Our Lockdown PPV opens up to a half filled arena. There are some fans in attendance, spread out across the arena but they are happy to be here and part of a great show. Josh Blade is standing inside the ring and we see Xavier Star walking down the ramp as well. We are wasting no time getting to the action but first we make a quick trip to the commentary booth.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to XWF Lockdown and what a show we have for you tonight. All matches inside the steel cage including our triple threat main event.

Jerry Lawler: Two championships on the line and this first match which should be a great display of talent if you ask me.

JBL: Yeah but Xavier has a microphone in his hand. What does he have to say.

We switch over to commentar yas Xavier stands in the middle of the ring with a microphone.

Xavier Star: Over the past couple of weeks the Lockdown event has been promoted with a focus on the Main Event. Now I can respect that. But you know what i can’t respect? Not being told about my match until a few days before the show. I had no time to prepare and no time to get my body ready for a cage match. So therefor I gave XWF Management 2 options. Either they make this a non-cage match. Or I quit this company right here on TV.

Fans: Booooooooooooooo

Xavier Star: Shut your damn mouths. You will show me the respect I deserve and you will….

Suddenly Xavier Star runs at Josh Blade and clotheslines him in the back of the neck. A cheap shot from an unexpecting Josh Blade and this match is underway.

Josh Blade Vs Xavier Star

Xavier picks him up and hits him with a back suplex. Xavier runs to the ropes and bounces back for an elbow drop, but Josh rolls out of the way. Xavier’s elbow hits the canvas, and Josh gets to his feet, kicking at Xavier as he attempts to get up. Josh then picks Xavier up, grabs his leg, and hits a 3 Handled Crodenza. Josh goes to pin Xavier.

Pin: 1………………

Michael Cole: Only a one count and as you just saw fans it appears that this will not be a cage match after all and I’m sure Josh Blade has to be disappointed about that and so are these fans.

Xavier kicks out. Josh picks Xavier up and whips him into the ropes, looking for a brain chop, but Xavier ducks under and hits Josh with an enziguri. Xavier runs to the ropes and leaps off, hitting Josh’s back with a Lionsault. Rather than roll him over for the pin, Xavier puts Josh into a crossface. Josh is able to crawl towards the ropes, and grabs the bottom rope. Xavier lets go at four, but then pulls Josh away from the ropes, and attempts to put him into a double Boston Crab. Josh kicks Xavier off of him, and as Xavier stumbles back into a corner, Josh runs at him and clotheslines him. Xavier stumbles out of the corner, and Josh strikes with a Brain Chop. Josh puts his foot on top of Xavier and poses as the ref count.

Pin: 1………………………………2……….

Xavier grabs Josh’s leg and pulls him to the canvas, and opens his legs wide. The ref sees what Xavier is doing, and tries to stop it, but Sabrina Rossi gets on the apron. The crowd boos as the ref tries to keep her out of the ring, and all the while, Xavier leaps up, and drops both legs onto Josh’s groin. Sabrinia finally leaves the apron, and the ref goes back to the action. Xavier nails a standing moonsault to Josh and hooks his legs for the pin.

Pin: 1…………………………………….2………..

Xavier picks Josh up and whips him into the ropes, and looks to clothesline, but Josh ducks under and hits a drop toe hold on Xavier, then locking in the STF. Stuck with nowhere to go, Xavier claws at Josh’s hands, hoping the pain will make him let go. Eventually it does, and Josh grabs his hands in pain while Xavier gets to his feet. Josh spins Xavier around and kicks him in the gut, then lifts him up for a suplex. Xavier takes one of his knees and drives it into Josh’s skull, and then falls back in front of Josh. Xavier leaps up and connects with an enziguri to Josh’s head, then turning him over for a pin.



Michael Cole: No! Another shoulder up! So many nearfalls in this match.

Xavier kicks at Josh several times and then climbs the ropes and going for a high risk move. But no, Josh lunges and throws himself into the ropes. This sends Xavier down, crotching the turnbuckle. Josh slowly makes his way over, and grabs Xavier. Nailing him with a diamond cutter.

Michael Cole: He calls that the Blade Cutter!




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall….Josh Blade!

Xavier looks stunned as Josh quicly exits from the ring and goes up the ramp. The referee follows after him and raises his hand in victory.

Michael Cole: A big win tonight for Josh Blade and just what he needed. We’ve talked about the next chapter of Josh Blade and he’s talked about his doubts as a wrestler but tonight he showed he belongs in the XWF.

Jerry Lawler: Nothing is harder than winning a match in wrestling. Every wrestler in XWF is great and no match should be taken for granted. Tonight Josh earned his victory.

JBL: Yeah but Xavier doesn’t look happy. He thought things were going to go differently.

Michael Cole: He’ll have to wait another night for a victory. But you know who else wants a victory tonight? I’d say a man by the name of Kyle Mehr. A man who won his debut match in XWF a couple of weeks ago and now finds himself already contending for the US title.

Jerry Lawler: It doesn’t happen often. Management must of seen something special in him.

Michael Cole: A once in a lifetime oppertunity. Will he make the most of it? We head to the ring right now to find out for ourselves….

We head back down to the ring where Michael Buffer stands in the ring.

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the United States Championship. On his way to the ring first, the challenger…. Kyle Mehr!

“It’s A Fight” by Three 6 Mafia hits over the arena speakers.)

#Yeah! Yeah! We Aint Playing With You. Step Your Ass Up What You want to Do. And Get Your Ass Knock Down#

(A Series of Green Pyro ignites the arena.)

#We gonna hit em with a left, hit em with a right, We gonna hit em with a left, hit em with a right It’s A Fight..It’s A Fight#

Kyle Mehr walks out to thunderous cheers from the crowd. Kyle wears Black Oakleys, a White T-Shirt. The Shirts has Kyle Mehr’s pic on the front. Kyle also wears Black Jean Shorts with Black Boots. He has a black Knee Brace on his right knee. Kyle walks to the ring smirking as the crowd continues to cheer him, Kyle then rolls into the ring. Kyle then raises it into the air as the crowd’s cheers intensify, Kyle then heads to his corner and does some stretching.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, he is the Reigning and Defending US Champion….Daniel Slaine!

“99 Bottles” by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight. We see the cage slowly lower and set in place around them.

The referee goes to close the steel door when suddenly Kyle Mehr attacks Daniel Slaine from behind and slams him back-first into the cage door and outside the ring. Mehr slams Slaine into the barricade and face-first into the ringside steps. He also slams Slaine into the announcer’s table next and Mehr is really going to work on Slaine here early.

Michael Cole: Just a reminder, the bell hasn’t sounded yet. The bell doesn’t sound until the cage door is locked. Mehr knows this too.

JBL: He’s trying to defeat Slaine without actually having a match with him.

Daniel Slaine eventually comes back and slams Mehr’s face into the cage. Slaine is now in control of the offense and tosses Mehr into the ring. The referee locks the door behind them. Now the bell rings and the match is finally officially underway.

Kyle Mehr Vs Daniel Slaine (US Title Match)

Daniel Slaine still in control now as the match gets going inside the ring. Slaine scrapes Mehr’s face against the cage, opening up Mehr above the brows. Slaine picks up Mehr and goes for a punch but Kyle Mehr blocks the punch and instead nails a few punches of his own. Mehr throws Slaine in the corner and flurries on him with more punches. Mehr is a ball of fiery offense now. Mehr scrapes Slaine’s face against the cage before tossing him onto the floor. Mehr goes for the cover….

Pin: 1……………………………2………

Only a two count. Mehr goes for an elbow drop but Slaine moves out of the way. Mehr quickly pops back up and goes for another elbow but again Slaine moves out of the way and now gets to him feet. Daniel Slaine slams Mehr into the cage as a last ditch effort and both superstars are down. Slaine is crawling towards the door now. Mehr stops him by grabbing onto his foot.

Jerry Lawler: That match was almost over but Mehr saves the match by keeping Slaine inside the ring.

Michael Cole: This type of cage match can end at any moment. But you know King, as easy as it sounds to exit a cage, Mehr is proving that its not so easy.

Daniel Slaine goes right into a Crossface, right in the middle of the squared circle. Mehr won’t tap. He gets to the ropes to break the hold. Slaine tries leaving the cage a little bit later, but Mehr stops him. Mehr nails a DDT and then begins to climb the cage. Slaine follows quickly after him. They fight at the mid-top of the cage. Both superstars are ramming each other’s face into the cage while still up there. Kyle Mehr eventually sends Slaine crashing down to the canvas. Mehr climbs to the very top of the cage. He decides to leap off the cage instead and dives with a frogsplash. Normally you’d expect Slaine to move out of the way but not this time. Mehr connects and goes for the cover….



NO! Mehr waits on Slaine to stand up now but as he does, Slaine blocks a superkick and nails Mehr with an enziguri. Daniel Slaine picks up Mehr for the KTFO! but Mehr begins fighting with punches to the face of Slaine. Mehr drops to his feet and then Mehr blasts Slaine with a superkick out of nowhere. Both superstars are down once again. Daniel Slaine to his feet first and heads to the door. Mehr goes for a spear and the cage door breaks open and both superstars go flying out. The referees gather together, unsure of what just happened. We see on the titantron a couple of replays. Its a close finish with both superstars landing nearly at the same time. The referees break and go over to Daniel Slaine and raise him hand as the bell sounds.

Michael Buffer: Ladies and Gentleman, the referees have ruled that Slaine touched the floor first. Therefor, your Winner of the Match and STILL United States Champion…Daniel Slaine!

Jerry Lawler: Have we ever seen anything like that before?!

Michael Cole: I don’t know if you can call that an upset but Kyle Mehr was inches away from becoming the new United States Champion. Slaine hit the floor first and therefor is going to retain tonight.

JBL: These officals are worse than the NFL’s. Clearly Mehr hit the floor first and Slaine should be stripped of his title!

Michael Cole: We are going to need a few more looks at this I feel. But right now Daniel Slaine is still the United States champion.

Jerry Lawler: Regardless it was an impressive match for the newest XWF superstar.

Michael Cole: Right now thought Daniel Slaine is going to be heading backstage and preparing to head back out to the ring. That’s because our Main Event has arrived and what a match this is going to be.

Jerry Lawler: It all started with the XWF Tournament and a tie that resulted in two superstars challenging for the World title.

JBL: An injustice if I ever saw one!

Michael Cole: Michael Everett puts his World title on the line and that match is up next…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your Main Event of the evening. On her way to the ring first. She hails from Joliet, Montana….The Montana Madpony….Sheena Montgomery!

“Drinking My Baby Goodbye” by the Charlie Daniels band begins playing over the PA system. Sheena then walks out, strutting, whirling, and twirling just totally into it as she makes her way down to the ring, stopping nearest the guardrail by the steps. She lets a fan, often a child, give her a quick good luck peck on the cheek, which she returns before shooting up the stairs and hopping over the ropes. She climbs the turnbuckle and once on top of it, she turns her hands into six shooters firing off towards the crowd before blowing them out and hopping down.

Michael Buffer: And heading to the ring next. She is hailing from New York, NY…..Ashley Blade!

“Catch My Breath” by Kelly Clarkson hits the PA system next as Ashley Blade walks onto the stage. She is joined by Daniel Slaine as the two of them head to the ring. She has determination in her eyes and seems more ready for the match as she slides inside the ring.

MIchael Buffer: And lastly, he is the Reigning and Defending XWF World Heavyweight Champion…. Michael Everett!

You are beautiful on the inside
You are innocence personified
And I will drag you down and sell you out
Run away

Michael Everett slowly walks onto the stage as the fans boo loudly. He is joined by Nikki Everett and the two kiss on the stage. Michael holds her hand as they head down the entrance ramp and into the ring. Once Michael enters we see the cage slowly lower around them. Michael hands his title to the referee and we are ready for this matchup.

Sheena Montgomery Vs Ashley Blade Vs Michael Everett (World Title Match)

The bell sounds and this match is underway. Michael Everett, Ashley Blade and Sheena Montgomery all circle the ring, trying to decide how this match should start. We see Michael going over to Sheena and holding up his hands as a sign of peace. He then points at Ashley and tells Sheena that “she’s the enemy!”. Michael extends his hand out and Sheena shakes it. The two then turn their attention to Ashley who is looking confused but ready to fight. The two start to walk towards her and Michael orders Sheena to attack. He waits a few seconds and doesn’t see her do anything. He turns around and runs right into a superkick from Sheena. Ashley gives off a smile and Sheena gives her a wink as Michael rolls outside the ring. The two follow after him and Michael Everett quickly escapes from the cage structure. He tries to go up the entrance ramp but Daniel Slaine is blocking it. He turns around and Ashley and Sheena are standing right there. Michael only has one place left to run and he begins to climb the cage. He gets to the top of the cage and looks around as Ashley Blade and Sheena Montgomery follow up after him. All three superstars are on top of the hell in a cell structure now. Michael charges at Ashley but she nails him with a hard right that sends him flying backwards. He spins around into Sheena who nails him with a uppercut and Michael falls onto the cage. Sheena picks up MIchael and nails him with the Last Call! and Michael Everett falls down again. Ashley picks him now and brings him to the center of the cage. She hits him with the Blade Cutter! and the cage begins to dent a bit. The two look at each other now and together they pick up Michael Everett. The both grab him by the throat and lift him into the air. They nail him with a double chokeslam and MIchael goes right through the cage and lands on the mat hard.


Michael Cole: My God! Michael Everett has gone right through the cage!

JBL: Someone get some help out here. We need to cancel this match right now. How can anyone let this continue!

Ashley and Sheena look through the hole in the cage and then at one another. The two exchange words only they can hear and then suddenly both begin landing punches to each other at the same time. Nothing but left and right punches over and over again as they continue to beat on each other. Eventually Sheena is back to the edge of the cage. Ashley goes for a clothline but Sheena ducks it. Ashley has to put on the breaks and almost falls off the cage. Sheena spins her around and nails her with a DDT onto the cage. Sheena begins to climb off the cage and drops back down to the floor. She heads into the ring and see’s Michael still laying there. She quickly covers him….



THR-NO! Kickout at two and Sheena almost got a quick win. Michael Everett rolls out of the cage and it appears Ashley is back down as well. She’s back inside the cage and hits Sheena from behind. Ashley Blade picks her up and slaps a headlock on Sheena. She keeps the pace of the match slow to start. Sheena is able to escape and hits the ropes. She comes back at Ashley but runs into a shoulder block. Ashley nails a quick leg drop and goes for a cover….

Pin: 1………………………………

Ashley picks up Sheena and tosses her into the corner. She tries to catch her with a right hand but Sheena Montgomery ducks it and hits a couple of arm drags and then a clothline for good measure. Ashley crawls to the corner and picks herself up. Sheena nails a splash in the corner and then follows up with a bulldog. Sheena with a cover now….

Pin: 1………………………………

Michael Cole: Another one count and both of these superstars know each other so well. Best friends inside and outside of the ring.

Jerry Lawlers: Yeah but you heard what Sheena said. There are no friends inside the Hell in a Cell. This is all about the World Title.

JBL: Tell that to Michael Everett who was double teamed to start this match!

Sheena Montgomery picks up Ashley but Ashley grabs Sheena by the head and tries tossing her into the cage. Sheena reverses at the last second and sends Ashley Blade into the cage. Sheena then grabs Ashley and tosses her into the opposite side of the unforgiving steel. Sheena isn’t done though, grabbing Ashley and tossing her into the third side of the catch. The fans know whats coming next as Sheena grabs Ashley and tosses her into the final side of the catch. Ashley bounces off, twirls around and finally falls to the mat. Sheena grabs Ashley by the legs and goes for a single leg crab. She has her locked into the middle of the ring and Ashley knows shes in trouble. The pressure is on as the referee asks if she wants to tap out. Ashley refuses though, crawling and scratching his way towards the ropes and finally grabbing them. It doesn’t stop the match but it takes off some of the pressure and forces Sheena to break the hold.

Michael Cole: Sheena has put many opponents away with the Last Call but its her ability to work the whole body with submission holds that makes her one of the best.

Sheena Montgomery brings Ashley back into the middle of the ring and continues to grind away at Ashley, driving her knee down into Ashley’s back and hitting her with a double ax handle to the small of Ashley’s back. Sheena tries for a powerbomb out of the corner, but misses as Ashley Blade rolls out of the way. Ashley tries for a twist of fate type move but Sheena reverses it and nails a DDT out of nowhere and superstars are down. Neither really moving but suddenly we see two eyes peaking above the apron and it appears Michael Everett is back up and has been waiting for his oppertunity to strike. He slides into the ring but he’s not alone. He has a steel chair in his hand and slams it on the back of Sheena. He then lifts it up again and slams it down on Ashley. He goes back and forth between the two of them until the chair is nearly bent in half. Michael slides back out of the ring as the fans boo. He grabs a table and sets it up outside the ring. Michael turns his attention back to his opponents. He grabs Sheena by the hair and picks her up. He tosses her outside trying to toss her through the table but Sheena grabs the ropes and holds on. Michael doesn’t notice though as he turns his attention to Ashley and grabs her legs. He puts her in the TCO and has her locked in the middle of the ring.

JBL: Ashley is passed out, someone should call for the bell.

Sheena Montgomery picks herself back up and jumps onto the ropes. She leaps off and nails Michael with a bulldog that sends him down. Sheena stalking Michael now and waits for him to get up. She nails him with the Last Call and goes for the cover….



THREE – NO! Michael kicks out at the last second. Sheena picks herself up and goes underneath the ring. She grabs a trash can and a kendo stick back with her. She places the trash can over the head of Michael Everett and than begins smashing it with the kendo stick over and over again. The trash can eventually rolls off Michael and Sheena hovers over him. She’s going to swing again but Ashley is back and she has a kendo stick in her hand as well and wacks Sheena over the back with it. Sheena turns around and the two go to battle again. It’s like something out of a Star Wars movie as they joust with the kendo sticks until eventually Sheena takes a cheap shot with a kick to the stomach and then follows up with a russian leg sweep like the Sandman did. Michael Everett is back up now and he rams Sheena into the turnbuckle. He gouges at her eyes trying to blind her and then eventually lifts her up onto the turnbuckle. Michael Everett begins to climb as well and he’s looking for a superplex. Ashley back up now and she positions herself between the legs of Michael. She lifts him down with a powerbomb and the momentum also causes Sheena to get superplexed and now all three superstars are down.

Michael Cole: What a match we are seeing tonight. It is no doubt living up to the hype and I have a feeling this one isn’t over yet.

Ashley Blade is the first to her feet. She watches as Micheal Everett and Sheena Montgomery start to get up around the same time. She watches them back and forth looking to see who to go after first. But instead she moves her arms in motion and delivers Blade Cutters to both at the same time. Ashley Blade goes for a cover on Micahel first….



NO! Ashley quickly moves over to Sheena and covers her….



THR-NO! Sheena kicks out as well and Ashley can’t catch a break. Ashley picks up Michael Everett and hits him with a suplex. She holds on though and delivers a second one.She tries for a third but Michael hooks the leg and instead delivers a suplex to her. Both of them get up and Sheena is getting up too. Sheena Montgomery tries to clothline Michael but he moves out of the way and Sheena nails Ashley instead.

Michael Cole: An accident by Sheena and a smart move by Michael.

JBL: Are you kidding me?! That was no accident. Sheena just turned on Ashley.

Michael Everett kicks Sheena in the midsection and nails her with the Kronic Bomb. Michael than grabs the legs and locks in the TCO in the middle of the ring. He applies pressure and Sheena has nowhere to go. She thinks about tapping out but holds on. She inches and crawls towards the ropes but its not going to do her much good. Michael continues to crank back until eventually Sheena grabs the ropes and Michael gives up on the move. Sheena Montgomery slowly picks herself up on the apron. Ashley back to her feet and she goes for a spear on Michael. Everett moves out of the way though and Ashley accidentlly spears Sheena. Sheena goes flying off the ring and onto the table setup earlier in the match. Michael grabs Ashley by the tights and rolls her up into a pin….




NO! Ashley kicks out at the last second. Nikki is screaming at the referee and saying he didn’t count fast enough. Both superstars get to their feet. Michael swings but Ashley ducks and nails Michael with the Blade Cutter! Cover by Ashley….




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and NEW XWF World Champion…Ashley Blade!

Ashley is leaning up against the turnbuckle sitting on the mat, in shock at what just happened. Daniel is jumping up and down out side of the ring screaming her name to her. Michael is peeling himself off the mat, grabbing the ropes to pull himself up to a standing position and then leans on the ropes as the Ref grabs the title from the time keep through the door of the cage. Michael rushes over grabbing the title from him yelling how he was cheated out of his title. He spins around to voice his opinion more only to be met by Sheena and a super kick to his chin knocking him on his ass and dropping the title. Sheena looks down at him then at the title. She picks it up…looking at it…turing with it in her hands and looking at Ashley. Ashley starts to get up..still leaning on the corner, exhausted from the match as Sheena approaches her. She is within a foot of Ashley, looking down at the title again then back up at Ashley.

Michael Cole: Oh boy…this match was full of emotions, what is Sheena going to do.

JBL: HIT HER COWGIRL!! She took what you wanted!

Sheena brings the title up and then out reached to Ashley who takes it from her. Sheena gives off a grin then a loud…

Sheena: YEAH BUDDY!!!

And she hugs Ashley and Ashley hugs her in return. Daniel Slaine comes running into the ring to the both of them and drags them to the center of the ring and raises both of their hands. The fans are out of their seats cheering for the both of them.

Michael Cole: I think the fans are happy at the outcome, as long as Michael Everett doesn’t have the title.

JBL: This is a travisty Cole!!

They celebrate in the ring for a few minutes and then Daniel gives Ashley a kiss in the middle of the ring. Sheena heads to the door, exiting the ring and is followed by Ashley and Daniel. Not more than a few moments we hear Michael yell something but no one heard what it was or who it was to but over the barrier jumps Mike Dimter, Xavier Star and Sabrina Rossi and they wasted no time attacking Sheena and Ashley at Michael’s request. Ashley is down on the floor and Sheena is putting up a great fight but the numbers game is getting the best of them until Daniel comes flying out of the cage and takes out Mike Dimter and Xaveir Star with a cross body knocking them down also. Ashley gets up and grabs Sabrina Rossi and with Sheenas help they work her over then toss her over the barrier. The three of them form a united from as Mike Dimter and Xavier Star retreat following Sabrinia through the crowd. Michael is standing in the ring not very happy at what happened when The titon tron comes up after the match has ended and Nikki is with Michael trying to control his anger after losing the match and his title. Everyone looks up and we see a woman with short blond hair and wearing dark sunglasses. She is smiling and then starts to talk.

Woman: Oh dear… that must have been a really hard thing to go through Michael. Such a shame you lost what was so important to you. I guess then what I have to say to you will be not so hard, cause we all see that you cherish trinkets right? That title consumed you, the Union, consumes you but what is so close, and what you should love unconditionally doesnt. See….I know a bit about you Michael, dont. I?

Nikki is talking to him they both recognize her as their nanny, Mary but are confused as to why she is on the titon tron. Michael gets out of the cage and heads to the ramp yelling but Mary starts talking.

Mary: Now don’t you want to know why I’m here? Its simple… call me Karma Michael Everett for what you reap all those years ago now you must sow…see…My name isnt Mary but you know me all to well don’t you. Im sure in the pit of your stomach, some little clue I left here and there gave you a hint? No? Ok well let me make it very clear to you just who the hell I am…

She pulls off her short wig and her long brown hair flows down from it, his eyes start to widen as she slowly brings down her sunglasses to reveal just who she is.

Michael Cole: That’s Vanessa Torres!!!

JBL: What in the hell is she doing there??

Vanessa: Michael, see it took me all this time to figure out just how to hurt you the way you hurt me…part of my story was true…what I told your little wife. About me having a child and losing it but the man I was with was horrible…he never knew. You want to know why Michael? Cause I never told you. Thats right, it was your child that I lost because of what you did to me, all the stress and all the heartache so now…now Im taking what should have been mine…our little girl…

She cradles Lindsey in her arms and Michael is furious, Nikki is screaming but the fans are to loud. Ashley runs over to Nikki who in turn hugs her while Daniel is standing there trying to make sense of it all.

Vanessa: Don’t try to run back here, Im long gone. Maybe now you can see how it feels to have your heart ripped out…Don’t worry…I’ll take very good care of her and besides, I left you one so you should be good. Buh bye….

The titon tron goes black and Michael is running his fingers through his hair turning to Nikki who is beyond consolable. He takes her by the hand, dragging her away from Ashley but gives Ashley a glare before he goes up the ramp yelling for his security. Ashley looks down at her hand that is holding the title and back up at Daniel.