Our show opens up live at the XWF Performance Center. We are filled to maximum capacity with fans in their seats and ready for a great show. We see Malaboo Dreamstone inside the ring as she paces back and forth. Suddenly…

“Left Behind” by Dale Oliver and Kenneth Nixon blasts throughout the arena as Sabrina Rossi starts to slowly walk out through the curtain.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Heading to the ring, she hails from Booklyn New York….Sabrina Rossi!

She walks down the ramp and she climbs up onto the apron and climbs into the ring as she prepares for her match.

Malaboo Dreamstone Vs Sabrina Rossi

Sabrina Rossi and Malaboo Dreamstone circle the ring like two sharks in a tank at the start of the match. Eventually they lock up. Malaboo overpowers Sabrina to the suprise of many and gets her in a headlock. Malaboo lands a couple of stiff shots to the face before Sabrina shoves her into the ropes. Malaboo ducks a clothesline and connects with a big boot to Sabrina’s face. Malaboo pulls Sabrina to her feet and pummels her with hard punches. Eventually she shoots Sabrina into the ropes and hits a big powerslam. Malaboo with a cover now…

Pin: 1…………………………..

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to XWF Inferno and what a way to kick off the show. Knockouts action featuring two of the best in the business.

Jerry Lawler: I love when we start Inferno like this!

Malaboo shoots Sabrina into the ropes and puts her head down for a back body drop. Sabrina counters with a kick to the head. Sabrina plants Malaboo on the mat with a DDT and makes the cover of her own now…

Pin: 1………………………

Sabrina Rossi stomps Malaboo Dreamstone on the mat before picking her up for a suplex. Sabrina pulls Malaboo to her feet and rubs her face across the top rope, burning her face and eyes. Sabrina hits some solid back hand chops in the corner as the crowd yells.

Jerry Lawler: Sabrina would love to smack the pretty smile off of Malaboo’s face. She hates everything Malaboo is.

Michael Cole: What Malaboo is, is one half of the tag team champions and I think ever since that win we’ve seen a confidence boost in Malaboo.

JBL: Better her holding those titles than our former champions…

Sabrina Rossi hits a knee to the midsection and plants Malaboo with a neckbreaker, Sabrina makes the cover but Malaboo literally throws Sabrina off of her. Malaboo Dreamstone is pissed as she stalks Sabrina. Sabrina tries to subdue Malaboo with punches, but Malaboo brushes them off. Malaboo grabs Sabrina by the throat with one hand while pummeling Sabrina with punch after punch to the face. Malaboo Dreamstone finishes the flurry with a headbutt that drops Sabrina to the mat. Malaboo kicks Sabrina in the midsection and drops an elbow to the sternum. Malaboo makes the cover and could this be it?

Pin: 1………………………………….2…………

Michael Cole: Almost a two count but Sabrina refuses to give up here tonight.

JBL: This is what XWF Womens Wrestling is all about and these two are putting on a show.

Malaboo picks Sabrina up for a suplex but Sabrina manages to escape and drop behind her. When Malaboo turns around she eats a combination of rights and lefts, punctuated by an overhand right that drops Malaboo. Sabrina scoops Malaboo Dreamstone up and slams her hard on the mat. Sabrina grabs Malaboo and puts her into the Black Widow! Malaboo is in serious pain and looks like she could be ready to tap out. She reaches out and grabs the rope at the last second though. However the referee doesn’t break the hold. Sabrina continues to lock in the hold before eventually the referee comes in and breaks things up. Sabrina Rossi reaches down and slaps Malaboo in the face. Telling her to get back up and put up a fight. Malaboo refuses to give up. Sabrina grabs Malaboo and irish whips her into the ropes. Sabrina goes for a clothline but misses as Malaboo comes back around and nails her with a body splash. Malaboo picks up Sabrina now and tries for a suplex. Sabrina hooks the leg and instead lifts up Malaboo for a suplex of her own. Malaboo flips around though and drops to her feet. Malaboo kicks Sabrina in the midsection and then picks her up for the Gold Diggers Shovel!




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…. Malaboo Dreamstone!

Malaboo screams with excitement as the referee comes over and raises up her hand in victory. She rolls out of the ring and celebrates on the entrance ramp.

Michael Cole: How about that? A big win for Malaboo and her record in XWF is starting to look pretty impressive.

Jerry Lawler: Perhaps that time spent with Loralie Blackwell is turning both these ladies into women to be feared in XWF.

Michael Cole: Well folks hopefully this is a sign of things to come because we’ve got much more action for you tonight including our huge Main Event. 6 Man Tag Team action featuring the World Champion Ashley, Daniel Slaine, and Cassandra Marx. They’ll be taking on the newly formed Underground.

JBL: The Underground might be literally underground like what we saw last week with Angel. If I’m them, I’m coming up with a gameplan.

Michael Cole: Right now though we have more great action. Lets head back to the ring….

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring and hailing from Los Angeles , California. “Black Heart” Jason Thunder!

“In the End” by Linkin Park begins to play as smoke fills the arena and pyros bursts on the stage. Black Heart Jason Thunder enters onto the entrance ramp with a hoody on. He stops when the song chorus starts as he takes of the hoody and bumps is chest. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent he hails from Slab City, California. Weighing in a two hundred and thirty pounds…. The Stoner Sensation…. Buddy Green!

“Because I got High” hits as Buddy Green comes from out of the curtain red eyed and coughing. He slaps hands and passes the blunt to other members of the crowd. Buddy slides into the ring and sits in the corner.

Jason Thunder Vs Buddy Green

The bell rings and we are underway in what should be a very exciting and athletic contest. Buddy goes right for Thunder off the bat. He spears him down and starts laying in with numerous right hands. Thunder tries to get his hands up but Buddy isn’t stopping this early assault in the match. Thunder grabs the ropes as the ref is telling Buddy to stop but Buddy pays no attention until the ref’s count is up to four on the DQ count. Buddy gets back to his feet and waits for Thunder to get up. Once Thunder is up, Buddy clotheslines him out of the ring. The crowd cheers as Buddy throws his arms up into the arm. Thunder gets back to his feet on the floor as Buddy grabs the top rope and flies out with a plancha. Both men go down but Buddy is still the first man up at this point in the match. He slaps some hands of the fans at ringside as he goes back to working on Thunder.

Michael Cole: Wow, Buddy is coming out of this match like a man possessed.

Jerry Lawler: Normally Buddy is an easy-going kind of guy. Perhaps he’s having issues with his dealer.

Buddy picks up Thunder and rolls him back into the ring. Buddy hops up onto the apron and waits for Thunder to get up once again. Once Thunder is up, Buddy springboards into a crossbody. This time, Thunder is able to scout ahead and roll out of the way as Buddy hits the mat face first. Thunder gets back to his feet and as does Buddy. Buddy rushes Thunder again, going down head first, looking for another spear. However, Thunder is able to get a knee in the way. The knee connects with the head of Buddy. Buddy staggers back as Thunder runs and hits a dropkick to the chest of Buddy. Buddy goes flying into the corner as Thunder heads over there. Once there, Thunder starts to lay into Buddy with kicks all over the place, each kick being extremely stiff. Buddy blocks a kick and fires back with a chop to the chest, then a second and a third, following that up with a spinning chop to the throat of Thunder. Thunder turns his back to Buddy. So Buddy grabs Thunder and drops him on his head with a Backdrop Driver. Thunder is folded up as Buddy nods to the crowd. Buddy goes for a cover.

Pin: 1……………………………..2………….

No. Thunder kicks out of the move. Buddy picks Thunder back up and whips him into the ropes. Buddy ducks his head down and when Thunder comes back, he jumps over Buddy and puts in him into a sunset flip.

Pin: 1………………………………..2…………….

Kick out by Buddy as he reverses into a pinning move of his own.

Pin: 1………………………………2…………

Thunder gets a shoulder up. Both men get up as Thunder jumps on top of Buddy and rolls him into a victory roll.



NO! A kickout at two. Buddy gets back to his feet as does Thunder. The crow cheers for the numerous amount of near falls.

Michael Cole: That might of set some kind of record as these two trade pinfalls and both able to kick out and keep this match going.

JBL: Now is the point in the match where we find out who wants this more.

Finally, after a few minutes of action, we get a traditional lock up. But not for long though as Thunder knees Buddy in the gut and hits a reverse STO. Thunder gets up and grabs the top rope, jumps and springboards into a moonsault legdrop. Thunder covers this time.

Pin: 1………………………………………2……….

Jason Thunder looks frustrated that he didn’t get the win there. Anyways, he picks up Buddy and puts him on his hands and knees, grabbing his hair. Then, Thunder starts laying into him with kicks to the face! Buddy has no defense at this point but he uses his inner strength to get back to his feet and start to chop at the chest of Thunder, numerous times. But then Thunder gets the advantage back following a poke to the eye. The crowd cheers as Thunder hits a double arm DDT. Instead of going for a pin, Thunder gets a smile on his face and locks on the koji clutch! The crowd cheers as Thunder has the hold locked in the middle of the ring. Buddy has no where to go at this point he is staying alive, refusing to give up and lose this match. Thunder keeps telling him to give up but Buddy refuses. He slowly inches he way towards the ropes and finally gets his foot on one. Thunder has to break the hold! The crowd cheers like mad as Thunder pulls Buddy back to his feet and spins him around. He goes for the Angels Fall but Buddy flips out of it. Buddy then gets a hold on Thunder and then falls back into a cradle piledriver! Both men are down as the ref starts his count. Towards the count of eight, both men are able to get themselves up and ready to fight again. Buddy goes for a superkick out of nowhere and connects. Buddy is feeling froggy now as he starts to climb the top rope. He looks around at the crowd and then leaps off with The Dab Experience!

Michael Cole: He’s going to fly!

But nobody is home as Thunder moves out of the way at the last second. Jason Thunder gets to his feet and picks up Buddy. A kick to the midsection and then hits the Angels Fall out of nowhere! The crowd pops as Thunder goes for the pin.




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…..Jason Thunder!

JBL: He did it, he beat the stoner!

Michael Cole: A tough break for Buddy Green who many thought were going to finish things with that frog splash. But Jason Thunder able to capitalize on the mistake and pick up the victory.

Jerry Lawler: Sometimes it’s not about the things you do in the ring, its about the mistakes you dont make.

Suddenly the camera switches to the backstage area. We see Sabrina holding her neck and upset about what happened to start the show. She begins yelling at The Underground.

Sabrina Rossi: I’m sick of this! I’m sick of Malaboo. I’m sick of the fans! I’m Sick…of your opponents tonight and you havn’t even faced them yet!!!

Mike Dimter: We’ve got this Sabrina.

Sabrina Rossi: You’re so sure huh?

Josh Blade: Brandon and I have something in mind. We are going to make that The Underground wins tonight. Just trust us….

Josh gives off a grin as Sabrina looks curious. We head back to commentary.

Michael Cole: What do you think they meant by that?

Jerry Lawler: It doesn’t sound good if you ask me…

Michael Cole: We might want to keep a close eye on The Underground. But right now lets take a commercial break. Lucifer Morningstar is in action….Next!


We see CJ Walker already inside the ring. He’s stretching and preparing himself for what should be a great contest. Suddenly, “Being evil has a price” by Heaven Lucifer Heathens begins to play as the arena goes dark. The only light is from flames that shoot up from the entrance ramp and the ring turnbuckles.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring, he weighed in tonight at one hundred and seventy-five pounds. From the depths of Hell… Lucifer Morning Star!

Lucifer slowly makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. The flames begin to settle down and the lights come back on. We see CJ Walker pacing back and forth in the ring as he watches his opponent.

CJ Walker Vs Lucifer Morningstar

The bell sounds and this match is offically underway. Lucifer Morningstar takes CJ Walker down to the mat and applies a headlock in the early goings. The two struggle for position and CJ eventually is able to break himself free. Walker avoids Lucifer as much as possible, staying close to the ropes. Walker works Lucifer down to the mat, working on his arm and floating into a hammerlock. CJ Walker transitions into a head lock, and hits Lucifer with a big shoulder block when he’s thrown off. Lucifer responds and nails a few shots to the midsection along with a dropkick as well. Lucifer hits a snap mare and drops a series of big elbows before going for a cover….

Pin: 1……………………..

Only a one count and Lucifer now clotheslines Walker over the top rope, tumbling to the outside himself. Lucifer grabs CJ by the head and slams it onto the apron before bringing things back inside the ring. Lucifer starts pounding on Walker in the corner but CJ turns things around and slams Lucifer face first into the turnbuckle. Lucifer and Walker continue to trade chops and rights until Walker hits a big Alabama type slam to Lucifer Morningstar to stop his momentum. Walker shoves Lucifer’s face into the canvas and traps him in another rear chin lock. Lucifer fights to his feet and CJ Walker brings things right back down to the mat. Lucifer sits up, but refuses to quit, even when Walker turns it into a straight jacket style chin lock. Lucifer fights to his feet and out of the hold, rolling Walker up for a cover…

Pin: 1……………………………………2…………….

Michael Cole: Some technical wrestling tonight by CJ Walker. He isn’t really known for that but perhaps its something new.

JBL: CJ Walker is still without a win in XWF. If you’re not winning, you have to try a new strategy.

Lucifer Morningstar hits a suplex and hits Walker with an elbow. Lucifer goes to the top but CJ Walker gets right back to his feet and is able to stop Lucifer. CJ instead hits him with a superplex.

Jerry Lawler: Something gives me the creeps about Lucifer. I know he’s climbing the ladder of XWF but I just hope the XWF isn’t climbing down the ladder to hell with him.

Lucifer Morningstar and CJ begin to get back to their feet at the same time. Lucifer throws a stiff right and CJ returns with one of his own. Back to their feet, CJ nails a couple more stiff hands and irish whips Lucifer into the turnbuckle. He charges at him and nails him with a big clothline. Lucifer looks a bit wobbly and CJ Walker dives at his knees and takes him off his feet. Walker nails a couple of kicks to the legs before grabbing them and locking in a Sharpshooter. He applies the pressure, looking to get Lucifer to submit. However, Lucifer is too close to the ropes and is able to get a hand on them in just a matter of minutes as CJ is forced to break the hold. CJ Walker grabs Lucifer Morningstar and tosses him outside the ring. CJ follows after him, grabbing him and tossing him into the announcers table. CJ picks him right back up and tosses him into the steel steps now. CJ rolls back into the ring to restart the count. CJ rolls back outside the ring and rolls Lucifer back in. Walker grabs his legs and wraps them around the turnbuckle. Walker has Lucifer in an outside sharpshooter, similar to what you might see Bret Hart do back in the day. The referee yells for Walker to break the hold and he finally does. CJ then goes for a quick cover…

Pin: 1…………………………………………….2……..

Kickout at two. CJ Walker slowly grabs Lucifer but Lucifer nails a jawbreaker and then hits him with an enizguri out of nowhere. CJ is still on his feet but he’s looking a little dizzy. Lucifer tries going for the Kiss of the Devil! but CJ blocks it and rolls him up…

Pin: 1…………………………………..2…………..


Michael Cole: What?!

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…. CJ Walker!

Jerry Lawler: Lucifier can’t believe it! I can’t believe it either Cole!

CJ Walker looks stunned as the referee raises his hand. He climbs onto the turnbuckle and begins to celebrate as the fans cheer loudly.

Michael Cole: No one saw this coming tonight and CJ Walker just picked up his first win in XWF and LOOK OUT!

As Walker drops down from the turnbuckle he runs right into a clothline from Lucifer. Lucifer picks him up and nails him ith the Kiss Of The Devil! and lays him out in the middle of the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Talk about a sore loser.

Micheal Cole: Easy Jerry, I don’t think this is the man you want to make angry…But fans we need to take one final commercial break. Our Main Event is coming up next and you dont want to miss it!


We return from commercial break and the lights in the Performance Center dim. The music of The Underground blasts as Mike Dimter, Josh Blade and Brandon Draven can be seen at the top of the ramp. They are wearing all black and look ready to fight as they head down the entrance ramp and into the ring.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is your Main Event of the evening. Making their way to the ring at this time. They Are… The Underground!

Michael Cole: Tonight could be a defining moment for this group. If they can somehow pick up a win they would be doing something that even The Union has been unable to do.

Michael Buffer: And their opponents, making her way to the ring first. She hails from Astoria Oregon…. Cassandra Marx!

Demons by Icon For Hire blasts across the arena as Cassandra walks onto the stage. She gets a strong reaction from the crowd and heads down the ramp. Her focus is on her opponents and she looks ready to fight as she enters the ring.

Michael Buffer: And her partners, they are the team of Daniel and Ashley Slaine!

“Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory blasts across the arena as the fans cheer loudly. Cassandra looks towards the entrance ramp waiting for her partners to appear. A few seconds turn into a few minutes though as no one comes out the entrance ramp. Mike Dimter grabs a microphone and begins to speak.

Mike Dimter: Gee Cass, it seems your partners arn’t coming. I wonder what happened? Roll the footage boys!

The camera pans backstage with wording underneath that says “Earlier Tonight”. We see Brandon Draven and Josh Blade messing with their locker room door and prying things up agains it so that the door can’t be opened up. Locking Daniel and Ashley inside their locker room.

Mike Dimter grins as he drops the microphone and Cassandra looks back at her opponents.

The Underground Vs Cassandra Marx, Daniel Slaine, and Ashley Slaine

The bell sounds and it looks like this is going to be a handicapped match. Cassandra Marx inside the ring with no one in her corner. Meanwhile Josh Blade will start off for his team with the Underground in his corner. The two circle around the ring before locking up. Josh Blade works Cassandra Marx into the corner and delivers a few kicks to the midsection. He backs up a little bit before running at her with a clothline in the corner. Josh Blade backs up again and goes for another clothline but this time Cassandra moves out of the way. Josh spin around and Cassandra goes after him with a fury of punches and kicks. Eventually Josh pushes her away into the middle of the ring. Marx charges at him but Josh lifts her up and hits her with a fallaway slam. Josh grabs her by the hair, dragging her to his corner. Josh tags out to Brandon Draven who enters the ring and kicks her across the head. Draven picks her up and sends her back down with a scoop slam. He runs the ropes and delivers a leg drop before going for a cover…

Pin: 1……………………..

Only one one count as Cassandra isn’t going to give up so easily. Draven picks her up and leans her up against the ropes. He then irish whips her into the opposite side. He goes for a clothline but Cassandra ducks it. She whips around to the opposite ropes and comes flying at Draven. Brandon Draven pops her up into the air for a Kevin Owens type powerbomb but Cassandra holds on. She wraps her legs around his neck and starts punching away at Draven. Cassandra flips him over into a hurricaranna and gets him into a pin with the move…

Pin: 1………………………………………..2………………

Michael Cole: Almost a three count! Cassandra is fighting for her life right now and the odds are stacked.

JBL: The Underground is not a group to be messed with Michael.

Both superstars get to their feet. Cassandra with some kicks but Draven catches her foot. Marx follows up with an enziguri that sends Draven down to the mat. He crawls to the corner but Cassandra is there waiting. She charges towards him and nails him with a dropkick. Brandon falls down and lands his head on the bottom turnbuckle. Cassandra follows that up with a bronco buster in the corner and the crowd cheers. Cassandra Marx waits for Draven to get to his feet. But out of the corner of her eye she spots Josh Blade entering the ring. Cassandra turns around and kicks him in the midsection and nails him with the X Marx The Spot! She then grabs Brandon Draven and nails him with one as well. The crowd continues to cheer as Marx then applies the Ravens Cry! in the middle of the ring.

Jerry Lawler: This could be it! Is Cassandra going to win this match?!

Brandon Draven is about to tap out when suddenly Cassandra is attacked by Mike Dimter. The one man who hasn’t entered the ring yet. He nails her with a fury of punches before the referee tells him to get back to his corner. It doesn’t do much good though as soon Draven crawls over and makes the tag to Dimter who enters the ring. Mike Dimter takes his time walking towards her. Cassandra starts to get up and Mike slaps her across the face. He lifts her up and nails her with the Liberty Bell! Mike goes for the cover…




Mike Dimter lifts her shoulders up from the mat and the fans boo loudly. Mike Dimter begins to grin as he isn’t done making an example out of Cassandra here tonight. He picks her up again and nails her with another Liberty Bell!

Michael Cole: Damn it! Just end the damn match!

JBL: This isn’t about you Cole. This isn’t even about Cassandra. This is about the Underground sending a message. And the message is that they don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves and their success. This is their time…

Mike puts his foot on the chest of Cassandra and tells the referee to count.




Suddenly the fans erupt as we see that somehow Ashley and Daniel Slaine have escaped. Mike jaw drops as the two enter the ring. Mike charges at them but Daniel Slaine cuts him off with a spear. Brandon Draven goes after Ashley but he runs right into a Blade Cutter! from her. Josh Blade up to his feet now and he spins Ashley around. The two family members begin to jaw at each other and suddenly they begin fighting. Left and right punches from both Ashley and Josh. The two tackle each other outside the ring and continue to brawl. Meanwhile Daniel Slaine picks up Mike Dimter and nails him with a KTFO!

Michael Cole: Yes! Yes!

JBL: No! NO!

Jerry Lawler: Payback is a you-know-what JBL!

Cassandra Marx slowly gets back to her feet and is glad that her partners have finally arrived. She’s still the legal wrestler in this match as she grabs Mike Dimter and locks in the Ravens Cry! Mike is out cold and the referee calls for the bell right away as this match is over…

Michael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match by Submission… Cassandra Marx, Ashley Slaine and Daniel Slaine!

More referee’s have come out and eventually separate Ashley Slaine and Josh Blade.  Eventually Daniel and Cassandra help keep Ashley off him as the referees push Josh towards the back. Meanwhile Mike Dimter leans up against the turnbuckle, upset that he lost. But we can hear him saying “This isn’t over yet!” as the camera pans on his angry face and the show comes to a close.