Our show opens up inside the XWF Performance Center for another edition of XWF Inferno. We have a large, but spaced out crowd here tonight and the fans are ready to see some great action. The camera pans around the arena before eventually heading to commentary where we are joined by the familar commentary crew.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to XWF Inferno and what a show we have for you tonight. In our main event, Lucifer Morningstar goes one on one with the Queen of Darkness herself Angel.

JBL: These two are so much alike that it actually makes them hate each other more.

Jerry Lawler: Lets not forget that Angel says that Lucifer isn’t all that he claims to be. If you remember Angel took a liking to Loralie Blackwell but this Lucifer guy, not so much.

Michael Cole: We also have the #1 Contender Vin Halsted who will be in a triple threat match later on tonight. But fans right now lets head down to ringside for our first match of the night. The United States Champion is in action and as we can see Triple X is already in the ring…

Michael Buffer stands in the center and is ready to introduce his opponent.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, he is the reigning and defending XWF United States Champion… Daniel Slaine!

“99 Bottles” by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Triple X Vs Daniel Slaine

The bell sounds and we are ready to go for our next contest. Triple X looks for a tie-up but Daniel Slaine ducks and circles behind him. He lifts Triple X up and plants him down on the mat. Some amature wrestling going on as Slaine holds top position. He stands back to his feet and nails a hard kick across the head with Triple X on his knees. He nails a couple more before going to the ropes and coming back around with a dropkick. Slaine goes for a quick cover…

Pin: 1………………….

A quick one count and Slaine applies a headlock on the ground. Triple X starts fighting to his feet with the hold still applied. He lefts up Slaine and sends him down with a back-body drop. Triple X grabs the legs and looks to apply some kind of sharpshooter but Slaine kicks away at him and grabs the ropes. Forcing Triple X to back up from him. Slaine picks himself up on the ring apron and Triple X charges at him. Slaine nails him with a hard elbow that sends him flying backwards a couple of feet. Slaine jumps up onto the top rope and springboards himself onto him. Triple X doesn’t go down though and instead powerbombs him. Triple X with a cover now…

Pin: 1……………………………..2…….

Michael Cole: Kickout at two by Daniel Slaine who looks as good as ever. You have to wonder how he feels about what went down last week with Sheena and Ashley.

Jerry Lawler: We are all keeping Sheena in our thoughts Michael.

Both are slow to their feet and Triple X lifts Slaine up onto his shoulders. He tries to drop him into the turnbuckle but Daniel Slaine wiggles free and Triple X goes head first into the top turnbuckle. Slaine then grabs Triple X and hits him with a snap suplex….

Michael Cole: Daniel Slaine could be ready to put this one away and…hold on a second.

Suddenly Daniel Slaine is attacked from behind by Scott Grayse. The referee call for the bell and Slaine is going to win this match by DQ. The fan boo loudly as Grayse continues to kick away at Slaine.

JBL: The Union continue to pick their spots and make an impact.

Michael Cole: We know that Grayse isn’t a fan of Slaine and after losing that Triple Threat match last week it appears Grayse has been sent to finish the job.

Scott Grayse exits the ring and goes underneath the ring. He grabs a steel chair and slides back into the ring. The fans boo louder as Daniel Slaine tries to fight back. Punching at Grayse with weak punches. Grayse counters by nailing the chair over the back of Slaine who falls to the mat. Scott Grayse begins stalking Slaine now, yelling at him to get up.

Jerry Lawler: We need to get some help out here.

Scott Grayse looking to the final blow, trying to end Slaine’s career when suddenly the fans cheer loudly.

Michael Cole: Mehr! Mehr!

Kyle Mehr rushes down the ramp and slides into the ring. Grayse swings the chair at him but Mehr ducks it. He nails a few punches and nails Grayse with a clothline that sends him flying over the top rope.

Michael Cole: Kyle Mehr has returned! Grayse tried to end his career too but it appears Mehr is back. And how about this. Of all people, helping out Daniel Slaine.

Scott Grayse looks furious that Mehr has returned as he heads up the entrance ramp. Meanwhile Mehr helps Slaine up to his feet as the two look at one another. Daniel Slaine extends his hand and Mehr shakes it as the two appear to be on the same side for now as we go into a commercial break…


Michael Cole: Welcome back everyone and as you just saw moments ago, Kyle Mehr has returned here tonight.

JBL: He should be fired. What gives him the right to return like that?

Jerry Lawler: After what Grayse did to him? Putting him out of action for weeks?

Michael Cole: Things are heating up in XWF, no doubt about it. But speaking of heating up. Vin Halsted has been bringing the heat lately and he finds himself in Triple Threat action up next…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is for one fall. On his way to the ring first, he hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and weighed in tonight at two hundred and thirty-seven pounds. Being accompanied to the ring by Destiny, “The Bad Ass”…Mike Dimter!

“Gasoline” by Meek Mill blasts throughout the arena “The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter with Taz walks out on to the stage. The crowd boo them as they walk down the ramp. Mike Dimter climbs into the ring and heads to his corner.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds. …Max Farrell!

“Coming Alive” by Dale Oliver begins to play as Max Farrell walks out onto the stage. He gets a strong reaction from the crowd as the fans cheer loudly for one of the big underdogs of XWF. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring.

Michael Buffer: And on his way to the ring last. He hails from Chicago, Illinois… Vin Halsted!

A blue strobe light flickers over the white smoke as Halsted rises up from the floor to the rampway while standing with his head down and hand-in-hand in front of his body when the first chord of “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play. He, then, rages forward with his arms spread and a massive yell from his abdomen “Hail to the King” as the line “Hail to the King” crescendos over the arena sound system. The blue strobe light fades as a cascading golden waterfall of fireworks flows from the top of the entrance to the rampway behind him, he saunters forward with a cocky strut and smirk on his face. He jumps onto the middle of the apron in front of the ring, wipes his feet, and jumps over the ropes with ease. He climbs the nearest corner first to stand in front of the crowd to bask in his glory as he stretches his arms with his fists clenched as the refrain of “Hail to the King” plays over again. The music fades as he climbs down, then he turns and smirks at his opponent at the start of the match.

Mike Dimter Vs Max Farrell Vs Vin Halsted

The bell sounds and here we go as the three men circle around the ring. We see Mike Dimter get in the middle of them and proclaim that he should be the next #1 Contender. He shoves Max Farrell and then shoves Vin Halsted as well. Max responds with a huge punch to Dimter who bounces into Halsted. Vin nails Dimter with a punch as well and its now become a game of ping pong with Dimter in the middle. Max and Halsted go back and forth punching Dimter until eventually he falls down on the mat. Max Farrell picks up Dimter and nails him with a suplex. Halsted, not to be outdone, picks up Dimter and nails him with a military press slam. Farrel grabs Dimter now and tosses him out of the ring. Max slowly turns around and now its just him and Vin Halsted. Max Farrell charges right into Vin. Halsted backs Max into the corner and buries his shoulder in Max’s stomach. Max responds with a couple of forearms, but Halsted is right back at it with the shoulders. Halsted stomps away at Max Farrell repeatedly before picking him up in the corner and choking him. Max hits a couple of rights kicks at Halsted. Vin catches Max’s leg, kicks him, then tosses him across the ring. Halsted slams Max into the corner and stomps away at him before choking him with his boot. Halsted drags Max to the center of the ring and goes for a cover…

Pin: 1………………………………2………..

Only a two count. Halsted picks up Max but Max Farrell begins to fight back. He irish whips Halsted across the ring and as he comes back around Max locks in a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. He applies the pressure and Halsted drops to a knee. Max continues to apply pressure but Halsted back up to his feet. He runs backwards into the turnbuckle and slams Max into it that forces Max to release the hold. Halsted comes charges at him but Max moves out of the way. Halsted slams hard into the turnbuckle pad and bounces off. Max grabs him and nails him with Criminal Justice! Cover now..



No! Mike Dimter back in the ring and he breaks up the count. Mike Dimter now covers Halsted…



Michael Cole: Could we see an upset right here!?

NO! Vin Halsted kicks out at two.

Mike Dimter picks up Vin Halsted and tries going for the move again. This time Halsted pushes him away into the ropes. He goes for a clothline but Dimter ducks it and delivers a superkick. Dimter tries climbing the turnbuckle now but Halsted is right there. He climbs up onto the ropes and is trying for a superplex. Dimter holds onto the ropes though, trying to fight it off. Max Farrell back into the ring now and he goes underneath Halsted. This results in Max Farrell delivering a top rope powerbomb to Halsted while Vin delivers a superplex to Dimter at the same time. Max takes advantage now with a cover on Vin.

Pin: 1…………………………..2……..

Kickout at two. Max then goes over to Dimter and goes for a cover…

Pin: 1………………………2……………

Michael Cole: No! Another kick out and this match feels like its just getting started.

JBL: There are no friends in a Triple Threat match. Even if I worked with someone in a match like this, I was thinking in my head how I was going to stab them in the back.

Max Farrell back up now and slams Halsted’s face into the canvas. Halsted tries to fight back, but Max hits him with a series of clubbing blows to the back. Halsted comes back with a series of rights and kicks, but Max comes up with a giant side suplex that plants Vin on the back of his head. Mike DImter comes in and attacks Halsted now in the corner, viciously stomping away. Dimter whips Farrell into the opposite corner, but runs into a big clothesline from Halsted. Vin Halsted catches both men with clotheslines and kicks before tossing Max into Mike. Halsted hits Dimter with a corner clothesline and catches Dimter with a shoulder to the gut. Vin Halsted hits a double axe handle to Mike Dimter before going for a pin…..

Pin: 1………………………………………2………….

Kickout once again. Vin Halsted back up now and attempts a figure-four, but Dimter avoids it by kicking away. Mike back up and delivers a kick to the midsection before hitting Halsted with a fameasser. Dimter tries to pin Halsted, but Max Farrell is back and breaks it up before the count can begin. Max Farrell picks up Halsted now and tries for a suplex. Halsted avoids it and instead delivers a spinebuster. Dimter in the ring now and he pushes Halsted out of the way and out of the ring. Mike Dimter grabs Max and tries for the Liberty Bell! Max counters though and lifts him up in the air. Hitting Criminal Justice! and cover…



No! Dimter kicks out and Max can’t believe it. Max Farrell picks up Dimter and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Max starts to climb. Looking to go for Criminal Justice! from the top rope. Vin Halsted back in the ring now and he tosses Max out of the ring. Halstead grabs Mike and delivers the Halsted Hangover! out of nowhere. Cover now…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….. Vin Halsted!

Jerry Lawler: He’s done it again. Another win in the books for the #1 Contender.

Michael Cole: Those are the kinds of wins that give you great confidence heading into a showdown with Ashley Slaine. This place is going to erupt when those two get into the ring.

JBL: I’m smelling at upset if you ask me Michael.

Michael Cole: But up next folks, the always popular Buddy Green is in action. Lets see if he can put another win on his career resume.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring first, he weighed in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds. He hails from Salb City, California. The Stoner Sensation…. Buddy Green!

“Because I got High” hits as Buddy Green comes from out of the curtain red eyed and coughing. He slaps hands and passes the blunt to other members of the crowd. Buddy slides into the ring and sits in the corner.

Michael Buffer: And the opponent, he hails from Los Angeles,California and weighed in a two hundred and forty pounds. The Disciple….. Joey Hunter!

“Dam That River” By Alice In Chains blasts across the arena as Joey Hunter walks onto the stage. He gets a strong reaction from the crowd and looks ready for a fight. He climbs up onto the apron and jumps over the ropes as he enters the ring and heads to his corner.

Buddy Green Vs Joey Hunter

The two chain wrestle for a bit as this match gets underway. Buddy Green takes Joey Hunter over with a nice arm dram and Hunter is quick to respond. Both men try for dropkicks and both miss. Green catches a slap to the face from Joey Hunter, who follows it up with a kick to the gut and a couple of big chops. Hunter hits a low dropkick to Buddy Green’s back, but then walks into an inverted atomic drop. Hunter comes up with a leg lariat, slam and then drops a knee on Green. Buddy is able to send Hunter to the outside, dumping him through the ropes. Green goes for a corkscrew press, and lands on his feet when he misses. Joey Hunter responds with a headscissors that sends Green over. Hunter heads to the top turnbuckle and tries for a tornado DDT, but Buddy Green dumps Hunter out onto the apron and kicks him out to the floor.

Michael Cole: Buddy with a chance to recover and take control of this match.

JBL: Yeah but already exiting from the ring and going after Joey Hunter. Not giving him a chance to breath.

Buddy Green slowly walks, going back over to Joey and slamming Hunter face first into the ring steps before bringing things back into the ring. Green slams Hunter’s head repeatedly down against the mat before Buddy Green brings things into the corner and nails Joey Hunter with his boot. Green slams Hunter down to the mat and he goes for the cover….

Pin: 1…………………………….2……….

But he’s only able to get a nearfall. Buddy gets the attention to the crowd and begins to pump them up. Perhaps too much time is wasted though as Green eventually turns around and Hunter clothesline Buddy then follows up with a leaping knee that’s good for a near fall. Hunter blasts Green with a big right, but Green comes back with a jawbreaker. Buddy Green dumps Hunter out to the apron and tries to suplex him back into the ring, but Hunter pulls Buddy out to the apron. Green tries for the cartwheel kick, but Hunter comes up with one of his own.

Jerry Lawler: I felt that kick from here, that had to hurt!

Joey Hunter brings things back into the ring and he heads to the top, coming off with a double stomp to Green. Hunter blasts Buddy with a kick to the side of the head, but Buddy Green pops right up with a leg lariat before slamming Hunter down to the mat. Joey Hunter goes for a crossboyd but nobody home. Buddy nails an enziguri and climbs the top rope now. He leaps off with the The Dab Experience! a 5-Star Frogsplash and cover….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….. Buddy Green!

Jerry Lawler: That was a strong victory if you ask me.

JBL: Not that he’s going to remember any of it. He’s too high to know whats even going on.

Michael Cole: Buddy Green likes to have fun but he’s a professional inside that ring JBL.

JBL: Give me a break!

Michael Cole: Fans we are going to switch gears for just a second. I want to take you now to an interview that happened earlier tonight. We saw down with Sheena Montgomery to discuss the events that took place on the last Inferno…

As the feed comes up we see Sheena looking still a lil out of it and if she had been crying recently, bandaged up her left leg entirely in a cast and elevated slightly. But she is smiling as best she can.

Sheena “ Howdy yall!”

Micahel Cole: Good to see you Sheena, and the obvious first question is what is your current condition.

Monty chuckles a little and grimices having done so still putting on her best smile.

Sheena “Depends on who ya ask. More then a few of the sawbones here think I’m done fur. a few others think I needed ta git looked over sooner. I’m still purdy banged up, and swimmin in a few chemicals, but alive and well enough ta talk so it s a start.”

Before Cole could could follow up JBL rose to ask his own question.

JBL: How does karma feel? After all if it weren’t for you Ashley, Slaine and The Union would all be together one big happy wrestling dynasty. Do you regret breaking up wrestlings biggest family, and making the XWF a worst place then before you returned.

Sheena “That all ya got john boy? I brought this on myself? … Seems The Union is as scared an deserate as ever… Maybe your precious queen weren’t sure she could beat me if the chance came, or felt threatened to be replaced by the likes a Malaboo, Loralie, Marx and the rest of the new crop a gals. “

Michael Cole: Is there any estimate for your return, as you know Redemption is coming up soon, and im sure ..”’

Sheena “Again depends on who ya ask but the fact is i’m purdy sure to miss Redemption, maybe even lucky ta be up an walking on my own for then. Some folks say six to eight weeks some say three to six months. “

Michael Cole: Given that, and the rule when it comes to title defenses….

Monty again had to fight the hint of tears as the camera panned back to catch a glimpse of the Knockout and tag titles nearbye

Sheena “I’m bound to either piss these docs off enough to want to sign off on me and git me outta here or be some kinna medical marvel and recover quickly ,and seeing how long I have spent pissing people off, and doing what I shouldn’t a been able to you ain’t got nothing to worry about there.”

JBL: Then you haven’t thought about it. Your in no condition to defend those titles Nikki made sure of that, You should just hand them over now, and if you even think of stepping back here she’ll do it again. You’d be better off having Ashley or Cassandra defend them for you…. They are better then you anyway.

Monty took a deep breath before doing her best to sit up and failed letting out the hint of a a sound that seemed to be a mix of a scream and a cry before addressing the camera again.

Sheena “She’d like that wouldn’t she, and clearly so would you . But I ain’t there, and if that question comes up I’ll deal with it my own way. But I wouldn’t ask anyone ta do my job for me. Now I reckon you got about one more a those john boy so git it all outatta your system while I can’t do anything about it. “

JBL: How does it feel to know that Malaboo was your last opponent, and the last memory anyone will ever have of you is you on your back carried out of the XWF?

Sheena “John Mitchell couldn’t kill me, Preacher didn’t bury me deep enough, and Nikki didn’t do nothin but buy herself some time … I’ll be back. You can count on it

Sheen stares at the camera with intensity in her eyes as we go to a commercial break…


Michael Buffer: The following contest is your Main Event of the evening. On her way to the ring first. The Queen of Darkness…. Angel!

“Cry Little Sister” blasts across the arena. The lights in the arena begin to fade and smoke fills the bottom floor. Slowly Angel walks out onto the stage to much cheer but also a sence of quiet as the fans take in the moment. Angel takes her time walking down the ramp and enters the ring.

Michael Buffer: And her opponent, he weighed in tonight at one hundred and seventy-five pounds. From the depths of Hell… Lucifer Morning Star!

“Being evil has a price” by Heaven Lucifer Heathens begins to play as the arena goes dark. The only light is from flames that shoot up from the entrance ramp and the ring turnbuckles. Lucifer slowly makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. The flames begin to settle down and the lights come back on.

Angel Vs Lucifer Morningstar

The bell sounds to make this one official. Lucifer Morningstar charges right into Angel but Angel backs Lucifer right into the corner. She buries her shoulder in Lucifer’s stomach. Lucifer responds with a couple of forearms, but Angel is right back at it with the shoulders. Angel stomps away at Lucifer Morningstar repeatedly before picking him up in the corner and choking him. Lucifer hits a couple of rights kicks at Angel. Angel catches Lucifer’s leg, kicks him, then tosses him across the ring. Angel slams Lucifer into the corner and stomps away at him before choking him with her boot.

Michael Cole: Two of the more “darker” superstars in this company and it seems this could be a battle to determine who is the real deal.

Lucifer Morningstar comes back with a high kick, then a couple of huge, stiff knees to the face that send Angel out of the ring. Lucifer hits the ropes and goes for the suicide dive, wiping Angel out on the floor. Lucifer Morningstar goes for the ring steps, grabbing the top two, but Angel runs into the steps and knocks Lucifer back. Angel picks Lucifer up and hits him with a knee to the gut before shouldering him. Lucifer drops back and pushes Angel into the ring post. Lucifer scrambles to the top rope and hits a double axe handle smash to the floor. Lucifer Morningstar wipes Angel out on the floor.

Jerry Lawler: Not often we see Angel in this kind of situation.

JBL: Angel is one of the best the wrestling world has ever seen and with the Union she’s back to her old self. Dont doubt her King.

Lucifer Morningstar goes outside but Angel attacks from behind. Angel stomps at Lucifer’s head and ribs. Angel hits a giant hip toss into the Spanish announcer’s table. Angel slings Lucifer Morningstar onto the other announcer’s table, then slams part of it down on Lucifer’s back, and jumps on it. Angel hits a sick belly to belly suplex on the floor, sending Lucifer flying. Angel sends Lucifer Morningstar back into the ring and follows. Lucifer goes right for the legs of Angel, kicking away, but Angel comes up with a huge clothesline. Angel takes Lucifer into the corner and goes back into the shoulders into Lucifer’s midsection. Angel clamps on a bear hug, but Lucifer Morningstar won’t give up. Lucifer hits Angel with elbows to the face, forcing her to break the hold, but Lucifer runs right into a huge knee to the gut. Angel buries her knee in Lucifer Morningstar’s side, then leans into it. Angel picks Lucifer up and clamps him in another bear hug. More elbows to the face break the hold again, and this time Lucifer hits a huge kick to Angel’s chest. Lucifer Morningstar heads to the top rope and leaps off, but he’s caught, and Angel hits a giant fall away slam. Angel hoists Lucifer up in the air and drops him with a big backbreaker before slamming him to the mat. Angel goes for a pin….

Pin: 1…………………………………..2………….

But Lucifer Morningstar kicks out at the last second. Angel traps Lucifer in a rear chin lock, but Lucifer Morningstar fights up to his feet and pushes her off. Lucifer with a kick to the midsection. He sets her up for Kiss of the Devil! but Angel counters and nails Lucifer with a chokeslam. Angel looking to maybe put this one way. Perhaps setting up for the Apocalypse! Lucifer rolls out of the ring at the last second though and it looks like he’s had enough as he starts to walk up the ramp. Angel drops down from the turnbuckle and chases after him as they get to the top of the stage. Angel grabs Lucifer by the throat and tosses him into the titantron. Angel looks around and see’s a table set up on the floor, high above the stage area they are standing on. Angel grabs Lucifer and brings him over to it. She lifts him up for a powerbomb but Lucifer begins nailing her with punches. Lucifer delivers a DDT on the stage and both are down.

Michael Cole: The referee letting these two fight and not calling for a countout. Perhaps he simply doesn’t want to get on their bad side.

Jerry Lawler: Could you blame him?

Lucifer Morningstar picks up Angel and brings her back to ringside and into the ring. He goes for the Kiss of the Devil! once again and nails it. It took all of his energy to hit the move though as both are down again. Lucifer slowly crawling towards Angel and puts his hand on her body….



NO! Kickout at two and Lucifer took too long to cover otherwise he might of gotten the win. Both superstars slowly getting back to their feet. Lucifer with a clubbing blow to Angel and then an irish whip into the ropes. He wraps his arms around her as she comes back and goes for a belly-to-belly but Angel counters it, nailing one of her own. Lucifer back up quick and he runs right into a clothline by Angel. Lucifer crawls to the turnbuckle now and picks himself up. Angel lifts him up onto the turnbuckle and then nails him with another choke slam from the middle rope. Angel climbs the tope rope now and leaps off with the Apocalypse! Cover….




MIchael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….. Angel!

JBL: And there you have it, the true Queen of Darkness and a Union victory.

Michael Cole: As the Road to Redemption comes near, Angel leaves a lasting impression. We have one more Inferno to go, we hope you’ll join us next week as the card starts to be revealed. Thank you for joining us everyone. Goodnight!