We are live to a sold out crowd here at the XWF Arena. The camera pans around to the fans who are ready for another episode of Inferno. We go down to our commentary crew now of Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. Cole tells us we have a big show tonight, picking up where our PPV left off. Max Farrell getting his shot at redemption, or at least revenge as he goes one-on-one with Ashley Slaine. Also tonight we have Sheena Montgomery competing in a handicapped match in what should certainly put her to the test.

JBL remarks that if Sheena was smart, which she’s not, she would leave XWF and never come back.

Jerry Lawler comments that he’s glad to see Sheena return to the ring and that she’s not back down from a fight. He says Sheena doesn’t care if she’s facing one person or twenty. She’s up for the challenge.

Michael Cole: Speaking of challenge, our first match of the night. And it should be a challenge Paris Ouellet as she faces off against the World Champion himself, Daniel Slaine….

Paris Ouellet Vs Daniel Slaine

Daniel Slaine goes right after Paris Ouellet but Paris wraps herself in the ropes and forces the referee to back Slaine away. The two circle around the ring now and again Daniel goes after Paris Ouellet again but Paris hugs the ropes and again the referee gets involved as Paris says she has something in her eye.  Paris turns her back to Slaine and goes into the corner. Daniel has had enough and grabs Paris by the shoulder and spins her around and beats her down. Daniel Slaine follows up with a couple of suplexes along with a dropkick from the top rope. Eventually Daniel Slaine nails the KTFO and makes this a short match as he gets the three count.

Daniel Slaine defeats Paris Ouellet via Pinfall

After the match Daniel Slaine gets on the microphone and says that at Millennial Reign he put on a hell of a match with Max Farrell. He says the two of them pushed each other too the limit and gave everything he had to walk out on top. But Slaine adds that he did indeed walk out on top, just like he has in every other match. Daniel Slaine said he’s beaten them all and the target on his back keeps getting bigger and bigger. So Daniel Slaine said if anyone wants a shot at the gold, they don’t have to attack him from behind. He’s issuing an open challenge to anyone, anytime, any place.

Just as Daniel Slaine was going to continue to talk we see Michael Everett pop up on the titantron. He had a neck brace on and looks to be hurt. Michael Everett claims that a few days before Inferno he was sucker punched by the Slaine’s at a house show and because of that he would be unable to compete tonight. Michael added that he’s unsure if hes going to press charges and if he did he could not only bankrupt Daniel Slaine, but the entire XWF. Michael said that it could be weeks, maybe months before he fully heal and that no one should be allowed to challenge Slaine for the title before he does.

Daniel Slaine responds saying that Michael was acting like a bitch and that perhaps Nikki should get a shot at the title instead. Michael countered that he was the greatest champion of all time and it was only a matter of IF, not when he won that title back. Michael said he should enjoy that title while he can because it’s coming back to The Union…

Michael pops off the screen and Daniel kicks off a smile as we go to a commercial break


Sheena Montgomery Vs Brett Myles & Sid Vicious

The bell sounds and Sheena Montgomery is ready to start the match against Sid Vicious. The two go to tie up and Brett Myles tags himself in at the last second. Sheena gets in Brett’s face and tells him to watch himself. Brett Myles begins mocking Sheena and then slaps her in the face. Brett says he’s the future of XWF, not her and told her to giddy up and go hit a disco. Sheena Montgomery gives off a grin and then kicks Brett in the midsection and follows up with slap of her own that sends Myles to the mat. Brett Myles quickly tags back out to Sid Vicious.

Sid gets into the ring but Sheena is right there and begins attacking him. Sid overpowers her though with a headbutt. He follows up with a chokeslam and eventually a big boot.  Sid is in control of the match and grabs Sheehan by the hair. He picks her up and tosses her into the turnbuckle. He proceeds to use his foot, applying it to her neck and choking her out. Sid eventually releases and then backs up. Brett Myles grabs Sheena and holds onto her. Sid then charges at Sheena at full speed but she moves away at the last second and Sid Vicious accidentally runs into Brett in the corner. Sheena Montgomery hits a few moves on Sid and eventually hits him with the Last Call while Myles is still knocked out. The referee counts and we get the three.

Sheena Montgomery defeats Brett Myles & Sid Vicious via pinfall


We return from commercial break now with Sheena walking through the hallway. She passes by Kevin Kronic who can be seen yelling on his phone. Sheena asks him what the problem was. Kevin says that Michael has turned the show upside down by not showing tonight and threatening legal action. Sheena asked if he was really hurt and Kevin replied that it was doubtful. Sheena then replies that she made a challenge to Michael earlier in the week.

Sheena says that she wants him in a match. If she wins, she gets Michael’s shot at the US title. But if he wins, then she can’t challenge Nikki Everett for as long as she’s champion. Sheena said she knows Michael doesn’t have the guts to accept, but theres was one man who could make the match on his behalf.

Kevin Kronic grinned and said Sheena gets her match, next week on Inferno. And if Michael doesn’t show up, he’ll lose his US title shot via count out. Sheena said as sweet as that would be, she hopes he shows because she’s been wanting to kick his ass for a long time…

Sheena walks off as we head back to the ring for our main event…

Max Farrell Vs Ashley Slaine

The match began with Max Farrell getting the better of Ashley Slaine complete with a super-kick, a whip into the corner and a pose. Max worked over Ashley in a corner, but when Max Farrell went for a splash, Ashley moved. Ashley landed a snap-suplex and followed up by lifted Max and landed a neck-breaker. Max threw Ashley to the outside to regroup and get a break from her attacks.  Ashley climbed to the apron and tried to get back on track, but Max kicked Ashley to keep control. Max went for the Criminal Justice, but Ashley Slaine countered into a pin and landed a two-count.

Ashley then hit a crossbody from the top-rope. Back in control Ashley got in a furry of offense that climaxed with an elbow off the top rope and a two-count. Ashley went for a German Suplex, but Max countered. That didn’t matter, however, because Ashley Slaine came back and landed the German Suplex for a two-count. Ashley went to the top rope, but Max caught her and climbed to the top. Max Farrell went for a super-plex, but Ashley punched her way out of it. Ashley landed a pile driver for another nearfall. Ashley up to the top rope again but as she leaped off Max caught her in midair and nailed her with Criminal Justice! But somehow Ashley kicked out at the last second.

Max Farrell would eventually try another a few minutes later but this time Ashley was able to counter in to a Blade Cutter! for a three count.

Ashley Slaine def. Max Farrell by pinfall.

After the match we see Ashley Slaine celebrate in the ring. Max eventually gets to his feet as well. He shakes her hand and the two exchange a few words before Max leaves the ring and Ashley sends the crowd home happy.