The fireworks begin shooting out from inside the XWF Performance Center and XWF Presents: New Horizon. Live on Pay-Per-View. We have a huge show for you tonight and the fans in attendance are ready for a big night. The camera pans across the performance center before heading down to our commentary team.

MIchael Cole: Welcome everyone to New Horizon and tonight the entire landscape of XWF can be changed in just a few matches. I’m Michael Cole joined by my broadcast partners, JBL and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: You’re right about that Michael. We have multiple titles on the line tonight and that includes our Main Event. A little family rivalry going on.

JBL: This is more than just a rivalry Jerry. Josh Blade see’s Ashley for who she really is. He see’s that she only cares about herself and has been holding Josh back.

Michael Cole: Come on JBL? Ashley has always been about family and this feud between her and Josh has to be killing her.

Jerry Lawler: She does seem ready to fight tonight though.

Michael Cole: And she will have to be if she wants to hold onto that title. But the question becomes at what cost. But folks that is our Main Event and right now our first title match is scheduled in just a few seconds. Sabrina Rossi is set to do battle and guys we didn’t know this match was going to happen.

Jerry Lawler: A last minute switch by The Underground. Mike Dimter backs out and Sabrina Rossi takes his place.

MIchael Cole: More on that to come but right now lets head down to the ring…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Heading to the ring, she hails from Booklyn New York….Sabrina Rossi!

“Left Behind” by Dale Oliver and Kenneth Nixon blasts throughout the arena as Sabrina Rossi starts to slowly walk out through the curtain. She walks down the ramp and she climbs up onto the apron and climbs into the ring as she prepares for her match.

Michael Buffer: And the opponent, she hails from Astoria Oregon. She is the Reigning and Defending XWF Evolution Champion…. Cassandra Marx!

Demons by Icon For Hire blasts across the arena as Cassandra walks onto the stage. She gets a strong reaction from the crowd and heads down the ramp. Her focus is on her opponent and she looks ready to make a good first impression as she heads into the ring.

Sabrina Rossi Vs Cassandra Marx (Evo Title Mach)

The bell sounds and we are ready to go for our next contest. Sabrina Rossi looks for a tie-up but Cassandra Marx ducks and circles behind her. She lifts Sabrina up and plants her down on the mat. Some amature wrestling going on as Cassandra holds top position. She stands back to her feet and nails a hard kick across the head with Sabrina on her knees. She nails a couple more before going to the ropes and coming back around with a dropkick. Cassandra goes for a quick cover…

Pin: 1………………….

A quick one count and Cassandra applies a headlock on the ground. Sabrina starts fighting to her feet with the hold still applied. She lefts up Cassandra and sends her down with a back-body drop. Sabrina Rossi grabs the legs and looks to apply some kind of sharpshooter but Cassandra kicks away at her and grabs the ropes. Forcing Sabrina to back up from her. Cassandra picks herself up on the ring apron and Sabrina charges at her. Cassandra nails her with a hard elbow that sends her flying backwards a couple of feet. Cassandra jumps up onto the top rope and springboards herself onto her. Sabrina Rossi doesn’t go down though and instead powerbombs her. Sabrina with a cover now…

Pin: 1……………………………..2…….

Michael Cole: Kickout at two by Cassandra Marx and this has to be a tough situation for her. When the card was first announced it was Mike Dimter she would be facing.

Jerry Lawler: Come on Michael Cole, this had to be the plan all along for The Underground. They wanted to catch Cassandra off guard.

JBL: Big deal! Cassandra is the champ, isn’t she? That means she has to be prepared for anything!

Sabrina Rossi pick up Cassandra and irish whips her into the ropes. She charges after her with a clothline and misses when Cassandra gets out of the way. Cassandra grabs Sabrina and then starts to climb the top rope. She grabs her head and floats her over with a tornando DDT. Both superstars quickly get to their feet and Cassandra nails another dropkick that sends Sabrina into the ropes. Sabrina rebounds off the ropes but gets met with a kick to the midsection and a fameasser to follow. Cassandra thinks about going for the cover but instead starts to climb the top rope. She takes her time though and it costs her. Sabrina gets to her feet and grabs her. Sabrina Rossi puts her back on the mat and than hits her with a german suplex. She holds on and hits another. She goes for a third but Cassandra rolls herself into a craddle that has Sabrina in a pin….



Michael Cole: No! Only a two count and somehow Sabrina keeps this match going.

Both are slow to their feet and Sabrina lifts Cassandra up onto her shoulders. She tries to drop her into the turnbuckle but Cassandra Marx wiggles free and Sabrina goes head first into the top turnbuckle. Cassandra then grabs Sabrina and hits her with a snap suplex. Sabrina Rossi quickly gets to her feet and Cassandra kicks her in the midsection. Cassandra tries for a DDT but Sabrina pushes her away into the ropes. Marx comes back and eats a big dropkick. Both women up at the same time and Sabrina with a scoop slam. She climbs the top rope now, perhaps looking for the Nightmare Twist! She leaps off but nobodies home as Cassandra moves out of the way. Marx up now and she applies the Raven’s Cry! An ankle lock in the middle of the ring and Sabrina has no choice but to tap out…

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Submission….Cassandra Marx!

Michael Cole: Our first match of the night and it lived up to the hype. Cassandra with a big title defense.

Jerry Lawler: Not a good start for The Underground. I wonder if they are regretting the decision they made.

Michael Cole: The Underground wont have much time to focus on that. Josh Blade is now the focus as he prepares for a World Title shot later tonight. But right now we’ve got a match that could be rather quick. Angel going up against Malaboo.

JBL: It was nice knowing you Malaboo!

Michael Cole: Angel says that Malaboo is everything wrong in the world. That she gives women a bad name and doesn’t represent someone like Angel. Angel says she wants to put an end to her tonight and she’ll have that chance coming up…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring, hailing from Beverly Hills, California. She’s accompanied to the ring by Loralie Blackwell…. Malaboo Dreamstone!

Barbie girl by Aqua hits and MALABOO then DREAMSTONE is seen on the tron screen in hot pink lettering as Malaboo comes to the stage in a hot pink mini dress and white go go boots with Malaboo on them in glittery pink lettering she model stomps her way down the ramp waving as the fans go crazy over her and a few of the males in the audience shout of Marriage proposals to as this happens pink pyro and glitter shoot out of the ramp way with every step she takes. She jumps on the ring and dose a split going all the way down and going under the bottom rope to get in to the ring. Then comes back up and makes her way to her corner blowing kisses to the audience.

Michael Buffer: And her opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Alucard. She is the Queen of Darkness…. Angel!

“Cry Little Sister” begins to play and the lights in the performance center dim. Angel slowly makes her way onto the stage and wastes no time heading down the ramp. She never takes her eyes of Malaboo as Angel climbs into the ring. The referee has to tell her to hold up as he calls for the bell.

Malaboo Dreamstone Vs Angel

The two circle one another for several moments before tieing up. The crowd is buzzing, wanting to see who gets the upper hand. The two both fight for control of the grapple, and eventually they break it, no one having gotten an advantage. Both with heads of steam, they grapple again. This time Angel gets the advantage, and takes Malaboo down to the mat. Angel tries going for the throat of Malaboo but Malaboo quickly hugs the ropes and forces the referee to get involved. Angel takes a few steps back. Keeping her eyes on Malaboo and stalking her pray.

JBL: Angel looks ready to kill. This could be the last time we ever see Malaboo in an XWF ring.

Malaboo Dreamstone comes back at Angel, but Angel kicks her in the midsection. Angel throws Malaboo to the ropes, and then executes an Arm Drag. Malaboo gets up, Angel hits another Arm Drag. Malaboo gets up again, and Angel hits yet another Arm Drag. Malaboo gets up once more, and this time she picks Malaboo up onto her shoulders, going for a Death Valley Driver. Malaboo slides behind Angel, however, and dropkicked her back. Angel is sent chest first into the turnbuckle. She stumbles backwards, and Malaboo takes her down with a Russian Legsweep. She then goes to the turnbuckle, jumps up, and hits a Split Legged Moonsault! And a cover…

Michael Cole: Malaboo looking to shock the world…

Pin: 1………………………

Angel grabs Malaboo and throws her off of her. Malaboo presses her advantage, getting up and kicking Angel several times. She then slides under the ropes and gets onto the apron. She waits for Angel to stand up, and once Angel is vertical Malaboo springboards from the ropes and hits a Springboard Bulldog!

Jerry Lawler: Angel came out looking strong, but Malaboo isn’t backing down. I’m not sure if she’s confident or just stupid.

Pin: 1…………………………….2………

No! Angel again gets her shoulder up. Malaboo pulls Angel into the middle of the ring, and locks in the Boston Crab. Malaboo has the move locked in good and he’s torquing Angel’s legs as much as possible. Angel is yelling in pain and crawling towards the ropes. Very quickly, in fact, as she hasn’t been too worn out at this point in the match. Angel reaches the ropes before any serious damage has been done, and the ref forces the break. Malaboo pulls Angel back into the middle of the ring. She climbs to the top rope, quickly as possible.. pauses for a second, getting ready.. and flies off with a frog splash. Angel gets her legs up at the last second, with Malaboo’s stomach hitting them with a big impact. Malaboo rolls away, clutching her stomach.

Michael Cole: This is Angel’s chance to get back in this!

Angel and Malaboo both slowly work their way to their feet. Angel hits Malaboo with a forearm, Malaboo hits her back. Angel then kicks Malaboo in the gut, hard. Malaboo doubles over, Angel quickly pulls her in and hits a Powerbomb! Malaboo hits the mat hard and Angel falls on top of her.

Pin: 1…………………………………2…………..

JBL: That was a great move on Angel’s part, and she almost had Malaboo here.She just needs to keep this momentum going.

Michael Cole: Loralie Blackwell watching on as Malaboo tries to survive.

Angel gets up, and pulls Malaboo into the middle of the ring now. Sh grabs Malaboo’s leg and kicks her several times before locking in a Figure Four! Angel pulls on Malaboo’s legs, and Malaboo yells in pain. Malaboo thrashes around, trying desperately to grab onto a rope, but she can’t reach anything. Instead, she tries to shift her weight so as to turn the Figure Four over and reverse the pressure onto Angel’s legs instead. Right as Angel is about to flip, however, she releases the hold. She quickly grabs Malaboo’s legs again and this time puts her in a Boston Crab! Now Malaboo is able to at least crawl towards the ropes, which she uses all of her strength to do. Slowly, slowly. The Malaboo fans in the audience begin to clap, urging her towards the ropes. She’s almost there.. within inches..But no! Angel releases one of the legs, pulls Malaboo back into the middle of the ring and applies the hold again. Malaboo must fight out of a hold. Again she begins crawling towards the ropes, though this time she’s even slower than before as she’s been in submission moves for a long period of time now and they have taken their toll. But inch by inch, she’s making it. Angel looks back at Malaboo, unhappy, wanting her to tap. But Malaboo keeps crawling… and eventually gets to the ropes! The crowd pops huge as she grabs it!

Michael Cole: Malaboo STAYS ALIVE!

Angel releases the hold and quickly grabs Malaboo’s legs again. Malaboo knows that one more submission move would end the match and quickly kicks Angel away. Malaboo to her feet but Angel grabs her by the throat and nails her with a chokeslam. Malaboo is out cold and Angel could put this match away any second. Instead though it looks like Angel isn’t finished. She gets out of the ring and goes underneath it. Angel pulls out a steel chair and looks over at Loralie.

Angel: Watch and Learn!

Angel says to Loralie as Angel slowly gets back into the ring. Angel slams the chair down on the mat and watches Malaboo crawling towards Angel. Malaboo has no idea whats coming her way as she uses all her energy to pick herself up. Angel lifts the chair behind her head, ready to swing when suddenly Loralie grabs the chair from behind.

Loralie: You don’t have to do this. Just pin her!

Angel looks angry as she grabs the chair back from Loralie. Suddenly Malaboo rolls her up from behind…




Jerry Lawler: What?!

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….. Malaboo Dreamstone!

Michael Cole: O My God, what just happened?!

Angel looks furious that she’s been defeated by Malaboo. Angel gets back to her feet quicly as the referee raises the hand of Malaboo. Angel grabs the referee by the throat and nails him with a chokeslam. Angel then grabs Malaboo by the throat. She goes to chokeslam her when Loralie grabs Malaboo by the legs and gets her out of the ring.

Michael Cole: Angel has gone crazy with rage and Loralie might of just saved a life.

JBL: Yeah but did she just end her own? Angel might not be too forgiving over what just happened.

Loralie carries Malaboo towards the back as Angel paces back and forth inside the ring. Alucard climbs inside the ring and talks to her as we go to a commercial…


We return for commercial break with Max Farrell standing inside the ring. He’s running the ropes and preparing for this next match.

Michael Cole: Welcome back folks and as you can see its almost time for our next match. Max Farrell given a huge oppertunity tonight to beat a man who has held that US title for as long as I can remember.

JBL: And as much as I dislike Max, I’d love to see him beat Daniel Slaine tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Daniel Slaine had one mission when he won the US title. Hold it longer than Preacher and be the greatest United States champion in XWF history.

Michael Cole: And for Max he’d love another big time win over Daniel Slaine. These two have feuded since the early days of XWF and I have no doubt this one will be just as good…

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, he is the reigning and defending XWF United States Champion… Daniel Slaine!

“99 Bottles” by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Max Farrell Vs Daniel Slaine (US Title Match)

Daniel Slaine and Max Farrell circle around the ring as this match is underway. The two lockup and Max puts Slaine into a headlock. Slaine pushes him into the ropes and then nails him with a stiff clothlines that lands Max on the mat. Max tries fighting back briefly, but Slaine cuts his attempts short with another clothline. Max Farrell picks himself up by the ropes and see’s Slaine charging at him. Max ducks and Slaine goes flying onto the outside. As soon as Slaine turns around, Max comes flying off the top and splashes onto Daniel Slaine on the floor.

Michael Cole: These two have had multiple matches together, some of them for the World TItle. Who has the upperhand in a match like this?

JBL: I hate to say it but I have to go with Slaine. He’s the Champion and hes won more of the matches between the two. To be the man you have to beat the man Michael.

A loud “Max Farrell” chant breaks out as the action returns to the ring. Max hits Slaine with a ton of kicks. Max hops up onto the top rope but Daniel Slaine chops him so hard that he falls over and crashes out onto the floor. Slaine goes out after Max on the floor. Slaine runs at Max but Max moves and Slaine crashes into the ringside steps. He grabs his leg and screams out in pain.

Jerry Lawler: That looked pretty serious. You never like to see a superstar injured but you have to wonder if Max can take advantage of a one-legged Daniel Slaine.

Back in the ring, Max is now targeting Daniel Slaine’s hurt leg with repeated kicks. Max picks him up now but Slaine nearly suplexes Max out to the floor but instead snaps his arm down hard to the apron. Slaine launches Max Farrell half-way across the ring with another suplex-throw sort of move. Slaine throws Max over the top and onto the floor just as Max was trying to fight back. Daniel Slaine leans Max Farrell’s head against the ring post and repeatedly smashes it with forearms. Out on the floor again and Slaine runs and splashes onto Max. Slaine throws Max back in the ring. Slaine bashes each side of Max Farrell’s head with forearms before settling into a choke. The crowd tries to rally behind Max and get him back into the match. Daniel Slaine nails Max with a big chokeslam type of move. Going for the cover now…..

Pin: 1……………………………………2………..

Only a two count. He gets back up and splashes Max Farrell in the corner. Slaine scoops Max up and slams him in the center of the ring. Slaine tries for a leg drop but Max rolls out of the way. Both men get to their feet and Max starts fighting back with huge left and right punches. Slaine swings with a punh of his own but Max ducks it and nails a swinging neckbreaker that sends Daniel Slaine to the floor. Max Farrell grabs Slaine back to his feet and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Max climbs onto the middle rope and then nails a series of punches as the fans count along with each one. Max gets to the 10th punch and then drops down. He grabs Slaine by the head and nails a leaping bulldog. Max Farrell quickly gets Slaine up and hits him with Criminal Justice! Going for the cover….



Michael Cole: No! He kicked out! Slaine kicked out and Max can’t believe it.

A “this is awesome” chant breaks out as Max slowly picks up Slaine and nails him with a couple more punches that sends Daniel Slaine aginst the ropes. Max nails a hard knee into the midsection and then irish whips him off the ropes. Both guys hit the ropes and Slaine ducks a clothline and nails a spear when he comes back around. When they get up, Slaine tries running at Max again but Max Farrell pulls the ropes down and Daniel Slaine goes flying over the tope but he holds onto the ropes. Max grabs Slaine by the head and tosses him back inside. Max Farrell waits for Slaine to get back up and hits him with Criminal Justice! Here’s the cover…




NO! Slaine kicks out at the last second and the fans can’t believe it. Max tries climbing the turnbuckle. He waits for Daniel Slaine to get up and leaps off with a double axe handle but Slaine nails him with a knee to the midsection on the way down. Slaine picks up Max and calls for the end. He lifts him up for the KTFO! and connects. Here is the cover…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall……Daniel Slaine!

Daniel Slaine slowly gets to his feet and the referee raises his hand. A hard fought victory here tonight as he celebrates in the ring.

Jerry Lawler: What more can you say guys? Daniel Slaine continues to win.

Michael Cole: And what a match it was. Multiple times Max looked like he had this match won. He had Slaine dead to rights. But somehow, someway Slaine continued to fight back.

Max Farrell picks himself up with the ropes and looks over at Daniel Slaine. The two approach each other and exchange a few words. Daniel Slaine then sticks out his hand and tells Max “hell of a match”. Max gives off a grin and rolls out of the ring. Not shaking Slaine’s hand but instead yelling “I’ll see you again soon” before heading to the back. Daniel Slaine watches him and holds up the US title above his head.

Michael Cole: And it looks like this might not be over yet folks.

JBL: Max refusing to shake Slaine’s hand and I’m not suprised.

Jerry Lawler: Was it direspect guys or was it Max simply refusing to admit that this is over? He wants to keep fighting until he’s dead or the champion.

Michael Cole: It will no doubt be interesting to see what happens next. But I think Daniel will have his focus now on this next match. As his wife, Ashley Slaine competes in our Main Event.

JBL: I’m looking forward to this one Michael!

A video package plays showing what led up to this match. It shows Josh Blade joining The Underground and attacking Cassandra Marx. It shows Ashley trying to talk with Josh and talk some sense into him. We then hear Josh Blade talking about how Ashley has been holding him back and how he taught her everything she knows. We then hear Ashley challenge Josh Blade to a World Title match.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is your Main Event of the Evening! On his way to the ring first, the challenger. He hails from San Diego, California…. Josh Blade!

“Blood Brothers” by Papa Roach blasts across the arena as Josh Blade walks onto the stage. He gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Much different than before he joined The Underground. Josh heads down the ramp and enters the ring.

MIchael Cole: And his opponent, she is the Reigning and Defending XWF World Heavyweight Champion… Ashley Slaine!

“Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory hits the PA system next as Ashley Blade walks onto the stage. She has determination in her eyes and seems more ready for the match as she heads to the ring.

Josh Blade Vs Ashley Slaine (XWF World Title Match)

The bell rings and here we go. The two lock up and go back and forth at each other. Ashley Slaine backs Josh Blade into the corner but when the referee goes to seperate the two, Josh stomps on her foot and pokes her in the eye. Josh applies a hammer lock to Ashley and screams, “This is my time!” at her. The crowd stomps and claps, trying to get Ashley back into the contest. It works, as Ashley Slaine is back up and flying all over the place already. Ashley hits a big spin-kick on Josh and then poses for the fans. The crowd is very hot for Ashley in this one. Ashley with a headlock on Josh and the crowd is cheering Ashley along. Josh Blade manages to turn the tide of the offensive flow of the match. Josh is working over Ashley in the corner now. He hits her with a big belly-to-belly and than a cover….

Pin: 1……………..

Michael Cole: Josh Blade has been in this business for a long time. This might just be the biggest match of his career.

JBL: No thanks to Ashley. Why did Josh have to join The Underground to get a title shot? Because Ashley was holding him back!

A loud “Lets Go Ashley” chant breaks out from different sides of the arena. Josh hits a big dropkick on Ashley as she was leaning against the middle of the ropes. Josh with another nearfall now….

Pin: 1………………………….2…….

Josh Blade yelling at Ashley as he beats on her. The crowd tries rallying behind Ashley Slaine as she is stuck into another chinlock Josh Josh. Ashley Slaine breaks out of the hold and is a hot ball of offense again. Huge cross-body press off the ropes and a cover….

Pin: 1…………………………….2…………

Jerry Lawler: These fans are really supporting Ashley and she’s all about the fans. Despite what Josh says, Ashley is a fighter and has earned their respect.

Michael Cole: That’s because Ashley remained true to herself. She never let the influcences of anyone get in her way. She has earned everything she has.

Josh Blade slows Ashley down again. Ashley is back on the offensive. She climbs to the top and you have to wonder what she’s going to do here….

JBL: It looks like we’ve got company!

It looks like we’ll never know what Ashley has planned as it appears The Underground are walking down the entrance ramp and towards the ring. Josh looks suprised. He told The Underground not to show up tonight as he yells at them to leave. A distracted Josh is suddenly grabbed by his hair and irish whiped into the ropes. Ashely hits him with a clothline and than another. Ashley hits a DDT and than goes for a cover…..

Pin: 1………………………………………2……..

Somehow Josh Blade kicks out at the last second and Ashley confirms with the referee just to make sure. She picks him up slowly but Josh nails a couple shots to the midsection. He sends her to the ropes with an irish whip. Josh goes for a dropkick but Ashley holds onto the ropes and no one is home. Ashley follows up with a shining wizard and Josh is down. Ashley stalks him now and goes for the Blade Cutter! She connects and covers….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…. Ashley Slaine!

Josh rolls out of the ring and looks frustrated. The Underground is still at ringside and asks what the hell that was all about. Meanwhile Ashley Slaine is inside the ring and celebrates with her World TItle.

MIchael Cole: Things did not go as planned tonight. Josh Blade wanted a one on one contest. The Underground showed up and the distraction might have cost him.

Jerry Lawler: Some miscommunication perhaps?

JBL: He’s an idiot! The Underground were trying to help him and he didn’t want it. Who cares how you win as long as you win!

Michael Cole: This was about Josh proving to himself and to Ashley that he deserves to be World Champion. He didn’t want help. But it appears for tonight that Ashely is going to hold onto that championship.

JBL: I don’t know if this is over…

Michael Cole: I dont know either but we might found out soon on the next edition of Inferno. Thank you for joining us tonight and we will see you soon. Goodnight!