We are live to a sold out crowd here at the XWF Arena. The camera pans around to the fans who are ready for another episode of Inferno. In fact, it’s the final Inferno before our next PPV and that means anything and everything can happen. We go down to our commentary crew now of Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Michael Cole welcomes us to the show and again mentions that this is the final Inferno before the PPV. But before he can continue talking we hear the music of Jason Thunder as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring. He has a microphone in hand and begins to speak.

Jason Thunder talks about being just a few weeks from the PPV where he defends his World title against Daniel Slaine. Jason asks what Slaine has done lately? He asks why Daniel is even getting a title shot? Jason Thunder says its a new era in XWF and he’s going to bring the Thunder on Daniel Slaine.

Jason Thunder VS CJ Walker

CJ Walker took a series of moves that concluded with Jason Thunder dropkicking him while he was seated. Walker rolled to ringside and had a cut on the bridge of his nose. Thunder followed to the floor and ended up being slammed onto the apron. Thunder came back with a kick to the face and connected with additional kicks. Thunder went for a springboard move and leapt right into a punch from CJ. In the end, Jason THunder avoided a kick and then caught CJ Walker in an inside cradle for the win.

Jason Thunder defeated CJ Walker via Pinfall.

Up next its womens action. We see a highlight from Asena’s debut. Putting up a fight against Angel but getting dominated at the end and after the match. She’ll look to turn things around this week.

Asena Love Vs Malaboo Dreamstone

Malaboo Dreamstone kicked Asena Love in the back prior to the bell ringing. She then choked her with her letter jacket against the ropes. Malaboo landed a clothesline in the corner. She attempted a front handspring, but Asena caught her and set her up in the corner for a running knee strike. Asena went under the ring and grabbed a chair from under the ring and set it up. She used it as a launchpad for a dropkick, and then tossed Malaboo back in the ring. Asena Love then followed up with the Broken Love! for the three count.

Asena Love defeats Malaboo Dreamstone via Pinfall.

We get a highlight now from Jason Thunder’s comments about Daniel Slaine as the commentary team hypes the Main Event of our next PPV. Daniel Slaine looks to get back the title he’s held on multiple occassions while Jason Thunder looks to show the world it wasn’t a fluke win.

Daniel Slaine Vs Mike Dimter

Daniel Slaine ended up at ringside early in the match. Mike Dimter tried to dive onto him. Slaine caught him and stumbled back into the barricade, but stayed on his feet. Daniel threw a clothesline at ringside. Back in the ring, Slaine threw another clothesline and then a KTFO to make easy work of Mike Dimter.

Daniel Slaine defeats Mike Dimter via Pinfall.


Nikki Everett Vs Sabrina Rossi

Sabrina Rossi hit a few headbutts and even got a low dropkick that sent Nikki Everett to the corner. Nikki gained advantage with a release German suplex. Nikki continued with a short clothesline from the left arm and eventually locked in Michael’s TCO for the submission tapout.

Nikki Everett defeats Sabrina Rossi via Submission.

After the match we go backstage where it appears all hell is breaking lose. Daniel Slaine and Jason Thunder are going after each other until security comes in to break the two apart. It doesn’t last long though as Slaine breaks free and goes after Jason as more security rushes in to seperate them.

Max Farrell Vs Lucifer Morningstar

Max entered the match looking like he had a few drinks again this week. It allowed for quick work by Lucifer Morningstar who eventually hit the Kiss of the Devil! for a quick three count.

Lucifer Morningstar def. Max Farrell via Pinfall.

After the match Max Farrell quickly got out of the ring where he was met by Kevin Kronic wanting to know why Max is acting like this. Max shoved Kevin but Kevin shoved him right back as Max fell on the ramp. Kevin Kronic told him to get his act together and that he would be wrestling at the PPV. Kevin Kronic told him if he came out the same away again, he’d be fired.

Michael Cole did a final rundown for our next PPV Card highlighted by Daniel Slaine Vs Jason Thunder for the World title as Inferno came to a close.