Inferno opens up with a video package highlighting some of the biggest moments from Anarchy. It includes some of the biggest names such as Triple X, Vin Halsted and Enforcer. It shows Justice Cross winning the Evolution Championship, along with Ashley and Sheena winning the tag team titles. The video package shows Slaine retaining the US title and also proposing to Ashley at the end of the show. As the video concludes we see the words…


And we switch to the XWF Performance Center with about half the audience spread out across the seats. Josh Blade stands inside the ring when suddenly “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play.

The blue strobe lights fade as a cascading golden waterfall of fireworks flows from the top of the entrance to the rampway behind Vin Halsted. He saunters forward with a cocky strut and smirk on his face.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to XWF Inferno and as the video package said, the next chapter of XWF starts tonight. And you’re looking at a man who is looking to make this season of XWF HIS season.

JBL: Vin Halsted became the next contender for the World Title and I’d love nothing more than to see him take that title from Ashley Blade.

Jerry Lawler: Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves guys. If I’m Vin Halsted I’m focusing on my match tonight because it won’t be an easy won. Josh Blade would love to beat Halsted before his sister Ashley can.

Halsted jumps onto the middle of the apron in front of the ring, wipes his feet, and jumps over the ropes with ease. He climbs the nearest corner first to stand in front of the crowd to bask in his glory as he stretches his arms with his fists clenched as the refrain of “Hail to the King” plays over again. The music fades as he climbs down, then he turns and smirks at his opponent at the start of the match.

Vin Halsted Vs Josh Blade

The bell sounds and here we go for this opening match. The two lock up and Vin Halsted works Josh Blade into the corner. He nails a few knees to the midsection below delivering a stiff elbow to the head. Vin irish whips Josh to the opposite side of the ring. He goes for a clothline into the corner and connects as Blade falls down. Vin Halsted wasting no time tonight as he picks Josh up and nails him with a suplex before going for a cover…

Pin: 1……………….

Only a one count as Josh Blade kicks out right away. Vin Halsted grabs Josh and puts him into a headlock. Halsted applies pressure and begins choking the life out of Josh Blade. Josh is a figher though and isn’t going to give up easily. Josh Blade eventually work his way back to his feet and nails a few elbows to the midsection of Halsted that forces him to break the headlock. Josh then runs the ropes and comes back around. Unfortunatly Halstead grabs him and nails him with a scoop slam over his head. Halsted hovers of Josh now and begins nailing him with repeated punches as Josh tries to cover up. Eventually the referee gets involved and breaks things up. Halstead picks up Josh now and piledriver. Another cover now…

Pin: 1…………………..2…………..

Michael Cole: Kickout at two and guys Halstead refered to Josh as a sacrificial lamb. He is clearly sending a message tonight to Ashley.

JBL And that message is that she won’t be champion much longer!

Vin Halsted stands back up and slaps Josh in the face a couple of times. Adding injury to insult. He picks Josh back up and tries going for a german suplex. Josh hooks the leg though and prevents it. Josh Blade quickly rolls out of it and locks Halsted into a pin attempt out of nowhere…



NO! Halsted kicks out and looks a bit suprised. Josh Blade pounding on Vin with left and right punches. Josh Blade then delivers a dropkick that sends Halsted into the corner. Josh Blade follows after him, stepping on the middle rope and deliverying punches as the fans count along. Josh then grabs Halstead and nails him with a running bulldog. Suddenly the #1 Contender is in trouble as Josh Blade begins to climb the top rope. Josh leaps off with a frog splash but nobody is home as Halsted moves out of the way. Vin quicly grabs Josh and locks him into the CTFO! It’s applied perfectly and Josh has no choice but to tap out and this one is over…

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Submission…. Vin Halsted!

Jerry Lawler: How about that for a victory?

We see Vin Halstead get his hand raises in victory. He looks into the camera and motions the imaginary title belt around his waist.

Michael Cole: A big win tonight for Vin Halsted who has offically put Ashley on notice.

Jerry Lawler: Ashley Blade has the night off but I have a feeling that she is watching at home and she will be ready.

Michael Cole: For some in XWF its about making a statement. For others its about making a first impression. That’s exactly but Buddy Green has the chance to do tonight as he makes his XWF debut in just a few moments…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring first, he weighed in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds. He hails from Salb City, California. The Stoner Sensation…. Buddy Green!

“Because I got High” hits as Buddy Green comes from out of the curtain red eyed and coughing. He slaps hands and passes the blunt to other members of the crowd. Buddy slides into the ring and sits in the corner.

Michael Buffer: And the opponent, he hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and weighed in tonight at two hundred and thirty-seven pounds. Being accompanied to the ring by Destiny, “The Bad Ass”…Mike Dimter!

“Gasoline” by Meek Mill blasts throughout the arena “The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter with Taz walks out on to the stage. The crowd boo them as they walk down the ramp. Mike Dimter climbs into the ring and heads to his corner.

Buddy Green Vs Mike Dimter

The two chain wrestle for a bit as this match gets underway. Buddy Green takes Mike Dimter over with a nice arm dram and Dimter is quick to respond. Both men try for dropkicks and both miss. Green catches a slap to the face from Mike Dimter, who follows it up with a kick to the gut and a couple of big chops. Dimter hits a low dropkick to Buddy Green’s back, but then walks into an inverted atomic drop. Dimter comes up with a leg lariat, slam and then drops a knee on Green. Buddy is able to send Dimter to the outside, dumping him through the ropes. Green goes for a corkscrew press, and lands on his feet when he misses. Mike Dimter responds with a headscissors that sends Green over. Dimter heads to the top turnbuckle and tries for a tornado DDT, but Buddy Green dumps Dimter out onto the apron and kicks him out to the floor.

Michael Cole: Great back and forth action and you’ve got to be impressed by both of these men and how well they work inside the ring.

JBL: Buddy Green looks fast on his feet and showing great athleticism early in this match.

Buddy Green slowly walks, going back over to Mike and slamming Dimter face first into the ring steps before bringing things back into the ring. Green slams Dimter’s head repeatedly down against the mat before Buddy Green brings things into the corner and nails Mike Dimter with his boot. Green slams Dimter down to the mat and he goes for the cover….

Pin: 1…………………………….2……….

But he’s only able to get a nearfall. Buddy gets the attention to the crowd and begins to pump them up. Perhaps too much time is wasted though as Green eventually turns around and Dimter clothesline Buddy then follows up with a leaping knee that’s good for a near fall. Dimter blasts Green with a big right, but Green comes back with a jawbreaker. Buddy Green dumps Dimter out to the apron and tries to suplex him back into the ring, but Dimter pulls Buddy out to the apron. Green tries for the cartwheel kick, but Dimter comes up with one of his own.

Jerry Lawler: As much as Buddy Green would like to make a strong debut you have to believe that Mike Dimter isn’t going to be pushed around. He wants to make a statement just as badly.

Mike Dimter brings things back into the ring and he heads to the top, coming off with a double stomp to Green. Dimter blasts Buddy with a kick to the side of the head, but Buddy Green pops right up with a leg lariat before slamming Dimter down to the mat. Mike Dimter goes for a crossboyd but nobody home. Buddy nails an enziguri and climbs the top rope now. He leaps off with the The Dab Experience! a 5-Star Frogsplash and cover….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….. Buddy Green!

Jerry Lawler: He’s done it. Buddy Green has to be feeling high and mighty right now!

JBL: Is that supposed to be funny? There is nothing funny about this clown being under the influence inside the ring!

Michael Cole: Come on JBL, the fans seem to enjoy the performance and you have to admit that Buddy Green was impressive with his in-ring debut.

JBL: I’ll admit to no such thing….

Michael Cole: Of course you wont. But fans we have to take a commercial break but more great action when we return.


Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring first, she hails from St. Louis, Missouri….. Justice Orton-Cross!

Light a Fire begins to play over the pa system and then Justice walks out onto the ramp with her arms in the air. Her thumb, index finger, and pinky would also be point upwards on both hands as well. When the sentence “Let me light a fire in you tonight” plays she bends down a bit then straightens herself back out as pyro goes off. Justice continues to the ring with a smirk on her face before climbing onto the stairs. When she would get halfway onto the apron she turned her back to the ropes then did a backflip over them. With both feet on the ground, she would go over to each side of the ring smirking as the fans had mixed reactions towards her.

Michael Buffer: And the opponent, she hails from Astoria Oregon…. Cassandra Marx!

Demons by Icon For Hire blasts across the arena as Cassandra walks onto the stage. She gets a strong reaction from the crowd and heads down the ramp. Her focus is on her opponent and she looks ready to make a good first impression as she heads into the ring.

Justice Cross Vs Cassandra Marx

The bell sounds and we are ready to go for our next contest. Justice Cross looks for a tie-up but Cassandra Marx ducks and circles behind her. She lifts Justice up and plants her down on the mat. Some amature wrestling going on as Cassandra holds top position. She stands back to her feet and nails a hard kick across the head with Justice on her knees. She nails a couple more before going to the ropes and coming back around with a dropkick. Cassandra goes for a quick cover…

Pin: 1………………….

A quick one count and Cassandra applies a headlock on the ground. Justice starts fighting to her feet with the hold still applied. She lefts up Cassandra and sends her down with a back-body drop. Justice Cross grabs the legs and looks to apply some kind of sharpshooter but Cassandra kicks away at her and grabs the ropes. Forcing Justice to back up from her. Cassandra picks herself up on the ring apron and Justice charges at her. Cassandra nails her with a hard elbow that sends her flying backwards a couple of feet. Cassandra jumps up onto the top rope and springboards herself onto her. Justice Cross doesn’t go down though and instead powerbombs her. Justice with a cover now…

Pin: 1……………………………..2…….

Michael Cole: Kickout at two by Cassandra Marx and both women looking to take their next step in XWF and for Justice Cross she’s looking to rebound after a tough loss at Anarchy.

JBL: Justice won the Evo title quickly in XWF but how she responds in this situation will be even more important to her career.

Justice Cross pick up Cassandra and irish whips her into the ropes. She charges after her with a clothline and misses when Cassandra gets out of the way. Cassandra grabs Justice and then starts to climb the top rope. She grabs her head and floats her over with a tornando DDT. Both superstars quickly get to their feet and Cassandra nails another dropkick that sends Justice into the ropes. Justice rebounds off the ropes but gets met with a kick to the midsection and a fameasser to follow. Cassandra thinks about going for the cover but instead starts to climb the top rope. She takes her time though and it costs her. Justice gets to her feet and grabs her. Justice Cross puts her back on the mat and than hits her with a german suplex. She holds on and hits another. She goes for a third but Cassandra rolls herself into a craddle that has Justice in a pin….



Michael Cole: No! Only a two count and somehow Justice keeps this match going.

Both are slow to their feet and Justice lifts Cassandra up onto her shoulders. She tries to drop her into the turnbuckle but Cassandra Marx wiggles free and Justice goes head first into the top turnbuckle. Cassandra then grabs Justice and hits her with a snap suplex. Justice Cross quickly gets to her feet and Cassandra kicks her in the midsection. Cassandra tries for a DDT but Justice pushes her away into the ropes. Marx comes back and eats a big dropkick. Both women up at the same time and Justice with a scoop slam. She climbs the top rope now, perhaps looking for the Nightmare Twist! She leaps off but nobodies home as Cassandra moves out of the way. Marx up now and she applies the Raven’s Cry! An ankle lock in the middle of the ring and Justice has no choice but to tap out…

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Submission….Cassandra Marx!

Michael Cole: A big win by Cassandra tonight and….hold on a second.

Suddenly flames come out of the ring posts as Cassandra looks around. The arena goes dark with a single spotlight shining down on the entrance ramp. It’s there that we see Lucifer Morningstar make his way onto the stage. He slowly heads down the ramp and enters the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Cassandra needs to get out of there right now…

Lucifer approaches her as Cassandra looks worried about whats going to happen when suddenly “99 Bottles” by Slaine blasts across the arena. The lights turn back on and Daniel Slaine rushes down the entrance ramp. Cassandra quickly exits from the ring as Slaine and Lucifier now begin exchanging punches in the middle of the ring.

Lucifer Morningstar Vs Daniel Slaine

Daniel Slaine continues nailing punches and backs Lucifier Morningstar into the ropes. He delivers an irish whip to Lucifier and tries going for a clothline. Lucifer ducks it and delivers an arm drag, and another, into an arm bar to slow the pace. Slaine gets to a vertical base and elbows Lucifer in the head. Lucifer Morningstar front suplexes Slaine across the middle of the top ropes and then lands a field goal kick to the ribs of a fallen Slaine, and another. Lucifer with another arm bar. Daniel Slaine back to his feet and gets sent to the ropes and kicks Lucifer in the gut. Slaine back off the ropes and Lucifer lands a nice spinning heel kick. Slaine rolls outside and Lucifer Morningstar climbs the ropes and hits a flying cross body onto Slaine on the outside. Slaine gets inside the ring first and tries to bring Lucifer in with the delayed DDT , but instead Lucifer reverses into a sharpshooter but Slaine quickly wriggles free. Slaine applies a headlock to Lucifer Morningstar on the mat. Lucifer battles to a vertical base and lands elbows to break free. He goes to the ropes, and Slaine lands a dropkick, and a two count. Slaine applies a sleeper on the mat now.

Michael Cole: As we watch Lucifer in his first match here tonight in XWF what are your thoughts JBL?

JBL: Everything about this guy screams trouble, and its not just the name. He could be a real force to be reckoned with.

Jerry Lawler: I tried borrowing a dollar from this guy earlier tonight and he said only in exchange for my soul.

Lucifer Morningstar sent to the corner. Lucifer springs off and it looks like the two collide heads accidentally. Both men are down for a count. They are both up at eight and now exchange blows. Lucifer hits a flying forearm, and then some shoulder blocks as he bounces off the ropes. Finally, he lands a clothesline and a cover….

Pin: 1……………………………….2……………

Lucifer Morningstar on the second rope and lands a drop kick to the head. Lucifer off the ropes and Slaine hits a snap powerslam. Another cover now…

Pin: 1………………………………………2………

Daniel Slaine looking for an KTFO, but Lucifer counters into a backslide and gets a two count. Slaine sends Lucifer into the turnbuckle headfirst. Lucifer tries to apply a sharpshooter but Slaine reverses into an inside cradle. Two count. Lucifer hits a big insiguri kick to the back of the head, followed by a running bulldog. Lucifer Morningstar getting a little risky now. Begining to climb the top rope and thats not something we see from him often. He leaps off but Slaine gets the knees up as a reversal. The champ then connects on an inverted backbreaker. Slaine goes for an KTFO but Lucifer shoves him off. Lucifer hits a DDT and covers…



NO! Kickout at two. Lucifer Morningstar charges Daniel Slaine in the corner and hits him with a splash. He follows up with a scoop slam and has Slaine in the center of the ring.

Lucifer climbs the ropes and hits a flying forearm smash. Lucifer calling for the Freeze Flame again but Slaine catches him and tosses him into the corner. Lucifer bounces off and Daniel Slaine is waiting. He nails the KTFO and here’s the cover….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….. Daniel Slaine!

Michael Cole: Another strong win for the United States champion. He continues to take on everyone and anyone that wants to step up and face him.

JBL: A tough loss for Lucifer though, however don’t let one match determine his future in XWF. This is a guy that we will be seeing for a long time.

Daniel Slaine looks at Lucifer and watches him to get to his feet. Daniel extends his hand out offering a sign of respect for a hard fought match. Lucifer begins to give off an evil laugh as the lights go out. After a few seconds they come back on and Lucifer has vanished from the ring and thats how we’ll go to commercial break…


Michael Buffer: The following contest is a Triple Threat Match scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring first, he hails from Dallas Texas…. Triple X!

The lights go out in the arena as “Voodoo” by Godsmack hits the speakers. The crowd pops as deep purple lasers and smoke engulf Triple X as he steps through the curtain. He walks slowly out of the he smoke and goes to his knees with arms spread out looking to the sky. Fans behind the scenes blow the smoke around. It looks like spirits floating around the arena. Triple X jumps to his feet as deep purple pyros go off startling the crowd. Triple X then makes his way slowly toward the the ring with an empty stare as the crowd continues to pop. He makes it to the ring and takes a standing leap onto the ring apron. He steps over the top rope and makes his way to the middle of the ring. Triple X, once again, goes to his knees arms outstretched and looking to the skyas one more blast of deep purple pyros shoots from each ringposts.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent….

Before Michael Buffer can continue we see Brett Myles walk onto the stage. He slowly walks down the entrance ramp with a microphone in his hand.

Brett Myles: Shut your mouth Buffer. This is MY time to talk. Let me tell you something Triple X. You don’t belong in the same ring as me. You don’t belong in the same company as me. I’m a future star in this business. I’m going to be the World Champion some day. And you? Well…you’re nothing but a loser. You lost at Anarchy and tonight I’m going to kick your ass…

Michael Cole: Strong words from Brett Myles. Lets see if he can back up what he says…

Brett Myles enters the ring and Triple X doesn’t react. He just stands in his corner and looks more than ready for this match to get started.

Triple X Vs Brett Myles

The bell rings and Triple X wastes no time hitting Brett Myles with a bunch of punches and backing him into the corner. Eventually he’s pushed away and hit with a big right hand by Myles. Myles hits Triple X with a series of rights before hitting a big suplex and trapping Triple X in a rear chin lock. Triple X fights to his feet and hits Myles with a bit head butt, but is caught with a huge backbreaker from his opponent. Myles kicks and stomps Triple X in the back before hitting him with a giant right to the side of the head. Brett Myles whips Triple X into the corner hard and attacks him in the corner, burying his shoulder in Triple X’s midsection before hitting him with another big right. Myles hits Triple X with a big kick, but Triple X comes back and sweeps Myles’s legs out, taking him down to the mat. Triple X brings the fight to Myles with punches and kicks before grinding his elbow into Myles’s back, then hitting a dragon screw. Triple X hits Brett Myles with an elbow drop before wrenching his head and neck. Triple X lets Myles stand and clamps on a headlock, tries to transition into a neckbreaker, and is pushed off into a big slam from Myles.

Michael Cole: This all started because Brett Myles though he deserved a shot at the World title. So much so, that he got involved in the #1 Contendership match at Anarchy.

JBL: So what? It’s not like Triple X was going to win anyway.

Michael Cole: How do you know? I think he had a great shot at winning that match.

Brett Myles catches Triple X with a big kick to the chest before heading to the top. Triple X stops Myles and attacks for a bit before being pushed away. Triple X ducks a flying clothesline from Myles and hits a flying elbow of his own and goes for a cover…

Pin: 1……………………………2…………

Kickout at two and Triple X goes right back at it as he locks in a modified dragon sleeper before dropping it and clamping on a sleeper hold. Myles stands with Triple X on his back and crushes him in the corner, but then he runs into a back elbow from Triple X. Triple X jumps from the middle rope and is caught with a fist to the gut from Brett Myles. Myles wraps his hand around Triple X’s throat, but Triple X fights it off, only to eat a boot to the side of the head. Myles hits a low dropkick to a seated Triple X and goes for a pinfall attempt….

Pin: 1……………………………….2………

Once again we see a kickout. Myles argues it might of been three but the referee isn’t going to change his mind. Triple X fights back, trying for a sunset flip, but Myles pulls him to his feet. Triple X traps Brett Myles in the ropes for a huge dropkick and another cover….

Pin: 1………………………………………………2………

Michael Cole: A series of pinfalls, one after another as both men are trying to put this match away and get out of here with a victory.

Triple X teases going for Old School, but Myles yanks him down from the top rope, hits him with two big running splashes before connecting with an enziguri. Myles heads to the top rope and goes for the Myles High Club! but nobody is home. Triple X quickly gets to his feet and nails Myles with a superkick that makes him loopy but somehow Brett Myles is still standing. Not for long though as Triple X follows up with the Triple Driver! Cover now….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….Triple X!

Before the commentary team can begin to speak we hear the familar music of Stephanie Forcer. She walks onto the stage with a microphone in her hand.

Stephanie Forcer: Congratulations Triple X on a great win here tonight! It appears that the wrong has been righted in regards to your Anarchy match. However after speaking with Kevin Kronic, we both felt that we could go one step further. So here is what we’re going to do. Next week on Inferno Triple X you will be challenging Ashley Blade for the World Championship!

Michael Cole: Woah! How about that for an announcement.

Stephanie Forcer: And Vin Halsted I know you won your match at Anarchy and might feel this decision is unfair. So here’s what I’m going to do for you. At Redemption you will challenge either Ashley or Triple X for the World title. AND you will get to decide the match stipulation. The choice is yours and we are all excited to see what you decide…

JBL: Talk about a blockbuster announcement.

Michael Cole: Things are certainly picking up in the XWF and the World title scene just got more interesting thanks to Stephanie.


We return from commercial break and its time for the Main Event. Michael Buffer is standing inside the ring for introductions.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring first, hailing from Beverly Hills, California…. The Pampered Princess…. Malaboo Dreamstone.

Barbie girl by Aqua hits and MALABOO then DREAMSTONE is seen on the tron screen in hot pink lettering as Malaboo comes to the stage in a hot pink mini dress and white go go boots with Malaboo on them in glittery pink lettering she model stomps her way down the ramp waving as the fans go crazy over her and a few of the males in the audience shout of Marriage proposals to as this happens pink pyro and glitter shoot out of the ramp way with every step she takes. She jumps on the ring and dose a split going all the way down and going under the bottom rope to get in to the ring. Then comes back up and makes her way to her corner blowing kisses to the audience

Michael Buffer: And her opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Michael Everett. She is the Queen of the Union…. Nikki Everett!

The Union theme music blasts across the arena and boo’s can be heard loudly as Nikki and Michael Everett walk onto the stage. They walk down to the ring together where Michael goes ahead of her, opening up the ring ropes as she walks through. Michael drops down from the ring and the referee takes the title from Nikki.

Malaboo Dreamstone Vs Nikki Everett 

Nikki Everett and Malaboo Dreamstone circle the ring like two sharks in a tank at the start of the match. Eventually they lock up. Malaboo overpowers Nikki to the suprise of many and gets her in a headlock. Malaboo lands a couple of stiff shots to the face before Nikki shoves her into the ropes. Malaboo ducks a clothesline and connects with a big boot to Nikki’s face. Malaboo pulls Nikki to her feet and pummels her with hard punches. Eventually she shoots Nikki into the ropes and hits a big powerslam. Malaboo with a cover now…

Pin: 1…………………………..

Michael Cole: Malaboo is coming out of the gate strong. She wants this win bad.

Malaboo shoots Nikki into the ropes and puts her head down for a back body drop. Nikki counters with a kick to the head. Nikki plants Malaboo on the mat with a DDT and makes the cover of her own now…

Pin: 1………………………

Nikki Everett stomps Malaboo Dreamstone on the mat before picking her up for a suplex. Nikki pulls Malaboo to her feet right in front of Michael as he looks up and she rubs her face across the top rope, burning her face and eyes. Nikki hits some solid back hand chops in the corner as the crowd yells.

Jerry Lawler: The fans are really enjoying this match!

JBL: Nikki is showing why she is the former and soon to be Knockouts Champion.

Nikki Everett hits a knee to the midsection and plants Malaboo with a neckbreaker, Nikki makes the cover but Malaboo literally throws Nikki off of her. Malaboo Dreamstone is pissed as she stalks Nikki. Nikki tries to subdue Malaboo with punches, but Malaboo brushes them off. Malaboo grabs Nikki by the throat with one hand while pummeling Nikki with punch after punch to the face. Malaboo Dreamstone finishes the flurry with a headbutt that drops Nikki to the mat. Malaboo kicks Nikki in the midsection and drops an elbow to the sternum. Malaboo makes the cover and could this be it?

Pin: 1………………………………….2…………

Michael Cole: There’s nothing technical about Malaboo’s offense. She’s using brute force to overpower Nikki right now.

JBL: I have to admit I didn’t expect this from Malaboo but she’s suprising me here tonight.

Malaboo picks Nikki up for a suplex but Nikki manages to escape and drop behind her. When Malaboo turns around she eats a combination of rights and lefts, punctuated by an overhand right that drops Malaboo. Nikki scoops Malaboo Dreamstone up and slams her hard on the mat. Michael cheers here on as Nikki grabs Malaboo and puts her into the Black Widow! Malaboo is in serious pain and looks like she could be ready to tap out. She reaches out and grabs the rope at the last second though. However the referee doesn’t break the hold. Instead Michael Everett has jumped onto the apron and has the referee distracted. Nikki continues to lock in the hold before eventually the referee comes in and breaks things up. Nikki Everett reaches down and slaps Malaboo in the face. Telling her to get back up and put up a fight. Malaboo refuses to give up. She gets up to her feet but runs right into a kick to the head from Nikki. We see Nikki go for the cover now…

Pin: 1…………………………………..2……………

No! At the last second Nikki lifts up the shoulders of Malaboo and forces the pin to be broken up. It seems Nikki isn’t ready to end this match right now. Nikki picks Malaboo back up and sends her into the turnbuckle. Nikki delivers a few stiff knee’s to the midsection of Malaboo and then delivers a running bulldog. Nikki delivers a couple elbows to the legs of Malaboo before deciding to lock in the TCO Submission. Her husbands finisher and one just as deadly. Malaboo refuses to give up though as she crawls to the ropes. Nikki drags her right back in the middle of the ring and applies more pressure. It appears Malaboo is almost out cold at this point as the referee raises her hand once and it falls. He raises it a second time and Malaboo’s hand falls once again. He goes to raise it a third time but NIkki breaks the hold at the last second and there’s nothing the referee can do.

Michael Cole: What the hell has gotten into Nikki?

JBL: I love what I’m seeing from her. This is Nikk’s first match back and she is making a statement like I’ve never seen before.

Nikki Everett looks over at Michael and he gives her the signal to put this match away. Nikki picks up Malaboo once more and locks in the Black Widow for a second time. The referee wastes no time calling for the bell as Malaboo is out cold and he doesn’t want to put Malaboo in any more danger and Nikki releases the hold. Michael Everett climbs into the ring and raises her hand in victory.

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Submission…. Nikki Everett!

As Nikki is in the ring celebrating her victory with Michael we hear “Drinkin My Baby Goodbye” playing out overhead as Sheena Montgomery makes her way out onto the ramp and raises the Knockouts title into the air before producing a mic and addresses Nikki.

Sheena Montgomery: We all know why your here.

She cast a glance at the uplifted title. Before again addressing Nikki.

Sheena Montgomery: An as much as I’d love ta make you work a lil for it, we both know why you gotta be next.

She takes a few steps towards the ring.

Sheena Montgomery: I’m sure it would make more sense ta wait till Redemption. But I think you’ve been keeping me waiting long enough.

Nikki gets her own mic,and moves to the ropes nearest the ramp.

Nikki Everett: The Superfriends don’t run the show. We do this on my time not yours!

Sheena raises the title again once more.

Sheena Montgomery: You know where to find me…

Sheena then raises both the titles before heading to the back. Nikki looks angry and says a few words for Michael as Inferno comes to a close.