Oh man did the post Anarchy shit hit the fan and its fallout is still being felt setting up some huge possibilities for Redemption which is a hell of a name for the next big show seeing some of the exchanges over the last couple weeks. Some of the biggest news coming out of inferno is the return of Nikki Everett and the rumors of an underlying fan movement to see the Graves Invitational brought back. Not a bad idea as it made and cemented stars as well as made for a good mover and shaker tournament when it came to choosing the rightful contender for the World Title. Oh yea and we also see the in ring return this next card of that other Graves. Spoiler warning if I happen to give away to many or reveal any storyline and booking threads as more then the so far obvious Redemption match gets touched on. On a unrelated note hope to get back to my old schedule for this aka the first week of the new card instead of the last 24 hours sorry

Singles Match

Lindsey Calaway Vs Sheena Montgomery

Winner: Calaway

Reasoning: Hate to say it but the madpony has been in a severe rut as of late going 0-4 to date and last week part of that rut maybe even because of it she lashed out at those some might say are or were her only two allies and friends in the company World Champion Daniel Slaine and Peoples Champion Ashley Blade. A bridge burning at the worst of times seeing Nikki Everetts return and call for a Knockouts title match at Redemption. Though Nikkis return after the madpony issued challenge or threat to US champion Bryant could be seen as a little ironic. Almost as much as Nikki’s return indicating a even more threatening resurgence of The Union after it was proclaimed dead by the World Champion. … in fact to postulate a Game Of Thrones based theory I’d almost say The Union like the Lannisters are more a fearsome threat post shameful defeat then they already were when the World champion and Ashley were amongst they’re ranks…. Oh the match right. Well lets just say the madpony looking to break ties with her super friends while being targeted by The Union and Sabrina Rossi of the Trident weighs almost as much against her as a perceived shift in fan stance given the shift in attitude, and the recent losses. Though some could say of the four only Slaine and Alex Calaway were clean. Its still a little easier to almost bet on the returning Lindsay to add even more spice to the Knockouts scene with what looks less like an upset then a madpony victory might. Both could use … need a win here. Either way potential sleeper hit of the night.

Singles Match

Brandon Draven Vs Josh Graves

Winner: Graves

Reasoning: Ok yeah I know he dropped the US title to Jax making it the most hot potato of titles these days, didn’t show for the obvious Anarchy rematch. But the mans record speaks for itself and while it might triple or quad book some people clear dream match making for a show titled Redemption would see a Bryant V Graves rematch. Yes Draven has gotten the first shot in showing already more promise and certainty then Clown shoes. but reaper man Graves has always been a mystery, and that is part of the appeal is part of why you cant always count on them showing or winning…. Ok I’m fantasy booking and hoping for big things here, esp after a certain leak on social media… yea lets call it that you know what you did. But right now looks a little closer then it should. Hopefully one way or another a launching pad for more from Draven when it comes to making something of himself a presence in the US and EVO scene

US Title Match

Victoria Scott Vs Jackson Bryant

Winner: Bryant

Reasoning: Wait so the Scotts lose a handicap match to Taylor and yet one of them gets promoted to a title shot? Sure she is a former US champ but even Alex Calaway with her shock upset seemed a better choice? Who gave Vince Russo the pen or is this a sign of daddy dearest proving the new boss being an old boss might be a little like a certain other recent boss. Gotta say while this match could be interesting and does mark the first appearance and first defense of new champion Jax the real moonshine spiking this punch might be all the potential outliers recallng Jacksons last actions other then winning said title. Victoria does have the rest of the Trident, the Union is back together evening those odds but what of both Graves who have a justified reason to strike out against Bryant, as well as the threats laid out by the Madpony almost be better off just calling this a no contest now.

Main Event

Daniel Slaine & Ashley Blade Vs Michael Everett & Taylor Matthews

Winner: Slaine and Graves

Reasoning: Things continue to get hot and heavy with our main event match of the night gimmie. While a lot of the stories involving those in this match are outside of it. The real curiosity I have here is in the wildcard Taylor Mathews the EVO champ. How does she like being paired up with Everett, will she take full advantage of the chance to make a statement against the god tier competition of Blade and Slaine? Might Everett and The Union use this booking as a way to bring her into the fold? Will a contender to her title make an appearance here? Where there are Graves, Blades, and Everett you know Angel can’t be too far away. The most pronounced opening shot already issued from Slaine included a surprising focus on rebutting and dismissing Sheena Montgomery and her jealous and bitter tirade. There is the question of where Blade stands in all this especially perhaps with kin Nikki back along side The Union. Empowering and potentially resurrecting the threat they pose beyond already holding the US title. Does she mend fences and play peacekeeper or break up the band herself perhaps for her own sake and sanity since trying to corral Slaine and Sheena might be like herding cats. Like I said the big story here is what is going outside since we know this is gonna be epic no matter what happens, But since it’s Everett. Yea not about to vote for him.