The show opens up to a sold out crowd inside the XWF arena. The fans are excited for a great show as we bring you a new edition of XWF Inferno. The camera pans around the arena and then to the commentary team of Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Michael Cole breaks down the card and also informs us that due to passport issues, Daniel Slaine was unable to make the show tonight. Thus, our first match of the night has changed from a tag team match to a rematch of Brett Myles Vs Sid Vicious.

Brett Myles Vs Sid Vicious

Sid uses his size advantage to overpower Brett Myles for most of the match. Myles would get in a few shots but Sid Vicious would always find a way to take back control. Over confidence would be his downfall though as eventually Brett Myles would use his speed to take Sid off his feet with multiple dropkicks and dives at his knees. Myles would shock the crowd by nailing the Myles High Club and getting the pinfall to open the show.

Brett Myles def. Sid Vicious via Pinfall.

After the match we see Michael Everett backstage as he gets interviewed by Renee Young. Renee asks him if he’s at all worried about the stakes of tonights match. Michael said he fears no man, woman or Sheena. And tonight he would take care of business.

April Dimter Vs Hayley Morgan

April Dimter threw Hayley Morgan across the ring after the match started. After the brief chop exchange, Hayley hit a running cannonball on Dimter in the corner. Dimter regained momentum by flattening Morgan with a butterfly suplex and tried to finish her off with the Going Down DDT. Hayley would counter at the last second though with a cradle for the three count.

Hayley Morgan def. April Dimter via Pinfall

Michael Cole and the commentary team discuss what just happened and then breaks down our next match. He says the tag team titles are on the line as The Kingdom cash in their rematch clause.

The Kingdom Vs Ashley Slaine & Josh Blade

Easy come, easy go. Ashley and Josh make quick work of The Kingdom despite their best efforts. As Ashley hits the Blade Cutter on Dimter in a few minutes of the match with Josh assisted with a Blade Cutter of his own earlier in the match.

Ashley Slaine and Josh Blade def. The Kingdom via Pinfall.

We go to a commercial break and now its time for the main event as we get introductions from Michael Everett and Sheena Montgomery

Sheena Montgomery Vs Michael Everett

The match began when Sheena got into the ring. Everett cut down Sheena with some strikes and then sent her off the ropes. Sheena held onto the ropes and then ducked a charge from Everett. Sheena sent Everett to the outside with a lariat. Nikki then distracted Sheena and Michael was able to take control on the floor. He sent Sheena into the ring post repeatedly and then dumped her into the timekeeper’s area…[c]

Michael Everett continued to land heavy shots. Sheena Montgomery fired back with some ineffective punches, but got quickly swatted away. Everett hit the ropes, and Sheena caught him with a lariat to get some breathing room. Michael shut her back down again with a huge powerbomb. He then performed a running hip attack in the corner, and placed Sheena on the top rope. Sheena Montgomery recovered and landed a tornado DDT for a two count. Sheena climbed up to again and landed a flying forearm for a short two count. Sheena managed to land a Blue Thunder Bomb 10 seconds later and scored a near fall.  Nikki with a distraction that saved Everett from the Last Call, and Everett nailed Sheena with brass knuckles to pick up the victory.

Michael Everett def. Sheena Montgomery via Pinfall.

After the match Michael and Nikki celebrate on the entrance ramp while Sheena looks disgusted at the two of them and disappointed that their antics got the better of tonight. Michael Cole questioned what was next for The Union and hoped that eventually Sheena would be able to get her revenge on the group that cost her so much.