We are live to a sold out crowd here at the XWF Arena. The camera pans around to the fans who are ready for the first PPV for 2023. Inside the ring stands Brett Myles with a microphone in his hand. The fans boo loudly as he begins to talk. Brett Myles says that 2023 was supposed to his his year and already he’s been disrespected. Myles says that he should be in the Main Event against Daniel Slaine. Better yet, Brett Myles said that he should be handed the world title because he’s that damn good.

Brett Myles says tonight he goes into the ring against old man Psycho Sid. Myles said Sid should of retired before he breaks a hip, just like he broke his ankle in WCW.

Suddenly Sid Vicious’s theme music begins to play and he walks slowly from the stage to the ring. The referee goes to call for the bell but instead Psycho Sid Vicious grabs the referee by the throat and chokeslams him. Myles gets scared and tries to run from the ring but Sid grabs him by the hair. Sid Vicious nails him with a chokeslam and the fans cheer loudly. Psycho Sid then picks him up once more and this time delivers powerbomb in the middle of the ring.

Brett Myles Vs Sid Vicious ends in a No Contest

The camera then pans down to commentary as we are joined by the familiar crew of Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler. Michael Cole says that tonight is where it all begins again and as we just saw, anything can happen on an XWF PPV.

JBL said for many superstars it was all about the gold and that included 3 title matches.

Jerry Lawler claims that he was looking forward to the return of Ashley Slaine. It will be her first PPV match in over 6 months but he had a feeling she would be more than ready for this match.

Michael Cole stated that the United States title will be the first true match of the night and that Sabrina Rossi will defend her title. JBL asked why Michael wasn’t getting the shot considering he was the #1 Contender. Michael Cole said that Hailey Morgan had been granted her shot prior to Everett becoming the top contender and that he would get his shot at the winner of this match…

Hailey Morgan Vs Sabrina Rossi (US Title Match)

The match starts and early Hailey Morgan countered a few submission attempts by Sabrina Rossi early. Morgan hit a dropkick and played to crowd before landing a dropkick to Sabrina’s back. Morgan went to the top rope, but Sabrina pushed Morgan to the outside and mocked Morgan. Rossi threw Morgan into the guardrail before rolling her back inside the ring and working on Morgan’s injured arm. Every time Morgan tried to fire up, Sabrina cut her off. Sabrina focused on Morgan’s arm. Hailey Morgan pushed Sabrina away and hit a jawbreaker before landing a missile dropkick from the second rope. Morgan fired up and hit Sabrina Rossi with a series of strikes with her good arm. Morgan went for a cover and got a surprisingly close fall. Morgan came off the middle rope and ran into a knee from Rossi for a two-count. Morgan went for a Triangle on Sabrina and that moved in an arm bar. Sabrina worked her way out, however, and stomped on Morgan’s arm. Sabrina climbs the top rope now and leaps off but Hailey catches her out of nowhere with the ObLIVion and covers her for the three count..

Hailey Morgan def. Sabrina Rossi via Pinfall to become the NEW US Champion

Our camera goes backstage and we see Michael Everett watching on the TV monitor. He ays that it appears Hailey will be his next victim as Nikki stands next to him. Michael says that tonight though, he next victim is Sheena Montgomery. Michael then asks Nikki if he wants her to join him at the ring. Nikki said she was good and that she wanted to take care of Sheena all on her own. Nikki then gave him a kiss and left their locker room as he match was up next.

Sheena Montgomery Vs Nikki Everett

Both women make their way to the ring and the bell sounds. They circle and are ready to tie up but Nikki exits from the ring before Sheena can do anything. The referee begins a count and Nikki gets into the ring at 8. The two circle again and just as Sheena goes to strike Nikki exits from the ring again. Nikki tells the referee to back Sheena up and she’s not ready yet. Nikki Everett eventually gets back in the ring and as Sheena charges towards her Nikki puts herself through the ropes and the referee has to break things up. Nikki exits from the ring for a third time but this time begins walking up the entrance ramp. Nikki gives Sheena the middle finger and says Sheena doesn’t deserve to face her.

JBL says this is a genius move by Nikki as she plays mind games with Sheena. Nikki gets half way up the ramp when suddenly Ashley Slaine walks onto the stage. Nikki stops in her tracks and begins arguing with Ashley. Ashley nails Nikki with a punch and then grabs her by the hair. Ashley tosses her back in the ring and Sheena quickly pounces on Nikki and nails her with punches as this match finally starts.

Sheena performed running kicks on Nikki against the ropes and then suplexed her into a bridge for a two count. Sheena ended up at ringside and stuffed a tornado DDT attempt and suplexed Nikki. Sheena was knocked off the apron when she tried to return, but then she caught Nikki on the ropes hoisted her onto her shoulders. Nikki slipped away and suplexed Sheena Montgomery on the apron. Nikki Everett put Sheena down with a tornado DDT on the floor. Back inside the ring, Nikki played to the crowd before hitting her hip attack in the corner. Nikki Everett followed up with an in-ring tornado DDT for a two count. Sheena came back with an inverted piledriver for a two count.Sheena followed with her Fire Thunder Driver finisher and only got a two count. Nikki blocked a kick and then suplexed Sheena Montgomery. Nikki wanted to go for her finisher, but she sold a shoulder injury. Sheena Montgomery hit The Last Call for the three count.

Sheena Montgomery defeats Nikki Everett via Pinfall

Backstage we see Michael Everett visibly upset with what happened. He grabs his TV screen and smashes it on the floor. He says that Ashley is going to pay for this as he walks out of the locker room and slams the door behind him.

We then go to a commercial break to promote the new XWF 2K23 Video Game….

Ashley Slaine & Josh Blade Vs The Kingdom (Tag Titles Match)

Ashley and Josh clotheslined Mike Dimter over the top rope. Dimter was down at ringside selling a throat injury. Jake Ryan and Mike Dimter hit simultaneous Ten Beats. Dimter hit Josh Blade with the Liberty bell and covered him for a near fall. Dimter performed a Razor’s Edge on Ashley who was hit with a neckbreaker by Ryan on the way down. Dimter covered Ashley Slaine, but Josh returned to break up the pin. Dimter tagged Ryan in and the two performed a double powerbomb on Ashley and picked up another near fall. The fans started rallying behind Ashley as she counters a few clothlines and Ashley nails Ryan with a Blade Cutter!

Both superstars down now and Ashley makes the tag to Josh and Ryan tags back to Dimter. Josh Blade avoided Dimter’s finisher and shoved him into the ropes and then the Josh hit a Blade Cutter of his own. Ryan tries to come back in but Ashley nails him with another Blade Cutter! As she does Josh is going for the cover and gets the three counter.

Ashley Slaine and Josh Blade defeat The Kingdom to become the new Tag Champions

Back to commentary and Michael Cole states that tonight hasn’t been a great night for The Kingdom. King adds that for the Blade Family the night has been much better, except for Nikki. JBL says that Nikki isn’t a blade anymore and that Sheena only won because of Ashley.

Michael Cole hypes the Main Event which is up next. We revisit the history of these two men and the many classics they’ve had. Michael Cole says this match should be no different…

Max Farrell Vs Daniel Slaine (XWF World Title Match)

Daniel Slaine connected with an early kick and then hit Max with high knees in opposite corners. Slaine got Max down and hit him with repeated elbows to the head. Slaine hit Max with his finisher and covered him for a close near fall. Max rolled to ringside and Slaine hit him with a suicide dive. They brawled into the crowd with Slaine getting the better of it. They returned to ringside and Slaine whipped Max into the ring steps. Another Slaine chant broke out along with a “Let’s Go, Max” chant in response. Daniel Slaine hoisted up Max on the floor, but Max slipped away and shoved Slaine into the ring post. Slaine came up bleeding.

Slaine came back with a knee in the corner. Slaine tried to bulldog Max, who blocked it and then performed a knee breaker. Max put his knee on Slaine’s left knee and wrenched on his bad foot. Max spread Daniel Slaine’s leg apart and then double stomped his lower abdomen. Max rolled Slaine into a single crab, then transitioned into an STF momentarily, then let that go and wrenched on Slaine’s bad foot. Slaine broke the hold by raking Max’s eyes. Slaine got to his feet. Max took him down with a dragon screw leg whip and then applied a figure four. Slaine spat in Max’s face and flipped him off. Max released the hold and then put Slaine down with a piledriver that led to a near fall. Max brought Slaine to the apron and went for a piledriver, but Slaine escaped. Slaine grabbed Max’s arm and dropped off the apron to wrench on it. The dueling chants grew more even as the wrestlers returned to the ring.

Slaine went for his finisher again, but Max stuffed it and then hit him with the Criminal Justice for a close near fall. Max blasted Slaine with elbows to the head and then put him in the Bulldog Choke. Daniel Slaine got to his feet and powered up Max onto his shoulders and broke the hold for a moment, but Max reapplied it and stepped on the back of Slaine’s leg to get him off his feet for a moment. Slaine rolled out of the hold.

Slaine hit Max with the KTFO. Max bounced off the ropes and fell onto the back of a kneeling Slaine, who looked to the crowd. Slaine hoisted up Max and hit him with another KTFO and pinned him clean.

Daniel Slaine def. Max Farrell via Pinfall to retain the XWF Championship

After the match both men slowly rose to their feet as the referee hands Daniel his World Title. Daniel Slaine extends his hand to Max as Max Farrell looks around at the crowd. Max shakes his hand and points to Slaine, acknowledging his victory. Max exits from the ring as Daniel Slaine continues to celebrate as the PPV comes to a close.