XWF Inferno opens up to the action right away. We see Cassandra Marx laying on her back and in a lot of pain. A referee can be heard yelling for a doctor but that referee is suddenly pushed away hard. The camera pans out a bit and we see it’s Angel. Angel grabs Cassandra by her hair and picks her back up. Angel tosses Cassandra into the wall as more security rushes towards the scene. Angel isn’t one to be messed with though as she shoves security out of the way. Angel picks up Marx over her shoulder and begins walking towards the gorilla position. We hear the fans as they begin to approach the ringside area inside the performance center. Angel tosses Cassandra Marx into the ring and Angel follows behind her. Angel grabs Cassandra by the throat and nails her with a chokeslam. Suddenly Lorilie Blackwell rushes out onto the stage and tries to get Angel’s attention.

Angel: Stop…..Now.

Angel gives Lorilie a look that makes her think twice about getting involved. Angel has been a fan of Lorilie’s and that could quickly change if she makes the wrong move. Angel nails Cassandra Marx now with the Apocalypse! Angel then demands that Lorillie cover her. Blackwell does as she’s told and with a referee already inside the ring we hear the count…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…. Lorilie Blackwell!

Angel gives off an evil laugh as it appears our first match is in the books and Angel has made her presense felt here tonight. The camera pans to the commentary crew who looked just as shocked as anyone here.

Michael Cole: Folks welcome to Inferno and…I dont know what to say about what we just saw.

JBL: Good. What you saw right here Michael was the continued dominance by The Union. We all know that Cassandra Marx was a Sheena supporter. Anyone who supports the Super Friends is an enemy of The Union. And Angel made that clear tonight.

Jerry Lawler: You have to wonder if this was an order by Nikki or something Angel wanted to do.

JBL: What’s the supposed to mean?

Michael Cole: Come on JBL, we all know Nikki ls leading The Union now and I think its a fair question to ask.

JBL: The Union is a team. No one tells Angel what to do.

Michael Cole: Folks we are seeing Cassandra being escorted to the back right now and you have to wonder and pray that we don’t see a similar situation to what we saw with Sheena. As we wait for an update though I’m being told that we are moving on to our next match. So with that said, lets go to the ring…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring first, he weighed in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds. He hails from Salb City, California. The Stoner Sensation…. Buddy Green!

“Because I got High” hits as Buddy Green comes from out of the curtain red eyed and coughing. He slaps hands and passes the blunt to other members of the crowd. Buddy slides into the ring and sits in the corner.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, he hails from Chicago, Illinois… Vin Halsted!

A blue strobe light flickers over the white smoke as Halsted rises up from the floor to the rampway while standing with his head down and hand-in-hand in front of his body when the first chord of “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play. He, then, rages forward with his arms spread and a massive yell from his abdomen “Hail to the King” as the line “Hail to the King” crescendos over the arena sound system. The blue strobe light fades as a cascading golden waterfall of fireworks flows from the top of the entrance to the rampway behind him, he saunters forward with a cocky strut and smirk on his face. He jumps onto the middle of the apron in front of the ring, wipes his feet, and jumps over the ropes with ease. He climbs the nearest corner first to stand in front of the crowd to bask in his glory as he stretches his arms with his fists clenched as the refrain of “Hail to the King” plays over again. The music fades as he climbs down, then he turns and smirks at his opponent at the start of the match.

Buddy Green Vs Vin Halsted

The bell sounds and the two superstars immediately go at it. Vin Halsted hits a couple of forearms and mounts Buddy Green in the middle of the ring. Buddy’s able to scramble away to the outside and put a restart to this match. He takes his time getting back into the ring and as soon as he does, gets rolled up by Vin Halsted for a cover….

Pin: 1…………………….

A quick kickout but Vin Halsted back on the offense as he slams Buddy Green into the corner. He does it again on the other side of the ring, not stopping the assault as he heads to the middle rope and hits a missile dropkick for another cover….

Pin: 1…………………………………..2……….

Michael Cole: A kickout at two and guys ever since Vin Halsted became the #1 Contender he’s been undefeated here in XWF.

JBL: Sometimes you just need a spark Michael. And his spark is the World Heavyweight Championship.

Jerry Lawler: We saw Vin and Ashley almost go at it last Inferno. I’m told there is extra security in the building tonight to prevent that kind of thing from happening again.

Vin Halsted goes up in the corner and tries for a headscissors, but he’s tossed out to the apron and Buddy attacks the knee to send him falling to the outside. Buddy brings things back into the ring for a cover…

Pin: 1………………………2……………

Michael Cole: A kickout at two and lets not underestimate Buddy Green who won last week on Inferno as well.

Buddy Green bridges over in a hammer lock, but Vin Halsted is able to fight out of it. Buddy Green fights off a suplex and hits a single arm DDT as he looks to finally have control of the match. Buddy puts his knees on Halsted’s shoulders and chokes him against the middle rope before tossing him into the corner. Buddy charges Halsted in the corner but misses. Buddy Green’s able to recover though by catching Halsted by the arm and pounding away at it. Buddy driving him to the mat now where he’s able to clamp on an arm bar. Buddy tosses Vin into the middle rope. Buddy panders to the crowd before running right into a dropkick from Vin Halsted. Halsted then hits a flying clothesline and another dropkick. Vin sends Buddy Green crashing to the mat, then he sends him into the corner and follows up with a Fahgetaboutit Bomb! Cover now…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…. Vin Halsted!

Vin Halsted gets up and the referee raises his hand. Vin gets right into the camera and begins talking into it.

Vin Halsted: Two Weeks Ashley! Two weeks and the World Title is MINE.

Vin Halsted makes the motion of a title around his waist before exiting from the ring and heading towards the back as we head to a commercial break…


Michael Cole: Welcome back everyone and XWF Inferno has gotten off to a hot start and I can only imagine whats still to come later tonight.

JBL: What you saw was just the beginning Michael!

Michael Cole: Things certainly arn’t going to get brighter, and thats because of our next match. Lucifer Morningstar has made an impact since joining the company. An epic battle with Angel just a few weeks ago and an impressive win over Michael Everett.

Jerry Lawler: And tonight he gets his hands on a Joey Hunter who is looking for a big win himself.

Michael Cole: Lets head back to the ring for our next match….

We see Joey Hunter already inside the ring. He’s stretching and preparing himself for what should be a great contest. Suddenly, “Being evil has a price” by Heaven Lucifer Heathens begins to play as the arena goes dark. The only light is from flames that shoot up from the entrance ramp and the ring turnbuckles.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring, he weighed in tonight at one hundred and seventy-five pounds. From the depths of Hell… Lucifer Morning Star!

Lucifer slowly makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. The flames begin to settle down and the lights come back on. We see Joey Hunter pacing back and forth in the ring as he watches his opponent.

Joey Hunter Vs Lucifer Morningstar

The bell sounds and this match is offically underway. Lucifer Morningstar takes Joey Hunter down to the mat and applies a headlock in the early goings. The two struggle for position and Joey eventually is able to break himself free. Hunter avoids Lucifer as much as possible, staying close to the ropes. Hunter works Lucifer down to the mat, working on his arm and floating into a hammerlock. Joey Hunter transitions into a head lock, and hits Lucifer with a big shoulder block when he’s thrown off. Lucifer responds and nails a few shots to the midsection along with a dropkick as well. Lucifer hits a snap mare and drops a series of big elbows before going for a cover….

Pin: 1……………………..

Only a one count and Lucifer now clotheslines Hunter over the top rope, tumbling to the outside himself. Lucifer grabs Joey by the head and slams it onto the apron before bringing things back inside the ring. Lucifer starts pounding on Hunter in the corner but Joey turns things around and slams Lucifer face first into the turnbuckle. Lucifer and Hunter continue to trade chops and rights until Hunter hits a big Alabama type slam to Lucifer Morningstar to stop his momentum. Hunter shoves Lucifer’s face into the canvas and traps him in another rear chin lock. Lucifer fights to his feet and Joey Hunter brings things right back down to the mat. Lucifer sits up, but refuses to quit, even when Hunter turns it into a straight jacket style chin lock. Lucifer fights to his feet and out of the hold, rolling Hunter up for a cover…

Pin: 1……………………………………2…………….

Michael Cole: Some technical wrestling tonight by Joey Hunter. He isn’t really known for that but perhaps its something new.

JBL: A wrestler has to constantly evovle. If you only use the same moves over and over your opponents are going to know how to defeat you.

Lucifer Morningstar hits a suplex and hits Hunter with an elbow. Lucifer goes to the top but Joey Hunter gets right back to his feet and is able to stop Lucifer. Joey instead hits him with a superplex.

Jerry Lawler: Something gives me the creeps about Lucifer. I know he’s climbing the ladder of XWF but I just hope the XWF isn’t climbing down the ladder to hell with him.

Lucifer Morningstar and Joey begin to get back to their feet at the same time. Lucifer throws a stiff right and Joey returns with one of his own. Back to their feet, Joey nails a couple more stiff hands and irish whips Lucifer into the turnbuckle. He charges at him and nails him with a big clothline. Lucifer looks a bit wobbly and Joey Hunter dives at his knees and takes him off his feet. Hunter nails a couple of kicks to the legs before grabbing them and locking in a Sharpshooter. He applies the pressure, looking to get Lucifer to submit. However, Lucifer is too close to the ropes and is able to get a hand on them in just a matter of minutes as Joey is forced to break the hold. Joey Hunter grabs Lucifer Morningstar and tosses him outside the ring. Joey follows after him, grabbing him and tossing him into the announcers table. Joey picks him right back up and tosses him into the steel steps now. Joey rolls back into the ring to restart the count. Joey rolls back outside the ring and rolls Lucifer back in. Hunter grabs his legs and wraps them around the turnbuckle. Hunter has Lucifer in an outside sharpshooter, similar to what you might see Bret Hart do back in the day. The referee yells for Hunter to break the hold and he finally does. Joey then goes for a quick cover…

Pin: 1…………………………………………….2……..

Kickout at two. Joey Hunter slowly grabs Lucifer but Lucifer nails a jawbreaker and then hits him with an enizguri out of nowhere. Joey is still on his feet but he’s looking a little dizzy. Lucifer gets back up to his feet and nails Joey with the Kiss of the Devil! He goes for a cover….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall… Lucifer Morningstar!

JBL: There you have it, another strong win by Morninstar.

Michael Cole: Like it or not, the man continues to impress. And what impresses me most of all is how he comes back from a loss like Angel or Slaine and wins the next match after agaisnt Everett and now Hunter. He doesn’t give up.

Jerry Lawler: I’m just glad I’m not in the ring with someone like that.

Just as Michael Cole is about to speak the titantron lights up


A video package players for CJ Walker and the fans cheer loudly. We only get a few seconds of the man but it appears another superstar has decided to join the ranks of the XWF.

Michael Cole: There you have it folks, CJ Walker in action at the PPV and I cant wait to find out more about this card.

Jerry Lawler: The wrestling world is talking about XWF and why not? The best wrestlers in the world come to compete right here!

Michael Cole: And up next two of the best female wrestlers are schedule to compete. It’s Nikki Everett and Justice Cross. Lets head back down to the ring for our next match…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring first, she hails from St. Louis, Missouri….. Justice Orton-Cross!

Light a Fire begins to play over the pa system and then Justice walks out onto the ramp with her arms in the air. Her thumb, index finger, and pinky would also be point upwards on both hands as well. When the sentence “Let me light a fire in you tonight” plays she bends down a bit then straightens herself back out as pyro goes off. Justice continues to the ring with a smirk on her face before climbing onto the stairs. When she would get halfway onto the apron she turned her back to the ropes then did a backflip over them. With both feet on the ground, she would go over to each side of the ring smirking as the fans had mixed reactions towards her.

Michael Buffer: And her opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Michael Everett. She is the Queen of the Union…. Nikki Everett!

The Union theme music blasts across the arena and boo’s can be heard loudly as Nikki and Michael Everett walk onto the stage. They walk down to the ring together where Michael goes ahead of her, opening up the ring ropes as she walks through.

Nikki Everett Vs Justice Cross

The two circle one another for several moments before tieing up. The crowd is buzzing, wanting to see who gets the upper hand. The two both fight for control of the grapple, and eventually they break it. They grapple again. This time Justice gets the advantage, and takes Nikki down to the mat. She quickly goes to lock in a sharpshooter but Nikki knows whats coming and quickly gets away and back to her feet. The two are again at a stalemate.

Michael Cole: Justice going for a move very familar to Nikki. The Sharpshooter is the finisher of her husbands and perhaps Justice getting in the head of Nikki early.

Nikki Everett comes back at Justice, but Justice kicks her in the gut. Justice throws Nikki to the ropes, and then executes an Arm Drag. Nikki gets up, Justice hits another Arm Drag. Nikki gets up again, and Justice hits yet another Arm Drag. Nikki gets up once more, and this time she picks Nikki up onto her shoulders, going for a Death Valley Driver. Nikki slides behind Justice, however, and Dropkicks her back. Justice is sent chest first into the turnbuckle. She stumbles backwards, and Nikki takes her down with a Russian Legsweep. She then goes to the turnbuckle, jumps up, and hits a Split Legged Moonsault! The crowd pops. And Michael Everett is standing there clapping very proud.

JBL: Never know what you’re going to get from the Queen of the Union!

Pin: 1……………………..2…………

Justice gets her shoulder up as Nikki tried for a pin. Nikki presses her advantage, getting up and kicking Justice several times. She then slides under the ropes and gets onto the apron. She waits for Justice to stand up, and once Justice is vertical Nikki springboards from the ropes and hits a springboard bulldog!

Michael Cole: Justice came out looking strong, but looks like Nikki’s speed and high flying have gotten her the advantage now! Justice hits the mat hard, and Nikki covers her again.

Pin: 1………………………….2……….

Jerry Lawler: One thing to think about, Justice is no stranger to high stake matches here in XWF

Nikki pulls Justice into the middle of the ring, and locks in the Boston Crab. Nikki has the move locked in good and she’s torquing Justice’s legs as much as possible. Justice is yelling in pain and crawling towards the ropes. Very quickly, in fact, as she hasn’t been too worn out at this point in the match. Justice reaches the ropes before any serious damage has been done, and the ref forces the break. Nikki pulls Justice back into the middle of the ring. She climbs to the top rope, quickly as possible.. pauses for a second, getting ready.. and flies off with a 450 Splash! Justice gets her legs up at the last second, with Nikki’s stomach hitting them with a big impact. Nikki rolls away, clutching her stomach.

Michael Cole: This is Justice Cross’ chance to get back in this!

JBL: Yea don’t count on it. Look at Nikki…look at Michael. This match is only going on way.

Justice and Nikki both slowly work their way to their feet. Justice hits Nikki with a forearm, Nikki hits her back. Justice then kicks Nikki in the gut, hard. Nikki doubles over, Justice quickly pulls her in and hits a Powerbomb! Nikki hits the mat hard and Justice falls on top of her. Michael is slamming his fists down on the mat to get Nikki to kick out.

Pin: 1………………………..2……………….

Justice gets up, and pulls Nikki into the middle of the ring now. She grabs Nikki’s leg and kicks her several times before locking in a Figure Four! Justice pulls on Nikki’s legs, and Nikki yells in pain. Nikki thrashes around, trying desperately to grab onto a rope, but she can’t reach anything. Instead, she tries to shift her weight so as to turn the Figure Four over and reverse the pressure onto Justice’s legs instead. Right as Justice is about to flip, however, she releases the hold. She quickly grabs Nikki’s legs again and this time puts her in a Boston Crab! Now Nikki is able to at least crawl towards the ropes, which she uses all of her strength to do. Slowly, slowly. Michael begins to clap, urging Nikki towards the ropes. She’s almost there.. within inches..

JBL: She’s so close, she’s got it!

But no! Justice releases one of the legs, pulls Nikki back into the middle of the ring. Justice fans in the audience cheer loudly. And, once more, Nikki must fight out of a hold. Again she begins crawling towards the ropes, though this time she’s even slower than before as she’s been in submission moves for a long period of time now and they have taken their toll. But inch by inch, she’s making it. Justice looks back at Nikki, unhappy, wanting her to tap. But Nikki keeps crawling… and eventually gets to the ropes! Justice releases the submission, but quickly grabs Nikki’s legs again. Nikki knows that one more submission move would end the match and quickly kicks Justice away. Justice comes up once more and Nikki rips her up, grabbing her and sending her down with a clothline. Exhausted, Nikki once again works her way up. And again, she and Justice are hitting each other with blows, lefts and rights. Nikki swings with a big Clothesline, Justice ducks it, hits a huge german suplex.

Michael Cole: Justice is back in the match-

But Nikki lands on her feet! She’s behind Justice, and quickly she spins her around into the Black Widow! Nikki has the move locked in, Justice is screaming for all the world to hear and Nikki is grinning, yanking Justices arm back hard. Michael is slamming his fists down on the mat yelling at Justice to tap and she does.

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Submission…. Nikki Everett!

Nikki refuses to let the hold go and Justice is in extreme pain. The Ref is pullig Nikki off Justice and finally she lets it go. For a breif second, Justice is crawling slowly to the turnbuckle but Nikki can’t allow that and grabs her by her ankles and pulls her back in. This time Nikki starts kicking Justice in the gut over and over again, the barage of fists is relentless now that Nikki is on top of her,. The fans start to scream when Nikki throws Justice to the corner and then starts stomping a mud hole in her one after another. The fans are now even louder when we see Ashley come running down to the ring. Michael tries to stop her but she is to fast for him and slides in. She grabs Nikki by the hair and yanks her hard to her butt then Ashley goes and gets between Justice and Nikki.


Nikki smirks getting up to her feet. The two of them approach one another and get into words back and forth when Nikki then hauls off and hits Ashley. Ashley takes a few steps back and Michael reaches under the ropes tripping Ashley and then Nikki starts stomping on her.

Michael Cole: THIS HAS TO STOP!!! Ashley was just helping Justice

JBL: Maybe Ashley should have minded her own business.

Nikki’s attacks are relentless then she takes a few steps back as Ashley is raising her hand up to say just stop, no more when the lights start to fllicker. Nikki starts to smirk, Michael is looking really confused as to what is going on.

Michael Cole: This isn’t going to be good. only one person comes out to this and Angel hasn’t been in a very good mood lately. A few more times then the lights go completely off. You can hear the fans stiring in the audiance.


Just then the lights come back on and the whole XWF univerise in the arena and out are in shock. Standing in the ring is not Angel but….JOSH GRAVES!!! In full on make up and black trench coat with a bat in his hand and it pressed up against Ashley’s chest. Michael is confused….trying to get into the ring while Nikki is leaning up against Graves side laughing. Josh says nothing as Ashley opens her eyes and begins to focus on who is in the ring. She starts to shake her head no back and forth and Graves starts to grin as he croutches down in front of her. He tilts his head looking at her not saying a word when the fans start cheering again.


They both run down the ramp as Nikki and Graves jump out of the ring and head towards Michael and they all jump the guardrail to exit the arena. Daniel gets to Ashley who is crying hysterically and he pulls her out of the ring, carrying her up the ramp. Mehr, walking backwards making sure no one comes up from behind.


Michael Cole: Something isn’t right here, there is no way Josh Graves would ever come back to the XWF let alone, join up with the Union. Sommething smells fishy here.

JBL: Whether its graves or not, it still had an impact!!


We return from commercial break and order has been restored. Or at least as much as possible. With Daniel Slaine and Kyle Mehr already out, along with Michael Everett we are wasting no time going to our Main Event of the evening.

Kyle Mehr & Daniel Slaine Vs Michael Everett & Scott Grayse

The bell sounds and our main event is now underway. It looks like Daniel Slaine and Scott Grayse are going to start things off. They circle around the ring a bit but nothing more. The fans begin to chant “Kyle Mehr” as Slaine looks around the Performance Center and then at Mehr. He makes the tag to Kyle Mehr and it looks like we are getting the rivalry sooner than later. Kyle Mehr and Scott Grayse begin to exchange words with each other before Grayse slaps Mehr in the face. Mehr responds with a huge right punch and now the two begin to brawl. Repeated punches by both men before Grayse works Mehr into the corner. The referee tells the men to seperate and Scott uses the oppertunity to slap Mehr in the face again. Kyle Mehr has had enough as he tackles Grayse to the ground and now begins to deliver more punches. Kyle Mehr picks up Grayse and irish whips him into the ropes. Grayse comes back around and runs right into a knee to the midsection. Mehr follows it up with a belly to belly suplex and Grayse quickly goes to his corner and tags out to Michael Everett.

JBL: Here we go folks, business is about to pick up.

Michael Cole: Michael Everett has had his eyes on Mehr for a while now. After getting involved in the business of The Union last week you have to believe Michael isn’t too happy.

Michael Everett enters the ring and tries to tie up with Mehr. Instead Kyle Mehr goes behind him and nails him with a german suplex. Michael back up to his feet and he runs right into a belly to belly suplex. Kyle Mehr with a quick cover…

Pin: 1………………

Only a one count. Kyle Mehr keeps momentum though as he grabs an arm of Everett’s and puts him into an arm lock. Michael quickly positions himself over to the ropes and is able to get the hold broken. Kyle gets right back to his feet and Michael is slow to get to his. A bit suprises by Mehr here tonight. The two tie up this time and Mehr works Everett into the corner. He delivers a few kicks and then Mehr climbs the middle rope and begins delivering punches as the fans count along. Eventually Everett is able to push Kyle Mehr away. As Mehr comes back to Everett we see Michael deliver a poke to the eyes. Everett than drops down and delivers a low blow that puts a hault to any momentum Kyle had. The referee warns Everett that he’ll DQ him if he does it again but the damage is done. Michael goes for a cover now….

Pin: 1………………………..2……….

Kickout at two. Michael grabs the leg of Mehr and delivers an elbow to it. He then begins stomping on the leg and trying to weaken it. As Everett goes to grab the leg again though Mehr kicks away at him. Mehr crawls his way to his corner and makes a tag to Daniel Slaine who enters the ring. Michael quickly tags out to Grayse and lives to fight another day. Grayse charges at Daniel Slaine but Slaine hits him with a spinebuster. Slaine picks Grayse right back up and hits him with an arm drag, followed by another. Both men up now and Slaine is on fire. He grabs Grayse for the KTFO but Grayse is able to escape from it and nails Slaine with a russian leg sweep.

Jerry Lawler: A nice escape by Scott Grayse and this is a guy looking to make a statement. He tried to win the tag team titles. He tried to end the career of Kyle Mehr.

Michael Cole: And tonight he has the chance to beat both Mehr and Slaine. But it wont be easy as both men now back up to their feet.

Scott Grayse swings at Slaine but this time its Daniel who ducks the move and nails a neckbreaker. Daniel Slaine calls for the KTFO again as he lifts Grayse up on his shoulders. Suddenly though the titantron lights up. All we can see are black boots walking down the hallway. The camera slowly lifts up and we see a black trenchcoat. We then see a black baseball bat and its once again Josh Graves. We see him knocking the bat against a door and as the camera pans up a little more the nameplate on the door says Ashley Slaine. Kyle Mehr watches on the screen and tells Slaine to take care of his family. Slaine tags out and rushes up the entrance ramp. Kyle Mehr enters the ring to go after Scott Grayse but Michael Everett enters the ring from behind and dives at his knees.

Michael Cole: Come on! Once again The Union playing mindgames and they have taken Daniel Slaine out of this match.

JBL: No one told him to leave Michael.

Michael Cole: You are the worst JBL!

Michael Everett picks up Kyle Mehr and hits him with a powerbomb before the referee orders Michael to leave the ring. The damage is done though as Scott Grayse stalks Mehr and waits for him to get up. Grayse with the Lights Out Super kick! and a cover now…




Michael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match by Pinfall… Scott Grayse and Michael Everett!

Jerry Lawler: Love it or hate it, The Union seems to be in control guys.

Michael Cole: Tonight was all about The Union and you have to wonder what that means for our PPV. Vin Halsted waiting for Ashley but what condition could she possibly be in to compete? No Cassandra Marx, no Sheena Montgomery. One by one the Union is picking people apart.

JBL: They tried to warn you Michael!

Scott Grayse grabs a microphone. He walks over to Kyle Mehr and hovers over him.

Scott Grayse: You want to do this? I didn’t make this personal. This was business. YOU made this personal. So at Redemption its going to be you and me Kyle. Hardcore Rules! Lets finish this once and for all!

Jerry Lawler: How about that for an announcement?!

Michael Cole: What is going to happen at Redemption? How will 2020 end? We are all going to find out that answer sooner than later. Goodnight everyone!