We are live for another edition of XWF Inferno and its the first episode after Lockdown. Our show still takes place inside the XWF Performance Center with the arena about 25% filled with fans. We head over to our commentary booth where we are joined by Michael Cole and JBL.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to XWF Inferno and what a night we have for you. Six-man Tag Team Action featuring our New World Champion Ashley Blade.

JBL: I can’t believe I’m stuck here with you. Already sucking up to Ashley.

Michael Cole: How was that sucking up? I’m simply telling the fans we have a great show?

JBL: You know what you did.

Michael Cole: Anyway, you might notice that Jerry Lawler is not with us tonight due to flight issues. However we know The King is watching wherever he is and we’re glad you’re watching too. In addition to our Main Event we also have two superstars making their debuts tonight and one is about to be in that ring in a few seconds.

JBL: It’s great to see new talent in the XWF but I hope they don’t think this is going to be a walk in the park. They will be tested both physically and mentally in the XWF.

Michael Cole: A chance of a lifetime and lets not waste another minute. Here is Michael Buffer to introduce our first match of the night…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring first. He weighed in tonight at two hundred and five pounds. Brett Myles!

One Crazed Anarchist blasts across the arena as Brett Myles walks onto the stage. He gets boo’s from the crowd as Myles walks down the ramp with a cocky smile on his face. He climbs up onto the apron and flips over the ropes before heading to his corner.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent and making his XWF Debut. He hails from Brooklyn,New York and weighed in tonight at two hundred and seventy-five pounds…. The Enforcer, Anthony Cross!

Natural Born Killaz By Ice Cube and Dr. Dre starts playing gthroughout the arena. Smoke comes from the entrance way. As the smoke is clearing The Enforcer walks through the smoke and looks out at the crowd. Enforcer than walks down to the ring. He walks up the stairs on to the ring apron, looks out at the crowd and lifts his arms out to the side. Enforcer steps through the top and middle ropes. Enforcer walks over to the the opposite ring ropes and lifts his arms out to his side.

Brett Myles Vs The Enforcer

The two circle around the ring as this match is underway. The two tie up and Enforcer is clearly the more powerful man as he tosses Myles across the ring. Brett Myles gets back to his feet and the two circle around the ring again. They tie up once more and this time Myles slips around behind Enforcer and pushes him into the ropes. Enforcer bounces off the ropes and Myles leapfrogs over him. Enforcer turns around and Myles slaps him hard across the face. Myles yells “Welcome to the XWF…Bitch!” and that does nothing but make The Enforcer angry. Enforcer grabs Myles and tosses him into the turnbuckle. He nails him with a few shoulder thrusts and then hits him with a fallaway slam. Enforcer with a cover….

Pin: 1………………………………..2…………

Brett Myles kicks out at two and he quickly rolls out of the ring. Enforcer rolls out and chases Myles around the ring. Brett gets inside and Enforcer slides in after him. Brett Myles with a dropkick to the head of Enforcer that stuns him. Myles nails a few kicks as Enforcer slowly gets to his feet. Brett Myles nails him with a fameasser and goes for a cover….

Pin: 1……………

Only a one count as Enforcer kicks out right away. Brett Myles climbs the turnbuckle. Perhaps going for the Myles High Club but Enforcer quickly gets to his feet and grabs him. He nails him with a spinning powerbomb and Myles is out cold.

JBL: Call me crazy but Myles might be regreeting that slap from earlier.

Michael Cole: You think?

The Enforcer picks up Myles and sends him to the ropes. Myles comes back around and Enforcer hits him with a sidewalk slam. Enforcer picks him up and calls for the end. He hits him with the Death Penalty! and covers him…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….The Enforcer!

Michael Cole: What do you think of the match we just saw JBL?

JBL: An impressive win against a mammoth of a man. Beating Brett Myles might not be the most impressive win but its a win. If he can continue to have those kinds of matches then his career will skyrocket in the XWF.

Michael Cole: That’s the name of the game though isnt it? Win your matches and good things happen. But folks we are going to shift gears now and talk about a man who debuted a few weeks ago. That man being Kyle Mehr. Now Mehr had the biggest match of his XWF career against Daniel Slaine and came up just short. However, Mehr said it was a learning oppertunity and accepted the challenge of a future match with Slaine.

JBL: I for one hope he kicks Slaine’s ass and takes the United States championship.

Michael Cole: I think its no secret that his feud with Mehr has lead to tonights match. Kyle Mehr takes on Josh Blade who is the brother of the woman that Slaine is dating, Ashley Blade. An interesting match and you have to wonder if Slaine will be on the mind of Kyle tonight….

We head back to ringside as introductions for our next match begins.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is a Tables Match! Making his way to the ring first. He hails from San Diego, California… Josh Blade!

Josh’s music blasts through the arena as Josh Blade makes his way out onto the stage. The lights dim and the lights follow him down the stage. He walks up the steel steps and into the ring.

Michael Buffer: And the challenger, he hails from Reno, Nevada….Kyle Mehr!

It’s A Fight” by Three 6 Mafia hits over the arena speakers.)

#Yeah! Yeah! We Aint Playing With You. Step Your Ass Up What You want to Do. And Get Your Ass Knock Down#

(A Series of Green Pyro ignites the arena.)

#We gonna hit em with a left, hit em with a right, We gonna hit em with a left, hit em with a right It’s A Fight..It’s A Fight#

Kyle Mehr walks out onto the stage and while the fans might not be here to cheer tonight, they are no doubt cheering at him as he makes his debut. Kyle walks down to the ring when suddenly he’s attacked from behind by Max Farrell. Max begins stomping away at him before grabbing Kyle and tossing him into the ring. The bell sounds and this match is underway.

Josh Blade Vs Kyle Mehr

The bell sounds and this one should be a lot of fun. The two tie up and Kyle Mehr with an armbar to start things off. Josh Blade is able to flip himself over and swipes the legs of Mehr. Mehr quickly back to his feet and dodges a clothline from Blade. Josh bounces off the ropes and Mehr with a leapfrog over him. Blade continues off the ropes and comes back around. Mehr springboards into him but Josh Blade grabs him and holds on. Josh Blade tries for a fallaway slam but Mehr positions himself around and nails a hurricarana onto Josh Blade who goes flying into the turnbuckle. Blade turns around and looks impressed. The two go to tie up again but this time Josh Blade nails a kick to the midsection and then a double axe handle that sends Mehr down. Josh picks up Kyle and tosses him out of the ring. Josh follows after him and sends him into the barricade hard. Josh Blade then grabs a table and tosses it into the ring. He takes another table and sets it up outside the ring. Josh delivers a few kicks to Kyle Mehr and then sets him up on the table. Josh Blade climbs the apron and then the turnbuckle. He goes to leap off but Mehr gets off the table and onto the floor.

Michael Cole: This match could of been over quickly but Mehr had the awareness to get off that table.

Josh Blade goes back ouside the ring and tosses Kyle inside. Josh Blade tries to suplex Kyle into the table but Mehr hooks the leg. Kyle instead does a suplex of his own on Josh. Kyle gets back to his feet and grabs the table. He sets the table up into one of the turnbuckles. Kyle grabs Josh and leans him up against the table. Kyle Mehr does a running dropkick onto Josh but it doesn’t break the table. Kyle gets backup and goes to run towards Josh again but Josh moves out of the way and Kyle puts on the breaks. Josh gets back up and nails Kyle with a neckbreaker.

JBL: Some quick action here tonight Cole and one of these two superstars is going to run out of stamina if it continues.

Michael Cole: To be an XWF superstar you have to be in the best shape of your life. I have a feeling these two could go all night if you left them. The only thing stopping this match will be one of these tables.

Josh Blade gets onto the apron and waits for Kyle to get up. Josh jumps onto the ropes and leaps off with a flying forearm that connects. Josh Blade stalking Mehr now and waiting for him to get up again. He goes for the Blade Cutter! but Mehr pushes him off into the ropes. Josh holds onto the ropes and Mehr charges after him. Josh moves out of the way and Mehr goes flying outside almost landing on the table. Josh Blade goes outside the ring and puts Mehr on the table. He climbs up onto it and tries going for a Blade Cutter on the table. Mehr once again pushes Josh away who jumps onto the apron. Mehr jumps from the table to the apron as well and nails a jumping DDT on the apron. Mehr follows it up with a legdrop on the apron and Josh Blade rolls off and onto the table. Kyle Mehr climbs the turnbuckle now and looks down at Josh. Kyle leaps off with Kyle Hangover! and sends Josh through the table.

MIchael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match….Kyle Mehr!

Michael Cole: A big win for Kyle here tonight and…..

Suddenly we see Daniel Slaine on the titantron. He has the United States Championship on his shoulder and begins to clap his hands.

Daniel Slaine: Not bad Kyle, not bad at all. I’m glad to see you won your match. I’m even more excited to see you accepted my challenge. Now I know you said you were going to make me wait for our rematch but I’m an impatient man. So why don’t we meet in the middle? You want to wait and I want a date. Luckily we have a PPV coming up at the end of July called Independence. So how about me? Me and you for the United States Championship. I’ll await your response….

JBL: Now that would be a match. What do you think Kyle is going to do?

The titantron fades as the camera pans on Kyle giving off a smirk and thinking to himself if he wants to face Slaine at the PPV as Inferno heads to a commercial break.


We return from commercial with our next match ready to get underway…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring first, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Alex Calaway!

Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold blasts acros the arena as Alex Calaway walks onto the stage. She looks over the crowd and looks ready for a fight. She heads down the ramp and wastes no time getting into the ring.

Michael Buffer: And her opponent, she hails from St. Louis, Missouri and makes her XWF Debut. Justice Orton-Cross!

Light a Fire begins to play over the pa system and then Justice walks out onto the ramp with her arms in the air. Her thumb, index finger, and pinky would also be point upwards on both hands as well. When the sentence “Let me light a fire in you tonight” plays she bends down a bit then straightens herself back out as pyro goes off. Justice continues to the ring with a smirk on her face before climbing onto the stairs. When she would get halfway onto the apron she turned her back to the ropes then did a backflip over them. With both feet on the ground, she would go over to each side of the ring smirking as the fans had mixed reactions towards her.

Alex Calaway Vs Justice Orton-Cross

We are ready for our third match of the night and we’ll see if Justice Cross can make it two for two when it comes to debuts here tonight. She starts with a headlock to Alex Calaway in the early goings of the match and drops her to a knee. Cross continues to apply pressure until Calaway gets back up and nails Cross with a back body drop. Alex Calaway grabs her by the legs now and tries applying a sharpshooter but Justice kicks her away and gets back to her feet. The two tie up and Justice works her up against the ropes. The referee break the two apart and Alex gives a stiff shove to Justice Orton-Cross. This causes Justice to tackle Alex to the ground and begin smashing her head into the mat. Alex Calaway escapes to the outside to catch her breath. But as she does Justice steps onto the apron and dives off with a cross body onto Calaway and both land hard on the floor.

JBL: A lot of people don’t realize that those floor cushions don’t provide much support. They hurt when you land on them and those two just landed hard.

Michael Cole: Already we are seeing Justice not afraid to put her body on the line to try and pick up a win.

Justice Cross goes to pick up Alex but Alex Calaway grabs her by the hair and pushes her into the fan barricade. Alex looks around and finds some wires connecting the announce table equipment. She grabs the wires and wraps them around the throat of Justice. The referee begins yelling at Alex to keep it clean and bring it back in the ring. Eventually Alex stops the assault and tosses Justice back in the ring. Alex Calaway goes for a pin now…

Pin: 1……………2…….

A kickout at two. Alex Calaway grabs the legs again and this time is able to lock in the sharpshooter. She has Justice in the middle of the ring and Justice tries scratching and clawing her way to the ropes. She’s almost there but Alex brings her back into the center of the ring. She releases the hold for a second and switches things into a crossface. Justice looks ready to tap but she continues to fight. Eventually Justice is able to flip Alex over into a pinning situation.

Pin: 1…………………2………

Alex Calaway breaks the submission and breaks out of the pin. Both women get to their feet and Calaway nails Justice with a clothline.Alex Calaway picks up Justice and nails her with a piledriver now and follows it with a cover…

Pin: 1……………….2……………….

Michael Cole: Kickout at two and it appears Calaway has control of this matchup. Perhaps Justice Cross a little bit over her head in her first match in the XWF.

Alex Calaway picks her up and suddenly Justice begins fighting back with big left and right punches. She irish whips Alex into the ropes and Orton-Cross fires with a huge clothline. Both women back up to their feet. Justice tries for another clothline but Alex Calaway ducked and nails a DDT. Calaway climbs up onto the turnbuckle now and waits for Justice to start getting up. Alex leaps off with a dive but Justice Cross nails her finisher, the Lights Out! and literally out of nowhere. A cutter type move and Justice with the cover now…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…Justice Orton-Cross!

JBL: She did it! She won the match!

Michael Cole: An impressive win here tonight for Justice Cross and did you see that finish? She hit that about as well as I’ve ever seen anyone do it.

JBL: You know who didn’t see it? Alex Calaway.

Michael Cole: A devistating finisher and….hold on a second. I’m getting word of something going on. Lets take a look at the titantron…

The titantron begins to light up and we see an unfamilar person to the XWF. A man by the name of “Black Heart” Jason Thunder. He gives off a smile and begins to speak.

Jason Thunder: Allow me to offically welcome myself to the XWF. Truth be told I wanted to be here sooner so that I could participate in the all-cage PPV event. But regardless of my debut, my actions will speak plenty. I don’t run from a fight or a match. So since I missed Lockdown, why don’t we make things interesting for my offical debut on Inferno. I am issuing an open challenge to anyone in the XWF. You against Me. Inside a steel cage. Think you have what it takes? We shall see soon enough.

The titantron fades to black as we head to our final commercial break….


We return from commercial and as we do The Union is making their way down to the ring. Michael Everett, Mike Dimter and Sabrina Rossi. The fans boo loudly as the group heads into the ring and prepares for our Main Event of the evening.

Michael Buffer: And their opponent, they are the team of Sheena Montgomery, Daniel Slaine and the New World Heavyweight Champion….Ashley Blade!

“Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory blasts across the arena as the “Super Friends” of Ashley, Sheena and Daniel walk onto the stage. They look confident and ready as they head down the ramp. Ashley removes her World Title and shows it off to Michael Everett who proceeds to yell some colorful words to her. The three get inside the ring and its Main Event time.

The Union Vs Ashley Blade, Daniel Slaine, and Sheena Montgomery

The bell sounds and here we go. Michael Everett and Sheena Montgomery are going to start off for their team. They go to tie up and Michael quicklys tags out to Mike Dimter. “not worth my time” he yells as Mike slowly gets into the ring. Our two new competitors lock up and Sheena works an armlock to get this match going. She twists the arm and applies pressure. Dimter is eventually able to counter it and puts an armlock on Sheena. Sheena leans up against the ropes and Mike irish whips her to the opposite side. Sheena goes for a clothline but Dimter ducks. Sheena bounces off the ropes again. Dimter goes to duck another clothline but Sheena haults herself and kicks Dimter in the head. Sheena with a standing moonsault and goes for a cover…

Pin: 1…………….

A kickout at one for Dimter. Sheena stays on top of him and picks him back up to his feet. Sheena nails a few stiff punches and Dimter moves into the corner. Sheena lifts Dimter up on the turnbuckle and then delivers a frankensteiner that sends Mike across the ring. Mike tags out to Sabrina Rossi who enters the ring. Sheena Montgomery tags out to Daniel Slaine and two fresh people enter the ring.

Michael Cole: So far Sheena Montgomery was able to handle her opponent, now lets see what happens between Sabrina and Slaine.

JBL: As if there’s any doubt…

The two champions tie up in the middle of the ring. Daniel Slaine gets behind her and wrestles her to the ground. He applies a headlock but Sabrina is able to wrestle her way back to her feet. Slaine pushes her off into the ropes and nails her with a spear as she comes back around. Sabrina crawls to the corner and picks herself up. Slaine goes over to her but Sabrina with a poke to the eyes that blinds him. Sabrina Rossi dives at the knees of Slaine and knocks him off his feet. Sabrina nails a couple of elbows before beginning to climb the top rope. Daniel gets to his feet but Sabrina meets him with a missle dropkick. Sabrina with the cover now…

Pin: 1……………………………………2……..

Kickout at two from Slaine. Sabrina Rossi continues her assault as Slaine tries to get his vision back. Sabrina tries for a german suplex but Slaine is able to hang on, flips around and delivers a german suplex instead to Sabrina and both superstars are down. The two begin to get up at the same time, each delivering punches to each other. Sabrina tries going for an enziguri but Slaine ducks the kick and nails a russian leg sweep. Daniel Slaine tags out to Ashley Blade and here comes the champ. Ashley nails a clothline to Sabrina Rossi that takes her off her feet and then nails a second one. Sabrina tags out to Mike Dimter but he eats a clothline too. Ashley dares Michael to come into the ring but he refuses to do so. Ashley grabs both Sabrina and Dimter, nailing them with a double DDT. She then goes for a cover on Dimter…

Pin: 1…………………………………………2…………..

No. Kickout at two thanks to Michael who kicks her in the head with a cheap shot. Dimter and Sabrina with a double suplex now on Ashley and the two begin beating on her until the referee is able to get Sabrina out of the ring. Mike Dimter goes for the LIbery Bell! on Ashley and goes for a cover….



No. Kickout at two and now Michael Everett wants a tag in. He gets it and grabs Ashley by the legs. He locks in the TCO in the middle of the ring and Ashley is in trouble.

JBL: What a great champion, MIchael Everett showing why hes the best.

Michael Cole: Come on JBL. He let Dimter and Sabrina do the hard work and is now trying to get all the glory for himself.

Michael Everett continues to lock in the TCO sharpshooter as Ashley screams in pain. She crawls to the ropes but Michael brings her back to the middle of the ring. She looks to be ready to tap when suddenly…

“Hush, little baby don’t say a word Mama’s gonna buy you a mocking bird”

We hear the lullaby being sung through the PA system and hear glimpses of Vanessa Torres on the titantron. This causes Michael Everett to release the hold and exit from the ring. He runs backstage leaving Sabrina and Dimter alone in the ring. Ashley grabs them both by their heads and toss them in. Ashley then tags in Daniel Slaine. Ashley Blade nails a Blade Cutter on Sabrina and Slaine nails a KTFO! on Mike Dimter. Daniel then tags in Sheena Montgomery who proceeds to nail the Last Call! on Sabrina and go for the cover….




Michael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match by Pinfall….Sheena Montgomery, Daniel Slaine, and Ashley Blade!

JBL: This is horrible! How can this woman continue to cost Michael his matches.

Michael Cole: I think Michael has bigger problems than that. His daughter is missing and he wants answers. Unfortunatly for Mike and Sabrina, it cost them the match tonight.

JBL: This match shouldn’t count.

Michael Cole: I think their opponents may beg to differ. A big win tonight for the three of them and once again showing why they are the three of the best. Thank you everyone for joining us tonight and we will see you on the next episode of Inferno. Goodnight!