We are live for our first PPV of the year, Millenial Reign. Inside the XWF area we have a sold out crowd of fans who are ready to see some great action. The camera pans around and then goes down to tonights commentary team of Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Michael Cole welcomes us and breaks down the card. He mentions the World title match between Jason Thunder and Max Farrell along with the Womens title match of Nikki Everett against Malaboo Dreamstone. Jerry Lawler says its a huge double main event to kick off the year. JBL says Nikki should of had this match months ago but he’s glad to see the Queen is back.

Michael Cole says that we are kicking off the show we a tag team match. He makes mention that Ashley and Daniel are the tag team champions and this will be their first title defense since the return of Daniel Slaine.

Sabrina Rossi & Dominic Rossi Vs Daniel & Ashley Slaine (Tag Title Match)

Back and forth action as Daniel Slaine and Dominic Rossi start off the show. Daniel Slaine shows a true advantage, having the experience that Dominic does not have yet in the XWF. Daniel eventually tags out to Ashley and Ashley shows why she was the World Champion. Hitting a couple suplexes and a tilt-a-whirl slam on Dominic who eventually tags out to Sabrina. Ashley again dominates Sabrina, but a poke to the eyes and a hair tug gives Sabrina a shorter breather and a chance at momentum. Sabrina locks in a figure-four to slow the match down. The fans rally behind Ashley though as she’s able to get back up. The two collide into each other and both are down. Eventually Ashley tags back into Daniel and Sabrina to Dominic.

Daniel nails Dominic with a fury of punches and a sidewalk slam. Slaine also nails Sabrina with a belly-to-belly that sends her out of the ring. With Dominic alone and Ashley back up we see Ashley nail the Blade Cutter and Daniel follows up with the KTFO! Daniel covers and gets the three count for his team.

Daniel and Ashley Slaine defeat Dominic and Sabrina Rossi

Angelica Roberts Vs Loralie Blackwell (US Title Match)

Loralie Blackwell sold a knee injury early in the match as Angelica looked to slow down her opponent. Angelica Roberts caught her with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Loralie rallied and continued to sell a bad knee while hoisting up Angelica for a piledriver. Loralie then proceeded with the Nightmare twist for the three count.

Loralie Blackwell defeats Angelica Roberts via pinfall.

After the match we go backstage where Max Farrell is warming up for his match. He says tonight is the night he continues to prove the haters wrong. He said tonight is about him and Jason Thunder. He warned that Mike Dimter tried to get involved on Inferno but it would be a big mistake for him to tonight. Max said if Mike gets involved he’s going to get a boot up his ass and then Max will finish the job with Thunder.

We return back to the ring now for our next match as the womens title is on the line.

Nikki Everett Vs Malaboo Dreamstone (Knockouts Title Match)

The two meet in the center of the ring. Nikki tells Malaboo she’s the Queen of the XWF. Malaboo responds by sticking her hand in Nikki’s face and telling her to “talk to the hand”. Malaboo then turns that hand and slaps Nikki in the fans. This causes Nikki to tackle Malaboo to the ground and the two begin to brawl. Malaboo put Nikki down with a running cross body block heading into a split-screen break a little over a minute into the match. Malaboo remained on the offensive until Nikki caught her with a missile dropkick from the middle rope. Nikki performed a springboard into pulling Malaboo in for a Codebreaker, which led two a near fall. Malaboo came back with a face-first slam for a two count. In the end, Malaboo performed a splash from the middle rope but yet another close cover.

Malaboo brings the action to the outside and throws Nikki into the steel steps. Malaboo brings Nikki back into the ring but Nikki waits for her and stomps on Malaboo followed by a leg drop. Nikki eventually applies the TCO in the middle of the ring. Malaboo looks to tap out but she is able to break free and kicks Nikki into the turnbuckle. Nikki begins to undo the turnbuckle pad as she waits for Malaboo. Malaboo charges after her but Nikki moves out of the way and Malaboo goes head first into the exposed steel.

Nikki then applies the Black Widow in the middle of the ring. Malaboo is out of it as the referee raises her hand twice and it falls. She raises it for a third time and it drops. The match is over.

Nikki Everett defeats Malaboo Dreamstone via submission

After the match Michael Everett comes down to the ring and celebrates with his wife. Michael rips the title out of the hand of the referee as he places the belt around Nikki’s waist and gives her a kiss.

We go back to the commentary crew. Michael Cole says this was exactly the win The Union needed to make an impact. JBL says the Queen is back and there is no denying it now. Jerry Lawler asked how Michael must feel with Nikki holding a title while he isn’t. JBL quickly tells King to stop making trouble. Michael Cole switches subjects by telling us the Main Event is up next. He talks about how Max Farrell won the World Title from Kevin Kronic and has defended it ever since.

Michael Cole says this match was put together last minute and that could be an advantage for the challenger.

Jason Thunder Vs Max Farrell (World Title Match)

Jason Thunder had Max Farrell down early and went outside on the ring apron to flip onto Max. Max moved and rolled onto the floor. Thunder followed, but was met with strikes from Max and rolled back into the ring. Thunder recovered with an inside leg kick and backed Max into the corner. Jason Thunder went to send Max to the opposite corner but Max reversed and charged. Thunder went over Max but was met with a dropkick by Max instead. Max Farrell lifted Thunder in a delayed vertical suplex and went for the cover but only got a one count. Thunder and Max traded strikes with Thunder kicking Max in the ankle and shin area. Max went for a kick but Thunder caught the leg and sent Max into the middle turnbuckle with a dragonscrew leg whip. Thunder continued his assault on Max’s leg before catching him with an exploder suplex. He goes for a cover but only a two count.

Jason Thunder beat down Max in the corner then taunted the crowd. When Thunder came back, Max fought back and sent Thunder outside the ring. Max Farrell with a couple of elbow shots before picking up Jason Thunder and flipping him over.

As Max starts to get an advantage we see Mike Dimter walking down the ramp. He stands on the outside watching the match. But Max isn’t going to give him the time. Max exits from the ring and attacks Dimter. Left and right punches by the champion as Max tosses Dimter into the ring post. Max then gets back into the ring and tries for Criminal Justice on Thunder but Jason counters into the Angel’s Fall. He goes for the cover but Max kicks out at the last second and Jason can’t believe it.

Mike Dimter gets back up and onto the apron and yells at Jason Thunder to finish the job. Jason looks at Mike Dimter and then delivers a super kick to Dimter. Thunder turns around and walks right into Criminal Justice by Max. Max covers now…

But Jason Thunder kicks out at two and Max can’t believe it. Max starts to climb the top rope but Jason Thunder is there. He grabs Max and nails him with a second Angel’s Fall! Cover now and a three count.

Jason Thunder defeats Max Farrell via pinfall

The fans are shocked as Jason Thunder is the new World Champion. Mike Dimter is seen on the ground holding his jaw but with a smile on his face. The referee hands Jason the title and he celebrates in the ring and the show goes off the air.