Our show opens up to a sold out crowd here inside the XWF Performance Center. The fans and everyone are ready for a great show. The camera pans down to CJ Walker who paces back and forth inside the ring. We also see Michael Buffer with a microphone in his hand and ready to introduce us to our first match of the night.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring and hailing from Los Angeles , California. “Black Heart” Jason Thunder!

“In the End” by Linkin Park begins to play as smoke fills the arena and pyros bursts on the stage. Black Heart Jason Thunder enters onto the entrance ramp with a hoody on. He stops when the song chorus starts as he takes of the hoody and bumps is chest. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

Jason Thunder Vs CJ Walker

The bell rings and we are underway in what should be a very exciting and athletic contest. Walker goes right for Thunder off the bat. He spears him down and starts laying in with numerous right hands. Thunder tries to get his hands up but Walker isn’t stopping this early assault in the match. Thunder grabs the ropes as the ref is telling Walker to stop but Walker pays no attention until the ref’s count is up to four on the DQ count. Walker gets back to his feet and waits for Thunder to get up. Once Thunder is up, Walker clotheslines him out of the ring. The crowd cheers as Walker throws his arms up into the arm. Thunder gets back to his feet on the floor as Walker grabs the top rope and flies out with a plancha. Both men go down but Walker is still the first man up at this point in the match. He slaps some hands of the fans at ringside as he goes back to working on Thunder.

Michael Cole: Wow, Walker is coming out of this match like a man possessed.

JBL: And that’s exactly how he should be. CJ Walker needs to be ruthless if he wants to compete in the XWF.

CJ Walker picks up Thunder and rolls him back into the ring. Walker hops up onto the apron and waits for Thunder to get up once again. Once Thunder is up, Walker springboards into a crossbody. This time, Thunder is able to scout ahead and roll out of the way as Walker hits the mat face first. Thunder gets back to his feet and as does Walker. Walker rushes Thunder again, going down head first, looking for another spear. However, Thunder is able to get a knee in the way. The knee connects with the head of Walker. Walker staggers back as Thunder runs and hits a dropkick to the chest of Walker. Walker goes flying into the corner as Thunder heads over there. Once there, Thunder starts to lay into Walker with kicks all over the place, each kick being extremely stiff. Walker blocks a kick and fires back with a chop to the chest, then a second and a third, following that up with a spinning chop to the throat of Thunder. Thunder turns his back to Walker. So Walker grabs Thunder and drops him on his head with a Backdrop Driver. Thunder is folded up as Walker nods to the crowd. Walker goes for a cover.

Pin: 1……………………………..2………….

No. Thunder kicks out of the move. Walker picks Thunder back up and whips him into the ropes. Walker ducks his head down and when Thunder comes back, he jumps over Walker and puts in him into a sunset flip.

Pin: 1………………………………..2…………….

Kick out by Walker as he reverses into a pinning move of his own.

Pin: 1………………………………2…………

Thunder gets a shoulder up. Both men get up as Thunder jumps on top of Walker and rolls him into a victory roll.



NO! A kickout at two. Walker gets back to his feet as does Thunder. The crow cheers for the numerous amount of near falls.

Michael Cole: That might of set some kind of record as these two trade pinfalls and both able to kick out and keep this match going.

JBL: Now is the point in the match where we find out who wants this more.

Finally, after a few minutes of action, we get a traditional lock up. But not for long though as Thunder knees Walker in the gut and hits a reverse STO. Thunder gets up and grabs the top rope, jumps and springboards into a moonsault legdrop. Thunder covers this time.

Pin: 1………………………………………2……….

Jason Thunder looks frustrated that he didn’t get the win there. Anyways, he picks up Walker and puts him on his hands and knees, grabbing his hair. Then, Thunder starts laying into him with kicks to the face! Walker has no defense at this point but he uses his inner strength to get back to his feet and start to chop at the chest of Thunder, numerous times. But then Thunder gets the advantage back following a poke to the eye. The crowd cheers as Thunder hits a double arm DDT. Instead of going for a pin, Thunder gets a smile on his face and locks on the koji clutch! The crowd cheers as Thunder has the hold locked in the middle of the ring. Walker has no where to go at this point he is staying alive, refusing to give up and lose this match. Thunder keeps telling him to give up but Walker refuses. He slowly inches he way towards the ropes and finally gets his foot on one. Thunder has to break the hold! The crowd cheers like mad as Thunder pulls Walker back to his feet and spins him around. He goes for the Angels Fall but Walker flips out of it. Walker then gets a hold on Thunder and then falls back into a cradle piledriver! Both men are down as the ref starts his count. Towards the count of eight Jason Thunder gets to his feet and picks up Walker. A kick to the midsection and then hits the Angels Fall out of nowhere! The crowd pops as Thunder goes for the pin.




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…..Jason Thunder!

Michael Cole: A nice victory for Jason Thunder and since he’s made his return to XWF he’s been on a role as of late.

JBL: Perhaps the time off did him some good.

Michael Cole: Well fans we want to welcome you to XWF Inferno. As you can see the action is hot and heavy here tonight. But the match you just saw is one of many to come here tonight. The World Champion Ashley Slaine is in action and she’s got a special guest referee.

Jerry Lawler: Will Kevin Kronic call the match fair? Will he cost Ashley a victory? I have no idea!

Michael Cole: Also tonight Daniel Slaine competes in a handicap match. He said this is a chance to prepare for whats ahead. And thats a shot at the team team titles.

JBL: He’s an idiot if you ask me.

Michael Cole: But folks right now we take you back to the ring for our next content. Brett Myles competes and he didn’t have some nice things to say about his opponent Loralie. This one should be a lot of fun…

A little girls giggle is heard and then ” out of the darkness hells queen did call to pain and suffering she brought to them all away ran the children to hide in their beds in fear that the devil would chop off there heads. (the little girl giggles again) At that point the lights go out and fog fills the stage as Sick like me by in this moment hits a fire ball shoots out of the stage and turns into Loralie Blackwell. She heads down the ramp to the ring in cat-like strides glaring at the crowd as the non believers boo her and her followers cheer. She stops at the edge of the stage and snaps her fingers disappearing only to reappear in the middle of the ring and heads to her corner.

Michael Buffer: Her opponent…making his way to the ring at this time….Brett Myles!

Myles theme music blasts as he walks out onto the stage with some boo’s. He ignores them though. Confident in himself and his match tonight as he walks down the ramp and into the ring.

Loralie Blackwell Vs Brett Myles

Both opponents are now in the ring and the referee signals for the bell. This match is officially underway and both of them head for the ring, seemingly sizing each other up. The two lock up and Loralie kicks Myles in the stomach before applying a headlock. Loralie has the headlock in tight as she begins punching Myles in the head. Loralie then backs up into the ropes with Myles still in the headlock and bounces off the ropes and executes a running bulldog.

Michael Cole: And Loralie with a beautiful bulldog, she really seems to be in control early on in this match.

Jerry Lawler: She always shows great ring presence.

Loralie drops to the mat and applies a chinlock on Myles. Myles appears to be trying to fight out of the hold but Loralie has it locked in tight. Myles begins to slowly fight his way up, first to his knees and then eventually to his feet. Loralie continues to keep the pressure on the chinlock but Myles hits her with an elbow to the stomach. Loralie refuses to let go of the hold and Myles hits her again with an elboy. Loralie still with the hold but Myles stomps down on the foot of Loralie and hits a third elbow to the stomach and Loralie finally releases the hold. Myles wastes no momentum and bounces off of the ropes and comes back with a chop block to the back of the leg.

JBL: Myles out of nowhere with some offense.

Loralie is up and Myles goes for a kick but Loralie grabs his foot. Myles bounces up with his free leg and nails Loralie in the chin with an enziguri. Myles goes for the quick pin.

Pin: 1………………………………..2…………..

No a kickout by Loralie and both are quick to their feet. Loralie tries to lock up again with Myles but Myles backs up not wanting to repeat earlier. Loralie rushes at Myles and Myles executes a drop toe hold that sends Loralies head onto the bottom rope. Myles runs to the other side of the ring and bounces off the ropes before coming back at Loralie with a leg drop to the back.

Michael Cole: And Myles really seems to be rolling now. Lots of fast paced offense really seem to have Loralie out of her element.

Myles is back to his feet and grabs hold of Loralie, lifiting her to her feet. Loralie counters and grabs hold of Myles before throwing him into the corner. Loralie begins to work over the body of Myles with chops to the chest followed up by a right punch to the head. Loralie walks back to around the center of the ring and runs straight at Myles and nails him with a yakuza kick to the head. Myles crumples to the ground and Loralie drags him away from the corner. Loralie makes her way to the corner and climbs up the turnbuckle. She jumps off of the top and hits a big splash that she turns into a pin attempt.

Pin: 1………………………………..2…………..

No a kickout by Myles and Loralie seems to be a little suprised. Loralie gets back to her feet and grabs Myles lifting him up. Loralie with a quick kick to the stomach followed up by a series of kicks to the legs that sends Myles to his knees. Loralie backs up to the ropes and bounces off running right at Myles. Loralie goes for a kick to the head but Myles ducks down and Loralie misses. Myles is back to his feet and goes on the offensive with a dropkick that sends Loralie into the ropes. Myles continues the offense with a series of kicks to the legs of Loralie on the ropes. Myles grabs Loralie and pulls her away from the ropes before taking her down with a firemans carry. Loralie begins to sit up quickly but Myles sees it and runs right at her and hits a shining wizard. Myles immediately goes for the pinfall.

Pin: 1………………………………..2…………..

No Loralie kicks out at the last second but looks dazed from the kick to the head. Myles gets up and grabs hold of Loralie lifiting her up. Loralie counters with a european uppercut before nailing him with a snap ddt. Loralie looks at the ropes and runs at them before springboarding off the middle rope and nailing a Lionstomp.

Jerry Lawler: And Loralie showing us all her own set of high flying abilities. And she’s going for the pin.

Pin: 1………………………………..2…………..

No Kickout by Myles as the ref’s hand was coming down for the three count. Loralie gets up and she is pissed off. She gets into the ref’s face and begins arguing the count. Myles uses the time to recover and begins to make his way to his feet. Loralie turns around in time to see Myles getting up and she pulls him in for a piledriver. Myles counters with a back body. Brett Myles then follows up with a scoop slam and climbs the top rope. He looks to be going for the Myles High Club. A top rope shooting star press. As he’s about to leap though we see Malaboo rush down to the ring. Brett Myles turns his attention to her as he watches Malaboo climb onto the apron. Malaboo gives him a wave and then starts to unbutton her top. She only gets a few buttons in though as the distraction allows Loralie to toss Myles off the top rope. Loralie then climbs herself and leaps off with the Nightmare Twist! Loralie pins Myles, hooking the leg.




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…. Loralie Blackwell!

Jerry Lawler: There you have it!

Michael Cole: The distraction from Malaboo costs Brett Myles. It seems he had his mind elsewhere in the match and he cant be too happy.

JBL: He’s better off if you ask me.

Michael Cole: Fans we are going to take a commercial break but more action still to come. Don’t go anywhere!


We return from commercial break with Bloodline standing in the ring. This match won’t be easy but if anyone is up to the task it’s their opponent…

Michael Buffer: And their opponent, he is the reigning and defending XWF United States Champion… Daniel Slaine!

“99 Bottles” by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Daniel Slaine Vs Mike Dimter & Mike Blade

The bell sounds and it appears that Mike Blade and Daniel Slaine will start things off. The two circle around the ring and tie up. Daniel Slaine nails Blade with a kick to the midsection. He then irish whips Blade to the ropes and when Blade comes back through Daniel nails him with a stiff clothline. Blade slowly gets to his feet and Daniel dares him to come back for more. Mike Blade instead tags out to Dimter. Mike Dimter and Daniel Slaine lock up and the two fight into the corner. Both superstars fight around the ring and down to the mat, but neither gains an advantage. There’s a stalemate as they soak in the cheers for both wrestlers. Dimter locks on a headlock now but Slaine pushes him off.

Micheal Cole: A slow paced match to start things off and that has to favor Daniel Slaine in a match where he won’t have a chance to get a rest unlike his opponents.

Mike Dimter hits a couple of elbows to the back of Daniel Slaine’s head before sending him into the corner hard. Dimter heads up on the corner but Slaine catches him on his shoulders. Dimter starts to fight out of it and eventually turns it into a DDT and here’s a cover….

Pin: 1…………………………..2…………..

Mike Dimter hits Slaine with elbows to the heart and goes for another quick cover….

Pin: 1………………………………2………..

Two count once again. Mike Dimter waits for Slaine to stand, and when he does Dimter nails a huge clothline that sends Slaine over the rope to the floor. Dimter rolls outside and grabs Slaine by the hair. He slams him into the barricade a couple of times before tossing him back into the ring. Dimter plays to the crowd on the outside but the distraction allows for Slaine to a baseball slide that Dimter crashing into the barricade. The referee tells Daniel Slaine to bring things into the ring and thats exactly what he does. Daniel Slaine rolls outside the ring, grabs Dimter and slams his head into the steel ring post before rolling him back in. Daniel Slaine picks up Dimter and goes for a Freeze Flame but Dimter fights out and kicks Slaine in the head. Dimter locks in a camel clutch, and Slaine looks to be in some pain. He tries fighting for the ropes but hes not getting very far. Intead Daniel struggles to his feet, with Dimter on his back. Dimter fights back with elbows to Slaine’s neck and then nails him with a belly to belly suplex. Mike Dimter makes a tag to Blade and Blade climbs the top rope. Leaping off with an elbow and then a cover…

Pin: 1…………………………………………2……….

Michael Cole: The numbers game might be too much for Daniel Slaine.

JBL: I said it before and I’ll say it again. Daniel Slaine has no place in the tag team division without a tag team. He’s going to get himself hurt or worse.

Michael Cole: Daniel refuses to give up and if I was a betting man I’d always put my money on Daniel Slaine.

Mike Blade hits a suplex and hits Slaine with an elbow. Blade tags back out to Dimter who enters the ring again. Mike Dimter heads out to the apron and springboards from the top rope, but Slaine catches him and rolls through, standing up and shouldering Dimter. Dimter hangs on to the ropes, so Slaine drops him out to the floor. Daniel looks around at the crowd and then back at Dimter on the outside. Slaine dives through the ropes to the outside to take out Dimter.

Jerry Lawler: What?! Daniel is pulling out all the stops tonight.

Daniel Slaine brings things back into the ring where he hits the belly to back suplex. Slaine calls for the KTFO! but again Dimter counters, this time locking in an anaconda vice. The submission slows down the pace of the match and puts serious pressure on Daniel Slaine. Slaine fights out of it and somehow is able to turn it into a sharpshooter. Mike refuses to tap out and Dimter eventually fights his way out of the hold and grabs the ropes. Both superstars slow to get to their feet now and Dimter and Slaine trade rights and kicks in the middle of the ring. Dimter gets the upper hand with a back kick. He hits the running knee in the corner and follows it up with a bulldog. Dimter out of nowhere hits the Liberty Bell! Cover now…



NO! Daniel Slaine kicks out at the last second and Dimter begins arguing with the referee. He shoves the referee and the referee has had enough and shoves him back into his corner. Blade tags herself in and tries calming Dimter down. Daniel Slaine is back up and nails a splash onto Blade and that pushes Blade into Dimter who falls off the apron. Daniel Slaine brings Blade into the middle of the ring and hits him with a KTFO! He goes for the cover…

Suddenly we hear the theme music of Pandamonium as both Loralie and Malaboo stand on the stage. Daniel stops the cover and stands up looking at them. They both raise their tag team titles in the air. With the distraction we see Mike Blade roll up Daniel Slaine and grab the tights…




Jerry Lawler: What?! O My God!

Michael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match by Pinfall…. Bloodline!

Michael Cole: Despite being a handicap match, this is still a huge upset and Daniel Slaine can’t believe it.

Loralie and Malaboo high five each other as Daniel looks. He’s both upset and confused as he watches the tag champions exit towards the back and Bloodline celebrate the victory.

Michael Cole: Well fans it just goes to show that anything can and will happen in the XWF. I can’t imagine what else we are going to see tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Don’t jinx us Michael Cole. Lets just assume everything is going to go smoothly without interuption.

Michael Cole: Easier said than done. But folks up next the Evolution Champion is in action and this won’t be an easy match. The always dangerous Lucifer Morningstar awaits her and that match is now…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring, she hails from Astoria Oregon…. The Evolution Champion… Cassandra Marx!

Demons by Icon For Hire blasts across the arena as Cassandra walks onto the stage. She gets a strong reaction from the crowd and heads down the ramp. Her focus is on her opponent and she looks ready to make a good first impression as she heads into the ring.

Michael Buffer: And her opponent, he hails from the Depths of Hell…. Lucifer Morningstar!

The lights turn off and fire pyro starts as Lucifer Morningstar walks onto the stage. He struts down the ramp like a boss and when he enters the ring the fire pyro goes off on the turnbuckles as well.

Cassandra Marx Vs Lucifer Morningstar

The two circle each other and tie up but Cass shoves Lucifer off, they tie up once more and Cass gets shoved from Lucifer! The two go face to face in the middle of the ring and begin trading punches! Rights from Lucifer, rights from Cass, back and forth, punch to punch, finally Cass has the advantage and hits kicks to the midsection before hitting a few more right hands to the face of Lucifer causing him to back up and Cass hits the ropes and rebounds but Lucifer sidesteps and Cass lands on the ropes but before she can springboard back, Lucifer shoves Cass forward over the ropes and lands on the apron. Lucifer runs into the corner and jumps to the middle rope and springboards to out of the ring and Cass hits a stiff kick to Lucifer in the face and Lucifer lands below on the mats! The crowd gasps at the high-risk then no-reward for Lucifer but cheers for Cass.

Michael Cole: Lucifer with a springboard move and when he leaped over the ropes Cass caught him with a kick!

Cass looks back at Lucifer whose getting to his feet and Cass springboards to the ropes and turns in the air to land a plancha but Lucifer sidesteps and let’s Cass crash into the railing! The crowd gasps once again at the huge spot. Lucifer grabs Cass and throws her into the ring and pins but it’s only a quick two and Lucifer understands that. Cass is picked up and thrown into the corner where Lucifer hits backhand chops and kicks to the thighs! Cass goes down and Lucifer just hits punch after punch in the corner. Lucifer picks up Cass and throws her to the other corner, where Lucifer follows closely and just as Cass runs into the corner back-first, Lucifer is there with a leaping splash! Casss tumbles out and Lucifer kicks to the midsection bending Cass forward and Lucifer hooks the arms and Cass struggles out and the crowd almost lost their minds as Lucifer tried to end it early..

Jerry Lawler: Notice Cass getting out of the finishing move of Lucifer..

Lucifer stomps on Cass in the corner and picks her up, sliding her out of the corner to the ropes and throws her against the other side of the ring ropes. Cass bounces back but ducks Lucifers clothesline and Cass hits the ropes and comes back for a cross body but Lucifer just lays out on his back quickly and Cass hits the mat empty-handed! Lucifer picks up Cass and goes for The Kiss of the Devil but Cass struggles out of it and rolls to the apron. Lucifer bends through the ropes and Cass kips up on the apron with a stiff European uppercut sending Lucifer back to the center of the ring where Cass springboards to the ropes and hits a frogsplash! Cass pins but it’s only a two count! Cass takes a breather and gets to her feet and picks up Lucifer hitting a quick DDT. Lucifer holds his head and kneels upwards where Cass hits The X Marks the spot! The crowd counts with the ref when Cass pins!



JBL: Lucifer kicks out! Wow. Lucifer has enough in the tank to kick out of that?

Michael Cole: Cass now has Lucifer in her game, Cass is beating down Lucifer with kicks and that’s exactly where Cass wants Lucifer..

Cass stomps on Lucifer and picks him up and hits an exploding suplex! Cass takes a breather and nods no to himself, and picks up Lucifer and hits the X Marks the spot again!

Michael Cole: It could be over! That could be it!



The lights go out and start to flicker, the Ref looks around and doesn’t make the count when he is pulled out of the ring by some force and then the lights go back on and Angel is standing in the ring, Alucard not far from her on the outside.

Michael Cole: WHAT THE HELL?!!

Jerry Lawler: Awe no!! Cass watch out!

Angel then looks over at Lucifer and picks him up while he is vulnerable. She lifts him up and slams him down hard runs to the corner, climbs up and hits him with the Appocolypse. The crowd is going crazy. The ref from the side, struggling to climb up his flinging his arms up and down calling for the bell. Cass is scooting backwards towards the corner of the ring as Angel looks at her grinning.

Michael Buffer: The ref has called the match, and the winner….by disqualification.. .LUCIFER!!!

Cass is shaking her head yelling at Angel.

Cass: YOUR SICK!!!

Angel grabs the mic from Michael Buffer and leans down towards Cass…

Angel: I’m not sick…I’m twisted….sick implies there’s a cure.

She drops the mic and exits the ring. Lucifer finally coming around not knowing what the hell just went on and Angel, sliding her arm into Alucards as they walk up the ramp and exit the arena.

Michael Buffer: We all know Angel is unpredictable but what on earth?

Jerry Lawler: I think we all know what that means, Angel just sent out a huge challenge to Cassandra Marx and Im guessing….its gonna be at LockDown.

JBL: We havent heard from Angel in some time and some felt she was lurking behind the scenes but we all know thats never the case with Angel. She picks and chooses her time, and this time…its the Evo Champion…Marx.


Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your Main Event of the evening. On his way to the ring first… Joey Hunter!

Joey’s theme music blasts as he gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. He looks confident as he slaps a few fans hands before climbing into the ring. Joey Hunter climbs up onto the turnbuckle and poses with his arms extended out before droping down.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, hailing from New York, NY. She is the XWF World Champion…. Ashley Slaine!

“Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory hits the PA system next as Ashley Slaine walks onto the stage. She looks focused and keeps her eyes on Joey the entire time. We don’t get the ususal energy and excitement from her. This is an Ashley with a look that could kill. A sick and tired Ashley that is ready to fight.

Michael Bufer: Finally, our Special Guest Referee for this match…. Kevin Kronic!

“Without Me” by Eminem blasts across the PA system as Kevin Kronic walks onto the stage. He has a referee outfit on and gives off a smile to the fans. Kevin walks down the ramp and enters the ring. He walks over to Joey Hunter and shakes his hand. He then walks over to Ashley and extends his hand but Ashley won’t shake it. Kevin grins as he calls for the bell.

Joey Hunter Vs Ashley Slaine (Special Guest Referee: Kevin Kronic)

The bell sounds as our Main Event is underway. The two circle around the ring and tie up. It’s a test of strenght in the early goings as Joey Hunter backs Ashley Slaine into the corner. He nails a few jabs to Ashley’s midsection along with a few kicks. Hunter goes after Ashley again in the corner but instead Ashley switches places with Hunter and begins to choke him in the corner. Kevin begins the count and when he gets to four he grabs Ashley and pushes her away from Hunter. Kevin yells at her to listen to the count but Ashley doesn’t have much respect for the referee this evening. Ashley goes to Joey Hunter again but Hunter nails her with a spear out of nowhere and goes for a cover…

Pin: 1…………………………….2…….

Michael Cole: Ashley Slaine kicks out at two and you have to wonder if the odds are stacked against Ashley tonight. How will Kevin handle being the referee.

Jerry Lawler: I’ve always thought Kevin was a fair owner and I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt tonight. But we will certainly see Michael.

Joey Hunter gets to his feet and picks up Ashley. He sends her off into the ropes and when Ashley comes back around Hunter hits her with a spinebuster. Joey Hunter begins stalking her for a DDT and looking to put this match away early. Ashley gets up and Hunter grabs her for the move but Ashley knows whats coming and is able to break free and slides out of the ring. Hunter chases Ashley around the ring and Ashley slides back inside. Hunter follows but Ashley is right there to land an elbow drop. Ashley waits for Joey Hunter to get halfway up and then hits him with a fameasser. Ashley goes for the cover now….

Pin: 1………………………………2…………

Only a two count as Joey kicks out at the last second.

Michael Cole: It looks like Kevin is taking his job seriously and isn’t this what they talked about? All week Ashley said she wanted him to be fair.

Ashley grabs the leg of Joey Hunter and nails a knee onto it. She’s trying to weaken the legs of Hunter and he continues to do it with a combination of knees, stomps, and elbows. Ashley Slaine stalks Hunter and watches him try to get up. As soon as he does though Ashley dives at his leg and sends him back down. Ashley tries going for a sharpshooter and applies it. Hunter looks to be in some pain as he screams out. Kevin asks him if he wants to give up but he refuses. Joey Hunter crawls his way to the ropes and eventually grabs it. Kevin tells Ashley to break the hold but Ashley isn’t listening to him. She continues to apply the hold until eventually she lets go herself. Ashley goes for a pin on Joey Hunter.

Pin: 1………………………………..2…………..

Joey Hunter kicks out again at two. Hunter gets to his feet now. Ashley goes for a punch but its blocked and Hunter nails her with one instead. Joey follows up with a couple more punches before sending her to the ropes. Ashley flies back around and Hunter nails a stiff clothline that takes Ashley off her feet. Hunter picks her back up now and lifts her into the air. He gives her a military press slam and goes for a cover…

Pin: 1…………………………..2…………………

Ashley Slaine kicks out at two and begins to crawl away from Hunter. She picks herself up at the turnbuckle. Joey Hunter goes to the opposite side of the ring and stares at Ashley in the corner. He charges at Ashley with a splash but as he leaps Kevin goes near Ashley to check on her and Hunter accidently hits both Kevin and Ashley at the same time.

JBL: This is not good fellas…

Hunter grabs Ashley and goes for a DDT but Ashley reverses it and nails a DDT of her own. Ashley gets to her feet and checks on Kevin Kronic to see if he’s ok. Kevin looks blinded and can’t see whose near him. Kevin slams his elbow backwards towards who he believes is Joey Hunter. Ashley stumbles backwards and Joey rolls up Ashley out of nowhere. Kevin goes for the count…



THR-NO! Ashley kicks out at the last second. Joey Hunter quickly picks up Ashley to put her away. He lifts her up into a firemans carry but Ashley breaks free. She spins around and nails the Blade Cutter! Ashley with the cover as Kevin counts…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…..Ashley Slaine!

Michael Cole: Ashley picks up the victory and I’d say this match was called pretty fairly.

JBL: Fairly: Kevin almost cost Ashley the match?! He once again abused his powers.

Jerry Lawler: Come on JBL I think that was an accident.

Michael Cole: Yeah but I’m not sure Ashley thinks so!

Ashley quickly gets up and gets in the face of Kevin Kronic. Kevin argues his case and says he didn’t know it was her. Ashley tells Kevin that this is twice that he’s attacked her. The arguing gets more heated as security quickly gets in the ring and seperates the two competitors.

Michael Cole: These two can’t wait until Lockdown. They want to fight right now!

Ashley and Kevin Kronic continue to jaw at once another as our Inferno comes to a close. The next time we will see these two will be at the PPV.