We open up to a sold out crowd inside the XWF Performance Center. The camera pans around the arena before going to our familar commentary crew of Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Michael Cole talks about the World Champion, Max Farrell being in action tonight and mentions that while the title isn’t on the line, many of the talent have lined up, ready to face Max, and get a shot at the title. JBL quickly reminds us that Michael Everett also is owed a shot at the World Title. King says that while Michael always wants to be the focus, its Nikki that should have the attention tonight. Cole follows up by saying that while Nikki wanted a Womens Title match its actually Sheena that will compete against the champion later in the show.

And just as they say that Nikki Everett walks onto the stage and the fans boo loudly. She heads down the ramp where Sabrina Rossi is already waiting inside the ring. Our first match of the night is ready to begin.

Sabrina Rossi Vs NIkki Everett

The bell sounds and these two are quickly to go after each other. Nikki with early offense in the match and showing why she’s the former champion. She nails Sabrina with a series of suplexes but Sabrina is able to counter the last one and nails a suplex of her own. Sabrina hovers in front of Nikki and flexes in front of her. Nikki gets right up and slaps the taste out of Sabrina’s mouth and then tackles her to the ground as the two battle for position.

Nikki attemps the TCO submission and has it locked in place but Sabrina is eventually able to get to the ropes. More offense by Nikki who has been dominate in the match. She starts to get confident, maybe even cocky as her last pinfall is simply putting her foot on the chest of Sabrina that gets a two cont. Nikki slowly picks Sabrina up but Sabrina with a rollup out of nowhere that gets a two count and shocks the former champion. Sabrina starting to make a comeback as she hits a few clothlines and another schoolboy pin. Nikki eventually stops the momentum though with a superkick to the head. Nikki applies the Black Widow submission and Sabrina has no choice but to tap out.

Nikki Everett def. Sabrina Rossi via Submission.

After the match we see Michael Everett and Sheena Montgomery backstage. Michael tells Sheena that Nikki did her job and he damn well expects her to do the same. Michael says that he has some business to take care of and for Sheena to be a “good girl” and wait in their locker room. Sheena rolls her eyes and has a seat on the couch as we go back to ringside.

Michael Cole tells us that up next we have tag team action. For the first time in XWF we see Jason and Juliet Thunder compete together.

Juliet & Jason Thunder Vs Alex Morgan & Josh Blade

Josh Blade knocked Jason Thunder off the apron with a forearm shot and then dove to ringside and hit Alex Morgan with a shot heading into a break.


Jason Thunder removed one of his gloves and walked over to the corner and backhanded Alex Morgan. Juliet Thunder entered the ring and slapped Alex too. The Thunders dropkicked Alex off the apron. Josh performed an enzuigiri and a Pele Kick on Jason, then followed up with a brainbuster. Josh went for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Alex Morgan tagged herself in as he was leaping over the ropes. Juliet pulled Josh to ringside. Alex dropped off the apron and clotheslined Juliet. Jason Thunder dove onto Alex, who caught him and slammed him on the apron. Jason rolled inside the ring while Alex Morgan continued to go after Juliet on the floor. Josh Blade tried to get Alex Morgan to return to the ring, but she was counted out.

Juliet and Jason Thunder def. Alex Morgan & Josh Blade via DQ

Jerry Lawler encourages the cat fight at ringside while security quickly rushes in to break Juliet Thunder and Alex Morgan apart. Michael Cole mentions the rumors backstage that these two don’t like each other in the womens locker room and that things have boiled over. JBL says to let them kill each other. But Michael Cole says that a match between the two of them will have to wait for another day.

We go backstage now where Max Farrell is standing next to Renee Young. Renee asks Max if he’s ready to face Mike Dimter tonight? Max gives off a laugh and says he was born ready. He says he fears no match or any opponent. Max says that when he became World Champion he knew he’d have a target on his back and have to sleep with one eye open. Max Farrell claimed that tonight was about making a statement. That he belongs in the Main Event and deserves to hold the World Title. Renee wishes Max good luck as we go back to commentary.

Michael Cole begins to speak when suddenly he’s cut off. We go right back to the backstage area where we see paramedics attending to Malaboo Dreamstone. She’s screaming in pain as she lays on the ground. They are checking on her leg and trying to get her to calm down as we go back to the commentary desk.

Jerry Lawler asks what just happened and Michael Cole says he has no idea either. He questions if the match tonight is even going to happen. JBL says that when you have a match you need to wrestle, no excuses. Cole questions if The Union was involved but JBL tells Michael Cole to shut up and not to start rumors.

Suddenly “Judas” blasts across the arena as Michael and Nikki Everett, along with Sheena Montgomery walk onto the stage. The three of them get into the ring as Michael grabs a microphone. He says that due to what happened to Malaboo backstage. This match would have to be canceled. He then handed the microphone to Nikki who gave off a grin.

Nikki reminded everyone that she is the queen and she is the only one allowed to face Malaboo. Nikki says that Sheena needed to remember her place and the peaking order of The Union. Nikki said that when Sheea was given the match that she should of bowed out and given the match to Nikki. Instead of Nikki having to take matters into her own hands.

Nikki gives off a shocked look, spoiling who attacked Malaboo backstage and then saying “Oops”. Nikki then looked at Sheena and slapped her in the face. Sheena held her hand to her face but Nikki slapped Sheena a second time and then a third time. Almost knocking her off her feet. Sheena’s had enough though as she grabbed Nikki by the throat and pushed her into the corner.

“Do it!” Nikki said. Nikki warned Sheena that if she went any further her life would be ruined. Along with the life of everyone in that town. Everyone she ever knew. Sheena loosened her grip and whispered that she was sorry. Nikki smiled and slapped Sheena in the face for a fourth time. Nikki said she couldn’t hear Sheena and put the microphone in her face. “I’m sorry Miss Nikki”. Sheena said. Nikki said that wasn’t good enough. Nikki told Sheena to get on her knees, bow to the queen, and tell her she’s sorry”. The fans boo loudly as Sheena looks visibly upset. She starts to get on her knees when suddenly “Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory blasts and Ashley Slaine comes running out. The Union quickly escape the ring as Ashley has seen enough. She dares Nikki to get in the ring but Nikki wants no part of Ashley as The Union goes up the entrance ramp and we go to a commercial break.


We are back from commercial and its time for our Main Event of the evening. First to the ring is Mike Dimter. Out next walks the champion Max Farrell who makes his way to the ring not from the entrance ramp but instead walking through where the fans are sitting. Max gets into the ring and hands the belt to the referee. As soon as he does he goes right after Mike Dimter and this match is underway.

Mike Dimter Vs Max Farrell

The match began with Max Farrell getting the better of Mike Dimter complete with a super-kick, a whip into the corner and a pose. Max worked over Dimter in a corner, but when Dimter went for a splash, Max moved. Max landed a snap-suplex.

Max Farrell lifted Dimter and landed a neck-breaker. Max threw Dimter to the outside. Mike Dimter climbed to the apron and tried to get back on track, but Max kicked Dimter to keep control. Max went for the Panama Sunrise, but Dimter countered into a pin and landed a two-count. Dimter then hit a crossbody from the top-rope.

Mike Dimter got in a furry of offense that climaxed with an elbow off the top rope and a two-count. Dimter went for a German Suplex, but Max countered. That didn’t matter, however, because Dimter came back and landed the German Suplex for a two-count. Mike Dimter went to the top rope, but Max caught him and climbed to the top. Max Farrell went for a super-plex, but Dimter punched his way out of it. Mike Dimter landed an Olympic Slam for a two-count. Dimter went to the top and tried for a dive, but Max got his knees up and then hit the Criminal Justice! for three count.

Max Farrell def. Mike Dimter via pinfall.

After the match Max Farrell was handed the world title and sent the fans home happy. Michael Cole gave us some breaking news that EC3 would be making his XWF debut next week on Inferno as the show came to a close.