We open up to a sold out crowd here tonight for XWF Inferno. The fans are packed in their seats and ready for a great show. We zoom across the arena before heading to the commentary booth where we see Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to XWF Inferno and the road to Anarchcy is nearing the end. Two shows remaining before the biggest of the year and what a show we have.

Jerry Lawler: This is a stacked lineup no doubt, you’d think this was Anarchy.

Michael Cole: The World Champion in action tonight along with Sheena Montgomery, Preacher and Brandon Young. But tonight we open up with Josh Graves. A man who wanted a challenge and boy did he get it.

JBL: A guy with a deathwish if you ask me…

Michael Cole: Josh Graves wanted a gauntlet match, he told Michael to put his US title on the line for all he cared. But he wanted to face the best XWF had to offer and that includes Jackson Bryant.

JBL: I think Jackson wanted this match just as badly…

Michael Cole: He won be alone because as we mentioned, Brett Myles and Brandon Draven will also be part of this match. In fact we already see Brett Myles inside the ring. So right now lets introduce the champ himself, Josh Graves…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring. Weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds….The United States Champion, Josh Graves!

“Seek N Destroy” by Metallica blasts through the arena as Josh Graves makes his way out onto the stage. The lights dim and the lights follow him down the stage. He walks up the steel steps and into the ring.

Gauntlet Match – US Title Match

The bell sounds and our Gauntlet match is offically underway. Brett Myles walks up to Josh Graves and says a few words to him. He then sucker punches Graves and sends him flying into the ropes. Myles continues the attack, nailing Graves with a few punches an then a hard knee to the midsection. Myles irish whips Graves off the ropes and nails him with a knife edge chop but Graves doesn’t go down. He tries for another chop across the chest but its only making things worse as Graves beats his chest and challenges him to bring it. Brett Myles goes off the ropes and he’s met with a shoulder block from Graves. Josh Graves picks him up now and send him into the turnbuckle. Josh Graves nails Myles with a big splash in the corner and then another. The fans cheer as Graves backs up and nails him with a third splash and this one sends Myles to the mat. Josh Graves with a cover…

Pin: 1………………………………2………

Josh Graves grabs the legs of Myles and looks to be going for a sharpshooter. Myles wiggles his way to the ropes and keeps Graves from applying the hold and the referee backs him up. Brett Myles stands on the apron, jumps on the ropes and leaps off with a dropkick that sends the distracted Graves off his feet. Brett Myles hits him with a scoop slam and then climbs the turnbuckle. Myles leaps off with a shooting star press that he calls the Myles High Club! and goes for a cover now..

Pin: 1…………………….2…………….

Josh Graves is able to kickout and Myles can’t believe it. He climbs the top rope again but Josh Graves is able to get back to his feet. He grabs Myles and tosses him across the ring. Brett Myles uses the turnbuckle to pick himself up but he’s met with a splash in the corner the second he does. Brett Myles looking dizzy as Josh Graves hits him with the Freeze Flame! and goes for the cover…




Michael Cole: There you have it, the first elimination for Graves but this match is far from over. Two more men stand in his way and the next man is Brandon Draven.

Jerry Lawler: No suprise that Jackson Bryant is saving himself for last. He’s hoping that Brandon Draven takes Graves to the limit and leaves him with the scraps.

We see Brandon Draven heading down the ramp and sliding into the ring. The referee checks on Josh Graves making sure he’s ready to compete for his next match. Once everything looks good the referee gives both men the signal to continue this match.

The two circle the center of the ring, and lock up. Both testing each other before eventually breaking. They circle and lock up again and Graves with an arm drag takeover. Another lockup and Brandon Draven backs Graves into the corner. Graves with an arm drag, and another, into an arm bar to slow the pace. Draven gets to a vertical base and elbows Graves in the head. Josh Graves front suplexes Draven across the middle of the top ropes and then lands a field goal kick to the ribs of a fallen Draven, and another. Graves with another arm bar. Brandon Draven back to his feet and gets sent to the ropes and kicks Graves in the gut. Draven back off the ropes and Graves lands a nice spinning heel kick. Draven rolls outside and Josh Graves climbs the ropes and hits a flying cross body onto Draven on the outside. Draven gets inside the ring first and tries to bring Graves in with the delayed DDT , but instead Graves reverses into a sharpshooter but Draven quickly wriggles free. Draven applies a headlock to Josh Graves on the mat. Graves battles to a vertical base and lands elbows to break free. He goes to the ropes, and Draven lands a dropkick, and a two count. Draven applies a sleeper on the mat now.

Michael Cole: I think we are starting to see the effects of this gauntlet match as Josh Graves begins to slow down.

JBL: We might not even make it to Jackson, what was this idiot thinking by wanting this match?

Josh Graves sent to the corner. Graves springs off and it looks like the two collide heads accidentally. Both men are down for a count. They are both up at eight and now exchange blows. Graves hits a flying forearm, and then some shoulder blocks as he bounces off the ropes. Finally, he lands a clothesline and a cover….

Pin: 1……………………………….2…………..

Graves tries to apply a sharpshooter but Draven reverses into an inside cradle….



No! Both men back up to their feet and Graves hits a big insiguri kick to the back of the head, followed by a running bulldog. Josh Graves getting a little risky now. Begining to climb the top rope and thats not something we see from him often. He leaps off but Brandon Draven gets the knees up as a reversal. Draven then connects on an inverted backbreaker and stalks Graves. He could put this match away right now as he slowly picks him up. Draven lifts Graves onto his shoulders but Graves gets free and hits a Freeze Flame! and goes for the pin…




Michael Cole: Another pinfall for Josh Graves and…hold on a second!

We see Jackson Bryant enter the ring and start clubbing away at Graves. Jackson throws in some kicks as well for good measure as the fans boo loudly. Jackson picks up Graves but suddenly Josh Graves starts to fight back. He nails Bryant with a few punches and then sends him over the top rope with a clothline. The fans cheer as Graves soaks it in, however Jackson grabs Graves by the legs and trips him up. Jackson drags Graves out of the ring and irish whips him into the steel steps. Jackson Bryant slowly picks up Josh and sends him into the guard rail. Jackson leaves him alone for a second and begins to clear off one of the commentary tables. Jackson Bryant than grabs Graves again and tosses him onto the table. Jackson grabs a few of the monitor wires and wraps them around his neck, choking out Graves. The referee warns Jackson and tells him to come inside but Jackson Bryant pushes the referee onto the ground. Jackson then climbs the table and picks Graves up. He picks up Graves by the throat but Josh begins to fight back and Josh nails Jackson with a DDT as a last effort and they both go through the table.

Jerry Lawler: We might need some medics out here quick.

Michael Cole: There is no love between these two men and we are seeing it early in this match.

Josh Graves gets to his feet first and rolls Jackson into the ring. He takes his legs and positions them around the ring post. Josh Graves then goes back outside and locks in a sharpshooter with Jacksons legs around the steel post. Jackson screams out in pain as Graves continues the submision hold but eventually stops it. He knows he cant win that way as he gets back into the ring. He grabs Jackson now and gives him a poke in the eyes as Jackson covers himself up into the turnbuckle. The referee begins to yell at Graves and tells him to keep the match clean. While he is, we see Jackson Bryant playing with the turnbuckle pad and it appears hes loosening it up. Josh Graves doesn’t see it and goes for a splash in the corner. At the last second Jackson moves out of the way with the padding and Graves lands head first into the steel corner. The camera pans on Josh Graves who is cut open right away. Jackson goes for a cover on him…

Pin: 1……………………………………..2……….

Jackson Bryant picks up Graves and lifts him up for a chokeslam. Josh Graves counters and nails the Freeze Flame! out of nowhere and covers…



THR-No! Kickout at the last second for Jackson Bryant. Both men are down and despite hitting his finisher its actually Jackson that gets to his feet first. He nails Graves with a couple leg drops and then lifts him up. Jackson puts Graves on his shoulders and rams his back into the exposed ringpost. He keeps hold of Graves and then nails him with a running powerslam. Jackson calls for the end of the match when suddenly Graves rolls him up in a craddle….

Pin: 1……………………………2………..

THR-NO! Kickout against by Jackson and now he’s had enough. He quickly gets to his feet and superkicks Josh Graves in the head. Josh refuses to give up though, begining to get on all fours. Jackson goes to the ropes and comes back with the curb stomp that he calls Mr. Mayhem! Jackson Bryant with the cover…




MIchael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and NEW United States Champion…Jackson Bryant!

Josh Graves is laying in the middle of the ring as Jackson grabs the title from the ref, looking down at Graves and starts yelling at him as he lays there. Then, proceeds to kick him while hes down laughing. The fans go crazy as we see Ashley come running down the ramp not stopping and sliding in under the bottom rope and crawls fast over to Josh draping herself across him. Jackson looks at her as she starts yelling at him. Jackson says some words back to her as Ashley stands up…still standing over Josh and getting right in Jacksons face and pushes him back a few steps. Jackson nods his head and then backs up to the ropes..Jackson rolls out of the ring with the United States title. He raises the title above his head as the fans boo loudly. Ashley then turns her attention back to Josh to see if he’s ok.

Michael Cole: I don’t think anyone saw this coming. Jackson has shocked the world.

JBL: He did what he said he would do! Jackson proved that Graves is all talk but no bite. You are looking at the baddest man on the planet Michael!

Jerry Lawler: Michael has to be happy about this one. That’s a huge win for The Union.

Michael Everett: No doubt about it and for Michael Everett he hopes his good luck continues into the main event. But fans we are taking a commercial break but more great action to come.


We return from commercial break with Michael Buffer back inside the ring for our next match.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring first. He hails from Douglasville, Georgia, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds….Brandon Young!

Pretty Fly for a white guy by Offspring starts to play as Brandon Young comes out flanked by his posse of homies. Kyle, Franco, Leo, and Willie. They all pat Brandon on the back as they make their way to the ring. Brandon hops up on the apron hitting his chest with his fist. He climbs into the ring between the ropes.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent…he hails from Parts Unknown…..The Preacher

The lights begin to flicker, and the screen flashes up bright white blinding everyone in attendance. The crowd automatically boo as the words ‘PREACHER’ come across the screen in big black bold letters, only briefly before being replaced by a black crucifix in the center of the screen. Smoke begins bellowing out from the entrance way eclipsing the XWF logo behind. No music plays as the lights turn to complete darkness, and a single spotlight shines down onto the stage.

Then, the dark figure of Preacher along with his beautiful valet, Mindy, step out from behind the smoke, as they make their way to the top of the ramp. Dressed head to toe in a dark suit, he begins slowly gliding down the ramp towards the ring. Fans boo him either side but children have a look of fear in their eyes as he walks past them. At the bottom of the ramp he stops, removing his suit jacket and tie and handing it over to Mindy to take care of. He then rolls into the ring, and stands in the center of the ring, arms wide in a cross position, as the lights come back on in the arena.

Brandon Young Vs Preacher

The bell rings and our second match of the way begins. Brandon Young and Preacher circle each other inside of the squared-circle. After a few moments, they both lunge towards the center of the ring and they lock up. Preacher, being the bigger man, throws Young down to the mat. Young lies on his stomach as Preacher jumps over him and runs off the far ropes. Young, jumping up to his feet, drills Preacher in the face with a Drop Kick using his own momentum against him. Young quickly climbs back to his feet and Preacher does, as well. Young runs in Preachers direction going for a Clothesline, but Preacher ducks under it and he turns around quickly. He drills Young in the jaw with a Superkick that takes Young down to the mat in a hurry. Preacher, hoping to steal an early victory, drops down to the mat and he hooks the leg as the referee counts….

Pin: 1……………………………….2………..

Mindy is slamming her fists down, yelling at the ref.

Jerry Lawler: You aren’t going to beat Young this early!

Preacher climbs back to his feet and he pulls Young up, as well. He throws Young off the far ropes and he takes him down with a Big Boot. Preacher, looking to continue the assault, runs off the far ropes and he comes back with a huge Leg Drop! He’s feeling it now as he maneuver’s his way to the head area of Young and he locks him in a Sleeper Hold. Young, struggling at first, slowly begins to ease up and he’s just weakly throwing his arms in the air. The referee is in Young’s face asking him if he wants to give up, but he keeps shaking his head. Preacher squeezes tighter trying to knock Young unconscious with the hold. Preacher, feeling that he has done enough damage on his opponent, releases the submission hold and he climbs back to his feet. Preacher bends forward and he pulls Young up to his feet. He lifts Young up off the ground and he raises him above his head in a Military Press position. He’s showing a great deal of strength as he holds Young above his head. After a few moments, he walks forward and he drops Young to the mat behind him. Preacher once again goes for the pinfall attempt as the referee slides over to make the count….

Pin: 1…………………………….2………….

Michael Cole: And it appears Preacher is in charge early in this match. The Evolution Champion could be in trouble.

JBL: This is more than just a match for Preacher. There is no doubt that he picturing Angel in that ring with him. He’s sending a message to her from inside the ring.

Preacher climbs back to his feet and he pulls Young up, as well. He throws Young off the far ropes and he tries to take him down with a Clothesline, but Young ducks under it and he continues running and he bounces off the far ropes. He comes back and he hits an unexpecting Preacher with a powerful Spear that knocks him down to the mat. Young, showing a great amount of stamina after taking a beating, continues the assault by hammering Preacher in the face with rights and lefts. After a few seconds, Young climbs to his feet and he uses his adrenaline as he runs off the ropes and comes back to drop an Elbow on the chest of Preacher. Young is feeling the effects of the beating as he doesn’t have enough energy to go for the pinfall. Eventually, Young is able to roll on top of Preacher and the referee runs over to make the count….

Pin: 1…………………………………….2………

Michael Cole: If Young was able to get on Preacher earlier, he may have had the victory!

Brandon Young and Preacher slowly begin to climb back to their feet. Preacher, trying to get back on the assault, goes for a wild right hand but Young ducks under it and he elbows Preacher in the mid-section causing him to bend forward. Young nails him with a couple of clubbing blows to the back causing Preacher to stand upright and arch his back in pain. Young quickly runs to the closest corner and he climbs to the second rope. He dives off and he nails Preacher with a Cross Body that takes him down to the mat. Young, contiuning the assault, quickly runs to the closest corner and he climbs to the top rope. He jumps off and he nails Preacher with a Frog Splash. Young, injuring himself as well as Preacher, still manages to make the cover in a quick fashion as the referee slides over to make the count….



No! Kickout at two. Brandon Young is showing a little bit of frustration as he climbs back to his feet. He manages to pull his opponent up to his feet and he tries to irish whip him into the far corner. But, Preacher manages to reverse it and he sends Young flying into the corner. Preacher charges in the direction of that corner and he goes for a Big Splash, but Young moves out of the way and Preacher jumps into the corner. He turns around and he stumbles out of the corner, but he manages to duck under a Young clothesline and he takes Young down with a clothesline of his own. Preacher walks to the opposite side of the ring and he charges in Young’s direction. He jumps high into the air and he drops the point of his knee onto the forehead of Young. Both men are down in the ring as the referee begins his ten count.

Michael Cole: And now its a race to see who can get to their feet first.

Both men are up and brawling. Young goes for a Short Arm Clothesline but Preacher ducks it and hits The Crucifix! Preacher with the cover…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…..The Preacher!

Preacher starts to stand up, grinning as he looks at Mindy who is clapping on the side of the ring. As they are celebrating the lights start to flicker and laughing starts to come over the P.A. Then as the laughing starts to fade we hear the sound of babies crying and Mindy covers her hears yelling.

Mindy: STOP IT!!! STOP IT!!!

Preacher slides out of the ring to go to Mindy and grabs her holding her close to him as the crying slowly fades and then a voice over the P.A.

Voice (in a whisper): Killer…..I know what you did…. Killer….

Then the laughing starts again and Preacher is yelling but no one can hear over the laughing.

Michael Cole: Angel is really getting under their skins, dont you think? Look at the terror in Mindys face.

JBL: I’m looking more at the Anger on Preachers, Angel is really pressing this and at Anarchy…

Jerry Lawler: This is going to be a brutal match up I can really see that.

The lights flicker again then everything is silent except for the fans who are talking loudly amongst themselves and Preacher takes Mindy, leading her out of the area.

Michael Cole: Well folks it would appear that Angel’s mind games are working and you have to feel a bit sorry for Mindy at this point.

JBL: I’ve been saying it for months Michael! Angel is a bully and Mindy is a saint. She’s done nothing wrong yet Angel continues to harrass her.

Jerry Lawler: So you just thing Preacher and Mindy are innocent in all this?

JBL: I don’t think it, I know it!

Michael Cole: I never said they were innocent, obviously Angel remembers everything Preacher did while he was owner of this company. But in just a few weeks those two will meet in the ring. But speaking of Anarchy, lets talk about a certain woman with a huge match at Anarchy and that would be Sheena.

Jerry Lawler: No doubt the biggest match of her career.

Michael Cole: A shot at the World title and a match with Daniel Slaine. But before Sheena can have that match she’s going to need to get through Max Farrell. A man who claims he should be the next in line for a title shot. With a win against Sheena, he might just have a point….

Michael Buffer: The following contest is a Texas Bullrope Match and is scheduled for one fall and is the Main Event of the evening. Making his way to the ring first….Max Farrell!

“Coming Alive” by Dale Oliver begins to play as Max Farrell walks out onto the stage. He gets a strong reaction from the crowd as the fans cheer loudly for one of the big underdogs of XWF. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, she hails from Joliet, Montana….The Montana Madpony….Sheena Montgomery!

“Drinking My Baby Goodbye” by the Charlie Daniels band begins playing over the PA system. Sheena then walks out, strutting, whirling, and twirling just totally into it as she makes her way down to the ring, stopping nearest the guardrail by the steps. She lets a fan, often a child, give her a quick good luck peck on the cheek, which she returns before shooting up the stairs and hopping over the ropes. She climbs the turnbuckle and once on top of it, she turns her hands into six shooters firing off towards the crowd before blowing them out and hopping down.

Max Farrell Vs Sheena Montgomery

The two superstars are tied to each end of the rope. Both test the rope to see it’s strenght and there isn’t much length between them. The bell rings and an immediate “Sheena Montgomery” chant breaks out. The two circle each other and now they lock up. Side headlock by Sheena and she works the hold in the middle of the ring. Max pushes Sheena into the corner to break the hold. Max backs off and we get another lock up. Sheena goes right back into a headlock and Max pulls on her hair. Max turns things around with a headlock of his own. Sheena fights it off, but falls to a shoulderblock. Max nails a couple of hard elbows with Sheena on the ground. He goes for a third but Sheena moves out of the way. She quickly gets to her feet and delivers a nice dropkick. Sheena wrenches Max’s arm across his shoulder, then does it again before kicking at Max’s arm. Sheena gets caught with Max’s across the back backbreaker, and Max shakes his arm. Max stands on Sheena’s ankle and stomps down hard.

Michael Cole: For those who arn’t familar with this match the rules are pretty simple. Its your typical match. Except there is no place for these superstars to run. They are tied to the bullrope and they can use it as a weapon.

JBL: Clearly the advantage goes to Sheena in this one. She’s been using those ropes on livestock her whole life. This must feel just like home to her.

Max works on Sheena’s arm, but Sheena’s able to fight to her feet. Max tries to work on Sheena’s arm again, but Sheena fights out and hits a knee to Max’s gut. Sheena hits a series of kicks to Max and follows with a dragon screw and then a quick cover…

Pin: 1………………..

Kickout right away for Max. Sheena traps Max in the corner and kicks at his chest before seating him on the top turnbuckle. Sheena heads up after Max, but Max pushes her off and sets her now on the top rope. Max leaps off the middle rope with a huge clothesline and Sheena lands on her head. Max capitlizes and goes for a cover…

Pin: 1……………………………………2……….

Max using the rope and he makes a circle with it, wrapping it around Sheena’s neck and he begins to choke her out. It’s the first time the rope has been used as a weapon tonight and Sheena could be in trouble. Max picks her up with the rope still around her neck and then nails her with a X-Factor type move. Max with the cover….

Pin: 1……………………………..2…………

Kickout at two once again. Max mounts Sheena in the corner and goes to work with a series of right hands, dropping Sheena to the mat. Max picks Sheena up and suplexes her across the top rope. Max stands and slowly stalks Sheena. He waits for her to get up and tries for a DDT but Sheena holds on and then flips him over her head and bridges into a pin….

Pin: 1………………………………2……….

Jerry Lawler: That almost looked like a three count to me. This match has been everything we thought it would be tonight.

It was only a two count, the first pin of the night for Sheena. Both back on their feet and Max and Sheena trade right hands. Max kicks Sheena in the midsection and then tries to toss Sheena to the outside. Sheena skins the cat, and catches Max with a leg scissors that sends him over the top to the outside. Sheena gets back into the ring and hits a dive through the ropes on Max before hitting a series of kicks to the chest. Sheena sends Max into the barricade and hits a huge running dropkick. Sheena starting to feel some momentum now as she throws Max back into the ring and climbs the top rope. Max slowly getting to his feet as Sheena leaps off, he catches her though with a powerbomb counter as she was coming down. Max slaps Sheena in the Boston crab and rears back. Sheena in some pain as she tries getting out of the hold. Its no luck so instead she reaches for the ropes. Max pulls her back to the middle of the ring and things arn’t looking for for Sheena. Max climbs the top rope now and begins to pander to the crowd. Suddenly Sheena yanks at the bull rope and it forces Max off balance and he falls off the top rope. Sheena quickly goes for a cover…



Michael Cole: Was that three? No! The referee says it was only two.

Max Farrell almost cost himself a victory. Max and Sheena both slow to their feet but as they do trading European uppercuts. Sheena ends up switching things up and Sheena hits Max with a huge kick to the side of the head. Sheena stands and tries to suplex Max from the apron to the inside of the ring, but Max suplexes Sheena out to the floor. Max drops to the floor and begins taking apart the Spanish announcer’s table. Max tries for a powerbomb, but Sheena escapes, catches Max with a series of kicks, and throws him into the steps. Sheena breaks the referees count, then heads to the top turnbuckle. The bullrope is tight right now and instead of leaping onto the outside she uses the rope like a fishing line, dragging Max back up to his feet and luring him into the ring.

JBL: This woman is crazy and unpredictable!

Michael Cole: And strong, its taking everything she has to bring him back into the ring. Not the worse idea though considering you still need to make a pinfall inside the ring.

The match returns to the ring and Sheena has Max in the corner and is nailing him with repeated standing dropkicks. After that, Sheena repeatedly nails Max with kicks to the chest in the corner. Max ends up catching one of the kicks from Sheena and using the momentum to hit Sheena with a Criminal Justice! out of nowhere. Or at least he tries to as Sheena spins out of it and nails him with a tornado DDT. Sheena then climbs the top rope when suddenly Daniel Slaine’s theme music begins to play. Sheena looks suprised as she looks up the entrance ramp. No one comes out though and suddenly Max Farrell grabs Sheena and hits her with another Criminal Justice! Max with the cover….




MIchael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Submission…..Max Farrell!

Jerry Lawler: Now that was a big time match tonight.

The titantron lights up and we see Michael Everett in the media truck. He yells at one of the workers to hit the button and suddenly Daniel Slaine’s music plays again. Revealing that he was behind the interuption. Michael waves at the camera and Sheena looks annoyed as she watches the tron.

Michael Cole: Once again Michael gets involved in a match he has no business being involved in and this time it cost Sheena.

JBL: When are you going to stop blaming Michael for everything?

Michael Cole: You’ll defend him tll the end won’t you…Anyway folks we take a commercial break with more great action still to come….


We return from commercial and Alex Calaway stands inside the ring. She stretches in her corner as suddenly “The Champion in Me” by 3 Doors Down blasts across the arena as Aly Kay walks onto the stage. She gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as she walks down the ramp and heads to the ring. We are wasting no time with our next match as the bell rings.

Alex Calaway Vs Aly Kay

The two women circle each other a bit, sizing each other up. Both women draw close and lock up, pushing hard against each other. Alex leans back a bit and shoves hard, throwing Aly to the mat. Alex Calaway then flexs a bit, showing off.

JBL: Looks like Alex is getting a bit cocky.

Aly Kay pulls herself back up and goes right back for a lock up. Both women push again, but Aly slips out of the lock up and underneath Alex’s arm. She runs off the ropes as Alex turns around, right into a fast flying leg lariat. Aly stands up over the fallen Alex and flexs a bit herself. Alex looks angrily at Aly as she gets up and runs at Aly, who hits a drop toe hold. Aly Kay stands up and hits a standing moonsault onto the back of Alex.

Michael Cole: Beautiful manuver.

Aly rolls Alex over for a quick pin.

Pin: 1………………..

Tw…Alex Calaway shoves upwards to toss Aly off of her. Aly manages to land on her feet however and goes to run back off the ropes. As Alex stands back up, Aly hits a running neck breaker onto Alex and follows it up with another quick pin.

Pin: 1…………………………….2……….

Alex Calaway pushes Aly off of her, not happy about how the proceedings are going. Aly tries again to run off the ropes, but Alex is ready this time. She grabs Aly Kay and launches her straight up into the air, causing Aly to crash down to the mat onto her stomach.

JBL: Damn, did you see the height that Alex launched her?

Alex Calway pulls Aly up and irish whips her into a turnbuckle, then runs in to follow up with a hard clothesline. Holding Aly into place, she starts to throw elbow after elbow into the skull of Aly, knocking her silly. Alex steps back and runs off of the ropes as Aly stumbles out of the corner, right into body press jump from Alex. Alex Calaway starts to pound on Aly Kay as the ref gives her the mandatory five count.





Alex pulls herself off of Aly, laughing at her.

JBL: You have to give Alex credit though, she realizes that Aly is a very agile individual, so she has to use her power to keep Aly grounded.

Aly Kay starts to pull herself up off the mat, but Alex runs forward and hits a stiff kick to the side of the head. The referee yells at Alex for that, but he is ignored as Alex walks over to the fallen Aly and starts to lift her up again. She pulls Aly’s head in between her legs and grips her waist, setting up a powerbomb. Before Alex can hit the move, Aly manages to stand up and hit a backbody drop. Alex starts to pull herself up, but Aly comes running in and nails the Penalty Kick! out of nowhere. Here’s a cover….




Alex Calway kicks out hard. Aly moves over to a turnbuckle and climbs up, waiting for Alex to get up. Alex slowly gets up, shaking her head a bit. She turns towards the turnbuckle right as Aly leaps off with a crossbody…but Alex catches her. Alex lifts Aly up and hits a hard backbreaker, but holds onto Aly. She then lifts Aly up again and hits another back breaker. For one last time, he lifts Aly up and down into a final backbreaker. She then goes for a pin.

Pin: 1…………………………..2…………

Alex Calaway looks down at Aly and signals that it is over with. She pulls Aly up and grabs her by the throat. Alex starts to lift Aly up, but Aly breaks the choke, leaps up, and hits a sick sounding enziguri on Alex. Both women drop but it’s Aly Kay that starts to pull herself up very slowly, so tired at the moment. Meanwhile, Alex’s eyes finally open after that hard hit. Aly crawls over towards the ropes to try and use them for leverage. Alex rolls over onto her stomach, holding her head with one hand as she pushes up with the other. Aly pulls herself up to her feet using the ropes as Alex is kneeling on one knee, still holding her head. The two begin brawling a bit, throwing lefts and rights at each other. Alex soon gains the advantage, and goes for a big Clothesline. Aly ducks and nails a second Penalty Kick! She covers…..




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….Aly Kay!

The bell rings, and Aly Kay gets up, getting her arm raised while Calaway rolls out of the ring.

Michael Cole: An impressive win for Aly Kay who showed what she’s all about. This could be the first of many wins moving forward.

JBL: And it wasn’t an easy match either. Alex Calaway threw at her everything she had but in the end it wasn’t enough.

Michael Cole: We have seen some great wrestling tonight but folks this night isn’t over. We still have our Main Event. A match that was going to be a handicapped match. However Michael Everett deciding that he wouldn’t be showing up for it. So I guess that makes this a singles match now?

Jerry Lawler: It would appear that way.

Michael Cole: I don’t think anyone should be suprised by this but sadly Michael Everett has choosen the selfish route. Still, we expect this Main Event to be a good one so lets head to the ring….

Michael Buffer: The following contest is a handicapped match and scheduled for one fall. Headed to the ring, he is the Reigning and Defending XWF United States Champion….Pyscho Sid Vicious!

Sid’s music begins to play as he walks onto the stage. The US title is around his shoulder as he gives off an evil and crazy laugh. Sid Vicious continues down the ramp and gets into the ring.

Michael Buffer: And his tag team partner….Michael Everett….

“Back in Black” by AC/DC blasts across the arena as the fans boo loudly. The fans look at the entrance ramp but just as we expected, Michael is nowhere to be found. Michael Buffer gives it a few move seconds before eventually moving on without him.

Michael Buffer: And their opponent, he is the reigning and defending XWF Heavyweight Champion of the World…Daniel Slaine!

“99 Bottles” by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Psycho Sid & Michael Everett Vs Daniel Slaine

The bell sounds and our next match is underway. Sid Vicious and Daniel Slaine meet at the middle of the ring. Sid raises his hand up in the air and tries for a test of strength. Sid has the clear height advantage though and as Slaine lifts up his hand, he realizes hes not tall enough to meet it. Pyscho Sid lets off an evil match as he lowers his hand and eventually locks with Slaine’s. The two lock the other hands and begin the battle of stregth. However just like height, it appears Sid has the strength advantage too. He twists the hands of Slaine and squeezes the life from him. Slaine is in pain and drops down to a knee, eventually droping down to both. Slaine falls to the ground as Sid continues to apply pressure. The fans start cheering for Daniel Slaine, getting behind him as Slaine kips up and delivers a headbut to Sid Vicious. Daniel Slaine goes to the ropes and comes back with a clothline. Its a solid shot but doesn’t knock Sid from his feet. Slaine goes to the ropes again but when he comes back this time he receives a big boot for his trouble.

Michael Cole: The big man taking it to Daniel Slaine tonight and its why Michael choose him as his partner tonight. Sid Viciouis can handle his own.

JBL: Perhaps this was a test by Michael, giving Sid Vicious a chance to shock the world and beat the World Champion. Michael is always putting others ahead of himself.

Michael Cole: What are you talking about?!

Sid Vicious picks up Slaine and nails him with a big chokeslam. Sid grabs Slaine by the throat again and nails him with a second chokeslam in a row. He’s feeling confident now and goes for a cover by placing his foot over Slaine’s chest….



No! Slaine kicks out at two. Sid looks at his hand, unsure what just happened. He then grabs Slaine by the throat once again and kicks him in the midsection. He picks up Daniel Slaine for a powerbomb this time but Daniel begins punching away at him now. He nails a few more punches and nails a tornado DDT. Slaine quickly gets to his feet and begins to climb the top rope. He leaps off with a Macho Man style elbow drop and goes for a cover….

Pin: 1…………………………………2………..

Michael Cole: Only a two count for Slaine.

Jerry Lawler: That’s going to be the key in this match. You have to keep Sid off his feet. You have to use that speed to overcome the size.

Daniel Slaine picks up Sid Vicious now and tries for a scoop slam but Sid is too big. Sid recovers and nails a big headbut that sends Slaine into the corner. Psycho Sid uses his boot and begins to choke Slaine. The referee begins counting and Sid eventually stops at four. Sid grabs Slaine and nails him with a scoop slam that sends Daniel across the ring. Sid Vicious picks up Slaine and nails him with a sidewalk slam. Another cover now….

Pin: 1……………………………………2………………

Kickout at two. Sid Vicious picks up Slaine and again tosses him into the corner. He again begins choking him with his boot and the referee for a second time begins the count. Eventually Sid Vicious breaks the choke and then begins arguing with the referee. While he’s distracted we see Daniel Slaine begin to undo the top padding of the turnbuckle. Sid grabs Slaine by the throat now with both hands and tries for a chokeslam but Slaine gets desperate and actually bites Sid’s face. Sid releases his grip and Daniel Slaine nails him with a dropkick. Sid falls backwards into the referee and knocks him out. Sid Vicious slow to his feet and Daniel Slaine nails him with the KTFO!




Except….The referee is out cold and Daniel knows it. Daniel tries to wake up the referee and get him back in this match. The fans boo loudly but not because of the referee. Instead its Michael Everett who has ran into the ring and he slams a steel chair over the back of Slaine.

Michael Cole: You’ve got be kidding me….this had to be a setup all along.

JBL: This is genious Cole, Michael was right…he’s the smartest man in the room!

Michael Everett slams the chair over and over again on Slaine before tossing it away. Sid Vicious gets up and delivers a chokeslam onto the champ. Michael Everett then locks in the TCO in the middle of the ring. Daniel Slaine is out cold and not moving. Sid Vicious grabs the referee ans slaps him a couple times, waking him up. The referee notices Michael has the TCO locked in and checks on Slaine who still doesn’t move. The referee raises Slaine’s hand up in the air and it falls to the mat right away. The referee calls for the bell and this match is over.

Michael Buffer: Your Winners of the Match by Submission….MIchael Everett and Sid Vicious!

Michael Cole: A horrible ending to what was a great match. Michael Everett took the cowardly way out and stole this victory from Daniel.

Michael Everett grabs the steel chair again and raises it above his head. He’s not done with Slaine. He goes to slam it down when suddenly the fans cheer loudly. Ashley Blade rushes down the ramp and slides into the ring. MIchael Everett quickly exits the ring and goes through the crowd. Sid Vicious tries for a big boot but Ashley ducks it. She nails Sid Vicious with a couple of hard shots and then knocks him off his feet with a dropkick. She climbs the top rope and leaps off. Sid Vicious catches her though and looks to go for a chokeslam…

Michael Cole: This isn’t looking good and….Hold on! Look who it is!

Sheena Montgomery rushes onto the stage and slides into the ring. She nails Sid with a few punches of her own. Ashley gets back to her feet and together they send him to the ropes. They fire back with a double clothline. Daniel Slaine slowly gets back to his feet and watches on as Sheena Montgomery nails the Last Call! on Sid. It’s Ashley’s turn now as she nails Sid with a Blade Cutter! Daniel Slaine now nails Sid with the KTFO! Michael Everett watches on from the top of the stage.

JBL: Who do these people think they are?

Jerry Lawler: Michael Everett might of beaten Slaine tonight but it looks like Slaine, Ashley and Sheena are in the process of winning the war.

Michael Cole: Speaking of war….

Sheena Montgomery grabs the World Title and instead of tossing it to the feet of Slaine, she hands him the title. The two exchange a few words again.

Michael Cole: Last Inferno it was Daniel Slaine that made the save, this time Sheena Montgomery makes the save. Yet their focus continues to be on Anarchy and their World Title match.

Ashley Blade doesn’t try to stop them this time. Instead she climbs the turnbuckle and points at Michael Everett. She wants a piece of him right now but Michael Everett jaws back at her from the crowd and raises his hand in victory as Inferno comes to a close.