Basic Rules:

1) You will only be allowed to post two Role-Plays for Inferno and Pay-Per-View shows. that will count towards your match. You can post your Role-Plays (Rps) whenever you want. However you can not post both rps on the final day of deadline. 

Deadline can be found on the Card and at the top of the board with a Countdown Clock

XWF Results, New Cards, and Web Updates Are Scheduled For Tuesday following a Deadline. 

2) If you post multiple parts to an Rp you will be given an hour to post everything from the time your 1st Rp is posted. This is to avoid people from posting an rp and than writing more as they go. Only post your rp once it’s been completed.

3) Because we want people to interact with each other and work off each others Rps XWF will be monitoring the amount of last minute rps being posted. If you have a pattern of posting on the last day or last minute XWF has the right to provoke that privlage. Last minute rping should only be done on emergencys and abuse of that will result in consequences.

4) If you are granted an XWF contract your roster picture will not be put up right away. You will first be given a debut match. If you Role-Play for this match then you will be put up in the near future. You still have to prove to us that you are dedicated and will not waste our time. If you do not show up for your debut match then your XWF contract will be void and you will not be put up on the roster.

5) There is a 20 line minimum to Role-plays. The way our federation works is simple, the better your Role-plays are the better the results will be written for that show. No shows and Role-Plays that do not follow the rules from the majority will result in quick results. You must also mention your match at least once for your Role-Play to count. If you do not mention your match you may receive a warning. If you continue to not mention your match it may be thrown out.

6) You can be up to three characters in XWF. Please make sure if you do have three characters that you rp for them all. If you are feeling over worked then you can always drop one. On rare occasions you might be allowed to be more then three if you have proven to the staff that you can handle the workload. If you begin to slack then characters may be dropped.

7) Please use the Role-play board for Role-plays only. If you have any questions, comments or concerns used the OOC Board. You can use that board for trying out HTML, Pictures, Layouts or maybe asking fellow superstars for advice or maybe wanting to start a storyline.

8) If you would like to use someone for your role-plays that is not your character you must ask permission. If you need help getting in contact with someone you can use Instant Messenger, talk to an owner or use the OOC Board.

9) If you need a week off you must tell The Owners before we post the new card. We will make some exceptions if you tell us on the same day as the card is posted. However if you wait in till the middle of the week to let us know we will ignore your request and you will lose the match.

10) If you no show for your match your name will be posted on the “Cut List” which can be found inside the Rp Board. If your name is on the list you will have 24 hours to explain why you didn’t rp. If you don’t respond you will be fired.

Championship Rules:

1) Superstars can compete for any championship except for the Knockouts Title. Divas are allowed to compete for any championship included the XWF World Title.They cannot however hold both the Knockouts and World Title at the same time. So if they hold the Knockouts and win the World. They must choose which title they want to keep.

2) The Evolution Championship is our newest title. It for new superstars who are looking to earn their stripes in the company. A person holding the Evolution championship can only hold that title. If they want to compete for another title and win that title, they msut forfeit the Evolution Championship.

The Following Rules Can Result In Termination:

1) If you do not role-play for two matches you will be fired. Once again if you run into problems there are multiple things to be done in order to let the owner know of your situation.

2) The use of personal information will not be allowed in role-plays. When role-playing make sure to be addressing the character in this federation not the person in real life.

3) No uses of murder or rape will be allowed in this federation at all. You will not be given a warning. If this is seen you will be fired on the spot. There is no reason for this and no one wants to see it on the boards.

4) Finally racism will not be tolerated on the board. Any attacks on a persons race, color, or creed will not be allowed. Once again XWF has the rights to fire you without warning.

Final Statement:

XWF is a fun place for YOU to role-play as your favorite wrestling characters or original characters. Keep it that way. If we follow the rules and respect one another then we will all get along great. XWF will follow its standards of being a great role-playing environment and we hope to provide a great experience all around.

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