An amazing Anarchy that lead to a few huge changes namely in the EVO title, and the company management. Now the real question has to be what happens next? Where do some people go from here? If this opening card is anything to go by there are some huge possibilities, two matches with match of the night contention. What does the return of Kev and Steph mean for the roster as old feuds, old rivals, old bridges and what not could influence and effect the future. How does the road to Anarchy Twenty Twenty begin?

Main Event

Brandon Young Vs Michael Everett

Winner: BY

Reasoning: The first of two possible match of the night candidates. Both lost at Anarchy and will be out for revenge, out for blood, out to redeem, and make a case for a Redemption spot. Young having lost the EVO title could use this as a step up toward the US and World title. Though he could use this as a chance to send a message to Taylor. Everett in the main event right after daddy Kronik comes back? Seems a little fishy. What did the loss do to The Union? Everett could use this as a chance to return to power. Give Everett a chance to prove he is still the man even if his associate Bryant is the only Union member to hold gold. The Union and the Union leader could definately use this to put himself and The Union back on the map. Outliers and interference? Angel, Bryant, Youngs entourage, to say nothing of The Unions enemies. Gotta go with who I gotta kinda see as the underdog in this one the former champ Young.

Handicapped Match*

Victoria & Danielle Scott Vs Taylor Matthews

*If either pins Taylor, they get a shot at the Evolution Title

Winner: Taylor

Reasoning: One of at least three feuds Mathews seems to have on the books, Fire And Ice, Preacher, and BY. She went from being potentially back on the bench to the new EVO champion so it is hard to bet against Taylor even in a handicap match with a title shot on the line The Scotts do have an impressive slew of attacks, and victories including the US Title. So potential sleeper hit of the night here. But given what Taylor just came through at Anarchy to become the champ I gotta side with the new champ. But I’d keep an eye out for Annalisa, Fire and Ice third ally Rossi, Paul Heyman, and the former EVO champion Brandon Young.

Singles Match

Brett Myles Vs Daniel Slaine

Winner: Slaine

Reasoning: Match of the night contender number two namely because in his last several outings Myles has impressed and garnered a fair bit of attention, and some pretty nice wins. Meanwhile Slaine is the man and capable of making any match he is in the match of the night, and is still the World Champion and here getting a chance to continue his dominance while opening a huge opportunity to Brett. While I’d like to root for the Underdog I think I’ll take the sure fire bet, and as Anarchy proved that’s the World Champion

Singles Match

Sheena Montgomery Vs Alex Calaway

Winner: Sheena

Reasoning: Speaking of what comes next after both these competitors lost at Anarchy opening the next season with a match that could answer that question for the Knockouts champion and Calaway is a fine choice. What did the loses do? What will emerge from the ashes of Anarchy? One almost has to root for Callaway here given the high end losing streak Sheena has been on, and especially with her history when it comes to taking losses at Anarchy. But in loss there is inspiration and motivation. So this could be an upset an oddly even match or a re emergence for one or both. So yeah I think I will side with the Knockouts Champ.