A little girls giggle is heard and then ” out of the darkness hells queen did call to pain and suffering she brought to them all away ran the children to hide in their beds in fear that the devil would chop off there heads. (the little girl giggles again) At that point the lights go out and fog fills the stage as Sick like me by in this moment hits a fire ball shoots out of the stage and turns into Loralie Blackwell.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to XWF Inferno and what a show we have for you tonight! For the first time in months, Kevin Kronic competes inside the ring.

Jerry Lawler: A historic night indeed.

Michael Cole: He made history last week, attacking Ashley Slaine and announcing that he would face her at Lockdown for the World Title.

JBL: You mean stole a title shot from other competitors, like Michael Everett.

Jerry Lawler: Really JBL? I thought you’d enjoy Ashley getting attacked.

Loralie heads down the ramp to the ring in cat-like strides glaring at the crowd as the non believers boo her and her followers cheer. She stops at the edge of the stage and snaps her fingers disappearing only to reappear in the middle of the ring and heads to her corner.

Michael Buffer: And her opponent, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds. He is a member of The Underground…. Mike Dimter!

Michael Cole: Well as you can see folks we arn’t wasting any time. It’s our first match of the night and a lot is on the line. The winner of this match will get to decide the match stipulation for Malaboo Dreamstone Vs Mike Blade later in the show.

Underground theme music blasts across the arena as Mike Dimter walks onto the stage. He makes a motion of the tag title being around his waist as he stares at Loralie. Mike Dimter walks down the ramp and into the ring.

Jerry Lawler: These two tag teams have been at each others throats for months. Perhaps soon we will see the conclusion between these two.

Loralie Blackwell Vs Mike Dimter

Mike Dimter and Loralie Blackwell circle each other in the ring as they size up one another. Loralie looks a little hesitant to advance toward Dimter. Dimter charges towards Loralie who slides out under the bottom rope. Loralie walks around the outside of the ring without taking her eyes off of Dimter.

Michael Cole: Loralie never backs down from a fight but there’s no denying the size advantage between these two competitors.

Mike Dimter backs off allowing Loralie to get back into the ring under the bottom rope. As soon as Loralie gets back to her feet her right arm is grabbed and she is hit with a short-arm clothesline from Mike Dimter. Loralie falls to the ring mat and her head bounces off the mat. Dimter then grabs Loralie’s arm and pulls her back to her feet. He irish whips Loralie into the ropes and Loralie bounces off of the ropes and tries for a cross body but is caught by Dimter. Mike Dimter body slams Loralie to the ring mat. Going for a cover….

Pin: 1………………………2………

No kick out by Loralie as she barely gets her left shoulder up. Mike Dimter stands to his feet and is followed by a groggy Loralie. Dimter hits Loralie with a right hook. Loralie falls back to the mat but this time rolls onto her abdomen to avoid being pinned. Loralie crawls to the ropes and pulls herself up. Dimter charges towards her but Loralie ducks and pulls the top rope down causing Dimter to go over the top rope.

Jerry Lawler: That was a smart move by Loralie. That should buy her a couple of minutes.

JBL: That was pure luck if you ask me. Dimter looked poised to take her head off.

Loralie Blackwell realizes this is her opportunity and climbs to the top turnbuckle. She waits for Dimter to get to his feet and jumps and delivers a missile drop kick to Dimter. Dimter stumbles backwards into the barricades. Loralie gets back to her feet and tosses Mike back into the ring. Loralie goes for a pin right away.

Pin: 1………………………………………..2………….

Kickout with force by Mike Dimter. Loralie gets up and waits for Mike Dimter to return to his feet. As soon as he does Loralie nails him with a twist of fate that lays him back out in the center of the ring. Loralie climbing the top rope now and she’s looking to put this one away. She leaps off with the Nightmare Twist! Cover now…



Just as the referee goes for the three count Mike Blade attacks Loralie and the referee calls for the bell. Mike Blade begins stomping away at Loralie. He picks her up and nails her with a DDT. The fans boo loudly but those boo’s turn to cheers as Malaboo rushes down the ramp and slides into the ring. Dimter and Blade run towards her but she delivers a double clothlines to both of them. Mike Blade and Mike Dimter both quickly escape from the ring.

Michael Cole: A cowardly move by The Underground as Mike Blade ruins what would of been a great match.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but Loralie stills get the win by DQ and…

Suddenly Stephanie Forcer walks out onto the stage and she has a microphine in her hand.

Stephanie Forcer: Hold on! Hold on just a minute! This isn’t how the match is going to end. In fact I am herby changing the match. Instead of two singles matches tonight we are going to have one match. So allow me to quote Teddy Long when I say that this match just became a Tag Team match….Playas!

JBL: What?! She can’t do that!

Michael Cole: She just did JBL. Fans we are going to a commercial break but when we return it looks like we’ve got a tag team match. The Underground against Pandamonium!


Loralie Blackwell & Malaboo Dreamstone Vs Mike DImter & Mike Blade

We return from commercial break and the match is already taking place.

Michael Cole: Welcome back everyone and as you can see these competitors are wasting no time with a newly announced tag team match by Stephanie Forcer. This all because Mike Blade got involved earlier tonight.

Mike Dimter hits a kick to the side of the head, then backs Loralie Blackwell into his own corner, tagging in Mike Blade. Blade clamps Loralie into a rear chin lock, grapevining his legs around Loralie’s body. Loralie fights up to her feet and out of the hold, but she runs into a back elbow and a giant clothesline from Blade. Dimter tags back into the match and comes in with a slingshot senton to Loralie. Dimter goes right into a rear chin lock. Dimter has the arm of Loralie, but it’s not enough as Loralie fights to her feet. Dimter goes for a dropkick but misses. Loralie misses an elbow drop. Blade tags in and stops Loralie, sending her into the corner. Loralie catches him with a dropkick, then she gets Dimter with a giant powerslam. Loralie makes the tag to Malaboo who has been waiting to fight all night. Malaboo comes in with a springboard dropkick. She then clotheslines Dimter before hanging him up on the ropes and hitting a kick to the chest. Malaboo hits Dimter with her finisher, the Gold Diggers Shovel! and sends Blade from the ring. Malaboo quickly going for a cover…



NO! Josh Blade is now down at ringside and he puts Dimter’s leg up on the ropes.

Michael Cole: Once again the numbers game of The Underground is having an impact on this match.

Both superstars back to their feet and Malaboo runs into a big elbow from Dimter in the corner. Dimter is on the top turnbuckle but Malaboo hits a muscle buster. Another cover now…

Pin: 1……………………..2……………

Only a two count. Malaboo hits a disaster kick on Blade that sends him crashing to the floor. Malaboo calling for another finish on Dimter. She picks him up once more for another Gold Diggers Shovel! but Josh Blade gets up on the apron. Loralie has had enough as she spears Josh Blade onto the floor and begins nailing him with punches. The referee begins yelling at Loralie to get back to her corner. The distraction allows Mike Blade to get into the ring and hit Malaboo with her tag team title. He then places Dimter on top of her. When the referee turns around he notices the pin and counts.




Michael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match by Pinfall….The Underground!

Michael Cole: And just like that The Underground gets a huge upset victory over the tag team champions.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but what about that stipulation? We obviously arn’t going to get the other match tonight.

JBL: Once again Stephanie abusing her powers and making things up as she goes.

Michael Cole: Well I’m getting word in my ear right now JBL. I’m told that The Underground and Pandamonium will compete next week. And it will be for the Tag Team titles!

Jerry Lawler: Thats a match right there.

Michael Cole: And speaking of tag team matches we have one more scheduled. Kevin Kronic returns to the ring and that match is up next….


Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your Main Event! On their way to the ring first. They are the United States and World Champions… Daniel and Ashley Slaine!

“99 Bottles” by Slaine blasts across the arena as the two champions walk into the stage. They get a strong reaction to the crowd and look more than ready for tonight. Daniel and Ashley head into the ring and wait inside the ring for their opponents.

Michael Buffer: And their opponents, they are the Evolution Champion, Cassandra Marx. And… making his return to the ring. The Co-Owner of XWF and King of Controversy…. Kevin Kronic!

“Without Me” by Eminem blasts across the arena as the old school theme music of Kevin Kronic hits. Kevin walks onto the stage, joined by Cassandra Marx and gets a strong reaction from the crowd. Inside the ring we see Ashley pacing back and forth, keeping her eyes on Kevin. Cassandra and Kevin eventually get inside the ring and head to their corner.

Daniel & Ashley Slaine Vs Cassandra Marx & Kevin Kronic

The bell sounds and here we go. It looks like Cassandra Marx is going to start things off for her team which means we’ll have to wait a bit to see Kevin Kronic in action. Meanwhile Daniel Slaine is going to start things off for his team. The two circle the ring a bit when suddenly Ashley slaps Daniel on the back and tags herself in.

Michael Cole: What’s going on here?

Jerry Lawler: It seems like Ashley is sending a message. Look at the intensity in her eyes. She is ready to fight anyone.

Ashley Slaine gets into the ring and she ties up with Cassandra Marx. The two with a test of strength early as Ashley pushes Cassandra into the ropes. Ashley pushes her off to the opposite side and Cassandra comes back only to receive a clothline. Ashley quickly drops down and puts Cassandra into a headlock. She applies pressure but Cassandra gets to a knee and then back up to her feet. Cassandra nails a couple of elbows into the ribs of Ashley. Cassandra breaks out of the hold, grabs Ashley by the hair and flings her down to the mat. Ashley Slaine quickly rolls to her corner and Daniel tells her to tag him in. Ashley refuses though as she gets back up and ties up again. This time Ashley works Cassandra into the corner and delivers a few kicks to the midsection. Ashley stomps on Cassandra as Marx falls to the mat with her head resting on the turnbuckle bad. Ashley backs up a bit and then delivers a bronco buster onto Cassandra as the fans cheer. Ashley drags Marx into the center of the ring and goes for a cover…

Pin: 1……………….

A quick kickout by Cassandra Marx. Ashley applies a headlock once again and this time it lasts a bit longer. Ashley applies more pressure but eventually Cassandra gets up once again. Cassandra lifts Ashley up for a atomic drop but Ashley breaks free and delivers an arm drag to Cassandra. Marx back to her feet and Ashley delivers a spear. Ashley with a bunch of punches to follow and eventually the referee has to pull her off of Cassandra. This gives Marx a chance to get back to her feet. Ashley goes after her but Cassandra with a kick to the midsection and follows up with a DDT. Cassandra picks Ashley back up and irish whips her into the ropes. As Ashley hits the ropes Kevin sticks out his foot and nails her with a kick in the back. The distraction allows Cassandra to hit a german suplex and go for a cover….

Pin: 1……………………………………2……….

Cassandra tags out to Kevin Kronic now and the fans cheer loudly as he enters the ring. As soon as he does though Daniel Slaine enters the ring and the referee has to keep him away. Kevin Kronic picks up Ashley and hits her with a few stiff punches. He works her into the corner as Kevin takes his boot and begins to choke Ashley out in the corner. Eventually he releases it at a count of four from the referee. Kevin then delivers a suplex to Ashley and goes for a cover…

Pin: 1……………………………………..2………….

Michael Cole: Only a two count and so far Kevin doesn’t appear to have lost a step. But it helps when Ashley has been wrestling the entire match thus far.

Kevin Kronic picks up Ashley and nails her with an enziguri. He follows it up with a big leg drop that lands hard. Kevin thinks about going for the cover but instead he picks Ashley up. He tries going for the Kronic Bomb! but Ashley escapes at the last second and lifts Kevin up over her head. Ashley nails Kevin with a dropkick that sends him flying into his corner. Daniel sticks out his hand looking for a tag but Ashley again refuses. Kevin Kronic however tags out and lets Cassandra back into the match.

Michael Cole: Can someone explain why Ashley wont let Daniel in this match?

Jerry Lawler: I think its about pride. We heard Ashley all week. She’s sick of people talking about her. She’s sick of being put down and attacked. Ashley thinks its her against the world and she’s putting that weight on her shoulders.

Ashley Slaine charges at Cassandra but Cassandra Marx grabs a hold of Ashley and puts her down with a scoop slam. Cassandra then drops a knee onto the ankle of Ashley before locking her into the Ravens Cry! The ankle lock applies perfectly and Ashley screams out in pain. Ashley makes two hard fists and refuses to tap out. Instead Ashley uses all her strength to reach towards the rope. Just as she’s about to grab the ropes Cass brings her back into the center of the ring. Ashley is in trouble now but somehow she is able to twist her body and kicks Cassandra off. Ashley back to her feet and Cassandra runs towards her. Ashley lifts her up into the air and Ash nails her with a running power slam. Ashley climbs the top rope now but as she does Daniel reaches out and tags himself in. Ashley looks angry but she leaps off anyway and nails Cass with a dropkick. Daniel Slaine enters the ring and tells Ashley to go to her corner. Daniel then grabs Cassandra and tries for a KTFO! but Cassandra is able to get out of it. Cass with a couple of kicks but Daniel blocks the last one and nails an enziguri. Daniel tries for a cover now…

Pin: 1…………………………………..2………….

Cassandra Marx kicks out at two. Slaine gets to a vertical base and elbows Slaine in the head. Cass getting back up and blocks a punch from Slaine and delivers a front suplex across the middle of the top rope. Slaine bounces off and Cassandra delivers an arm bar for his trouble. Daniel Slaine slowly back to his feet and gets sent to the ropes. Cassandra tries for a clothline but Daniel Slaine ducks it and then delivers a springboard splash onto Marx. Daniel Slaine goes for a DDT and nails it. Daniel Slaine waits for her to get back up and then nails her with a bulldog. The fans cheer as Daniel Slaine is starting to feel himself and has the momentum. He goes to pick up Cassandra but Marx quickly grabs Slaine and nails him with a russial leg sweep. Cassandra tries for the Ravens Cry! on Daniel but Slaine quickly grabs the ropes before she can do damage. Cassandra picks up Daniel and tries for an irish whip but Daniel holds on and lifts Cassandra into the air. Daniel Slaine delivers a KTFO! out of nowhere and lets see if this can do it. Daniel goes for a cover…but the referee isn’t counting.

JBL: What is going on here?

The referee is distracted because we see Ashley Slaine come over to Kevin’s side of the ring and she trips him on the apron. Kevin drops down and the two begin battling outside. Kevin delivers punches and Ashley delivers punches as well. The two are locked together with neither backing down. Eventually Ashley gets the upperhand and tosses Kevin into the steel ring steps. The referee tells them to knock it off but Ashley wont listen. She picks up Kevin and tries to toss him into the steel steps again but Kevin blocks it this time and instead tosses Ashley inside the ring. Kevin Kronic climbs inside but Ashley is there waiting and she lifts him off his feet. Ashley hovers over top of him and nails him with punches. The referee tries to get her off him but Ashley pushes him away. Kevin Kronic rolls her over and now begins punching her and the referee has seen enough. He calls for the bell and this match is over…

Michael Cole: I dont think anyone is going to like the sound of this but we need to get some order. The referee had no choice.

Jerry Lawler: We need some security or something out here.

Michael Buffer: Ladies and Gentleman this match has been ruled as a DRAW by our referee.

Daniel Slaine lifts Kevin Kronic off of Ashley and Cassandra helps Kevin to their corner. Daniel then grabs Ashley and tells her to stop as he brings her to their corner. Ashley takes a deep breath and tells Daniel she’s sorry. “You cool?” he asks her. “Im Fine” Ashley says. Daniel then goes to leave the ring but as she does Ashley rushes towards Kevin Kronic and begins nailing him with more punches as the two begin to brawl again. Cassandra tries seperating them and Daniel tries to do the same. Security comes rushing down the ring as well.

Michael Cole: My God, if this is how things look now, whats is going to happen at Lockdown?

Security seperates Kevin and Ashley as Cassandra quickly exits from the ring. She wants no part of this as she heads up the entrance ramp. As she does we see Alex Morgan come out of nowhere and attacks Cassandra. Now those two begin to brawl.

JBL: You’ve got to be kidding me!

Michael Cole: What has caused this?!

Alex Morgan and Cassandra Marx begin to brawl and more security comes out to seperate them. We also see wrestlers from the locker room come out. Some helping with Cassandra/Alex and others helping with Ashley/Kevin. The situation has gotten out of control and it appears thats how Inferno is going to close as the show goes off the air.