Our scene opens up inside an empty area at the XWF Performance Center. We cut right away to our commentary team of Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler as they welcome us to the show.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to XWF and what a show we have for you tonight. Two title matches taking place as Daniel Slaine and Lindsey Calaway put their titles on the line. Along with a huge main event.

JBL: The Union once again in action and I have a feeling we are going to see a repeat of last week.

Michael Cole: Obviously you are talking about the huge upset when Nikki and Michael beat Daniel Slaine and Sheena Montgomery. This week though Sheena will be teaming with Ashley and looking for different results.

Jerry Lawler: Two women who both want their hands on Michael Everett.

Michael Cole: But as I mentioned just moments ago, we have two title matches tonight as we prepare for Lockdown. We are going to start with one of those matches right now. The card changing a bit as Daniel Slaine will help us open up the show. But we have no doubts this match should be a great one. Lets head down to the ring for our opening match…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the United States Championship. Making his way to the ring first. He hails from San Diego,California… Josh Blade!

Josh’s music blasts through the arena as Josh Blade makes his way out onto the stage. The lights dim and the lights follow him down the stage. He walks up the steel steps and into the ring.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, he is the reigning and defending United States Champion… Daniel Slaine!

“99 Bottles” by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Josh Blade Vs Daniel Slaine (US Title Match)

We have a bell and the two circle the center of the ring, and lock up. Both testing each other before eventually breaking. They circle and lock up again and Blade with an arm drag takeover. Another lockup and Daniel Slaine backs Blade into the corner. Blade with an arm drag, and another, into an arm bar to slow the pace. Slaine gets to a vertical base and elbows Blade in the head. Josh Blade front suplexes Slaine across the middle of the top ropes and then lands a field goal kick to the ribs of a fallen Slaine, and another. Blade with another arm bar. Daniel Slaine back to his feet and gets sent to the ropes and kicks Blade in the gut. Slaine back off the ropes and Blade lands a nice spinning heel kick. Slaine rolls outside and Josh Blade climbs the ropes and hits a flying cross body onto Slaine on the outside. Slaine gets inside the ring first and tries to bring Blade in with the delayed DDT , but instead Blade reverses into a sharpshooter but Slaine quickly wriggles free. Slaine applies a headlock to Josh Blade on the mat. Blade battles to a vertical base and lands elbows to break free. He goes to the ropes, and Slaine lands a dropkick and a cover…

Pin: 1……………………………..2………..

Michael Cole: Tonight is a night of oppertunity and Josh Blade is getting the oppertunity of a lifetime as he challenges for the US title.

JBL: Expect to see the very best from him tonight but you have to wonder if his best will be enough when it comes to facing Slaine.

Josh Blade sent to the corner. Blade springs off and it looks like the two collide heads accidentally. Both men are down for a count. They are both up at eight and now exchange blows. Blade hits a flying forearm, and then some shoulder blocks as he bounces off the ropes. Finally, he lands a clothesline and a cover….

Pin: 1……………………………….2……………

Josh Blade on the second rope and lands a drop kick to the head. Blade off the ropes and Slaine hits a snap powerslam. Another cover now…

Pin: 1………………………………………2………

Daniel Slaine looking for an KTFO, but Blade counters into a backslide and gets a two count. Slaine sends Blade into the turnbuckle headfirst. Blade tries to apply a sharpshooter but Slaine reverses into an inside cradle. Two count. Blade hits a big insiguri kick to the back of the head, followed by a running bulldog. Josh Blade getting a little risky now. Begining to climb the top rope and thats not something we see from him often. He leaps off but Slaine gets the knees up as a reversal. The champ then connects on an inverted backbreaker. Slaine goes for an KTFO but Blade shoves him off. Blade hits the Cutting Edge! and goes for the pin…



NO! Kickout at two. Josh Blade charges Daniel Slaine in the corner who back body drops him over the ropes to the outside.

Jerry Lawler: I think Josh landed a little awkardly right there. He’s limping a bit and the referee is holding Slaine back to make sure Josh is ok.

Josh Blade slowly climbs into the ring. Daniel Slaine checks on him to see if hes ok as well but Josh Blade with a poke to the eyes and a DDT for his troubles. Josh Blade climbs the top rope now and hits a flying forearm smash. Blade calling for the Cutting Edge again but Slaine catches him and tosses him into the corner. Blade bounces off and Daniel Slaine is waiting. He nails the KTFO and here’s the cover….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and STILL United States Champion….Daniel Slaine!

Michael Cole: A great effort by Josh Blade but it wasn’t enough to put away the champion. Daniel Slaine proving that regardless if its the World title or the US title, he’s come to fight.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah and Preachers record as United States champion could be in danger.

JBL: Would you guys stop it. It was a good win but just like Daniel lost the World title, he’s eventually going to lose the US title too.

Michael Cole: To do that one of the members of the XWF lockerroom will need to step up their game. But folks lets shift gears for a moment. Two weeks ago it was announced that Jimmy Nightmare would make his debut. Unfortunatly due to the Covid-19 situation he was unable to arrive at the arena. Therefor Mike Dimter has been declared the winner of his match.

Jerry Lawler: The health of our superstars come first but a tough break for Jimmy Nightmare.

JBL: A win is a win. If I’m Mike Dimter you’re not going to hear me complain.

Michael Cole: We hope for our fans that we can get Mr. Nightmare signed to a future match. With that said, the show continues though as we get ready for the next title match. Lindsey Calaway puts her Evolution Championship on the line….

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Evolution Championship, on her way to the ring first, the challenger…. Sabrina Rossi!

“Left Behind” by Dale Oliver and Kenneth Nixon blasts throughout the arena. Sabrina Rossi starts to slowly walk out through the curtain as she slowly walks down the ramp and she climbs up onto the apron and she climbs into the ring.

Michael Buffer: And her opponent, she hails from Arlington Texas. She is the Reigning and Defending XWF Evolution Champion…. Lindsey Calaway!

The Lights go out and Lindsey’s video comes up on the titan tron as smoke come up from the top of the ramp as Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold plays on P.A system as Lindsey walks out. She walks through the smoke as she flings her hair back and stand on top of the ramp looking into the crowd.She holds up both of her hands in the air as she forms them into the rock and roll sign and the fans stand on their feet for her.

The fans cheer their heads off as Lindsey walks down the ramp with a smile on her face. Lindsey slides into the ring and jumps up onto the turnbuckle and looks into the crowd, pointing at some of the fans that have homemade signs for her. Lindsey jumps down and pull her hair out of her face ,walking over to the middle of the ring waiting on who ever to come out.

Sabrina Rossi Vs Lindsey Calaway

The bell sounds and the two Divas immediately go at it. Sabrina Rossi hits a couple of forearms and mounts Lindsey Calaway in the middle of the ring, but shes able to scramble away to the outside. Lindsey takes her time getting back into the ring and as soon as she does, gets rolled up by Sabrina Rossi for a cover….

Pin: 1…………………….

Sabrina Rossi slams Lindsey Calaway into the corner, then does it on the other side of the ring, not stopping the assault as she heads to the middle rope and hits a missile dropkick for another cover….

Pin: 1…………………………………..2……….

Michael Cole: A huge oppertunity for Sabrina here tonight and at the same time Lindsey showing that she’s a fighting champion.

JBL: Lindsey shocked the world when she beat Taylor Matthews. But she’s about to quickly learn that being the defending champ is harder than being the hungry challenger.

Sabrina Rossi goes up in the corner and tries for a headscissors, but she’s tossed out to the apron and Lindsey attacks the knee to send her falling to the outside. She brings things back into the ring for a cover…

Pin: 1………………………2……………

Jerry Lawler: Is there anything better than the womens wrestling in XWF? Other companies claim to have started the Evolution but its XWF that really did.

Michael Cole: People like Ashley Blade, Sheena Montgomery and Taylor Mathews set the bar for womens wrestling, no doubt.

Lindsey bridges over in a hammer lock, but Sabrina Rossi is able to fight out of it. Lindsey Calaway fights off a suplex and hits a single arm DDT. Lindsey screams at the ref before getting in Sabrina’s face. Lindsey puts her knees on Sabrina’s shoulders and chokes her against the middle rope before tossing her into the corner. Lindsey charges Sabrina in the corner but misses. Lindsey Calaway’s able to catch Sabrina by the arm and pound away at it, driving her to the mat where she’s able to clamp on an arm bar. Lindsey tosses Sabrina into the middle rope. Lindsey skips around, and runs right into a dropkick from Sabrina Rossi. Sabrina is able to roll Lindsey up sloppily, then she hits a flying clothesline and another dropkick. Sabrina sends Lindsey Calaway crashing to the mat, then she sends her into the corner and follows up with a backbreaker. Sabrina Rossi hits Lindsey with a running knee and than hits the Greetings From Brooklyn! She goes for the cover…..




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and NEW Evolution Champion….Sabrina Rossi!

Jerry Lawler: What?!

JBL: I can’t believe what I have just seen.

Michael Cole: It appears the Evolution Championship has found yet another home. Sabrina has shocked the world here tonight and beaten Lindsey in the middle of the ring.

Jerry Lawler: These fans look as shocked as we are.

Michael Cole: Anything can happen in the XWF and this is no doubt proof. Sabrina took the most of her oppertunity and tonight she can say she’s a champion…

Sabrina looks shocked as the referee hands her the Evolution Championship. She raises it above her head and celebrates as the fans give her a mixed reaction as we head into a commercial break.


We return from commercial and its time for our main event! We see Michael Buffer standing in the ring and ready to bring our competitors to the ring.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On their way to the ring first. They are the Leaders of the Union…..Nikki and Michael Everett!

“Back in Black” by AC/DC blasts across the arena as Michael and Nikki Everett make their way onto the stage. The two take their time walking down the ramp and heading to the ring.

Michael Buffer: And the opponent, she hails from Joliet, Montana….The Montana Madpony….Sheena Montgomery!

“Drinking My Baby Goodbye” by the Charlie Daniels band begins playing over the PA system. Sheena then walks out, strutting, whirling, and twirling just totally into it as she makes her way down to the ring.

Michael Buffer: And her partner, hailing from New York, NY…..Ashley Blade!

“Catch My Breath” by Kelly Clarkson hits the PA system next as Ashley Blade walks onto the stage. She has determination in her eyes and seems more ready for the match as she heads to the ring.

Ashley Blade & Sheena Montgomery Vs Micheal & Nikki Everett

We have a bell and this match is underway. It looks like Michael Everett and Ashley Blade are going to start things off. They circle around the ring and Ashley looks to tie up. Michael quickly wraps himself around the ropes though and the referee orders Ashley to step away. They circle around the ring again and as soon as Ashley goes to tie up Michael wraps himself around the ropes and keeps Ashley away from him. Sheena Montgomery begins pounding the turnbuckle and yells “Let me have the chickenshit!” as Ashley grins and makes the tag to Sheena. Michael goes off the ropes and the two circle around each other and finally a real tieup is made. Both testing each other before eventually breaking. They circle and lock up again and Michael Everett with an early arm drag takeover. Sheena quick to her feet and another lockup. This time Sheena Montgomery backs Everett into the corner. Everett yells that Sheena is grabbing his hair and the referee breaks the hold. As she does Everett nails arm drag, and another, into an arm bar to slow the pace. Sheena gets to a vertical base and elbows Everett in the head. Michael Everett right back with a front suplex though and hes in control of this match. Sheena Montgomery back to her feet and gets sent to the ropes. Everett goes for a clothline but Sheena ducks and then kicks Everett in the gut. Sheena grabs Everett by the head and hits him with a DDT. Sheena with a cover….

Pin: 1…………..

Kickout at one and Nikki cheers on Everett from the corner. Sheena Montgomery picks up Michael and tosses him into the turnbuckle. She lifts him up and tries going for a superplex, Everett fights back with a couple of punches and knocks Sheena backwards. Everett climbs up top and leaps off but Sheena catches him in midair and nails him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Sheena Montgomery in control of this match as she grabs the legs of Everett and locks in a sharpshooter. Michael Everett looks to be in some pain but has enough energy to climb towards the ropes. Nikki Everett reaches over and grabs Michael’s arms and pulls him over to the rops. The referee yells at Nikki for the interfence but Sheena gives Everett a stiff kick for his troubles. Sheena Montgomery goes to the turnbuckle and starts to climb. She leaps off with a big elbow and goes for another cover….

Pin: 1……………………………..2………….

Kickout at Two this time thanks to Nikki who enters the ring and breaks up the counter. Sheena gets to her feet and tells her to exit the ring. The distraction allows for Michael Everett to nail reverese DDT and it drops Sheena. Everett smacks her across the head and then tosses her into the turnbuckle. He starts to choke Sheena in the corner before the referee comes in and breaks things up. As the referee is distracted Nikki begins to choke Sheena herself and the fans boo loudly.

Michael Cole: This match is quickly getting out of hand as Nikki continues to get involved.

JBL: What do you expect her to do? Nikki is a competitor and she wants to fight.

Michael Everett hits a big insiguri kick to the back of the head, followed by a running bulldog. He goes for a cover now….

Pin: 1………………………………………….2…………

Kickout at two and Michael Everett wanted a faster counter. He tags into Nikki Everett and the two begin to stomp away at her. Michael Everett picks up Sheena and Nikki Everett nails a superkick that sends Sheena down to the mat. Nikki covers Sheena and demands the referee count. Michael Everett gets in the refs face and yells for him to count…



Ashley begins pounding on the turnbuckle now and yells for Sheena to tag her in. Nikki kicks away at Sheena and tries to keep her down but he eventually finds her way to her feet. She goes to kick Nikki but Nikki grabs the leg. Sheena flips around for an enziguri and nails it. Sheena then leaps and makes the tag to Ashley!

Michael Cole: Here we go….Ashley arrived just in time!

Ashley Blade gets into the ring and right away spears Nikki to the ground. The two begin rolling around in the ring, trying to get the upperhand over each other. Ashley Blade picks Nikki up and hits her with a firemans carry. She goes for a cover but Everett breaks it up before the referee can even count. Sheena Montgomery grabs Everett and tosses him to the outside and then follows after him. Ashley is alone in the ring and starts to climb the top rope. She leaps and nails the Coup De Grace! Ashley with the cover….



THR-NO! Nikki kicks out at the last second. Ashley climbs the top rope again. Suddenly Sheena is back on the apron and she slaps Ashley on the back. Ashley leaps off with the Coup De Grace! Cover….




WAIT! The tap on the back by Sheena was a tag into the match. The count wasn’t from the referee but from the fans. Ashley looks confused but Sheena tells her “shes got this”. Sheena grabs Nikki and nails with with a suplex. As she goes Michael Everett grabs the feet of Ashley and slides her out of the ring. MIchael then takes Ashley and slams her into the steel steps. Sheena looking to finish this match off when Michael climbs the apron and yells at Sheena. Sheena turns to Michael and nails him with a superkick that sends him off the apron. Sheena goes back to Nikki but Nikki Everett rolls Sheena up out of nowhere. Cover….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….Nikki and Michael Everett!

JBL: Two for Two on Inferno. How about that for the power couple of the XWF?!

Michael Cole: It looked like Ashely was going to pick up the win, perhaps a costly mistake by Sheena Montgomery who thought she was helping the team.

JBL: I told you she couldn’t be trusted!

Jerry Lawler: Come on JBL. Sheena is a competitor. She wanted to win this match and it was an unlucky break.

Michael Cole: Regardless you know that Sheena has her eyes on Lockdown. But it’s Michael Everett who appears to be the favorite with tag team wins over Sheena, Ashley and Slaine in the last month.

The show comes to a close as Ashley checks on Sheena, showing no hard feelings as the two begin chatting over what just happened and trying to figure things out as Michael and Nikki grin over their victory.