We are live from the XWF Performance Center with another edition of XWF Inferno. The limited crowd is excited for a great show and it appears we arn’t wasting any time. We see Michael Buffer in the ring and ready to introduce our first match.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring, she hails from Astoria Oregon…. Cassandra Marx!

Demons by Icon For Hire blasts across the arena as Cassandra walks onto the stage. She gets a strong reaction from the crowd and heads down the ramp. Her focus is on her opponent and she looks ready to make a good first impression as she heads into the ring.

Loralie Blackwell Vs Cassandra Marx

The bell sounds and we are ready to go for our next contest. Loralie Blackwell looks for a tie-up but Cassandra Marx ducks and circles behind her. She lifts Loralie up and plants her down on the mat. Some amature wrestling going on as Cassandra holds top position. She stands back to her feet and nails a hard kick across the head with Loralie on her knees. She nails a couple more before going to the ropes and coming back around with a dropkick. Cassandra goes for a quick cover…

Pin: 1………………….

A quick one count and Cassandra applies a headlock on the ground. Loralie starts fighting to her feet with the hold still applied. She lefts up Cassandra and sends her down with a back-body drop. Loralie Blackwell grabs the legs and looks to apply some kind of sharpshooter but Cassandra kicks away at her and grabs the ropes. Forcing Blackwell to back up from her. Cassandra picks herself up on the ring apron and Loralie charges at her. Cassandra nails her with a hard elbow that sends her flying backwards a couple of feet. Cassandra jumps up onto the top rope and springboards herself onto her. Loralie Blackwell doesn’t go down though and instead powerbombs her. Loralie with a cover now…

Pin: 1……………………………..2…….

Michael Cole: Kickout at two by Cassandra Marx and both women looking to take their next step in XWF and for Loralie Blackwell it would be her first.

Jerry Lawler: I actually talked to Cassandra earlier today. She said she’s not taking anything for granted. Each match is an oppertunity to prove herself and show she belongs.

Suddenly our camera feed breaks away from the match as we see a long black limo pull up to the parking lot. The limo comes to a hault and the driver quickly walks to the back. He opens the door and it appears that The Union has arrived. Out walks Michael Everett followed by Nikki. Followed close behind them is the Queen of Darkness Angel and lastly Mike Dimter who will be joining two of the three in action later tonight.

Michael Cole: It appears The Union has arrived and nice of them to show up on time.

JBL: OK Michael. You tell Angel that she’s supposed to be here earlier. Lets see how that works out for you!

Back to the action as we see Loralie Blackwell pick up Cassandra and irish whips her into the ropes. She charges after her with a clothline and misses when Cassandra gets out of the way. Cassandra grabs Loralie and then starts to climb the top rope. She grabs her head and floats her over with a tornando DDT. Both superstars quickly get to their feet and Cassandra nails another dropkick that sends Loralie into the ropes. Loralie rebounds off the ropes but gets met with a kick to the midsection and a fameasser to follow. Cassandra thinks about going for the cover but instead starts to climb the top rope. She takes her time though and it costs her. Loralie gets to her feet and grabs her. Loralie Blackwell puts her back on the mat and than hits her with a german suplex. She holds on and hits another. She goes for a third but Cassandra rolls herself into a craddle that has Loralie in a pin….



Michael Cole: No! Only a two count and somehow Loralie keeps this match going.

JBL: I don’t know about that one Michael, it looked like a three to me.

Both are slow to their feet and Loralie lifts Cassandra up onto her shoulders. She tries to drop her into the turnbuckle but Cassandra Marx wiggles free and Loralie goes head first into the top turnbuckle. Cassandra then grabs Blackwell and hits her with a snap suplex. Loralie Blackwell quickly gets to her feet and Cassandra kicks her in the midsection. Cassandra tries for a DDT but Loralie pushes her away into the ropes. Marx comes back and eats a big dropkick. Both women up at the same time and Blackwell with a scoop slam. She climbs the top rope now, perhaps looking for the Nightmare Twist! She leaps off but nobodies home as Cassandra moves out of the way. Marx up now and she applies the Raven’s Cry! An ankle lock in the middle of the ring and Loralie has no choice but to tap out…

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Submission….Cassandra Marx!

Michael Cole: A big win for Cassandra here tonight but JBL I want to ask you about Loralie Blackwell. She lost the match but what did you think of her debut.

JBL: I saw a lot of heart and determination. She might not of gotten the win but I think she gained a lot of fans here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: I know I’m one of them.

Michael Cole: I can’t wait to see what’s next for both of these young women and….hold on just a second. I’m told Sheena Montgomery has arrived and she’s backstage. Lets take a look..


We come backstage and see Sheena heading towards the locker room where she was to meet Ashley and Daniel. She goes to open the door but something makes her turn around. When she does she is face to face with Angel.

Sheena: Well, I thought I felt a disturbance in the force. If it isn’t Elvira herself leadin the band wagon fir Michael and his band of losers.

Angel just smiles, tilting her head. A cold look in her eyes and the room gets a chill over it. The silent treatment gets under Sheena’s skin.

Sheena: If yer gonna say something say it girl if not I got bigger things to do.

Angel lifts her hand up, palm facing up and blows a soft breath over her palm and this fog of stuff goes across Sheena’s face and her eyes roll to the back of her head and she slumps down the wall onto the floor.

Angel: Take her.

With that, Mike Dimter, Sabrina Rossi and Xavier woods picks her up and carries her off leaving Angel there just smiling as the video feed ends….


Michael Cole: Did you just see that?

JBL: See what?

Michael Cole: What they did to Sheena?

JBL: Sorry I was checking my twitter account, I miss something?

Michael Cole: You are unbelieveable. You know that? Anyway….fans, lets go to our next match…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, he is the reigning and defending XWF United States Champion… Daniel Slaine!

“99 Bottles” by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Michael Buffer: On his way to the ring, he weighed in tonight at two hundred and fifty-five pounds. He hails from the lovely state of Cincinnati Ohio. He is the Messiah of Mayhem…. Scott Grayse!

Reborn by Stone Sour blasts across the arena as Scott Grayse walks onto the stage. He heads down the entrance ramp and climbs into the ring.

Michael Cole: This has the makings of being a great match and….hold on a second?

“Judas” by Fozzy begins to play as Michael Everett walks out onto the stage. Michael takes off his shades, snaps them in half and than hands them off to one of the fans. Michael walks up the steel steps and gets into the ring.

Michael Cole: Well this is unexpected, Micheal Everett is joining Scott Grayse for this match.

Jerry Lawler: Grayse and Everett are circling Daniel Slaine, this doesn’t look good for the United States Champion…

“It’s A Fight” by Three 6 Mafia hits over the arena speakers.)

Suddenly Kyle Mehr runs out to thunderous cheers from the crowd. Kyle slides into the ring and attacks Michael Everett, Daniel Slaine then starts unleashing rights and lefts on Scott Grayse. Refs and other XWF personnel quickly run out and try to regain order.

Michael Cole: Pandemonia has erupted here as Opposition at Anarchy Daniel Slaine and Kyle Mehr are brawling with Union members Scott Grayse and Michael Everett we have to take a short break while the XWF officials organize this chaos…


Michael Cole: Folks order has been restored and we are once again ready to start this match.

Scott Grayse Vs Daniel Slaine

Scott Grayse and Daniel Slaine circle each other to begin the match. They lock up in a collar and elbow tie up, Daniel Slaine then pulls Scott Grayse for a headlock. Scott Grayse pushes Daniel Slaine off of him; Daniel Slaine then bounces off the ropes, comes back and clotheslines Scott Grayse down to the mat. Scott Grayse quickly gets up to his feet, but he is quickly floored by a standing dropkick by Daniel Slaine. Daniel Slaine quickly gets on top of Scott Grayse and starts punching Scott Grayse in the face. Daniel Slaine gets off of Scott Grayse and climbs to the top rope, Daniel Slaine jumps off for a leg drop but Scott Grayse moves out of the way. Daniel Slaine goes down hard. Scott Grayse gets up and puts a quick headlock on Daniel Slaine to slow the action down. Scott Grayse continues to keep the pressure on and Daniel Slaine drops down to his knees, his face is red. All of a sudden Daniel Slaine gains up his energy and gets back up to his feet; Scott Grayse quickly changes the momentum back in his favor by changing the headlock into a bulldog.

Michael Cole: I have to say that was a great move by Scott Grayse, he can’t let Daniel Slaine to get going!

JBL: Thank you for stating the obvious!

Scott Grayse grabs Daniel Slaine by his hair and lifts Daniel Slaine to his feet. Scott Grayse then whips Daniel Slaine into the far side turnbuckle. Scott Grayse charges Daniel Slaine but Daniel Slaine moves and Scott Grayse hits chest first into the turnbuckle. Daniel Slaine pushes Scott Grayse into the turnbuckle and starts hitting alternating rights and lefts. Daniel Slaine backs off a couple steps and charges with a huge right fist knocking Scott Grayse into a sitting position by the turnbuckle. Daniel Slaine runs and bounces off the far side ropes, comes back and knees Scott Grayse directly in the face. Daniel Slaine then lifts Scott Grayse and hits Scott Grayse with a snap mare towards the center of the ring. Daniel Slaine puts one of Scott Grayse’s legs on each of Daniel Slaine’s shoulders and leans over for the pin.

Pin: 1…………………….

Daniel Slaine has Scott Grayse up on his knees and Daniel Slaine is standing behind Scott Grayse, Daniel Slaine has a handful of Scott Grayse’s hair and he starts delivering right hands to the back of Scott Grayse’s head. Daniel Slaine lifts Scott Grayse completely up but as fast as Daniel Slaine gets Scott Grayse up Daniel Slaine puts Scott Grayse back down with a reverse DDT. Daniel Slaine continues on and lifts Scott Grayse again, this time hitting Scott Grayse with a normal DDT. Daniel Slaine then drops a quick leg across Scott Grayse’s head, and then follows up with an elbow. Daniel Slaine once again lifts Scott Grayse up and then bounces Scott Grayse off the ropes, when Scott Grayse comes back Daniel Slaine hits Scott Grayse with a drop toe hold to the canvas.

Michael Cole: Daniel Slaine proving to everyone why he’s the XWF United States Champion!

Daniel Slaine keeps the hold on and twists his body putting as much pressure on Scott Grayse’s ankle as possible. Scott Grayse yells in pain as his hand rises in the air as if he’s going to tap, but he endures and starts to pull himself across the mat. After a half minute of pain Scott Grayse reaches the ropes and Daniel Slaine is forced to let go, but as soon as he lets go Daniel Slaine is back on top of Scott Grayse with a knee to the kidney. Daniel Slaine lifts Scott Grayse off the canvas. Daniel Slaine lifts Scott Grayse up and hits him with a reverse back drop. Daniel Slaine follows it up with another, and then a float over suplex into a pin

Pin: 1………………………………………….2……………

Kickout at two. As the match continues we see a split screen now. It appears security continues to seperate Michael Everett and Kyle Mehr. Both arguing with each other and trying to get a hold of each other.

Michael Cole: It appears security has their hands full tonight and it appears we have the entire security team on the case at the moment…

Scott Grayse then begins to get to his feet, Daniel Slaine goes to attack Scott Grayse but Scott Grayse ducks under a punch, Scott Grayse then grabs Daniel Slaine from behind by his waistband and throws Daniel Slaine into a TV Monitor. Scott Grayse then comes towards Daniel Slaine who quickly counters by giving Scott Grayse a low blow and then gives him a cradle Piledriver!!!! Daniel Slaine then gets up to his feet and looks at a laid out Scott Grayse. Daniel Slaine then smiles out to the crowd!

Jerry Lawler: Daniel Slaine has no idea Scott Grayse is back up!

Scott Grayse then comes from behind and drills Daniel Slaine with clothesline to the back of Daniel Slaine’s head. Daniel Slaine lands right on his forehead. Scott Grayse then puts a couple of boots to Daniel Slaine. Scott Grayse then lifts Daniel Slaine to his feet quickly and hits him with spin heel kick. Scott Grayse takes a breather as Daniel Slaine slowly gets back to his feet. Scott Grayse then kicks Daniel Slaine. Scott Grayse then chokes Daniel Slaine with his left hand, and then slaps Daniel Slaine’s face with his right hand multiple times. Scott Grayse then launches Daniel Slaine into the ropes and Daniel Slaine goes over the top rope crashing to the floor outside. Scott Grayse then lifts Daniel Slaine to his feet. Scott Grayse then punches Daniel Slaine in the gut and Daniel Slaine bends over. Scott Grayse shoves Daniel Slaine’s head between his legs and then immediately lifts Daniel Slaine up in a power bomb position. Daniel Slaine then punches Scott Grayse in the face causing Scott Grayse to stagger back; Daniel Slaine gets his legs off of Scott Grayse’s shoulders and drops Scott Grayse down with a huge DDT on to the mat. Daniel Slaine stands up, as Scott Grayse struggles to get to his feet. Scott Grayse stands up with wobbly legs. Daniel Slaine and Scott Grayse stare each other down. Daniel Slaine then smiles and head-butts Scott Grayse in the face. Scott Grayse staggers back for a second, Daniel Slaine then charges at Scott Grayse and levels Scott Grayse with a running clothesline. Daniel Slaine then kicks Scott Grayse in the stomach and then runs at him and executes a swinging neck breaker on Scott Grayse. Daniel Slaine calling for the KTFO now. He stalks Grayse when suddenly….

Michael Cole: Look out!

Sabrina Rossi delivers a low blow to Daniel Slaine and the referee calls for the bell. Mike Dimter joins the ring as well and begins stomping away at Daniel Slaine. Meanwhile we see Angel slowly walking down the entrance ramp.

JBL: Someone get some security out here….O wait. They’re a bit distracted.

Michael Cole: You have to wonder if the appearnce of MIchael Everett was planned all along. He wanted security to go after him.

Mike Dimter, Sabrina Rossi, and now Scott Grayse continue their assault on Daniel Slaine. Angel enters the ring now and tells them to pick him up. Angel smiles at Daniel and then slaps him across the face. She then grabs him by the throat and nails him with a chokeslam.

Jerry Lawler: We need some help out here!

Michael Cole: No security, we saw what happened to Sheena earlier and I’m told Ashley isn’t even in the building yet. This was perfectly planned by The Union.

Daniel Slaine is out cold as The Union leaves the ring. Their work was done but you had to wonder if their night was over as we head to commercial….


We return from commercial break and head straight to our commentary team who follow up with us after everything that went down not too long ago.

Michael Cole: Folks we are back and…and… it is clear that The Union means business tonight. We knew they might make an impact. We knew Daniel Slaine could be a target but… I don’t think anyone expected that.

JBL: This is a darker side to The Union then we’ve seen before. Clearly it has Angel’s finger prints all over it.

Jerry Lawler: I know Michael Everett loves power and control. But what he’s doing with Angel. I just think he’s playing with fire right now and he might get burned.

Michael Cole: We will keep you updated on the condition of Slaine as we learn more. But folks right now you can see that Buddy Guy and Realm are both inside the ring. That means our next match is almost ready. Lets head down to Michael Buffer for the remaining introductions…

Michael Buffer: On his way to the ring next, he hails from Los Angeles , California…. Black Heart, Jason Thunder!

Smoke everywhere and pyros burst. Then, Black Heart enters through the intro with a hoody on . Then stops , when the song verse or chorus starts he takes of the hoody and does bumps is chest. Then , he walks down the ramp and enters the ring. He goes up every corner . Then, lastly he stands in the center of the ring fierce and looks on.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, he hails from Reno Nevada… Kyle Mehr!

“It’s A Fight” by Three 6 Mafia hits over the arena speakers.)

#Yeah! Yeah! We Aint Playing With You. Step Your Ass Up What You want to Do. And Get Your Ass Knock Down#

(A Series of Green Pyro ignites the arena.)

#We gonna hit em with a left, hit em with a right, We gonna hit em with a left, hit em with a right It’s A Fight..It’s A Fight#

Kyle Mehr walks out to thunderous cheers from the crowd. Kyle wears Black Oakleys, a White T-Shirt. The Shirts has Kyle Mehr’s pic on the front. Kyle also wears Black Jean Shorts with Black Boots. He has a black Knee Brace on his right knee. Kyle walks to the ring smirking as the crowd continues to cheer him, Kyle then rolls into the ring. Kyle then raises it into the air as the crowd’s cheers intensify, Kyle then heads to his corner and does some stretching.

Kyle Mehr Vs Jason Thunder Vs Buddy Guy Vs Realm

The bell sounds and here we go for this 4 Man – Elimination match. Jason Thunder and Kyle Mehr have to be the favorites in this match as they turn their attention to each other and begin exchanging some words. It looks like things might be getting heated as Buddy Guy and Realm begin to approach them. Suddenly Mehr and Thunder nail superkicks at the same time. Mehr hits Buddy Guy and Thunder hits Realm. Kyle Mehr goes for a cover on Guy….

Pin: 1……………………………………….2……………………..3

And at the same time Jaston Thunder goes for a cover on Realm…..

Pin: 1…………………………………2…………………………….3

Jerry Lawler: Cole, I dont’ think I’ve seen anything like this before in my life! Two eliminations in a matter of seconds.

Michael Cole: Hello and Goodbye for Realm and Buddy Guy. It appears that this match quickly turned into a singles match and when it comes to Thunder and Mehr I don’t think anyone is going to complain…

Kyle Mehr and Jason Thunder circle each other as the ref tells the two men to have at it. Mehr takes the advantage by shoving Thunder into the corner and hitting a few back hand chops. Thunder tries to leave the corner area but Mehr traps him back in the corner and slaps him across the face. Kyle Mehr throws him across the ring with a hip toss now. Kyle Mehr locks on a sleeper hold and begins punches at Thunder head. The ref stands them up and Thunder goes a wild punch but Mehr catches him with a Russian leg sweep. Pinfall.

Pin: 1……………………..2…………

Kyle Mehr argues with the ref concerning the slow count. That allows Thunder to get to his feet and land some kicks in on Mehr. Thunder throws Kyle Mehr against the ropes and upon his return he hits a leaping enziguri. Thunder gets to his feet, and springboards off the ropes into a moonsault landing square on Mehr for a pin fall.

Pin: 1……………………………….2…………

Michael Cole: Great back and forth action as these two young talents continue to set the bar for the future of XWF.

JBL: And both have an elimination in this match. So this final pinfall is going to be for all the marbles.

Jason Thunder picks up Mehr and throws him to the corner. Thunder springboards off the ropes and hits a dropkick to the face of Mehr causing him to sit out in the corner. Thunder begins kicking Mehr in the face. He scrapes his boot on Mehrs face several times before hitting the ropes and returning with a facewash! Thunder taunts and the crowd as Mehr gets up. Thunder kicks Mehr and hits a DDT. Thunder pins.

Pin: 1……………………………..2………….

Jerry Lawler: Kyle Mehr kicks out again!

Jason Thunder argues with the ref this time which allows Mehr to get to the corner for a breather. Thunder walks over to Kyle Mehr but gets a low blow while the ref was to the side. His view was obstructed, and Mehr got away with it. Thunder stumbles around to the center of the ring when Mehr hits a stiff clothesline. Mehr picks up Jason Thunder and hits a piledriver. Mehr doesn’t even go for a pin he motions to the crowd that it’s over. Mehr picks up Thunder on his shoulder for a Death Valley Driver. Thunder squirms out and shoves Mehr chest first into the turnbuckles! Thunder catches Mehr from behind and hits a German suplex! Thunder pins!



Michael Cole: Kicked out! Kyle Mehr kicked out!

Jason Thunder picks up Kyle Mehr and throws him in the corner. He lifts him up to the top rope. Thunder climbs up but Kyle Mehr fights back! Kyle Mehr hits a huge left hand sending Thunder back down to the mat! Mehr leaps onto the top rope and leaps off with the Kyle Hangover! Mehr rolls around a bit then pins Thunder.



Michael Cole: No! Thunder kicked up! He’s not quitting…

JBL: Mehr thought the match was over. Not many have kicked out of that…

Kyle Mehr picks up Thunder and the two trade punches back and forth! Thunder gets the upper hand and floats to behind Kyle Mehr! Mehr elbows out of the hold and throws Thunder to the ropes. Thunder gets picked up by Mehr and thrown to his shoulder for a firemans carry. Thunder squirms out once again and lands on his feet. Mehr stumbles forward and turns around. Thunder runs going for the super side kick. Mehr ducks and turns around, and nails Thunder with a superkick of his own.

He climbs the top rope now and leaps off with the Kyle Hangover! Cover now….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall… Kyle Mehr!

Jerry Lawler: He’s done it again JBL. Kyle Mehr continues to look strong as he heads into Anarchy.

JBL: He’s going to need to be. These wins are great but you know the one match and the one man who continues to haunt him.

Michael Cole: Unfortunatly I don’t think Slaine was able to watch this match. Not after what The Union did him. However lets not take away from what we saw here tonight. And lets also not take away from the great action still to come.

Jerry Lawler: The world title is on the line Cole…

Michael Cole: Ashley Blade defends her title once again versus Brett Myles. But up next a man by the name of Ricky Rhodes makes his XWF debut…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring first, making his XWF Debut. He hails from Austin Texas…. The American Outlaw, Ricky Rhodes!

Cowboys (Jelly Roll & Struggle Jennings) blasts across the arena as Rick Rhodes comes to his theme with alot of energy. He loves the feel of strutting to the ring with a beer in his hand and taunting a few of the fands. Rhodes climbs the steel steps and heads into the ring.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent…he hails from San Diego,California and is a member of the Blade Family… Josh Blade!

Josh Blades music hits as he makes his way on top of the ramp. Josh Blades music hits as he makes his way on top of the ramp.

Ricky Rhodes Vs Josh Blade

The bell rings as Josh Blade approaches Ricky Rhodes and they tie up. Rhodes overpowers him, pushing him to the turnbuckle and gives him a slap in the face. The crowd boo’s loudly. Josh charges out of the corner, clotheslining Rhodes down. Rhodes gets back up and Josh grabs him, throwing him into the turnbuckle and hitting a flurry of strikes. Rhodes drops to the ground and Josh then begins kicking him in the face. Eventually the referee has to pull off Josh Blade as we get a quick break in the action.

Michael Cole: You had to know Josh Blade wouldn’t be kind in this match. He wants to show Rhodes what its like to be in an XWF ring and make an example out of him.

JBL: They want to kill each other and I’m all for it!

Josh Blade finishes it off with a big boot across Rhodes’s face after bouncing off the ropes, but this time Rhodes is able to move. Josh drops to the mat and Rhodes kicks him several times before sliding out of the ring. He takes Josh’s legs and puts the turnbuckle in between them and pulls. Rhodes then grabs Josh’s right leg and smashes it against the turnbuckle… then he grabs it and does it again. Josh Blade yells in pain. Rhodes rolls back into the ring and picks Josh up, who is now favoring the right leg. He puts him in a headlock, pulls him near the center of the ring, and hits a stiff DDT! He gets up, smirking, and puts Josh in an Inverted Boston Crab.

Michael Cole: Josh Blade’s could be in trouble now as Rhodes has him in the center of the ring

Josh Blade again yells in pain as Rhodes cranks on the hold, but refuses to give up. Josh struggles towards the ropes… aandddd… grabs them! The ref forces Rhodes to release the hold. He does, and then stalks Josh, waiting for him to get up. Rhodes goes to pick Josh Blade up in some sort of suplex but Josh shifts his weight and drops behind him. He hits several stiff forearms to the back of Rhodes’s head before dropping him with a Reverse DDT! He then goes for the pin.

Pin: 1…………………………………2…………….

Jerry Lawler: Nope. You know it takes more than that to take Rhodes out.

Ricky Rhodes gets up as does Josh. Josh Blade nails him with a stiff right and then a kick to the midsection. Josh with an irish whip to the ropes and tries for a clothline. Rhodes ducks it, spins around and nails Josh with a superkick out of nowhere. Rhodes puts opponent in a front headlock & takes them up for a vertical suplex, but twists opponent over shoulder coming down with a power slam landing on top. It’s a move he calls The Round Up! Rhodes with a cover…




MIchael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…. Ricky Rhodes!

Michael Cole: An impressive win here tonight by Ricky Rhodes. He starts off his career 1-0 in XWF and that’s always a major accomplishment.

JBL: It’s certainly a lot better than the alternative.

Michael Cole: Fans we are going to take a commercial break but when we return some great action still ahead. Our 6-Man tag match is up next…


We return from commercial where we see Triple X, Enforcer, and Vin Halstead walking down the entrance ramp. They look more than ready to fight The Union tonight as they head to the ring. Meanwhile we split screen from that with Angel walking down the hallway. She’s already made her presense felt once tonight as she heads towards gorilla position. As she walks she runs into Loralie Blackwell who had her head down after a tough first loss. Angel grabs her chin and forces her head up.

Angel: Keep that head up….I see much potential.

She gives off a smirk before joining The Union in gorilla position. That’s when “Judas” by Fozzy blasts across the arena.

Michael Buffer: And their opponents, they are the team of Mike Dimter, Michael Everett, and Angel….. The Union!

The three make their way down to the ring and they are more than ready. They waste no time getting inside the ring and the referee calls for the bell so this one can get started.

Michael Everett & Angel & Mike Dimter Vs Enforcer & Vin Halsted & Triple X

The bell sounds and our huge match is underway. It looks like Mike Dimter is going to start for The Union and Enforcer is going to be starting things off for his team. The two circle around the ring and tie up. Enforcer with the clear strength advantage as he pushes Dimter away. Mike slowly gets up and charages at Enforcer. Enforcer lifts him up into the air though and nails him with a spinebuster. Enforcer picks up Dimter and sends him into the corner. He nails him with a few stiff kicks to the midsection before tossing him away. Enforcer goes over to Dimter and slowly picks him up. Mike Dimter nails him with a low blow though and the referee isn’t in position to see it. Enforcer drops to his knees and Mike Dimter nails him with a shining wizard. Mike Dimter tags out to Michael Everett now who goes over to Enforcer and nails a couple elbow drops on his knees. Enforcer tries crawling to his corner but Everett gets up and now stomps away at his legs. Everett drags Enforcer back to the middle of the ring and tries to end the match early with the TCO. Enforcer however pushes Everett away and gets back to his feet. Everett charges at him but Enforcer nails him with a clothline and then a second one as Michael gets back up. Enforcer irish whips Everett into the ropes and then lifts him up with a military press slam. Enforcer goes to his corner and makes a tag to Vin Halsted now who enters the ring.

Michael Cole: And there you see the tag to Vin Halsted and you have to think the advantage tonight will go to those two men. Vin and Enforcer being tag team partners beyond this match.

JBL: You think being a tag team is an advantage? Having Angel on your team. That’s an advantage Michael!

Vin Halsted grabs Michael Everett and puts him in an arm lock. He twists the arm of Everett and applies pressure. Everett drops down to a knee, in pain, but eventually picks himself back up. Only to have Halstead hit him with a russian leg sweep. Halstead grabs the legs now of Everett and locks in a Figure-Four. Everett is in pain once again and we are seeing some early submission work from Vin. He continues applying the hold until eventually Everett is able to reach out and make the tag to Mike Dimter. Mike enters the ring for the second time tonight and he dives at Vin. Nailing him with repeated punches. Mike Dimter grabs Halstead and hits him with a DDT and then a cover…

Pin: 1……………………..2………

Kickout at two by Halstead. Mike Dimter picks him up and tries for a second DDT but Vin Halstead hits him instead with a northern lights suplex. Mike Dimter crawls away now into the corner but its his opponents corner. Halstead is up and nails Dimter with a splash. He then tags out to Triple X who enters for the first time tonight. Halstead holds Mike in place as Triple X nails a splash of his own and Dimter falls to the mat face first. Triple X runs to the ropes and hits a leg drop on Dimter. He goes for a cover now…

Pin: 1……………………..2………….

Jerry Lawler: Triple X is quick for a man of his size and thats what puts him at an advantage in many matches.

Michael Cole: He wants to step up his game tonight and take it to The Union. He’s got a future match against Scott Grayse at Anarchy and you know Grayse is watching this match.

Triple X slowly picks up Mike Dimter now and toys with him a little as he slaps him across the face. Mike Dimter starts to fight back with some punches and Triple X throws in a few as well. The two go back and forth until Triple X nails a knee to the midsection of Dimter and then follows up with a belly-to-belly suplex. Instead of going for a pin he instead tags out to Enforcer who has had time to rest. Enforcer picks up Mike Dimter and goes for a powerbomb. He nails it and goes for a cover…

Pin: 1………………………….2………..

Michael Everett comes into the ring and breaks up the count. Vin Halstead enters the ring now and he tackles Everett out of the ring. Angel just continues to stand on the corner, not phased by it. Mike Dimter tries slowly reaching out for a tag but Enforcer stops him and drags him back to the center of the ring. Enforcer picks Dimter up and nails him with a kick to the midsection. He lifts him up in the air for a suplex and then holds him there for a few seconds. Eventually Enforcer drops him down and Dimter lands hard on his back. Enforcer then nails Dimter with a few punches before standing back up. Enforcer looks over at Angel who just stares back at him. Enforcer looks like he’s ready to try for another powerbomb. He lifts Dimter up into the air but Mike suddenly begins to nail a few punches to Enforcer and a poke to the eyes for good measure. Mike Dimter takes advantage of a blinded opponent and leaps for a tag out to Angel and he’s successful. The performance center goes quiet as Angel slowly enters the ring. Angel is fresher than anyone tonight and she grabs Enforcer by the throat and nails him with a chokeslam. Triple X gets back into the ring and Angel grabs him by the throat as well. Nailing him with a chokeslam too for his trouble. Michael Everett rolls Vin Halstead into the ring and Angel eyes him up. She grabs him and nails him with a tombstone piledriver and gives off a laugh.

Michael Cole: Angel is in complete controlf of this match and it’s scary how powerful she is.

Eventually we see Enforcer, Triple X and Vin Halstead all rise to their feet at the same time. All three of them attack her at once and its their best shot against Angel. They beat her down with left and right punches and stay on top of her. Angel drops to a knee and this might be too much for her to handle. Triple X grabs her and hits her with a DDT. Vin Halstead picks her right back up nails her with a spinebuster. Enforcer’s turn now as he grabs her and hits her with a powerbomb. Triple X goes outside the apron and asks Enforcer to tag him in. He does, making Triple X the legal man. Triple X grabs Angel and hits her with a Triple Driver! He goes for the cover on Angel…


Angel kicks out right away. Triple X is stunned and so is Enforcer and Vin Halstead. All that work only to get a one count. They attack her again but this time Angel powers away from them. She grabs Enforcer and tosses him out of the ring. Angel then grabs the throats of both Triple X and Vin Halstead and slams their heads into each other. Michael Everett back in the ring now and he tackles Halstead to the outside. Angel grabs Triple X and nails him with a scoop slam. Angel goes for the Apocalypse! but as she does Mike Dimter makes a blind tag. Angel goes for the cover on Triple X but the referee is telling her he cant count. Angel has red in her eyes as she gets in the face of the referee. Mike Dimter gets into the ring and he goes after Triple X. Triple X grabs Dimter and rolls him up out of nowhere as the referee counts…





Michael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match by Pinfall… Triple X, Enforcer, and Vin Halstead!

Michael Cole: Angel looks furious. Mike Dimter just cost The Union their match when she clearly had it won. Michael Everett doesn’t look too happy either.

Jerry Lawler: Dimter might want to change his address and get a new identity. I can’t see how this is going to end well.

Michael Everett climbs into the ring as Mike Dimter looks upset that he cost The Union the match. Everett goes over to Dimter but Angel sticks her hand out and stops him. Angel extends her hand and gives Mike Dimter a hand up.

Michael Cole: I suppose we were wrong. Perhaps Angel isn’t so mad after…..

Suddenly Angel grabs Mike Dimter by the throat and begins choking the life out of him. We see Sabrina Rossi rush down to the ring and she begs Angel to stop. Angel begins to laugh as she reaches out and grabs Sabrina Rossi by the throat as well. She lifts them both up into the air and sends them down with a chokeslam. Angel then reaches down and rips off the Union T-Shirt that Sabrina was wearing. She walks over to Michael Everett and puts it in Michael’s hand. We see Michael nod to Angel without any words said as Angel exits the ring and heads to the back as we go to a commercial break…


Backstage we see Daniel Slaine and Ashley Blade talking before the match.

Daniel: You’re going to do great out there. I have all the confidence in the world that you are going to kick this guys ass.

Ashley: You know there is going to be a match that I’m not going to win, and you can tell me that im in over my head.

Daniel: You’re never in over your head love. Its the ones that face you that are in over their heads. Now, get out there and kick some ass, Champ.

He leans in, putting both hands on her cheeks and kisses her for luck. She smiles and turns heading to the curtain. She stops, hearing Michael Buffer announce Brett Myles first.

Michael Buffer: The next match is the MAIN EVENT Of the evening!! Making his way to the ring first, The Challenger….BRETT MYLES!!

One Crazed Anarchist blasts across the arena as Brett Myles walks onto the stage. He gets boo’s from the crowd as Myles walks down the ramp with a cocky smile on his face. He climbs up onto the apron and flips over the ropes before heading to his corner.

She turns looking at Daniel again hearing Michael Buffer announce her.

Michael Buffer: His opponent….she is the current…defending World Heavyweight Champion…ASHLEY BLADE!!

She pushes through the curtain as Daniel smiles but then out of no where, he’s hit from behind and knocked out. Behind him was Jackson Bryant with a black jack in hand and a grin on his face. His guys from his club do the honors of dragging Daniel out of sight and Jackson walks away.

Hell Yeah by Rev Theory blasts and Ashley comes running out from behind the curtain. She gets out onto the stage and the fans cheer as she grins, walking towards the ring watching Myles just watch her as she is getting to the ring. She gets to the steps, walking up and across the ring apron and then climbs through. Michael Buffer gets out of the ring and the ref walks over towards Ashley and she hands him the title. He shows it to Myles then holds it up in the air and then hands it through the ropes and signals for the bell.

Brett Myles Vs Ashley Blade (World Title Match)

Michael Cole: I don’t know what the Union has planned, that attack on Slaine in the back had to be for a reason, and Sheena?

JBL: I don’t know what you are talking about Cole. Just enjoy the match for god sakes.

Brett Myles close lines Ashley down. Brett Myles picks her up by the hair as the crowd boos, but Ashley sends a fist to Myle’s groin.

JBL: Whoa, low blow. Wonder if it was Slaine or Sheena that taught her that one?

Michael Cole: See its ok if someone from the Union does it but if Ashley uses it to defend herself its a major crime.

Ashley spins Brett Myles around, and locks him into a sleeper. Brett pushes her back into the turnbuckle, and runs towards her but Ashley sends a boot up to the face of Myles as he stumbles back.

JBL: I hope Myles kicks her ass!

Michael cole: Why cause of what Everett had to offer Myles?

JBL: No she needs to be shown that she isnt the top dog.
Back in the ring, Brett Myles has DDTed Ashley. He drags her into the turnbuckle, where he stops mudholes in her. The referee tries to stop Myles but he pushes the aside. The referee gives Myles a warning and he just shrugs it off.. Ashley stands up, and slaps him.. Brett Myles smiles a bit, and slaps her back. They hit each other back and forth and then Ashley kicks him in the gut, then drops him with a ddt of her own. She looks around as the fans are cheering. As she goes to grab him, Jackson Bryant jumps over the barrier unknowing to Ashley.

Michael Cole: WATCH OUT!!!


Jackson reaches in grabbing her ankle and drags her out of the ring onto the ground out side the ring. Ashley looks up and then stands to her feet and gets right up to Jackson who is laughing at her. She slaps him hard across the face and Jackson holds up one finger.

Jackson: That’s one..

Ashley just shakes her head and goes for another slap but her wrist is grabbed. She turns and Angel is standing behind her. Angel then grabs her by the throat lifting her off her feet. Ashley is grabbing onto Angels hands with both of hers struggling to get free. Angel then choke slams her hard to the floor and looks at the ref who then starts to count.


Michael cole: ASHLEY GET UP!!

JBL: There is not getting up from that choke slam from hell!!


The ref signals for the bell and Michael Buffer announces from the side of the ring.

Michael Buffer: Your Winner by Countout….Brett Myles!

Michael Cole: But Ashley still keeps the title, it doesnt change hands. That makes no sense for the Union to do this.

JBL: It makes perfect sense the regime under Angel has begun. You saw what happened tonight, even Union members weren’t safe.

Brett Myles gets up laughing but then realizes he’s not the champ looks at Angel who tilts her head at him and he reevaluates his choice and then gets out of the ring heading up the ramp passing Michael Everett. Michael gets to the ring and looks down at Ashley smiling. He turns grabbing the title from the ref and watches as Angel and Jackson throw Ashley back into the ring. Michael follows them and tells them to lift her up. The two grab both her arms lifting her up to her feet.

Michael Cole: This is ridiculous!! Ashley is helpless.

Michael smiles as he kisses the title in his hands then out of nowhere…slams it right into Ashley’s face knocking her out in the middle of the ring. The overwhelming boo’s echo through the arena and Michael drops the title and heads out of the ring, followed by Jackson and Angel.

Michael Cole: Get someone out here!!

JBL: Yeah, lets check on the champ shall we.

The emt’s rush to the ring as Michael and company exit the arena. After a few minutes whle they are checking on her Daniel is rushing to the ring alongside Sheena who are coming to see Ashley. Daniel pushes the EMT aside and looks at Ashley talking to her, she nods her head to him and Sheena kneels down next to her, seeing if she can get up. She stands up with help and the fans cheer. She gives a little wave, showing shes ok and they help her out of the ring.

JBL: One thing is for certain, if you all didn’t get the message. There’s a new sheriff in town and that would be Angel, leading the Union to victory…they might have lost the battle in their match but they very much won the war.

Michael Cole: Good Night folks…what will the fallout be next week on Inferno?