We open up to a sold out crowd for XWF Inferno. The fans are on their feet and ready for some action. Luckily we arn’t wasting any time as Buffer stands in the ring for our first match of the night…

Michael Buffer: Welcome everyone to the opening match of the evening. It is another round out the XWF invitational. Making he way to the ring first being accompanied by Daniel Slaine…. Ashley Blade!

Legends Rise by Godsmack hits and Ashley comes out along side Daniel as they make their way to the ring. The fans are cheering as they walk down the ramp heading to the ring. They get to the steps as Ashley goes to climb up he takes her by the hand pulling her back to him and locking a kiss right in front of the fans.

JBL: Oh come on!! We didn’t come to see this!

Michael Cole: Well Its great to see Ashley actually be happy and maybe tonight she will be even happier.

JBL: Taylor Matthews is going to put a stop to that happiness!!

Ashley pulls back and smiles as she climbs the steps and gets into the ring and Daniel takes his spot by the turnbuckle on the other side.

Michael Buffer: And her opponent, she hails from Houston, Texas and she is the Evolution Champion…. Taylor Matthews!

Fighter by Christina Aguilera begins to play and out walks Taylor Matthews. She gets a strong reaction from the crowd as she walks down the entrance ramp and slaps a few fans hands. Taylor walks up the steel steps and climbs up the turnbuckle, raising her arms high in the air. Taylor jumps down and heads to her corner.

Ashley Blade Vs Taylor Matthews

Ashley and Taylor lock up, Taylor getting the first advantage and pushing Ashley to the ropes. Ashley whips off into the other side, ducks a return clothesline from Taylor, leapfrogs Taylor as she ducks, and then comes to a crashing halt when Taylor swings a short arm clothesline at her, which connects with Ashley’s neck and forces her to the ground.

Michael Cole: Taylor taking the early advantage.

Taylor continues the assault and lifts Ashley, whipping her into the ropes and hitting a t-bone suplex on the return.She drops down for a pin….

Pin: 1……………………….

Taylor Matthews lifts Ashley again and pushes her into the corner, delivering right and left hands to the stomach of Ashley. She finishes the series with a knife-edge chop and jumps onto the turnbuckle as Ashley stumbles away, jumping off the second turnbuckle and grabbing Ashley’s neck, hitting a neck snap. She hooks Ashley’s leg again and covers…

Pin: 1……………………………..2…….

Taylor refuses to relent and hammers Ashley with some rights and lefts before hooking the leg again.

Pin: 1……………………………………..2……..

Taylor Matthews looks at the referee with malice and lifts Ashley, whipping her into the ropes and clotheslining her yet again.

Michael Cole: This is ridiculous. Taylor won’t stop for anything.

JBL: You know why she’s in control? Because it’s do or die in the tournament. Taylor wins, she moves on and only one match away from facing Everett.

Taylor Matthews locks in a Texas Cloverleaf and drags Ashley to the middle of the ring. Ashley yells in pain as Taylor applies and puts pressure on the hold. Ashley moves slowly towards the ropes, slowly, but instead of grabbing them, Ashley uses all of her weight to throw Taylor forward through the ropes and to the outside of the ring. The crowd cheer as Ashley steps back, and as Taylor gets to her feet, Ashley hits the ropes and takes a suicide dive through the ropes to spear Taylor into the back wall, however Ashley’s head also hits the wall and her neck moves at an awkward angle, and both women fall to the floor in pain. Daniel rushes over, he looks at Taylor then quickly goes to Ashley checking her

Michael Cole: That does not look pretty. Ashleys history with head injuries….this cant be good.

Ashley Blade slowly gets to her feet, as does Taylor and Daniel steps to the side letting them get back to it.. Ashley takes quick advantage and jumps, putting her legs on Taylor’s shoulders and her hands on the apron, but Taylor counters and lifts Ashley by her legs, and moves Ashley like a board, dropping her torso-first onto the barricade. Ashley is winded and collapses on the ring side of the barricade, while Taylor takes a moment to catch her breath. Ashley gets to her knees and this time Taylor takes a run-up on the outside of the ring, hitting a shining wizard on Ashley and knocking her head back into the steel steps. A trickle of blood runs down the back of Ashley’s neck and we can see she has been busted open. Taylor sees it too and grins, throwing Ashley back into the ring. She follows her in and covers her quickly…

Pin: 1………………………………..2……….

Ashley still kicks out! Taylor is furious and hits the ropes, hitting a running kitchen sink on Ashley, winding her further. Ashley collapses again in the middle of the ring and Taylor locks in an inverted bow and arrow submission, driving her knees into Ashley’s stomach. Ashley tries to breathe but Taylor is choking her too rapidly and Ashley begins scratching at the air. The referee grabs her hand and drops it, but Ashley stops it halfway towards the ground and raises it. Daniel is banging the ring apron, trying to get Ashley to stir. Taylor tries to apply the hold harder but Ashley shifts her weight, rolling Taylor back over and Ashley breaks free of Taylor’s arms. Ashley rolls outside of the ring and Taylor goes to the ropes, but Ashley has jumped around the turnbuckle and to the adjoining side of the ring, and as Taylor moves to her, Ashley grabs the second and top rope, swinging through and kicking Taylor in the back.

Michael Cole: Look at the speed of these two. It’s so quick, one taking advantage straight after the other.

JBL: Are you kidding? Taylor’s had control since the start! Ashley’s getting more and more injured – at this rate she’ll be too tired to fight by the end of the match.

Ashley ascends the turnbuckle and hits a jumping spinning neckbreaker as the crowd roar. Ashley covers Taylor….

Pin: 1………………………………2……………

Taylor kicks out. Ashley lifts Taylor, clutching at her stomach, and lifts Taylor into a delayed vertical suplex. Ashley spins around to nail the move but she is still grabbing her chest afterwards.

Michael Cole: Taylor may have done some serious damage here to Ashley! She’s holding her chest and stomach pretty often.

Jerry Lawler: That’s Taylor’s type of match – injure your opponent early, wear them down, and then go in for the kill.

Ashley stands, hitting the ropes, and nails a running enzuigiri as Taylor stands. Taylor collapses just as fast as she stood and Ashley springboards the second rope to hit a Lionsault, covering Taylor….

Pin: 1…………………………………….2………

Ashley Blade stands and grabs Taylor, and goes for the stunner, but Taylor counters and hits Taylor and Lightning from nowhere! She locks in the Cobra Clutch on Ashley and Ashley has nowhere to go!

Michael Cole: From nowhere, Taylor takes advantage! Ashley has almost no choice!

JBL: Tap, damnit, tap!

Ashley raises her hand but does not tap, reaching for the rope! Taylor pulls back with everything she can but Ashley exerts more force, taking a large reach with her arm and grabbing the rope with the tips of her fingers. The referee tells Taylor to release the hold, but Taylor refuses, holding on until the referee counts 4 to release it. The referee condones Taylor and Taylor turns back to Ashley, but Ashley hits a drop toehold on Taylor and Taylor is hung on the second rope. Ashley sees the situation and hits the other ropes, coming back, and swinging through the ropes, but Taylor moves! Ashley spins in the ring and Taylor grabs her, Matthews Effect!

Jerry Lawler: This is it!

JBL: Go for the pin, Taylor!




NO! Ashley kicks out AGAIN and Taylor is in utter disbelief. Taylor goes to yell at the ref and turns back to Ashley, grabbing her in position for the Matthews Effect again but Ashley wriggles out and turns Taylor around, DROP KICK! Ashley follows up by climbing the turnbuckle and jumping into the air, the crowd cheering as Ashley nails the Blade Cutter! Ashley completes the moveset by grabbing Taylor’s legs and turning her over, hooking in the TCO! Daniel gives off a yes!! As she locks it in.

Michael Cole: Again with Everetts move, clearly a message!

JBL: Ropes, Taylor, get the ropes! Ashley shows no respect!!

Taylor raises her hand, grabbing for the ropes, but cannot reach them! Taylor yells in pain as Ashley cinches in the hold, and Taylor raises her arm, and brings it down! Taylor taps!

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Submissoin….Ashley Blade!

Michael Cole: Thats it! Ashley moves on!!

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but at what cost? Ashley put everything into that match tonight and she still has another round to go.

Michael Cole: Will it be against Sheena or Ethan? We still have much more action before we answer that question.


We return from commercial break with Brett Myles standing in the middle of the ring. He has a microphone in his hand and begins to speak while the fans the boo loudly.

Brett Myles: Last week that loser Ethan Jones got a lucky victory over yours truely. But it appears that despite advancing in the tournament, poor Ethan got his panties in a twist because I took it upon myself to attack him before the match started. But Ethan isn’t a real man. How do I know this? Because he sent that bitch Daniel Slaine to do his dirty work. So Daniel I want you to come out here so I can send a message to your mentor…

Michael Buffer: And his opponent…..Daniel Slaine!

“99 Bottles” Stellar Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp.

Jerry Lawler: I’m not sure if Myles is dumb or cocky but Daniel doesn’t look very happy.

Michael Cole: He’s not wasting any time heading to the ring.

Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Brett Myles Vs Daniel Slaine

The bell sounds and Brett Myles wastes no time charging at Slaine. It turns out to be a mistake though as Slaine nails him with a spear that wipes him off his feet. Daniel Slaine picks up Myles and sends him to the turnbuckle. Slaine hits Myles with a couple of kicks in the corner before following up with a running bulldog. Daniel Slaine slowly picks up Myles and hits him with the KTFO. Daniel goes for the cover….



No. Daniel lifts up Myles shoulder at the last second and now he’s just toying with him. Daniel Slaine lifts up a finger, asking the fans if they want another and they cheer loudly. Daniel Slaine picks up Brett Myles and hits him with a second KTFO. Daniel puts his foot on the chest of Myles and the referee counts.




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match Stellar Pinfall…..Daniel Slaine!

JBL: Perhaps one of the most disrespectful performances I’ve ever seen. He had the man beat but decided to show off instead.

Michael Cole: Come on JBL. After everything Myles said prior to the match? If this was Michael EverettI have a feeling you’d be saying differently.

JBL: Shut up!

Michael Cole: Anyway….it’s time we shift focus to our next match. Three of the top women in this business are ready to compete. And for Lindsey Calaway, its a chance to rebound after coming up just short in the Evolution Championship match just a few weeks ago.

Jerry Lawler: Bring on the puppies!

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring first, she hails from London, England….Astrid Stellar!

The lights turn off and pink lights sprinkle acrross the field of people. People scream as Astrids small figure emerges from backstage. She stands on top of the ramp, and gazes out into the sea of fans chanting her name. She makes her way down the ramp, ignoring the people reaching out to touch her. She makes her way to the ring then skips up the stairs. She then makes her way to the center of the rings edge and stands against the rope before flipping over the top rope, landing on her feet. She then spins and walks to the center of the ring, her hands up in the air, as the fans continue to a mix of cheers and boos. Turning, she looks back up the ramp, as she backs up and sits on the middle rope anticipating her opponents entrance.

Michael Buffer: On her way to the ring next, hailing from Philadelphia…..Victoria Scott!

“Again” Stellar Flyleaf blasts through the arena…”The Bombshell” Victoria Scott walks down the ramp smiling as she walks down the ramp hugging fans then she climbs up on the apron and climbs into the ring.

Michael Buffer: Finally, making her way to the ring last. She hails from Arlington Texas. “One of a Kind” …..Lindsey Calaway!

The Lights go out and Lindsey’s video comes up on the titan tron as smoke come up from the top of the ramp as Nightmare Stellar Avenged Sevenfold plays on P.A system as Lindsey walks out. She walks through the smoke as she flings her hair back and stand on top of the ramp looking into the crowd.She holds up both of her hands in the air as she forms them into the rock and roll sign and the fans stand on their feet for her.

The fans cheer their heads off as Lindsey walks down the ramp with a smile on her face. Lindsey slides into the ring and jumps up onto the turnbuckle and looks into the crowd, pointing at some of the fans that have homemade signs for her. Lindsey jumps down and pull her hair out of her face, walking over to her corner and waiting for the bell.

Astrid Stellar Vs Victoria Scott Vs Lindsey Calaway

The bell sounds to make this one official and all three knockouts stare each other down. Lindsey Calaway tries to clothesline Victoria Scott, but Victoria ducks and attacks both opponents, tossing Lindsey Calaway over the top and out to the floor. Victoria tries for a quick roll up, but hot shots Astrid Stellar into the canvas when that doesn’t work. Lindsey Calaway stands on the outside, taking her time and not in any rush to return to the ring. Meanwhile, Stellar recovers and tosses Victoria to the outside. Lindsey goes after Victoria but Victoria Scott slams Lindsey Calaway’s head into the apron before sending her back into the ring for a pump-handle slam from Stellar. Goes for a cover now….

Pin: 1………………………2…………

Victoria Scott comes in to break up a pin and tries for an SCF on Astrid Stellar, but Stellar shrugs it off. Victoria stuns Lindsey with a big shot, then walks into a huge kick from Stellar. Another cover….

Pin: 1………………………………………2………….

Michael Cole: Everyone for themselves tonight. We talked about Lindsey looking to rebound but how about the other women in this match.

JBL: Astrid is still looking for her first win in XWF and Victoria is as dangerous as ever. You can never count her out and she’s looking for another Womens title match.

Michael Cole: She might earn one with a win tonight but Stellar might have something to say about it. Look at her going after Victoria….

Stellar stomps on Victoria while she’s down. Victoria tries to mount a comeback, but Stellar catches her with another stiff kick to the gut. Stellar cuts Lindsey Calaway off from coming back into the ring, but the distraction leads to her getting hung up on the top rope when she misses a kick. Lindsey heads into the ring and avoids a neckbreaker from Victoria Scott, hitting a big boot instead. Lindsey Calaway takes Victoria into the corner and kicks and punches away at her. Lindsey now grabbing Stellar and nails her with a superkick out of nowhere. Cover now…



Michael Cole: No! Only a two count.

Jerry Lawler: Lindsey came into XWF and made a splash. She’s looking to make another tonight and continue to build on her legacy.

Lindsey Calaway goes back to Victoria and slams her face into the canvas. Victoria tries to fight back, but Lindsey Calaway hits her with a series of clubbing blows to the back. Victoria comes back with a series of rights and kicks, but Lindsey Calaway comes up with a giant side suplex that plants Victoria Scott on the back of her head. Astrid Stellar comes in and attacks Lindsey in the corner, viciously stomping away. Stellar whips Lindsey Calaway into the opposite corner, but runs into a big clothesline from Victoria. Victoria catches both men with clotheslines and kicks before tossing Lindsey Calaway into Stellar. Victoria hits Stellar with the corner clothesline and catches Stellar with a shoulder to the gut. Victoria hits a double axe handle to Astrid Stellar before going for a pin on Lindsey…..

Pin: 1………………………………………2………….

Kickout once again. Victoria Scott attempts a figure-four, but Stellar avoids it and hits her with a fameasser. Stellar tries to pin Victoria Scott, but Lindsey Calaway breaks it up before the count can begin. Victoria avoids a back suplex from Lindsey Calaway and hits a huge torando DDT. Stellar tosses Victoria from the ring and goes for the pin on Lindsey…..



NO! Victoria drags Stellar out of the ring and stops the count. Victoria traps Lindsey Calaway’s leg in the corner and hits a running dropkick before trying for the figure four. Lindsey Calaway kicks her off into Stellar’s arms. Victoria reverses Astrid Stellar and tosses Lindsey Calaway out of the ring. Victoria nails Astrid with a huge DDT. Lindsey back on the apron and she jumps off the ropes and nails a huge phenomenal forearm to Victoria. Astrid back up but Lindsey kicks her in the midsection and hits her with an enziguri. Both women down and Lindsey knows what to do next. She climbs the turnbuckle and looks down at Astrid whose closest to her. Lindsey leaps off with her finisher, the Life Changer! and nails it to perfection. She goes for a cover and could this be it….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….Lindsey Calaway!

Michael Cole: A huge victory of Lindsey here tonight as she overcame the odds of a tough triple threat match.

Jerry Lawler: No one can every question the toughness of Lindsey. She comes ready to fight every single night.

Michael Cole: No doubt about it and….hold on just a second.

Fighter by Christina Aguilera begins to play and out walks Taylor Matthews. She gets a strong reaction from the crowd as she walks down the entrance ramp and slaps a few fans hands. Taylor walks up the steel steps and gets into the ring. She meets face to face with Lindsey Calaway as the two exchange a few words. Taylor removes her Evolution Championship and raises it above their heads.

JBL: Things are starting to heat up…

Michael Cole: I’m not a great lip reader but I think Taylor Matthews is telling Lindsey that if you want some, come get some. And Lindsey isn’t backing down. She wants another shot at the Evo title and the only question now is when…

The two continue to exchange words as security quickly rushes into the ring, seperating the two before things get even more heated as we head into a commercial break.


We return from commercial break with Alex Calaway already inside the ring. She paces back and forth as Michael Buffer introduces her. The camera then goes to Buffer as we continue with our next introduction.

Michael Buffer: And the opponent…he hails from Parts Unknown…..The Preacher!

The lights begin to flicker, and the screen flashes up bright white blinding everyone in attendance. The crowd automatically boo as the words ‘PREACHER’ come across the screen in big black bold letters, only briefly before being replaced by a black crucifix in the center of the screen. Smoke begins bellowing out from the entrance way eclipsing the XWF logo behind. No music plays as the lights turn to complete darkness, and a single spotlight shines down onto the stage.

Then, the dark figure of Preacher along with his beautiful valet, Mindy, step out from behind the smoke, as they make their way to the top of the ramp. Dressed head to toe in a dark suit, he begins slowly gliding down the ramp towards the ring. Fans boo him either side but children have a look of fear in their eyes as he walks past them. At the bottom of the ramp he stops, removing his suit jacket and tie and handing it over to Mindy to take care of. He then rolls into the ring, and stands in the center of the ring, arms wide in a cross position, as the lights come back on in the arena.

Alex Calaway Vs Preacher

The bell sounds and our next match is underway. The two tie up with a quick test of strength before Preacher nails Calaway with a kick to the midsection and then follows it up with an arm lock. Preacher continues to apply pressure but eventually Calaway flips herself around and is able to break free. She sweeps the legs of Preacher and then hovers over top of him, pounding away with closed fists until eventually the referee breaks things up as Preacher wraps himself around the bottom rope. Preacher climbs back to his feet but Alex is right there with more punches. She leans Preacher into the ropes and then delivers a hard chop to his chest. Alex Calaway grabs Preacher and irish whips him off the ropes. She goes for a clothline but Preacher ducks it and connects with a Cradle DDT. Preacher with a quick cover…

Pin: 1…………………….

Preacher waits for Calaway to get back to her feet and then proceeds to nail her with a belly to belly suplex. Preacher follows with a series of elbow drops on Alex. Alex Calaway crawls towards the rope and picks herself up. Preacher charges at her but Calaway nails a hard elbow and backs Preacher up. Calaway then jumps onto the ropes and springs off them with a flying lariat. Alex with the cover now….

Pin: 1…………………………………..2……….

Michael Cole: Only a two count but Alex Calaway is starting to get some momentum and is making this a close contest.

JBL: She can try all she wants but after my amazing interview with Preacher I’m confident who the winner is going to be.

Preacher and Alex Calaway are trading punches now. Calaway hits a knee to the midsection of Preacher to slow him down. She charges at Preacher now but Preacher side-steps her and Alex nearly crashes to the floor. Alex Calaway catches herself and runs to the top rope. She comes down with a forearm attempt but Preacher caught her coming down. Preacher wraps his arms around her and nails her with a belly-to-belly suplex. Both superstars are down now as the referee begins his double-count. Preacher is back to his feet first, followed by Calaway. Alex runs at Preacher but Preacher avoids her and nails her with a huge running clothesline. Preacher stands back up and watches Alex crawl her way to the corner. “Glory to God in the Highest!” Preacher yells before nailing her with a splash in the corner. Preacher is firmly in control of the offense. Neckbreaker by Preacher as he continues his offense and goes for a cover.

Pin: 1………………………………2………..

Preacher slowly picks her up but Alex Calaway suddenly gets a burst of energy. She nails him with an enziguri that sends him into the ropes. Alex Calaway runs at him with a splash and connects. She goes to the opposite corner and charges again for a second splash but this time Preacher hits her with a big boot. Preacher picks Calaway up and hits her with the Crucifix!




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….Preacher!

Mindy climbs into the ring and celebrates with Preacher. The fans boo loudly as they hover over a fallen Alex Calaway who gave her all in this match.

JBL: It’s Preachers world and we are living in it.

Michael Cole: Another dominate performance by Preacher who continues to pick up one win after the other. There’s no denying that he’s doing things his way.


Michael Cole: Welcome back and its time for the Main Event. We found out earlier tonight that Ashley Blade will advance in this tournament but now its time for our last match. Who will Ashley face? We find out in just a few minutes…

The camera pans down to Michael Buffer for introductions…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your Main Event of the evening. On his way to the ring first…Ethan Jones!

“This Is War” blasts across the arena as Ethan Jones walks out onto the stage with a strong reaction from the crowd. The fireworks shoot out behind him as he walks down the ramp and heads towards the ring.

Michael Buffer: And the opponent, she hails from Joliet, Montana….The Montana Madpony….Sheena Montgomery!

“Drinking My Baby Goodbye” by the Charlie Daniels band begins playing over the PA system. Sheena then walks out, strutting, whirling, and twirling just totally into it as she makes her way down to the ring, stopping nearest the guardrail by the steps. She lets a fan, often a child, give her a quick good luck peck on the cheek, which she returns before shooting up the stairs and hopping over the ropes. She climbs the turnbuckle and once on top of it, she turns her hands into six shooters firing off towards the crowd before blowing them out and hopping down.

Ethan Jones Vs Sheena Montgomery

The bell rings as Sheena Montgomery and Ethan Jones meet at the center of the ring. The two wrestlers begin circling around the ring before locking up. Jones puts Sheena into a headlock and eventually takes her down. Sheena is able to fight her way back to her feet and Sheena pushes Jones back into the corner to break the hold. Sheena backs off and we get another lock up. Jones goes right back into a headlock and Sheena pulls on his hair. Sheena turns things around with a headlock of her own. These two are clearly evenly matched as neither superstar is giving an inch. Jones fights off the headlock but falls pray to a shoulderblock. Sheena kicks away at Jones and than proceeds to rile up the crowd as they cheer loudly.

Michael Cole: Both competitors have gotten so far in this tournament but its a reality that only one of them can advance.

JBL: How far are they willing to go? To win a match like this you have to put everything on the line.

Sheena Montgomery picks up Jones but Jones cuts her off and slows her down with a big dropkick. Jones wrenches on Sheena’s arm across her shoulder, then does it again before kicking at Sheena’s leg to drop her to a knee. Sheena stands back up and flips Jones over her shoulder and than follows up with a sidewalk slam. Sheena shakes her arm, feeling the effects. Sheena stands on Jones’s ankle and stomps down hard. She then rakes Jones’s face across her boot and stomps on him for a cover….

Pin: 1…………………………………..2…………..

Only a two count as Sheena picks herself back up and kicks Jones in the midsection. She grabs his legs and locks him into a texas cloverleaf. Jones is trapped in the middle of the ring and yells from the pain. Sheena continues the hold while Jones claws his way to the ropes and eventually reaches it. Sheena keeps the hold locked in until the referee gets to four and then breaks the hold. Jones tries to pick himself up by the ropes but Sheena comes through with a 619 type move through the ropes and Jones falls backwards. Sheena climbs the top rope now and waits for Jones to get back up. Sheena leaps off with a blockbuster and she goes for a cover…

Pin: 1………………………………….2……….

Once again a two count but Sheena remains in control. Sheena picks up Jones and tosses him outside the ring. Sheena follows up by grabbing Ethan Jones and tosses him into the steel steps. Jones lands hard on his back and Sheena kicks him a few times for good measure. We’ve got well beyond a 10 count in this match but the referee isn’t going to toss this match out. Not with so much at stake in this match. Sheena begins to clear off one of the announce tables and then goes back to Jones. Jones nails Sheena Montgomery with a couple punches and then a jawbreaker that stuns her. Sheena leans against the security pading as Jones charges at her with a spear and they both go through the padded wall. Both superstars are down and the fans begin cheering once again.

Jerry Lawler: This match has gotten out of control but did we really expect anything else?

Ethan Jones is the first to his feet and picks Sheena back up. He rolls her back into the ring. Ethan picks her up again and this time he nails her with the Ethan Effect! Ethan with the cover…




NO! Sheena Montgomery kicks out at the last second and not many thought she would. Ethan in clear control now as he picks her up and sends her to the ropes. He nails dropkick and then follows up with a clothline. Sheena refuses to stay down though, picking herself back up and wanting to keep fighting. Ethan Jones lifts her up in the air, it looks like a torture rack type move as he starts working on her back. The referee asks Sheena if she wants tap but she refuses. Eventually she breaks free and kicks Ethan Jones in the midsection followed by a DDT out of nowhere. Sheena with a cover…

Pin: 1……………………..2……….

Another kickout in this match. Both superstars get up at the same time. Ethan Jones goes for a punch but Sheena blocks it and delivers one of her own. Ethan tries for another punch but Sheena Montgomery blocks it again and this time nails a kick. She hits him with a series of kicks now and backs him up into the ropes. Sheena clothlines him over the top rope and onto the outside. Sheena then sends herself into the ropes and leaps onto the outside with a suicide dive. Both superstars out on the floor once again but this time its Sheena Montgomery that gets to her feet first. Sheena tosses Jones back into the ring and follows after him. She hits him with a suplex and then climbs the top rope. Sheena leaps off with a frog splash and a cover…

Pin: 1………………………………2…………….

Michael Cole: You can feel the tide start to turn, you can feel Sheena giving it her all. Putting it all on the line in this match.

As Cole is saying that see Sheena picking up Ethan Jones. She tries for a suplex but Ethan hooks the leg. He counters it with a suplex of his own. He lifts her into the air but Sheena breaks free and nails the Last Call out of nowhere. Sheena hooks the leg and covers…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….Sheena Montgomery!

Sheena can’t believe it but she’s won. We see Ashley Blade running out to the ring and sliding in. She congratulates Sheena and then goes over to check on Ethan. Suddenly the music of Stephanie blasts across the arena. The three superstars in the ring turn their attention to her and the fans cheer loudly.

Stephanie: Let me start by saying that, that….was a hell of a match.

Michael Cole: The reason why this tournament is so popular is because of the dream matches we get to watch and this was no doubt one of them.

Jerry Lawler: And its not over yet…

Stephanie: We now know that it will be Ashley Blade against Sheena Montgomery in the finals. A match that will have these great fans on the edge of their seats. However, with that said…

You are beautiful on the inside
You are innocence personified
And I will drag you down and sell you out
Run away

Suddenly Michael Everett walks onto the stage with the World Title on his shoulder and a cocky grin on his face. He is also holding a microphone in his hand as he begins to speak.

Michael Everett: Go ahead Steph, tell them the big news…

Stephanie: The match between Sheena and Ashley will not be taking place at the next Inferno like we originally thought. Due a recent legal issue brought up by Michael’s attorneys. He will not be made to defend his title next month. Therefor, the match between Sheena and Ashley will happen at Armegeddon. The winner of that match will then go on to face Michael, for the World Title at the following PPV, Lockdown.

JBL: That sounds like a great idea.

Michael Cole: You’ve got to be kidding me. Clearly Michael is scared of who he’s going to face and is trying to buy as much time as possible.

Jerry Lawler: Cowardly or Smart? Regardless, it appears that XWF Management has their hands tied and Michael will continue to rest while his potential challengers battle it out.

Ashley and Sheena has disgusted looks on their faces while Michael laughs. They eventually turn their attention on each other though. Knowing they must face in the ring before either gets a shot at the gold as the show comes to a close.