Two shows left and boy howdy did this one twist a few roads to Anarchy. The devil in the dark herself haunts preachers assistant, a cowgirl gets her revenge, another Blade relative debuts,m and two title matches end in retains but set the stage for some possible future contest. The card following? Talk about several hot messes sure to spike the punch. So lets git too em.

Gauntlet Match
Josh Graves Vs Brett Myles, Brandon Draven, Jackson Bryant

Winner: Graves

Reasoning: Rumor has it this was gonna be a title match but still one hell of a opener, and while there is some hope that Draven has a strong showing, perhaps even pulls the biggest of upsets The real story here, and moment we are holding our breath for when it comes to this match will be Graves versus Jackson. Not only because Graves is back with Ashley and Jackson has made his presence stronger on the roster and within The Union, but also because of they’re last exchange a few weeks ago. But what shape is Jackson in after being attacked by Sheena and yea we get to that later. But you know this could get real serious and real personal real quick. Oh and lets not forget as Graves is US Champion we could see any number of possible challengers arise, and with Jax in The Union and the entire Union in the building they could prove just how close a family they are starting here.

Singles Match
Brandon Young Vs Preacher

Winner: Preacher

Reasoning: Yea ok so I’m already spending a lil too much time going with the safe bets while hoping on the long shots. All the better for people to prove me wrong. But after Angels stunt last week with Mindy You know Preacher and Mindy have some frustrations to work out and BY is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But the EVO champ is just that a champion which more then gives us a reason to root for him. Neither of these guys can afford the loss of traction and momentum a loss here may bring. But if I had to pick a sleeper hit well this is it. Two guys a lot closer together in the skills and status department then they look on the road to Anarchy and some hellacious matches ahead. One has to wonder with Young being in Graves crosshairs for the US title triple threat does that mean the old man would bail Young out of a bad deal or be better off leaving Young to maybe be Preachers message to Angel. Bonus point outlier being anyone looking to catch the EVO champs eye either on the last stop before or post Anarchy chaos.

Bullrope Match
Max Farrell Vs Sheena Montgomery

Winner: Sheena

Reasoning: yeah what kinda bizzaro worlds is this i’m betting on myself in my own match but enough fourth wall breaking lets get into it. While seeing a vengeful, out for blood Sheena has some divided between “About bloody time!” and “Why isn’t she turning the other cheek and being the bigger person?” One might say Farrell like Young might just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Oh make no mistake about it Farrell was the man, and not too long ago was a EVO champion so it isnt like he isn’t a threat. But if what we saw the Madpony do to Jax is an indication of where she is headed things don’t look good for the companies own Magnum P.I…. But this is the road to Anarchy and unless Farrell wants to catch a fan axxess bus, or buy a ticket to the cheap seats he needs this match it could be what gets him there. One can only speculate that Jax and The Union as a whole could rear there head up again here, to say nothing for knowing that Slaine the World Champion is also in the building so there could be a stare down or a throw down between the two. Though knowing the peoples champion fan based and powered reps of both I wouldn’t count on the latter.

Singles Match
Aly Kay Vs Alex Calaway

Winner: Aly

Reasoning: Ok so yea she has an almost Everett like gift for rubbing people the wrong way on social media. But she also wrestled a valiant effort against US champ Graves. Yea I’d like to see the more well establish slightly longer serving Calaway step up and hand us all a shock surprise, and end her recent losing streak, both have some bouncing back to do and there is no better place to do it then on the road to anarchy. Knowing all this and that the performances and out come of this match could have implications on three different title list makes it sleeper hit two. But I threw my two cents in on Calaway before and it cost me more then a few cups of coffee so I gotta side with where I saw potential see potential and was proven right. Prove me wrong Alex. Pull a Josh Blade here. I dare ya!

Main Event
Psycho Sid & Michael Everett Vs Daniel Slaine

Winner: Slaine

Reason: yea major shock me betting against Everett or for Slaine. But lets just get to the story. Though oddly enough it might not even so much as be the boss and the World Champion but the tie that binds in this case Ashley Blade, who while not booked is sure to be in the building, and is sure to have almost as many targets on her back as The World champ or the Madpony. Most of which come from Everett, and The Union if not especially The Union and its more psychotic elements Angel and Jax… Oh right the match. Yea Sid is there and with his resume I should have more to say about him. After all a couple of pay per views ago he was the US champion, ad stepping up here could help him make the Anarchy card and not just the preshow. … But again the man, the boss, and the looming threats to both mean this match has a chance to send more then a few shockwaves through the roster, and a few more reasons to pack the Staples Center for the biggest show of the year. But end of the day I’ve learned not to bet agianst Slaine or his handler. I gotta say hearing what we do about some of the other matches. … cough “Graves” unconvincing cough… Even the World champ might have to step it up to claim match of the night this night.