You are beautiful on the inside.
You are innocence personified.
And I will drag you down and sell you out.
Run away.

XWF Inferno opens up to a half-filed arena here tonight and the music of Michael Everett is blasting across the arena. The camera pans down to the entrance way as Michael Everett slowly walks onto the stage.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to XWF Inferno. We have plenty of great matches for you tonight and it appears thats how we are kicking off the show.

JBL: And what better way to kick things off than with the leader of The Union!

Michael Cole: It’s been a rollercoaster ride for Michael Everett. On one hand Nikki returns to join his fight, but on the other hand Ashley continues to be a thorn in his side.

Jerry Lawler: And you know that’s got to be eating at him. Anarchy must still be on his mind.

Michael Cole: It’s not often we see Michael Everett in singles action on Inferno so tonight should be an interesting night…

“Being evil has a price” by Heaven Lucifer Heathens begins to play as the arena goes dark. The only light is from flames that shoot up from the entrance ramp and the ring turnbuckles.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring, he weighed in tonight at one hundred and seventy-five pounds. From the depths of Hell… Lucifer Morning Star!

Lucifer slowly makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. The flames begin to settle down and the lights come back on. We see Michael Everett pacing back and forth in the ring as he watches his opponent.

Michael Everett Vs Lucifer Morningstar

The bell sounds and this match is offically underway. Lucifer Morningstar takes Michael Everett down to the mat and applies a headlock in the early goings. The two struggle for position and Michael eventually is able to break himself free. Everett avoids Lucifer as much as possible, staying close to the ropes. Everett works Lucifer down to the mat, working on his arm and floating into a hammerlock. Michael Everett transitions into a head lock, and hits Lucifer with a big shoulder block when he’s thrown off. Michael begins yelling at Lucifer, reminding him that he’s the first ever world champion. However Lucifer Morningstar nails a few shots to the midsection and nails a dropkick as well. Lucifer hits a snap mare and drops a series of big elbows before going for a cover….

Pin: 1……………………..

Only a one count and Lucifer now clotheslines Everett over the top rope, tumbling to the outside himself. Lucifer grabs Michael by the head and slams it onto the apron before bringing things back inside the ring. Lucifer starts pounding on Everett in the corner but Michael turns things around and slams Lucifer face first into the turnbuckle. Lucifer and Everett continue to trade chops and rights until Everett hits a big Alabama type slam to Lucifer Morningstar to stop his momentum. Everett shoves Lucifer’s face into the canvas and traps him in another rear chin lock. Lucifer fights to his feet and Michael Everett brings things right back down to the mat. Lucifer sits up, but refuses to quit, even when Everett turns it into a straight jacket style chin lock. Lucifer fights to his feet and out of the hold, rolling Everett up for a cover…

Pin: 1……………………………………2…………….

Michael Cole: A couple of covers early in the match for Lucifer and you have to wonder if he has the upperhand in this match. It’s been a while since Michael has been in singles competition as we noted earlier.

JBL: Are you questioning the talent of Michael? He is the first ever World Champion. He is a multi-time World Champion. Being in that ring is like riding a bike, you don’t forget it!

Lucifer Morningstar hits a suplex and hits Everett with an elbow. Lucifer goes to the top but suddely we see Nikki climb up onto the apron. The referee quickly goes over to her and orders her down but the distraction allows for Everett to stop Lucifer and hit him with a superplex.

Jerry Lawler: And perhaps now we see why Michael wanted Nikki back at ringside. This is an obvious advantage for him tonight.

Lucifer Morningstar and Michael begin to get back to their feet at the same time. Lucifer throws a stiff right and Michael returns with one of his own. Back to their feet, Michael nails a couple more stiff hands and irish whips Lucifer into the turnbuckle. He charges at him and nails him with a big clothline. Lucifer looks a bit wobbly and Michael Everett dives at his knees and takes him off his feet. Everett nails a couple of kicks to the legs before grabbing them and locking in the TCO Sharpshooter. He applies the pressure, looking to get Lucifer to submit. However, Lucifer is too close to the ropes and is able to get a hand on them in just a matter of minutes as Michael is forced to break the hold. MIchael Everett grabs Lucifer Morningstar and tosses him outside the ring. Michael follows after him, grabbing him and tossing him into the announcers table. Michael picks him right back up and tosses him into the steel steps now. Michael rolls back into the ring and talks to the referee for a couple seconds. As he does we see Nikki outside and she kicks Lucifer in the midsection. Michael rolls back outside the ring and rolls Lucifer back in. Everett grabs his legs and wraps them around the turnbuckle. Everett has Lucifer in an outside sharpshooter, similar to what you might see Bret Hart do back in the day. The referee yells for Everett to break the hold and he finally does. Michael then goes for a quick cover…

Pin: 1…………………………………………….2……..

Kickout at two. Michael Everett slowly grabs Lucifer but Lucifer nails a jawbreaker and then hits him with an enizguri out of nowhere. Michael is still on his feet but he’s looking a little dizzy. Lucifer gets back up to his feet and nails Michael with the Kiss of the Devil! He goes for a cover….

Pin: 1……………………………………..2………………


Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…. Lucifer Morningstar!

JBL: What?! What just happened…

Michael Cole: A shocking end to this match and I don’t think anyone here can believe it.

Lucifer quickly rolls out of the ring and celebrates his victory. Meanwhile Nikki climbs into the ring and checks on Michael. He looks visible frustrated over what happened and can’t believe he lost either.

Jerry Lawler: That’s why you play the game. Any given Sunday, right JBL?

JBL: Would you shut up!

Michael Cole: JBL might not be too happy about this result but you have to think that perhaps Ashley Slaine is. And speaking of Ashley, in just a few minutes we will be seeing the champ herself when we return from commercial….


We return from commercial as “Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory blasts across the arena. We see the champion, Ashley Slaine make her way onto the stage as the fans cheer loudly. Ashley holds the World Title high above her head as she walks down the ramp and gets into the ring. We also see Michael Buffer standing inside the ring as he does the in-ring introductions.

Michael Buffer: Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Inside the ring a this time. The Reigning and Defending XWF World Heavyweight Champion… Ashley Slaine!

The fans cheer loudly as Buffer continues…

Michael Buffer: As for her opponent, I have been told that Triple X was unable to compete here tonight. Therefor I am here to announce that your Winner of the Match is the before mentioned… Ashley Slaine!

Ashley looks upset as she is just finding out about this. She was ready to compete tonight and wanted to defend her title. She grabs the microphone and goes to speak when suddenly…

JBL: Hang on a second folks…

“Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play as Vin Halsted walks onto the stage. He has a microphone in his hand as he begins to speak.

Vin Halsted: Sorry to interupt you Ashley but I can’t say I’m suprised. It appears that Triple X just isn’t qualified to be a champion…unlike me. See unlike your opponent tonight, I plan on showing up and I plan on being ready.

Vin Halsted walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

Vin Halsted: And at Redemption I’m going to beat you. And I’m going to take your World Title.

Ashley Slaine: I’m sure you’ll try. But just like everyone else…you’ll fail. I’ve heard you running your mouth Vin and I know you want a shot. So how about you and me. Right here….right now!

Jerry Lawler: I’d love to see that match!

Vin Halsted: Typical Ashley. Getting the fans on her side when you and I both know that I have a match tonight. So I’m afraid we’re going to have to wait until Redemption. Now if you’ll please get out of my ring…

Ashley Slaine: Sure. I’ll leave. With MY belt…

Ashley Slaine gets right in the face of Vin Halsted and the two exchange words. Ashley wants to fight and it appears the feud between the two of them is starting to grow. Ashley lifts her title above their heads before giving off a smirk. She exits from the ring and heads towards the back as Vin Halsted watches her closely.

Michael Cole: Look out!

With Vin’s attention on Ashley, we see Brandon Draven enter the ring and attack him from behind. Brandon Draven picks up Halsted and nails him with a DDT. The referee enters the ring and calls for the bell as Draven goes for a cover….

Brandon Draven Vs Vin Halsted



THR-No! A kickout at two as Brandon Draven almost creates another upset here tonight. We see Draven work his way back to his feet and nails a few elbows to the midsection of Halsted that forces him to break the headlock. Brandon then runs the ropes and comes back around. Unfortunatly Halstead grabs him and nails him with a scoop slam over his head. Halsted hovers over Draven now and begins nailing him with repeated punches as Draven tries to cover up. Eventually the referee gets involved and breaks things up. Halstead picks up Draven and hits a piledriver. Another cover now…

Pin: 1…………………..2…………..

Michael Cole: Kickout at two and I’m not sure if that sneak attack by Draven helped him or just made Halsted angry.

JBL: I wouldn’t be suprised if Ashley was behind it.

Vin Halsted stands back up and delivers a few closed fist punches to Draven. He then tries going for a german suplex. Brandon Draven hooks the leg though and prevents it. Draven quickly rolls out of it and locks Halsted into a pin attempt out of nowhere…



NO! Halsted kicks out and looks a bit suprised. Brandon Draven pounding on Vin with left and right punches. Draven then delivers a dropkick that sends Halsted into the corner. Daven follows after him, stepping on the middle rope and deliverying punches as the fans count along. Draven then grabs Halstead and goes for a running bulldog. Suddenly Vin quickly grabs Draven and locks him into the CTFO! It’s applied perfectly and Draven has no choice but to tap out and this one is over…

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Submission…. Vin Halsted!

Jerry Lawler: Another strong victory and submission win. That makes it two weeks in a row.

Michael Cole: If the message wasn’t sent with the verbal exchange before the match, its certainly being sent inside the ring. Vin Halsted is ready for Ashley and this could be her toughest challenge yet.

JBL: I’m more than ready to see the demise of Ashley Slaine.

Michael Cole: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch JBL. I have a feeling that Ashley will be more than ready and you have to believe that Daniel Slaine will be helping train her too.

Jerry Lawler: And tonight Daniel Slaine has his own match to focus on.

Michael Cole: That’s right and it wont be an easy one. Daniel Slaine will compete in a Triple Threat match in just a few minutes.

Jerry Lawler: And considering who his opponents are you have to wonder if this could become a handicapped match for the United States Champion…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is a Triple Threat match scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring first. He hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and weighed in tonight at two hundred and thirty-seven pounds. Being accompanied to the ring by Destiny, “The Bad Ass”…Mike Dimter!

“Gasoline” by Meek Mill blasts throughout the arena “The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter with Taz walks out on to the stage. The crowd boo them as they walk down the ramp. Mike Dimter climbs into the ring and heads to his corner.

Michael Buffer: On his way to the ring next, he weighed in tonight at two hundred and fifty-five pounds. He hails from the lovely state of Cincinnati Ohio. He is the Messiah of Mayhem…. Scott Grayse!

Reborn by Stone Sour blasts across the arena as Scott Grayse walks onto the stage. He heads down the entrance ramp and climbs into the ring.

Michael Buffer: Their opponent, and making his way to the ring last. He is the reigning and defending XWF United States Champion… Daniel Slaine!

“99 Bottles” by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Scott Grayse Vs Daniel Slaine Vs Mike Dimter (Triple Threat)

Our next match is underway as the bell sounds to make this one official. All three superstars stare each other down. Daniel Slaine tries to clothesline Scott Grayse, but Grayse ducks and attacks both opponents, tossing Daniel Slaine over the top and out to the floor. Grayse tries for a quick roll up, but hot shots Mike Dimter into the canvas when that doesn’t work. Daniel Slaine stands on the outside, taking his time and not in any rush to return to the ring. Meanwhile, Dimter recovers and tosses Grayse to the outside. Slaine goes after him but Scott Grayse slams Daniel Slaine’s head into the apron before sending him back into the ring for a pump-handle slam from Dimter. Goes for a cover now….

Pin: 1………………………2…………

Scott Grayse comes in to break up a pin and tries for a SCF on Mike Dimter, but Dimter shrugs it off. Grayse stuns Slaine with a big shot, then walks into a huge kick from Dimter. Another cover….

Pin: 1………………………………………2………….

Michael Cole: Another kickout and it goes without saying that these triple threat matches are extremly difficult. You can lose the match without being pinned.

JBL: You have to know everything thats going on at all times.

Mike Dimter stomps on Grayse while he’s down. Grayse tries to mount a comeback, but Dimter catches him with another stiff kick to the midsection. Dimter cuts Daniel Slaine off from coming back into the ring, but the distraction leads to him getting hung up on the top rope when he misses a kick. Daniel Slaine heads into the ring and avoids a neckbreaker from Scott Grayse, hitting a big boot instead. Daniel Slaine takes Grayse into the corner and kicks and punches away at him. Slaine now grabbing him by the throat and nails him with a chokeslam. Here’s a cover…..



Michael Cole: No! Only a two count.

Jerry Lawler: We are seeing everything out here tonight and none of these superstars are holding back.

Daniel Slaine slams Grayse’s face into the canvas. Grayse tries to fight back, but Daniel Slaine hits him with a series of clubbing blows to the back. Grayse comes back with a series of rights and kicks, but Daniel Slaine comes up with a giant suplex that plants Scott Grayse on the back of his head. Mike Dimter comes in and attacks Slaine in the corner, viciously stomping away. Dimter whips Daniel Slaine into the opposite corner, but runs into a big clothesline from Grayse. Grayse catches both superstars with clotheslines and kicks before tossing Daniel Slaine into Dimter. Grayse hits Dimter with the corner clothesline and catches Dimter with a shoulder to the gut. Grayse hits a double axe handle to Mike Dimter before going for a pin on Slaine…..

Pin: 1………………………………………2………….

Kickout once again. Scott Grayse attempts a figure-four, but Dimter avoids it and hits him with a fameasser. Dimter tries to pin Scott Grayse, but Daniel Slaine breaks it up before the count can begin. Grayse avoids a back suplex from Daniel Slaine and hits a huge torando DDT. Dimter tosses Grayse from the ring and goes for the pin on Slaine…..

Pin: 1……………………………………….2……………

NO! Grayse drags Dimter out of the ring and stops the count. Grayse traps Daniel Slaine’s leg in the corner and hits a running dropkick before trying to the figure four. Daniel Slaine kicks him off into Dimter’s arms. Grayse reverses Mike Dimter and tosses Daniel Slaine out of the ring. Grayse nails Dimter with a huge DDT and this could be the match….



NO! Daniel Slaine is back in the ring and breaks things up at the last second. Daniel Slaine grabs Scott Grayse and nails him with a superkick that sends him out of the ring. Mike Dimter gets back to his feet and goes for the Liberty Bell! Slaine counters though and nails him with the TKFO! Slaine with the cover….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall… Daniel Slaine!

Michael Cole: And just like that Daniel Slaine picks up another win. This time in a hard fought Triple Threat match.

JBL: Seems like Daniel picked up a win off the hard work of Scott Grayse. Clearly he was the best wrestler in tonights match.

Jerry Lawler: Your bias is the most consistent thing about you JBL.

Michael Cole: Fans we are going to take one last commercial break but when we return the Womens Champion competes in our Main Event…


Coming back from commercial we cut immediatly to the commentary table where The Unions Nikki Everett is all smiles as she sits beside JBL for the next match.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring first, hailing from Beverly Hills, California…. The Pampered Princess…. Malaboo Dreamstone.

Barbie girl by Aqua hits and MALABOO then DREAMSTONE is seen on the tron screen in hot pink lettering as Malaboo comes to the stage in a hot pink mini dress and white go go boots with Malaboo on them in glittery pink lettering she model stomps her way down the ramp waving as the fans go crazy over her and a few of the males in the audience shout of Marriage proposals to as this happens pink pyro and glitter shoot out of the ramp way with every step she takes. She jumps on the ring and dose a split going all the way down and going under the bottom rope to get in to the ring. Then comes back up and makes her way to her corner blowing kisses to the audience

Michael Cole: I had a chance to talk to XWF Womens Champion Sheena Montgomery earlier in the week, and She said after the liberties you took with Malaboo in her debut she felt Dreamstone deserved another chance to show us what shes got.

Both Nikki and JBL turned to Cole offended.

Nikki Everett: Liberties? What liberties? I beat her didn’t I?”

Michael Cole: You don’t think you went a little overboard with someone just making they’re debut here?

JBL: Don’t mind him queen. You showed him, and the rest of the women why you are still the longest reigning knockouts champion, and why you will be again.

Nikki Everett: If anything I was still too easy on her. That’s the difference between me and that little hillbilly. I dominate, while she is more concerned with putting on a show. But as champion if you can’t or won’t dominate you don’t deserve to hold the title.

Michael Buffer: And the opponent, she hails from Joliet, Montana….The Montana Madpony….Sheena Montgomery!

“Drinking My Baby Goodbye” by the Charlie Daniels band begins playing over the PA system. Sheena then walks out, strutting, whirling, and twirling just totally into it as she makes her way down to the ring, stopping nearest the guardrail by the steps. She lets a fan, often a child, give her a quick good luck peck on the cheek, which she returns before shooting up the stairs and hopping over the ropes. She climbs the turnbuckle and once on top of it, she turns her hands into six shooters firing off towards the crowd before blowing them out and hopping down.

Seeing Nikki at the commentary table Sheena just smirks while Nikki, … Well if looks could kill the match would be over already. Sheena after raising the Knockouts title in front of Malaboo moves toward the ropes nearest the commentary table and raises the title again before handing it over to the ref.

Malaboo Dreamstone Vs Sheena Montgomery

As the bell rings Moonty extends a hand shake to Malaboo, who begrudgingly does. The two circle each other for a moment before locking up. After a series of hammerlocks, waistlocks, and reversals on reversals Malaboo gains a swift advantage and arm drags Sheena across the ring. Monty rings her arm and shoulder a lil before casting a smile up at Malaboo and applauding the youngster. Before offering to engage in a test of strength. Sheena wins the test of strength and stomps down on Malaboo before taking a few steps back letting Dreamstone get to her feet where again they enter into a series of holds that this time ends with Sheena just shoving Malaboo into a corner where she follows up with a few stiff knees before irish whipping her across the ring and running in to have Dreamstone springboard off and catch the following Montgomery in a arm drag but Monty catches herself mid falll and turns it into a wicked clothesline that sends Dreamstone rolling to the outside. Sheena gives a look around before threatening to go for a dive but instead stops at the ropes sits on the middle rope and waves Malaboo back in.

Nikki Everett: This is disgusting. If she were half the champion , half the wrestler she wants us to believe she is she’d have won this match already.

Michael Cole: Being the champion maybe she prefers to.

JBL: Look weak, and make it seem like anyone can get a match out of her, or take a title from her? .. We all know that already..

Michael Cole: After the matches and year she has had its hard to believe your still so quick to dismiss her.

Inside the ring Dreamstone turns a suplex attempt into a small package

Pin: 1……………………………2………

Sheena kicks out and instantly gets caught in a drop toe hold as soon as she gets up and Dreamstone quickly turns that into a camel clutch trying to wring a submission out of the Knockouts champion. After several moments of struggling Dreamstone breaks the hold but proceeds to start stomping away on Sheena who works to roll herself out of the ring. Catching a few breathes she almost gets into another stare down with Nikki Everett but notices Malaboo this time opening the ropes for her and waving her in… Sheena almost smiles as she accepts the offer. Dreamstone smacks her on the ass as she gets in Sheena rubbing at her back side for a moment before joining in a laugh before hitting Malaboo with a knife edge chop that Dreamstone returns setting off a back and forth that has Sheena a back Malaboo into the ropes, whipping her off they both go for a crossbody on the rebound and crash in a heap in the middle of the ring.

Nikki Everett: Now watch a real champion show you how its done.

Taking off her headset and grabbing the Knoockouts title off the commentary table she moves to the side of the ring where Malabooo has crawled to and begins using the ropes to get to her feet seeing Nikki only a second before Everett blast her in the face with the title, immediately getting the match called not that Everett seems to care as she rolls in and proceeds to stomp Dreamstone down before dragging her up by her hair and tossing her outside. Turning her attention to Sheena, pulling a pair of brass knuckles out of a pocket she blast the slowly rising Sheena in the face dropping her and busting her open. Nikki then mounts Sheena and begins raining down a few more punches on the open wound spilling more of Sheenas blood before getting up. Taking a leather belt from around her waist and threatening the ref who is trying to back Nikki off with it before laying it into Sheena getting a shriek of pain out of Monty that only spurs Nikki on to lash her,and make her scream out a few more times Ashley Blade charges her way down to the ring only to be ganged up from behind by Angel and Michael Everrett who restrain Ashley and force her to watch as Nikki continues to lash her friend. Before using the belt to tie Sheenas left leg to the bottom rope. Going to the outside she reaches under the ring and pulls out a branding iron. Getting back into the ring she shoves the ref who was checking on the now in tears almost passed out Sheena and tries to unhook the belt. Grabbing the ref Nikki tosses him out the same driection she tossed Malaboo before taking the branding iron and repeatedly slamming it into Sheena’s left leg, and knee several times illiciting screams from Sheena. Finishing off by smashing the handle of the iron into Sheena’s head before dropping a knee onto Sheena’s one last time almost leading to an alomost audible crack. Finished with her work she unhooks the belt and drags the bloodied Sheena nearer to Ashley, wipes some of Sheena’s blood across her lips before getting another handfull and spreading it over Ashley’s cheek. Grabbing up the knucks, the belt and branding iron she slips out of the ring and whispers something to Ashley whose attention and own tear filled eyes are still focused on the broken form of Sheena in the ring. Nikki then hands the weapons to Angel with a smirk before almost skipping up the ramp. Everett trades an amused look with Angel before they follow after leaivng Ashley to slide into the ring and tend to her friend as paramedics make they’re way out to the ring.

Michael Cole: I cant believe what we just saw …. for clarity the match was ruled a dq, a win for Malaboo Dreamstone… But that attack by Nikki.

JBL: The queen has returned and brought down the pretender to her throne. How does that surprise you or anyone. Adding her to Kyle Mehr The Union is clearly taking its country back.

King and Cole turn to JBL more then a little shocked and pointing at the ring where Ashley tries to contain herself and help the medics load Sheena onto the stretcher.

Michael Cole: You cant seriously say that was necessary. Sheena’s leg could be broken. We could just have seen a career ended tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Doesn’t exactly help Nikki get her title back, or a win over Sheena for it.

JBL: Sheena started this. She got what she deserved stealing the title the way she did, crossing and trying to break up The Union. They just proved how powerful they and they’re bond, and hold on the company is. Sure Sheena may be done. But nothing of real value will be lost.

Michael Cole: Well fans the paramedics work to take Sheena out of the ring. We will keep you updated on her condition and hope to have an update for you on Thank you for joining us tonight…

Ashley starts to follow after the paramedics and the stretcher as Inferno comes to a close…