Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the XWF Heavyweight Championship. On his way to the ring first, the challenger. He hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and weighed in tonight at two hundred and thirty-seven pounds. Being accompanied to the ring by Destiny, “The Bad Ass”…Mike Dimter!

The lights go out in the arena then “Gasoline” By Meek Mill blasts through the arena…..”The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter is seen walking through the crowd along with Destiny as she holds his hand. The two walk over to the bottom of the stands and Mike jumps over the rail guard. He helps Destiny over and then walks up the steel steps and goes to his corner as he waits for the match to begin.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent…he hails from San Diego,California and is a member of the Blade Family… Josh Blade!

Josh Blades music hits as he makes his way on top of the ramp. Josh Blades music hits as he makes his way on top of the ramp.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to XWF Inferno and as you can see were are kicking things off with some good ol’fashion wrestling. And how about Mike Dimter making his return to the XWF?

Jerry Lawler: And he brought Destiny with him. That’s great in my book!

Michael Cole: He’ll be facing a familar foe tonight as he has a lot of history with Josh Blade. These two have battled all the way back to the days of EFW and this should be a great contest.

Mike Dimter Vs Josh Blade

The bell rings as Josh Blade approaches Dimter and they tie up. Mike Dimter overpowers him, pushing him to the turnbuckle… and gives him a slap in the face. The crowd “ooh’s”. Josh charges out of the corner, clotheslining Dimter down. Dimter gets back up and Josh grabs him, throwing him into the turnbuckle and hitting a flurry of strikes! Dimter drops to the ground and Josh then begins kicking him in the face. Destiny is screaming for the ref to stop Josh Blade and the ref tries to call him off.

Michael Cole: You had to know these two wouldn’t be kind to each other.

JBL: They want to kill each other and I’m all for it!

Josh Blade finishes it off with a big boot across Dimter’s face after bouncing off the ropes, but this time Dimter is able to move. Josh drops to the mat and Dimter kicks him several times before sliding out of the ring. He takes Josh’s legs and puts the turnbuckle in between them and pulls. Dimter then grabs Josh’s right leg and smashes it against the turnbuckle… then he grabs it and does it again. Josh Blade yells in pain. Dimter rolls back into the ring and picks Josh up, who is now favoring the right leg. He puts him in a headlock, pulls him near the center of the ring, and hits a stiff DDT! He gets up, smirking, and puts Josh in an Inverted Boston Crab.

JBL: Josh Blade’s mind must be raging all right.

Josh Blade again yells in pain as Dimter cranks on the hold, but refuses to give up. Josh struggles towards the ropes… aandddd… grabs them! The ref forces Dimter to release the hold. He does, and then stalks Josh, waiting for him to get up. Dimter goes to pick Josh Blade up in some sort of suplex but Josh shifts his weight and drops behind him. He hits several stiff forearms to the back of Dimter’s head before dropping him with a Reverse DDT! He then goes for the pin.

Pin: 1…………………………………2…………….

Jerry Lawler: Nope. You know it takes more than that to take Dimter out.

Mike Dimter gets up as does Josh. Both trying to give their men motivation in the ring. Destiny then yells at Josh, who leans on the ropes and begins yelling back at her. The distraction allows Mike Dimter to grab Josh and hit him with the Liberty Bell! Mike with the cover….




NO! Josh kicks out last minute. Mike Dimter argues with the referee and tells him it was a three count and that he’s screwing up his comeback. Mike Dimter picks up Josh Blade and singals to the fans he’s going for his finisher again. Mike grabs Josh but Josh with a craddle out of nowhere….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….Josh Blade!

Josh quickly rolls out of the ring and Mike Dimter is furious. He can’t believe what just happened and neither fan the fans. Mike gets to his feet and begins to argue with the referee. The referee says he called it fair but Mike will have none of it. Mike Dimter grabs the referee and nails him with the Liberty Bell! before rolling out of the ring.

Michael Cole: A disgusting display by Mike Dimter who clearly should be more upset with himself than upset at the referee.

JBL: Would you be quiet Cole. It’s about time that Dimter stood up for himself. In fact I like this side of him.

Jerry Lawler: All I know is that Dimters return might be over before it started if he’s going to treat XWF staff like that.

Michael Cole: We hope our referee is ok but the show must go on and our next match is sure to live up to the hype. Two titles will be defended in The Union tonight and the first is the Knockouts championship. “The Queen” as Nikki refers to herself will put her title on the line in our next match…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is a Ladder Match and is for the Knockouts Championship! On her way to the ring first… Alex Calaway!

Alex Calaway walks through the curtain as her music plays and the fans cheer. She slides into the ring and goes to her corner, ready for the biggest match of her career.

Michael Buffer: On her way to the ring next, she hails from Brooklyn,NY…. Sabrina Rossi!

“Left Behind” by Dale Oliver and Kenneth Nixon blasts throughout the arena as Sabrina Rossi starts to slowly walk out through the curtain. She slowly walks down the ramp and she climbs up onto the apron and she climbs into the ring as she just stares at her opponent.

Michael Buffer: Headed to the ring last, she is the Reigning and Defending XWF Knockouts Champion…”The Queen”, Nikki Everett!

The Union theme music blasts across the arena as Nikki Everett walks onto the stage. The fans boo loudly as Nikki holds up her Womens championship and gives off a smirk. Nikki heads down the ramp and slides into the ring. She hands the title to the referee who attaches the belt to the hanger and the three superstars watch as the belt slowly begins to assend above the ring.

Sabrina Rossi Vs Alex Calaway Vs Nikki Everett (Knockouts Title)

The bell sounds and this match is underway. The three begin circling around the ring with the title hanging above the ring. Nikki Everett goes over to Sabrina Rossi and points at Alex Calaway. It looks like the two are teaming up as they charge at Alex and knock her off her feet. The two begin stomping away at each other and beating her down. Nikki slides out of the ring and grabs a ladder, sliding it inside. She then goes back over to Alex Calaway and hits her with a suplex. Nikki then tells Sabrina to finish her off. Sabrina picks up Calaway and sends her into the corner. Sabrina lifts her up onto the turnbuckle and perhaps going for a superplex. She turns around to give Nikki a thumbs up but then its shocked to find that Nikki is halfway up the ladder trying to grab the belt. Sabrina quickly drops off the turnbuckle and begins to climb the ladder. Both women are up top and Nikki is pleading her case that it was an honest mistake. Alex Calaway gets back into the action and stands at the bottom of the ladder. She grins as she tips the ladder over and both Nikki and Sabrina go flying down.

JBL: This match is brutal and Nikki should not be apart of it!

Michael Cole: This is part of the womens revolution and something we’ve seen women like Sheena Montgomery and Ashley Blade compete in for a long time. Now Nikki is adding it to the womens division.

Alex Calaway picks the ladder back up and centers it under the ring. She starts to cimb and reaches the top. She tries reaching for the title but can’t get it. Nikki Everett back to her feet and she pulls Calaway down. Nikki hits her with a twist of fate type move and sends her down. Nikki grabs the legs and tries for a TCO similar to what Michael would use. She locks it in and Alex Calaway grabs the ropes. Sadly it does no good in this type of match as Nikki continues to apply pressure. Sabrina Rossi back to her feet and superkicks Nikki in the head. Sabrina tries to climb the ladder but notices its not as sturdy as it once was. She climbs under the ring and grabs another ladder. Sabrina puts the head of the ladder in the middle of the first ladder and puts the bottom half on the turnbuckle. Sabrina begins to climb the ladder and reaches for the belt. Calaway climbs the ladder as well. The two begin punching each other back and forth at the top. Nikki back to her feet and she climbs the ladder and all three women are up top. Nikki stands on the ladder placed in the middle. She puts her head underneath the legs of Calaway and slams her down for a powerbomb on top of the ladder. The collision causes the ladder to break and also the first ladder to fall as all three women slam to the mat.

Fans: Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Jerry Lawler: Are they ok? We might need some help out here.

Michael Cole: That was a hard spill and I don’t know how any of them get back up after that.

Sabrina Rossi gets to her feet first and goes underneath the ring again and grabs another ladder. This one the tallest of any we’ve seen this far. She slides it into the ring but Nikki is up and nails a baseball slide that shoves the ladder into Sabrina’s face. Nikki then grabs the ladder and sets it up in the ring. Alex Calaway is up and she hits Nikki with a reverse DDT. Alex Calaway climbs the ladder and this time its easy for her to reach the belt. But now she has to unhook it. She plays with the strap but Nikki is back to her feet and she starts to push the ladder over. Alex Calaway begins to fall and fall out of the ring. Sabrina back up on the outside and she catches Calaway and they both fall down. Nikki Everett alone in the ring now as she climbs the ladder. She grins as she unhooks the belt and this match is over.

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and STILL Knockouts Champion…Nikki Blade!

JBL: A brilliant performance by Nikki as the queen has retained.

Jerry Lawler: Give her credit where its due, that was a hell of a match.

Michael Cole: I don’t think anyone denies the talent of Nikki Everett. But more question the people she associates herself with and…

JBL: How dare you….

Michael Cole: Fans we are taking a commercial break but more great action on the way. The Union successfully defends one title. Can they make it two? We’ll find out a bit later in the show…


Michael Cole: Welcome back folks and before we get to our next match, we have a special announcement to make. At Armageddon we are having a wedding and you are invited!

Michael Cole: Just announced, Preacher and Mindy will tie the knot and will do so on PPV.

JBL: There are few loves greater than what we’ve seen between Preacher and Mindy.

Jerry Lawler: I just hope he gets her to sign a prenup.

Michael Cole: Would you stop it King. Anyway, lets head to the ring for our next match…

Lindsey Calaway & Sheena Montgomery Vs Taylor Matthews & Max Farrell

Both teams are in the ring, our bell sounds, and this match is offically underway. It appears that Sheena Montgomery and Max Farrell are going to start this match off. The two circle around the ring before finally locking up. Max is able to push Sheena into the corner and then starts hammering away on her with big punches to the head. He works in some kicks to the midsection as well, wasting no time. Max grabs Sheena and brings her out into the center of the ring and nails a scoop slam. Max thinks about going for the cover but instead picks up Sheena and tosses her back into the corner again. Max nails a few more punches before irish whipping Sheena into the opposite side of the ring. Max Farrell follows after her with a big splash but Sheena moves out of the way at the last second. It’s Sheena’s turn now to nail some big punches. Hitting him with huge lefts and rights as Max bounces into the ropes. As he returns Sheena Montgomery nails him with a dropkick. Max bounces into her corner and Taylor Matthews makes a tag. Taylor comes into the ring and tries for a clothline but Sheena ducks and nails her with a clothline as well. Sheena grabs Taylor and puts her into an armbar, she cranks away at it and brings Taylor over to her corner where Lindsey Calaway makes the tag. Sheena holds Taylor Matthews arm and Lindsey nails a stiff kick to Taylors midsection. Lindsey follows up with a DDT and goes for a cover….

Pin: 1……………………………..2……

Michael Cole: Only a two count and both teams seem to be working well thus far. There was a lot of wonder if they could, considering neither of these four are tag team wrestlers.

JBL: Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and team with a person you don’t really know. Whatever it takes to get a win in the XWF.

Kickout at two. Lindsey picks up Taylor and locks her into an armbar as well. She locks the hold in for a few seconds but eventually Taylor is able to nail a couple stiff elbows to the head and force Calaway to break the hold. Taylor Matthews brings Calaway over to her corner and tags in Max. Taylor nails Calaway with a sidewalk slam, meanwhile Max is climbing the top rope. He leaps off with a moonsault and goes for a cover….

Pin: 1…………………………………2……………..

Jerry Lawler: The predictable unpredictability of Max Farrell strikes again as he goes off with a high risk move.

JBL: Would you stop saying that. It’s a stupid motto by a stupid man.

Max Farrell works Lindsey into a headlock and begins to apply pressure. Lindsey drops to a knee as he continues the hold. Calaway eventually gets back to her feet and nails him with a back body drop. Lindsey Calaway nails a couple of kick elbows and then goes for another cover…

Pin: 1……………………………….2……………..

Another kickout and Max tries crawling to the corner. Lindsey grabs him by the boot though and drags him over to her corner as she makes a tag back to Sheena Montgomery. Sheena grabs Max by his feet and locks in a sharpshooter. Sheena has it locked in pretty well but she’s no master of the move as Max is able to eventually crawl to the ropes and force Sheena to break the hold. Sheena does as the referee orders and then picks up Max. Sheena puts Max in the middle of the ring and nails him with a piledriver. She quickly gets back up nails a couple of stiff kicks. Sheena then starts to climb the turnbuckle but with her back turned Max quickly gets to his feet and knocks Sheena down off the ropes and Sheena sits on the top turnbuckle. Max begins to climb up and he lifts Sheena up in the air, nailing her with a superplex and both superstars are down. We see Lindsey pounding on the turnbuckle, begging Sheena to tag her in. Both slowly go to their corner. Taylor Matthews gets the tag first and quickly nails an elbow to the back of Sheena and stops her from getting the tag. Taylor drags Sheena back to her corner and nails her with repeated kicks. Taylor picks up Sheena now and nails her with a belly to belly suplex. Taylor tags in Max who climbs the top rope again. Taylor hits Sheena with a scoop slam and Max leaps off with an elbow drop. He goes for a cover…..

Pin: 1……………………………………….2…………

Once again a kickout. Max hits Sheena with a bulldog before tagging back out to Taylor Matthews who enters the ring and begins yelling at Sheena. Lindsey pounds the turnbuckle again, getting the fans to clap along and give Sheena some motivation. Taylor calls for the Matthews Effect! and she lifts her up into the air. Sheena struggles and twists her body until she breaks free. Sheena turns Taylor to face her, kicks her in the midsection and nails her with a spear as both superstars are down. Sheena is the first to move and crawls to her corner, making the hot tag to Lindsey Calaway.

JBL: Come on Taylor, you gotta get out of there!

Lindsey Calaway quickly enters the ring and nails a clothline to Taylor. Max Farrell gets into the ring and jumps on her. He tries putting her in a sleeper but Lindsey grabs him and flips him over her head. Calaway grabs him by the legs and teases putting this match away when suddenly Taylor Matthews attacks her from behind. Taylor nails her with a couple of punches and then irish whips her into the ropes. Calaway comes back though and nails her with a spear. Both wommen are down and the only one moving right now is Max. Suddenly Sheena returns out of nowhere and she begins brawling with Max. They nail each other with big left and right punches and Sheena ends up clothling Max onto the outside. Sheena then leaps off the ropes with a suicide dive and this match has gotten crazy in a hurry. Back inside the ring it appears Taylor will be the one to take charge as she picks up Lindsey Calaway and nails her with the Matthews Effect! Lindsey is down and out but Taylor isn’t finished yet as she calls for one more. Outside the ring again and it appears that somehow Sheena Montgomery has regained composure and throws Max into the steel steps. Taylor picks up Lindsey for another Matthews Effect but Sheena is inside the ring now and nails Taylor with the Last Call! Lindsey Calaway climbs the top rope now and leaps off with the Life Changer! She goes for the cover….




JBL: What?!

Michael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match by Pinfall…Lindsey Calaway and Sheena Montgomery

Michael Cole: The challenger has just pinned the champion. This time in tag team action but you have to wonder how confident Lindsey is feeling right now. Can she do it again? Can she pin Taylor two weeks from now for the Evolution Championship!

Jerry Lawler: Don’t forget about Sheena. She has to be feeling pretty good about her chances against Ashley Blade as well.


Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the United States Championship. On his way to the ring first, the challenger….Daniel Slaine!

“99 Bottles” by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, he is the Reigning and Defending United States Champion…. Jackson Bryant!

The Union theme music blasts across the arena as Jackson Bryant makes his way onto the stage. The fans boo loudly as Jackson walks down the ramp, keeping his eyes on Slaine. Jackson climbs into the ring and goes to his corner as its time for our Main Event.

Daniel Slaine Vs Jackson Bryant (US Title Match)

We have a bell and the two circle the center of the ring, and lock up. Both testing each other before eventually breaking. They circle and lock up again and Jackson Bryant with an arm drag takeover. Another lockup and Daniel Slaine backs Bryant into the corner. Bryant with an arm drag, and another, into an arm bar to slow the pace. Slaine gets to a vertical base and elbows Bryant in the head. Jackson Bryant front suplexes Slaine across the middle of the top ropes and then lands a field goal kick to the ribs of a fallen Slaine, and another. Bryant with another arm bar. Daniel Slaine back to his feet and gets sent to the ropes and kicks Bryant in the gut. Slaine back off the ropes and Bryant lands a nice spinning heel kick. Slaine rolls outside and Jackson Bryant climbs the ropes and hits a flying cross body onto Slaine on the outside. Slaine gets inside the ring first and tries to bring Bryant in with the delayed DDT , but instead Bryant reverses into a sharpshooter but Slaine quickly wriggles free. Slaine applies a headlock to Jackson Bryant on the mat. Bryant battles to a vertical base and lands elbows to break free. He goes to the ropes, and Slaine lands a dropkick and a cover….

Pin: 1…………………..

One count as Slaine applies a sleeper on the mat now.

Michael Cole: For Slaine this about revenge almost as much as its about the title. We saw what Jackson did to Ashley and it was horrible.

JBL: It was self-defense and anyone without bias can see it. Ashley should mind her own business and not put her hands on Jackson.

Jackson Bryant now gets sent to the corner. Bryant springs off and it looks like the two collide heads accidentally. Both men are down for a count. They are both up at eight and now exchange blows. Bryant hits a flying forearm, and then some shoulder blocks as he bounces off the ropes. Finally, he lands a clothesline and a cover….

Pin: 1……………………………….2……………

Jackson Bryant on the second rope and lands a drop kick to the head. Bryant off the ropes and Slaine hits a snap powerslam. Another cover now…

Pin: 1………………………………………2………

Daniel Slaine looking for an KTFO, but Bryant counters into a backslide and gets a two count. Slaine sends Bryant into the turnbuckle headfirst. Bryant tries to apply a sharpshooter but Slaine reverses into an inside cradle. Two count. Bryant hits a big insiguri kick to the back of the head, followed by a running bulldog. Jackson Bryant getting a little risky now. Begining to climb the top rope and thats not something we see from him often. He leaps off but Slaine gets the knees up as a reversal. The champ then connects on an inverted backbreaker. Slaine goes for an KTFO but Bryant shoves him off. Bryant hits a Freeze Flame! and goes for the pin…



Michael Cole: NO! A kickout at two and how insulting was that? Jackson using the finisher of Josh Graves and that was a clear message sent to Ashley who is no doubt watching this somewhere tonight.

Jackson Bryant charges Daniel Slaine in the corner who back body drops him over the ropes to the outside. Bryant charges Slaine, who sidesteps and Bryant flies over the announce…

Michael Cole: Look out!

Daniel Slaine back inside the ring, and Bryant climbs the ropes and hits a flying forearm smash. Bryant calling for the Freeze Flame again but Slaine catches him and tosses him into the corner. Bryant bounces off and Daniel Slaine is waiting. He nails the KTFO and here’s the cover….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and NEW United States Champion….Daniel Slaine!

Michael Cole: There you have it folks, a new champion and hold on!!

Suddenly Michael Everett storms the ring and attacks Daniel Slaine from behind. He begins stomping away at him and beating him down. Jackson eventually gets to his feet and begins attacking Slaine as well.

Michael Cole: Slaine might of won the title but it looks like The Union is going to try to end his career before he can defend that title.

Michael Everett climbs out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He slides back in and slams the chair over Daniel Slaine as the fans boo loudly. Michael orders Jackson to pick up Slaine and he does. Michael aims the chair at Slaine’s head and goes to swing when suddenly the crowd cheers. Out runs Ethan Jones and he slides into the ring. Ethan Jones spears Jackson and Michael quickly runs out of the ring.

JBL: The hell is he doing out here?!

Michael Everett grabs Jackson and the two begin running up the entrance ramp. Ethan Jones checks on Slaine and then grabs a microphone.

Ethan Jones: I came back to XWF when I found out that I could win the XWF Invitational and get my hands around your skinny little neck Michael. Now I know I didn’t win that tournament and I don’t know how many matches I have left in this company. But I do know I have at least ONE more match.

Jerry Lawler: You don’t think….

Ethan Jones: At Armageddon it’s going to be ME against YOU! And you don’t have to worry about that title. I’m not coming for it. I’M COMING FOR YOUR CAREER!

Michael looks like he’s just seen a ghost and can’t believe whats going on. It appears Michael has a date at the PPV and he’s going to be forced into the ring with Ethan Jones as Inferno comes to a close…