XWF Inferno opens up backstage as the camera pans on Michael Everett beating on someone in the hallway. It looks like Brett Myles as Michael takes a steel chair and beats him over the head with it. He then goes out of camera view and it looks like he has another person, this time it looks like Jason Thunder as Everett grabs him and tosses him into a ladder that was leaning against a wall. Michael Everett walks out of sight as we go to commentary.

Michael Cole welcomes us to the show and questions what we just saw. Cole says that Michael Everett has completely lost this mind.

JBL says that Michael was taking care of business and reminding people why he’s the best in the world.

Jerry Lawler responds saying that Michael might be taking out his frustrations after seeing Ashley Slaine make her return to XWF on the last Inferno. Cole stats that Ashley shocked the world last week and tonight Ashley makes her return to the ring.

Jerry Lawler says he couldn’t be happier to see Ashley back but does worry if there will be any ring rust for the former World Champion.

Cole adds that the answer to that question will be shortly as Ashley’s return to the ring is our first match of the night…

Sabrina Rossi Vs Ashley Slaine

Sabrina Rossi used her power to shove Ashley Slaine to the mat early on. Ashley rolled Sabrina into an armbar. Sabrina tried to power her up, but Ashley rolled her over and held on until Sabrina Rossi reached the ropes to break it. Sabrina brought Ashley to the apron and failed to suplex her. Ashley used a hip attack to send Sabrina into the ring post and then Ashley performed a Codebreaker on the apron. Ashley Slaine hit Sabrina with a nice spin kick, which Sabrina sold by acting dazed while falling to the mat. Ashley covered her for a two count. Moments later, Ashley knocked Sabrina off the apron with a hip attack. Jake Ryan checked on Sabrina. Ashley went to the floor. Jake told Ashley that she would have to go through him in order to get to Sabrina Rossi. Ashley Slaine threw a spin kick that Jake Ryan avoided by falling onto his backside. Sabrina took advantage of the distraction by running Ashley into the post. Back in the ring, Sabrina went for her finisher, but Ashley countered into a rear naked choke. Ashley eventually broke the hold but waited for Sabrina to get back to her feet, dizzy, and falling right into the Blade Cutter from Ashley who scores the victory.

Ashley Slaine def. Sabrina Rossi by Pinfall.

After the match we go backstage once again and see Michael Everett. He is standing next to Psycho Sid who has his hand out. We see Michael Everett putting 100 dollar bills into his hand which adds up to a few thousand dollars at a quick glance. Michael asks Sid if that’s enough for him to take the night off. Psycho Sid smiles and says he’s got bigger things to do and walks off.

Back to commentary Michael Cole asks what that was all about and starts to question if this all has to do with the Battle Royal later tonight. JBL says he’d also pay a pretty penny if Cole would take the rest of the night off too. Cole ignores the insult and says that our Championship Triple Threat is up next…

Mike Dimter Vs Brandon Draven Vs Daniel Slaine

Brandon Draven immediately went at Daniel Slaine with a Yakuza Kick. After Mike Dimter got involved in the scuffle, Slaine took down both opponents with shoulder tackles and side headlocks. For some reason,  Dimter and Draven teamed up and took down Slaine with double team flying shoulder tackles. Dimter and Draven hit Slaine with a double team suplex. Draven got a two count off a small package and said it was a teachable moment. Dimter put Brandon Draven in a heel hook. Slaine broke it up by giving both guys boots. Mike Dimter escaped Daniel Slaine’s wrist hold and hit him with an armdrag while also giving Draven a huracanrana. Dimter hit Draven with a standing moonsault for a two count. Slaine gave Mike Dimter a Military Press onto Brandon Draven heading into commercial.


Braven Draven power bombed Slaine off the top rope and gave Dimter a Superplex. Slaine and Draven traded boo-yay punches. Slaine took down Slaine with a dropkick to the shin, followed by a Russian Legsweep. Draven hit Slaine with a big boot. Dimter hit Daniel Slaine with a suicide dive. Draven caught Dimter with a front kick and a Tiger Driver for the two count. Draven blocked a Juji Gatame attempt. Slaine came into the ring and took a Sleeper Hold from Dimter. Mike Dimter transitioned into a Kimura Lock. Slaine escaped the hold by power bombing Dimter on Draven. Daniel Slaine then nailed the KTFO and got the pinfall…

Daniel Slaine def Mike Dimter and Brandon Draven via Pinfall..

The World Champion celebrates in the ring while we go split-screen now. While Daniel Slaine continues to celebrate we see Michael Everett walking down the hallway and heading towards the ring as we go to our final commercial break…


We return from break and Michael Everett stands in the middle of the ring, in his wrestling gear, and a microphone in hand. Michael says that tonight, much like every night was about him. Its about opportunity and taking what belongs to him. Michael said tonight he has eliminated or paid off every single person that was in the arena who planned to participate in the battle royal. Michael says that his goal is to become the XWF World Champion. But he first plans to win the United States championship.

Michael demanded that the referee raise his hand and call him the winner. The referee hesitates to do so but Michael yells at him and eventually the referee raises his hand.

Michael Everett says that he will walk away the United States champion and then soon after the World Champion. Michael said he will own every championship in this company because him holding the gold is ratings and is the only way to make sure this company is at its best. Michael Everett looked into the camera and said that Daniel might be champion, Ashley might be back, Sheena might be free from The Union. Angel might be dead for all he cared. But none of it mattered because this was his show and XWF was going to play by his rules. Michael said the wrestlers in the back could either step in line or go home. But no one was going to get in his way…

Michael Everett slammed the microphone down and as he did Sabrina Rossi came out onto the entrance ramp. She held up the United States championship and told him to bring it.

Michael Cole said that Michael declared himself the winner and while we would still need official word, Cole said that if the two faced off it would likely be at the next PPV and what a match it would be.

JBL said that United States championship would look great around the waist of Michael Everett.

Michael and Sabrina continued to exchange words as Inferno comes to a close…