

Michael Cole: Hey! Hey! What the hell is going on?!

Mike Dimter and Mike Blade climb begin joining them as Cassandra is helpless in the ring until security runs down and pushes them all out of the ring and we go to a commercial break to try and restore some order…


We return from commercial break and Renee Young is now at ringside as she confronts this new group who attacked Cassandra Marx just minutes ago.

Renee Young: Mike Dimter can we get an explanation on your actions tonight?

Taz steps in front of Dimter and toward Renees mic.

Taz: That lil tomato was just outta her league. There was no way some developmental rat was gonna beat my guy’s ass who was she kidding getting into the ring with Mike Dimter?

Mike Blade: Dimter doesn’t have to explain anything. I mean seriously. This girl was in developmental for eight years? And that was best she can do against real talent? She must have really been rubbish. It was an honor to send her back to her real place in the pecking order.

Mike Dimter parts between both of them and answers for himself with a smug smile.

Mike Dimter: This is The Undeground. We are the people who always underneath everyone and it’s about time this shit changes. WE deserve the respect. WE have been with Stephanie and Kevin since forever and this is how they do us? By allowing newbies a title match or any type of big oppurtunity before us?? That all changes NOW.

The Underground leaves Renee before she can answer any more questions as we go up to the commentary booth.

Michael Cole: Folks I don’t know what is going on but it appears The Underground as they call themselves mean business.

Jerry Lawler: I’m just worried about Cassandra. Maybe I should go back there and check on her.

Michael Cole: You just say right here King! Folks I’m sure we will get some more answers later in the show but right now we need to continue the action.

JBL: Do we have to? Maybe I’ll be the one to head to the back…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring first…she is “The Huntress”….Alex Morgan!

Alex continues down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring. She gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as she stretches in her corner.

Michael Buffer: And her opponent, she hails from Brooklyn, NY….Sabrina Rossi!

“Left Behind” by Dale Oliver and Kenneth Nixon hits as Sabrina Rossi gets onto the stage. The fans boo loudly as she ignores them, making her way down the ramp. She gets into the ring and gets in Alex’s face but the referee orders her back as this match is ready to start.

Alex Morgan Vs Sabrina Rossi (Knockouts Title Match)

The two Divas lock up and Sabrina Rossi immediately gets in Alex Morgan face and slaps her straight across the face as well. Morgan tackles her to the ground and the two begin rolling around the ring. Sabrina gets on top and begins grabbing Morgan by the hair, slaming her head into the mat over and over again. It isn’t long, however, before the tide is turned and Morgan is in control of the offense in this match. Morgan establishes control over Sabrina with a couple of submission holds. Working the legs and slowing down the match. Sabrina frees herself but immediately gets belly-to-belly suplex. Alex with a cover…

Pin: 1………………………2……..

Michael Cole: Only a two count. And for those just tuning in. You might be wondering why Sheena Montgomery isn’t in this Knockouts title match. That is due to an attack by the Union a few weeks ago that forced her to give up her championship.

JBL: Really? You want to talk about Sheena? How about Nikki! Nikki was promised a Knockouts title match!

Jerry Lawler: Sounds like karma to me JBL.

The two battle back-and-forth a bit until Morgan ends up outside the ring. Sabrina gets on the top rope and flies out to the floor, nailing Morgan with a huge flying clothesline from the top-rope to the outside of the ring. Replays are shown of that as the action resumes inside the ring. Back in the ring, Sabrina goes for a quick cover.

Pin: 1…………………………………2………

Only a two count and Sabrina begins arguing with the referee. He tells her it was only a two count but she is certain it was three. She continues to argue when suddenly Morgan rolls her up out of nowhere….



No! Only a two count. Alex brings Sabrina towards the turnbuckle and nails her with a scoop slam. Alex Calway climbs the turnbuckle now and leaps off with a moonsault. Nobody is home though as Sabrina has rolled out of the way. Sabrina quickly grabs Morgan and goes for the Greetings From Brooklyn! A powerbomb type move but Alex Morgan begins punching away at her which forces Sabrina to fall backwards. Morgan lands on top of her and hooks a leg….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall and NEW Knockouts Champion….. Alex Morgan!

The bell sounds and Sabrina can’t believe it. The referee hands Alex Morgan the Knockouts championship as she celebrates in the ring.

Michael Cole: A big moment for Alex Morgan who picks up the Knockouts Championship in a moment that not many of us expected to start the year.

Jerry Lawler: And with both Nikki and Sheena out of action for the time being this could be Sabrina’s chance to take her career to the next level.

JBL: Give me a break!

Michael Cole: Well folks speaking of the Knockouts division I’m getting word that we might have an update on the Evolution Champion, Cassandra Marx….

We go backstage now as Renee Young finds Marx walking out of the trainers room running a hand along her throat before setting her hands on the title.

Renee Young: Cassandra can we get a word with you? A rough start to the new year tonight.

Marx nods before trying her best to almost smile.

Cassandra Marx: Thats one way to put it. Another way is that Michael Dimter, and Angel are making Vin Halsteds case better then he did. Once again a tenured veteran with almsot enough time in the XWF to be considered a legend went out of his wa,y and used every trick he could too put down one of the newer talents. Another long standard of the XWF roster looked to prove himself superior to the up and comers. Its kinda sad how desperate it looks when it took Dimter, his manager, and another of his friends to beat some surfer girl turned wrestler. Took threeof them to beat me.

Renee Young: A non title victory over a champion.

Cassandra cut her off while again setting a hand to the title around her waist.

Cassandra Marx: Yea wrestling one o one might suggest this makes a case for him getting a shot. But do we really reward bad behavior and those acting in bad faith? Do we really give title shots or opportunities to such cheap shot artist?

She unhooks the title from around her waist, and moves it to her shoulder running a hand over the centerplate.

Cassandra Marx: This is the Evolution title. Its meant to be a first step, its meant to be a star making title a title signalling to all the world, and all the roster who to look out for, who has the potential to be a star of the future. Michael Dimter doesn’t qualify, Mike Blade doesn’t qualify. Not when there are talents like Loralie and Malaboo, Jason Thunders, Lucifer, Buddy Green, and Walker on the roster. But I do want another shot at him, at them both. They wanna ruin the first Inferno of the new year. They think they are worthy of a title shot. Let them try to take it from me again. Let them come, let them try that shit with me again. I will leave them screaming, or better yet…since Taz thought he was so clever teaching a submission wrestler a new move. Maybe next Inferno he should watch me use it to put one, or both of his boys to sleep.

She then wipes at her eyes them still burning from the earlier attack as she storms off.


We return to ringside with Loralie Blackwell and Malaboo Dreamstone in the ring. We hear the music of The Union as Scott Grayse and Michael Everett are making their way to the ring next. Inside the ring is Michael Buffer as he introduces the final team for this match.

Michael Buffer: And their opponents, they are the Reigning and Defending XWF Tag Team Champions…. Daniel and Ashley Slaine!

Their music blasts across the arena as the couple, and tag champions, walk onto the stage. The fans are excited for a great contest and we see Daniel and Ashley waste no time getting into the ring as they hand their titles to the referee.

Loralie/Malaboo Vs The Union Vs Ashley and Daniel Slaine

The bell sounds and this match is underway. Michael Everett and Scott Grayse stand in the center of the ring. We see Daniel and Ashley Slaine on one side along with Loralie Blackwell and Malaboo Dreamstone on the other side. Suddenly both tag teams go after The Union. Loralie and Malaboo attacking Grayse and tossing him outside the ring. And it should be a shock to no one that Ashley and Daniel are going after Everett. They beat him down and toss him outside the ring as well.

Michael Cole: In case you missed it folks, this was originally supposed to be a 4-way tag team match. It has turned into a triple threat match with Thunder and Lucifer unable to compete tonight.

Jerry Lawler: And it looks like this could be a tag team match with The Union being taken out of the way.

JBL: Once again The Union being treated unfairly!

With The Union taking a break outside we see Loralie going after Daniel and Malaboo and Ashley going at it. It appears the new tag team have the advantage in the early going, working their opponents into the corner. Loralie and Malaboo look at each other and then irish whip their opponents into the middle of the ring. Ashley and Slaine collide and knock heads. We then see Loralie and Malaboo climb the top rope. They leap off with elbow drops. Hitting at the exact same time on their opponents and the fans cheer.

Loralie and Malaboo toss Daniel Slaine outside the ring and start working on the World Champion. They pick up Ashley and nail her with a double clothline and then follow it up with a double suplex. Both women working well together and we see Malaboo try for a cover…

Pin: 1…………………..2……..

Michael Cole: Only a two count and Ashley made it no secret that she’s still recovering from the cage match at Redemption. But don’t expect her to use it as an excuse. She’s going into this match with one goal in mind and thats to win.

On the outside we see The Union going to work now on Daniel Slaine. They toss him into the steel steps and continue their beatdown. Inside the ring we see Loralie choking out Ashley with her boot before Ashley falls to the mat. Back outside the ring Michael Everett has the TCO submission locked in and because this is a tornado match anything goes. Inside the ring Loralie irish whips Ashley into the turnbuckle. She charges at Ashley but Ashley Slaine moves out of the way. Malaboo comes charging at Ashley but Ashley ducks and Malaboo accidentlly hits Loralie. Ashley nails Malaboo and Loralie with a double DDT. Outside the ring again we see Daniel Slaine fighting out of the TCO and he kicks Everett off him. Michael accidentlly slams into Scott Grayse. Daniel Slaine back up and he clothlines both of them before Daniel gets back inside the ring. Daniel Slaine enters the ring and he nails a KTFO onto Malaboo. Ashley Slaine follows that up with a Blade Cutter on Loralie. The champions both go for a pin at the same time…



NO! Suddenly The Union is back inside the ring and they didn’t come empty handed. Both Scott Grayse and Michael Everett have steel chairs in hand and they slam them over and over again on Ashley and Daniel. They nail Loralie and Malaboo Dreamstone as well for good measure. The fans boo loudly as it appears The Union isn’t going to waste time doing things their way.

Michael Cole: Anything goes into this type of match but these fans arn’t happy. Tag team wrestling is an art and these chairs don’t belong in this kind of a match.

JBL: What are you talking about? The Union isn’t breaking the rules, they are simply bending them!

Michael Everett goes for a pin on Ashley now….



THR-WAIT! Suddenly Kyle Mehr comes rushing down the ramp and he slides into the ring. Scott Grayse swings the chair at Mehr but he ducks it. Kyle with left and right punches that cause Grayse to drop the chair. Kyle swings the chair at Grayse who dives out of the ring. Michael Everett gets up only to get a chair shot to the head. Grayse starts running towards the back and Kyle Mehr now exits from the ring and chases after him.

Jerry Lawler: It appears the feud between these two isn’t over yet!

Michael Cole: Yeah but now Michael is without his tag team partner and out cold.

Ashley and Daniel slowly start getting to their feet. At the same time Malaboo and Loralie do the same. The two tag teams begin going after each other, exchanging blows back and forth. Malaboo with a big clothline that sends Daniel over the top rope. We then see Malaboo climbing the turnbuckle and she leaps onto the outside as both superstars fall to the floor. Ashley inside the ring nails a DDT to Loralie and then stands to her feet. She looks at Michael and Loralie on the inside and then at Malaboo and Daniel on the outside. Ashley has to make a decision and eventually she does. She begins to climb the top rope and leaps onto the outside as she lands on both Daniel and Malaboo. Loralie Blackwell back to her feet and is she going to join the party? She starts to climb the turnbuckle when suddenly Michael Everett is back in action and he rolls up Loralie…



NO! Both superstars back to their feet. Everett goes for a punch but Loralie with a kick that turns into an Enziguri. Blackwell back on her feet and climbing again. But this time her attention is to inside the ring. She leaps off with the Nightmare twist! Cover….




MIchael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match and NEW Tag Team Champions…. Loralie Blackwell and Malaboo Dreamstone!

JBL: What?!

Michael Cole: How about that? A huge upset tonight as these two women quickly become the hottest tag team in professional wrestling.

Jerry Lawler: They’ve got my vote. That was not an easy victory.

We see Loralie and Malaboo handed the tag team titles as they celebrate in the ring. Michael can’t believe what just happened and Ashley and Daniel look on with a smirk. They didn’t want to lose the titles but they didn’t want The Union to win them either.

Michael Cole: Two championships change hands tonight.

JBL: This can’t be happening!

Michael Cole: If this is how 2021 is going to start I can’t wait to see how the year is going to play out. A huge congrats to our new tag team champions. Thank you for joining us…goodnight everyone!