It’s the final show of the year and we are ending it with a bang. Redemption is Live with a big crowd at the XWF Performance Center.

The camera pans around the arena before heading down to commentary with the crew of Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to XWF Redemption! 2020 has been one of the craziest years that I can ever remember. So of course, XWF was going to be just as crazy. Tonight the wrestlers in the back are hoping to put their best foot forward and make 2021 their year.

Jerry Lawler: No doubt about it and I’m really looking forward to seeing how these superstars handle their matches tonight.

JBL: The last few weeks have been about The Union making a statement and I have a feeling that tonight we end 2020 with The Union on top of the world.

Michael Cole: The Union always likes to make things about themselves but XWF has so much talent from top to bottom and our womens division is no different. Loralie Blackwell joined XWF in 2020 and quickly became the Evolution Champion. Tonight she defends her title in triple threat action.

Jerry Lawler: I’m glad we have a front row seat to this match, its going to be hot!

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. And is for the Evolution Championship! Heading to the ring, she hails from Booklyn New York….Sabrina Rossi!

“Left Behind” by Dale Oliver and Kenneth Nixon blasts throughout the arena as Sabrina Rossi starts to slowly walk out through the curtain. She walks down the ramp and she climbs up onto the apron and climbs into the ring as she prepares for her match.

Michael Buffer: On her way to the ring next, she hails from Astoria Oregon…. Cassandra Marx!

Demons by Icon For Hire blasts across the arena as Cassandra walks onto the stage. She gets a strong reaction from the crowd and heads down the ramp. Her focus is on her opponent and she looks ready to fight as she heads into the ring.

Michael Buffer: And their opponent, she is the Reigning and Defending Evolution Champion… Loralie Blackwell!

A little girls giggle is heard and then ” out of the darkness hells queen did call to pain and suffering she brought to them all away ran the children to hide in their beds in fear that the devil would chop off there heads. (the little girl giggles again) At that point the lights go out and fog fills the stage as Sick like me by in this moment hits a fire ball shoots out of the stage and turns into Loralie Blackwell. She makes a fireball appear in her hand turning into the (enter championship here) She holds it up one handed for all to see sticking out her tongue and holding up devil horns with the other. She heads down the ramp to the ring in cat-like strides glaring at the crowd as the non believers boo her and her followers cheer. She stops at the edge of the stage and snaps her fingers disappearing only to reappear in the middle of the ring and heads to her corner

Sabrina Rossi Vs Cassandra Marx Vs Loralie Blackwell (Evo TItle Match)

Our next match is underway as the bell sounds to make this one official. All three superstars stare each other down. Loralie Blackwell tries to clothesline Sabrina Rossi, but Rossi ducks and attacks both opponents, tossing Loralie Blackwell over the top and out to the floor. Rossi tries for a quick roll up, but hot shots Cassandra Marx into the canvas when that doesn’t work. Loralie Blackwell stands on the outside, taking her time and not in any rush to return to the ring. Meanwhile, Cassandra recovers and tosses Sabrina to the outside. Blackwell goes after her but Sabrina Rossi slams Loralie Blackwell’s head into the apron before sending her back into the ring for a pump-handle slam from Cassandra . Goes for a cover now….

Pin: 1………………………2…………

Sabrina Rossi comes in to break up a pin and tries for an SCF on Cassandra Marx, but Cassandra shrugs it off. Rossi stuns Blackwell with a big shot, then walks into a huge kick from Cassandra . Another cover….

Pin: 1………………………………………2………….

Michael Cole: Another kickout and it goes without saying that these triple threat matches are extremly difficult.

JBL: I always hated them when I wrestled. You have to have eyes in the back of your head.

Cassandra Marx stomps on Sabrina while she’s down. Rossi tries to mount a comeback, but Cassandra catches her with another stiff kick to the midsection. Cassandra cuts Loralie Blackwell off from coming back into the ring, but the distraction leads to her getting hung up on the top rope when she misses a kick. Loralie Blackwell heads into the ring and avoids a neckbreaker from Sabrina Rossi, hitting a big boot instead. Loralie Blackwell takes Rossi into the corner and kicks and punches away at her. Blackwell now grabbing Rossi by the throat and nails her with a chokeslam. Here’s a cover…..



Michael Cole: No! Only a two count.

Jerry Lawler: We are seeing everything out here tonight and none of these superstars are holding back.

Michael Cole: They’d be foolish too. This is about more than the Evolution championship. This is about going into the new year as one of the best in the world.

Loralie Blackwell slams Rossi’s face into the canvas. Rossi tries to fight back, but Loralie Blackwell hits her with a series of clubbing blows to the back. Rossi comes back with a series of rights and kicks, but Loralie Blackwell comes up with a giant suplex that plants Sabrina Rossi on the back of her head. Cassandra Marx comes in and attacks Blackwell in the corner, viciously stomping away. Cassandra whips Loralie Blackwell into the opposite corner, but runs into a big clothesline from Rossi. Rossi catches both superstars with clotheslines and kicks before tossing Loralie Blackwell into Cassandra . Rossi hits Marx with the corner clothesline and catches Cassandra with a shoulder to the gut. Rossi hits a double axe handle to Cassandra Marx before going for a pin on Blackwell…..

Pin: 1………………………………………2………….

Kickout once again. Sabrina Rossi attempts a figure-four, but Cassandra is able to get free. Both to their feet now and Cassandra hits her with a fameasser. She tries to pin Sabrina Rossi, but Loralie Blackwell breaks it up before the count can begin. Rossi avoids a back suplex from Loralie Blackwell and hits a huge torando DDT. Cassandra tosses Rossi from the ring and goes for the pin on Blackwell…..

Pin: 1……………………………………….2……………

NO! Sabrina drags Cassandra out of the ring and stops the count. Rossi traps Loralie Blackwell’s leg in the corner and hits a running dropkick before trying for the figure four. Loralie Blackwell kicks her off into Cassandra ’s arms. Rossi reverses Cassandra Marx and tosses Loralie Blackwell out of the ring. Rossi nails Marx with a huge DDT and this could be the match….



NO! Loralie Blackwell is back in the ring and breaks things up at the last second. Loralie Blackwell grabs Cassandra Marx and nails her with a superkick that sends her out of the ring. Sabrina Rossi gets back to her feet and goes for the Greetings From Brooklyn! Loralie counters though and nails her with a DDT. Loralie climbs the top rope now. Cassandra climbs onto the apron and pushes Blackwell off the top rope and crashing onto the outside. Cassandra Marx picks up Rossi now and delivers the X Marx The Spot! Cover….



Loralie Blackwell slides back into the ring and dives at her opponents.


MIchael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and NEW Evolution Champion…. Cassandra Marx!

Jerry Lawler: What?! We got a new champion!

Michael Cole: Cassandra has shocked the world tonight and what a way to kick off Redemption. Loralie Blackwell can’t believe it herself as a pinfall to Rossi cost her the match.

Loralie Blackwell sits by the turnbuckle and watches the Evolution Championship be handed to Cassandra Marx. We see Cassandra celebrate for a few minutes before bringing her attention back to Blackwell. Loralie picks herself up and the two stare at each other. Mouthing a few words to each other and we can hear Cassandra say “anytime you want a one on one, lets go”. Loralie exits from the ring as eventually Marx does too.


We return from commercial as Stephanie Forcier is in the ring waiting for the fans to quiet a little from the excitement of the last match, and of those to come before she finally speaks.

Stephanie: As you all know one half of the Tag Team champions and current Knockouts champion Sheena Montgomery….

She is instantly cut off by the sounds of “Drining My Baby Goodbye “ by the Charlie Daniels Band which gets the fans to there feet in celebration and cheers which only get louder, and wilder when the Madpony emerges from the back onto the stage a crutch helping her hold her up on her left side. She walks to the edge of the stage before taking the titles from around her waist, and raising them high before wrapping them once more around her waist before slowly and clearly still pained, still not cleared. She makes her way down to the ring hobbling but under her own power. Forcier goes to hold the ropes for her but only gets waved off as Sheena tosses the crutch inside before rolling into the ring, and using it and the ring ropes to get to her feet again meeting Stephanie in the middle of the ring. Taking in the support of the fans for a moment too long as Stephanie goes to speak again only to be cut off by Sheena who grabs the mic and while almost stumbling calls out.


The fans respond with a howdy of there own before the Madpony now almost a little in tears both at the pain and at the outpouring from the fans, directs her attention to the authority in the ring.

Sheena: For we do what has ta be done. Let me first apologize fur dragging this out, fighting it, and for all the shit you’ve had ta take over it … Lord knows maybe if I weren’t so stubborn I’d be in fighting shape already.

Taking the tag title off her waist and raising it high one time before setting it on her shoulder.

Sheena: A champion that can’t defend they’re titles should relinquish them, and once the doctors told me, and you how long this was gonna take that’s what I oughta have done. …Now as I understand it you and Kev have allowed Ashley to keep the tag titles as long as she had a partner, and lord knows as much a dream team as we made, and will again sometime. There is only one other person that could make a better pardner for her then me. So you be sure Danny boy gits this with my best wishes and blessing.

She takes the tag title off her shoulder and gives it to Stephanie much to a fair amount of the crowds churgrin. Sheena then unhooks the Knockouts title from around her waist and looks at her refelction in it for a moment before setting it on her shoulder.

Sheena: Theres maybe a handful a gals id like ta see hold this, and more then that I don’t think should, and to the lot of them all I can say is it won’t take you half the fight this belt deserves ta win it, you woulda had with me , and you know the first thing … Well maybe the second thing I’ll be looking for when I get back, and believe you me I’ll be back.

She took the title from her shoulder and began to offer it to stephanie.

Sheena: Do with that what you will.

She resisted for a moment before letting it go and tipping her hat to the fans before slowly making her way to the back.

Michael Cole: A tough moment for Sheena Montogmery who was injured at the hands of the Union and now must give up her tag team title and Knockouts title.

JBL: It’s about damn time!

Jerry Lawler: Can’t you show a little respect JBL?

Michael Cole: But you heard it from Sheena. She will be back and I have no doubt she’ll be back and better than ever. But fans the show must continue and it’s now time for our next match of the night…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring first, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds… Brett Myles!

“One Crazed Anarchist” blasts across the arena as Brett Myles walks onto the stage. The fans boo loudly as Myles walks down the entrance ramp and gets into the ring.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, he hails from Los Angeles , California…. Black Heart, Jason Thunder!

Smoke everywhere and pyros burst. Then, Black Heart enters through the intro with a hoody on . Then stops , when the song verse or chorus starts he takes of the hoody and does bumps is chest. Then , he walks down the ramp and enters the ring. He goes up every corner . Then, lastly he stands in the center of the ring fierce and looks on.

Brett Myles Vs Jason Thunder

Brett Myles and Jason Thunder slowly observe each other’s movements. They lock up and Jason Thunder quickly gets behind Brett Myles taking him off his feet. Thunder gets on top of Myles and Thunder quickly puts Brett Myles in an arm bar. Myles grabs the ropes forcing the move to be broken. Both Thunder and Myles get up again and Jason Thunder pounces on Brett Myles with a spear! Thunder then attacks Myles with punches and forearms to Myles’s head. Thunder then brings Myles quickly to his feet and just as quickly brings Myles down again with a front face Russian leg sweep. Jason Thunder lays Myles’s head along the bottom rope. Thunder climbs out of the ring to be on the apron; Thunder runs and drops a leg right across the back of Myles’s neck.

Michael Cole: My god! Jason Thunder almost snapped Brett Myles’s neck in half back!

JBL: And this match is just getting started.

Jason Thunder drops a knee on Myles’s left shoulder. Thunder then puts all his weight on the same shoulder and Thunder pulls back Brett Myles’s arm while at the same time pounding away at Myles’s ribs. Jason Thunder pulls Brett Myles’s arm back even more, stretching it out. Thunder gets up still holding on to the arm of Myles. This brings Brett Myles to his feet as well. Thunder gives Brett Myles an arm ringer. Myles tries to throw a punch but Thunder just cocks his head back and to the side avoiding the blows. Jason Thunder sends his boot into Brett Myles’s gut and plants Brett Myles with a single-arm DDT. Jason Thunder quickly rolls up Brett Myles…

Pin: 1………………………..

Jason Thunder picks up Brett Myles and sends him into the ropes. This time Myles ducks a lariat, Myles gets behind Thunder and pulls Thunder back by the head and gives him a lifting reverse suplex! Brett Myles quickly pins Jason Thunder…

Pin: 1………………………………..2………….

No. A kickout at two! Brett Myles gets up and quickly begins stomping on Jason Thunder. Brett Myles then drops a knee to the back of Thunder’s head. Myles then begins to work on Thunder’s neck, twisting and pulling back on it. Myles lays his knee up against the back of Thunder’s neck; Brett Myles then pulls back on Jason Thunder’s right leg, similar to a half Boston crab. Brett Myles locks the move on tight and Jason Thunder squirms around for the ropes. Jason Thunder almost grabs one of the ropes but Myles stands up and pulls Jason Thunder back into the center of the ring. Brett Myles decides to release the hold after some time and brings Jason Thunder up. Myles holds on to Jason Thunder’s neck and gives his a twisting neck breaker! Myles climbs to the top rope and raises the elbow up high. Myles jumps off with an elbow drop but Jason Thunder rolls out of the way just in time.

Jerry Lawler: Major momentum shifter right there.

Michael Cole: It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jason Thunder in an XWF ring but it doesn’t appear there is any ring rust. Can he use that momentum shift to his advantage?

Jason Thunder places Brett Myles on the top rope as he signals for a tornado DDT. Thunder tries to jump off, but Myles has locked his legs to the ropes blocking the hold. Thunder tries again but again to no avail. Brett Myles head butt’s Thunder and pushes him down sending Thunder crashing to the mat. Myles leaps off with the Myles High Club! Once again Jason Thunder moves out of the way. Thunder to his feet now. He grabs Myles and then hits him with the Angel’s Fall! Cover now…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall……Jason Thunder!

Michael Cole: There you have it folks. A tough loss for Myles but for Jason Thunder who makes a special apperance at Redemption its a big time win in the books.

Jerry Lawler: He looked sharp out there tonight and the fans looked glad to see him.

Michael Cole: Well so far tonight you’ve seen your standard wrestling matches. But in a few minutes thats all going to change. A grudge match that has heated up over the past few weeks. Scott Grayse and Kyle Mehr face off in a hardcore match.

JBL: This match is going to be crazy Michael!

Michael Cole: Lets head down to the ring for our next match…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Hardcore Match! On his way to the ring first, weighing in at two hundred and fifty-five pounds. He is a member of The Union…. Scott Grayse!

Reborn by Stone Sour blasts across the Performance Center as Scott Grayse walks onto the stage. The fans boo loudly as he takes his time, showboating and getting in their face before heading into the ring.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, he hails from Reno Nevada… Kyle Mehr!

“It’s A Fight” by Three 6 Mafia hits over the arena speakers.)

#Yeah! Yeah! We Aint Playing With You. Step Your Ass Up What You want to Do. And Get Your Ass Knock Down#

(A Series of Green Pyro ignites the arena.)

#We gonna hit em with a left, hit em with a right, We gonna hit em with a left, hit em with a right It’s A Fight..It’s A Fight#

Kyle Mehr walks out to thunderous cheers from the crowd. Kyle wears Black Oakleys, a White T-Shirt. The Shirts has Kyle Mehr’s pic on the front. Kyle also wears Black Jean Shorts with Black Boots. He has a black Knee Brace on his right knee. Kyle walks to the ring smirking as the crowd continues to cheer him, Kyle then rolls into the ring. Kyle then raises it into the air as the crowd’s cheers intensify, Kyle then heads to his corner and does some stretching.

Scott Grayse Vs Kyle Mehr

The bell sounds and here we go. The two walk up to each other and exchange some words. We hear Scott Grayse telling Kyle Mehr that he should of left and never came back. Mehr gives off a laugh and then suddenly nails a punch to Grayse. Grayse isn’t backing down though as he throws a punch himself. Suddenly both men begin punching each other in a fury with neither back down. Grayse ends up pushing Mehr up against the ropes and eventually clothlines him over the top rope. Grayse runs to the opposite side of the ring and comes back. He dives over the top rope with a suicide dive onto the outside as both men go down. Scott Grayse is the first to his feet and picks up Mehr and irish whips him into the steel ring post as Mehr lands hard. Grayse begins taunting the crowd and telling them to shut up when they start cheering for Mehr. This bought Kyle Mehr some time though as he nails a punch to the midsection of Grayse and then drops him with a small stunner. Mehr grabs Grayse now and tosses him over the fan barricade and into the aisle. We see Kyle Mehr picking up Grayse and nailing him with a scoop slam onto the concrete. Mehr follows it up with a leg drop but Scott Grayse moves out of the way at the last second.

Michael Cole: It didn’t take long for these two to exit the ring. They are taking full advantage of the hardcore rules of this match.

JBL: Anything goes and I love it!

The two continue fighting and eventually end up backstage. Inside the performance center we see Scott Grayse irish whip Mehr into a locker room and Mehr smashes into some of the lockers. Grayse see’s a pair of wrestling boots nearby and rips the laces out. He then wraps them around the neck of Kyle and begins choking him out. Mehr is eventually able to lift up a leg and kicks Grayse in the head. Kyle Mehr gets back up and delivers a kick to the midsection of Grayse. He places Scott’s head inside one of the lockers and then slams the locker door shut as Grayse falls backwards. A cover now by Mehr…

Pin: 1……………………………….2……….

Kyle Mehr picks up Grayse the two leave the locker room. They head down the hallway and now appear to be in the cafe. Mehr grabs a lunch tray and smashes it over the head of Grayse. He then lays him over top of a table as Mehr now looks around. Kyle grabs a water jug and brings it over. He lifts it above his head and slams it down. Scott Grayse moves out of the way at the last second as the jug goes through the table and starts to spill out. Mehr goes to grab Grayse but Grayse grabs the jug and sprays Mehr with water blinding him for a second. Scott Grayse nails him with a DDT now and covers…

Pin: 1………………………………………2…….

Another kickout. Scott Grayse grabs some a folded chair and proceeds to smash it over the back of Mehr. He delivers a few more shots as the chair begins to bend from the impact. Grayse now takes the chair and wraps it around the neck of Mehr. He delivers a stomp on the chair and you can hear Mehr coughing and in serious pain. Another cover from Grayse…

Pin: 1…………………………….2……………

Michael Cole: Another kickout from Kyle Mehr and he refuses to give up. We thought his career might of been over as he struggled to return similar to what Sheena is going through now.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but Scott Grayse wants to finish the job and that could spell trouble for Mehr.

Scott Grayse picks up Mehr but Kyle starts to fight back. He delivers a few punches to the midsection and then an uppercut. Mehr irish whips Grayse into one of the food carts and food goes flying everywhere. Mehr with a leg drop and a cover…

Pin: 1………………………….2……

Kyle Mehr picks up Grayse now and they exit from the cafe. The two continue their brawl backstage and eventually end up in the parking lot. Kyle Mehr grabs Grayse and body slams him on top of a car and this match has gotten out of control in a hurry. Mehr picks Grayse up and slams his head into the windsheild. It doesn’t break but instead leaves a crack. Mehr continues the process a few more times until eventually Grayse head goes right through glass. Mehr picks his head out and Grayse is now bleeding from the forehead. Kyle Mehr tosses him off the car. Mehr leaps off the car with an elbow drop now and this could be it…

Pin: 1………………………………….2…….

No! Another kickout and somehow Grayse keeps this match going. Kyle Mehr back to his feet and grabs Grayse. He lifts him up and nails him with a suplex onto the concrete. Mehr then looks around and goes off camera. When he comes back it looks like he’s found a ladder somewhere in the parking lot. Mehr nails Grayse with a few punches, knocking him out. Mehr then takes the ladder and puts it on the bed of a truck nearby. Mehr slowly climbs the ladder, hurting physically as he pushes himself to continue. Mehr finaly gets to the top and looks down at Grayse. He makes the signal that the Kyle Hangover! is coming next. He gets in position when suddenly he hears a car engine running. He looks in the distance and suddenly car lights turn on. The car wheels spin and suddenly charge at Mehr. The car slams into the truck and Mehr is tossed off the ladder and goes flying off camera.

Michael Cole: O My God. We need to get some help out here!

The car shuts off and the door swings open. A man wearing a motorcycle helmet gets out but we can’t see his face. The man grabs Scott Grayse and helps him go over to Kyle Mehr who is now bleeding from the back of his head. The man puts Grayse on top of him and the referee counts.




Michael Bufer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…. Scott Grayse!

Jerry Lawler: Guys, what the heck was that all about?

Michael Cole: Someone has just helped Grayse pick up the win tonight. And guys lets just point out that there is one man in XWF known for his motorcycle riding and who would want to help The Union.

JBL: What are you trying to say Cole? Are you making unfound claims?!

Michael Cole: I’m just saying I have a good guess at who was behind this and its disgusting!


We go backstage now at the office of Kevin Kronic and Stephanie Forcer when Nikki bursts through the door. Stephanie looks up at her and leans back in her chair.

Stephanie: Something I can help you with, Nikki?

Nikki: I’m sure you can. I want my title back.

Stephanie: You lost that title dear.

Nikki: No, Angel lost that title. I never did. So its only fair now that the cow cant defend it, that it goes back to its rightful owner.

Stephanie: Trust me. It will have a rightful owner when I come up with a match and that match is going to be at the next Inferno.

Nikki: I better be in that match, Stephanie.

As Nikki is talking the door opens and in walks Sabrinia Rossi and Alex Calaway.

Sabrinia: If there is going to be a knockouts match I want to be in it.

Alex Calaway: Me too.

Nikki rolls her eyes and looks at Stephanie won leans forward and clasps her fingers together resting on the top of her desk.

Stephanie: Ok so all three of you want in right? I think we can manage that. So the next inferno there will be a triple threat match, Nikki, Sabrina and Alex and the prize will be the knockouts title.

Nikki: Great! Grand …Wonderful.

She walks towards the door

Nikki: See you in the ring.

Stephanie: Not so fast… I said there was going to be a match, didnt say which type.

Nikki sighs and then fully turns and the three of them are looking at her.

Stephanie: This match is going to take place in a cage and trust me when i say…there will be no interferences from anyone…and i mean no one nikki cause If the Union so much as breathes in the direction of the ring you will lose that match and they will cost you any further competiton for the Knockouts title…do I make myself clear?

Nikki: You can’t do that!

Alex Calaway: Whats the matter Nikki, don’t get to have your little advantage?

Nikki: Please…i don’t need any help from anyone. I can beat you both with one hand tied behind my back.

She walks out of the office and bumps right into Sheena who gives her a look.

Nikki: What are you looking at? You’re nothing but a ranch hand in my eyes. You never deserved that title.

Sheena: I made that title relevant and defended it. Unlike you..

Nikki: Till I made sure you couldn’t.

Sheena: Still think you are the Queen?

Nikki: Yes….and Long….Live…..ME!

She pushes passed Sheena and heads off away towards the Union Locker room. We then head back to ringside where we see both competitors already inside the ring for the next match.

CJ Walker Vs Josh Blade

The bell rings as Josh Blade approaches CJ Walker and they tie up. Walker overpowers him, pushing him to the turnbuckle… and gives him a slap in the face. Josh charges out of the corner, clotheslining Walker down. Walker gets back up and Josh grabs him, throwing him into the turnbuckle and hitting a flurry of strikes! Walker drops to the ground and Josh then begins kicking him in the face.

Michael Cole: CJ Walker making his debut tonight and what bigger stage than Redemption?

JBL: Yeah but Josh Blade isn’t going to let this rookie make an example out of him. Josh Blade is focused on his own career.

Josh Blade finishes it off with a big boot across Walker’s face after bouncing off the ropes, but this time Walker is able to move. Josh drops to the mat and Walker kicks him several times before sliding out of the ring. He takes Josh’s legs and puts the turnbuckle in between them and pulls. Walker then grabs Josh’s right leg and smashes it against the turnbuckle… then he grabs it and does it again. Josh Blade yells in pain. Walker rolls back into the ring and picks Josh up, who is now favoring the right leg. He puts him in a headlock, pulls him near the center of the ring, and hits a stiff DDT! He gets up, smirking, and puts Josh in an Inverted Boston Crab.

JBL: Josh Blade’s mind must be raging all right.

Josh Blade again yells in pain as Walker cranks on the hold, but refuses to give up. Josh struggles towards the ropes… aandddd… grabs them! The ref forces Walker to release the hold. He does, and then stalks Josh, waiting for him to get up. Walker goes to pick Josh Blade up in some sort of suplex but Josh shifts his weight and drops behind him. He hits several stiff forearms to the back of Walker’s head before dropping him with a Reverse DDT. Josh Blade stalking Walker now, waiting for his moment and then hits him with a Blade Cutter! Cover now by Josh…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match by Pinfall…. Josh Blade!

Michael Cole: And Josh Blade picks up the win and heres a guy who really works hard to be the best. He never gives up and tonight he’s rewarded for it.

JBL: Even a broken clock is right twice a day. He got a lucky win.

Michael Cole: Nothing wrong with a little luck JBL. And with the announcement made prior to this match it appears Nikki Everett is going to need some luck. In case you missed it, a Knockouts Title Match has been made for next Inferno.

Jerry Lawler: I’m really looking forward to that one. And inside a cage no less!

JBL: It’s unfair! Nikki should be handed the title because she never lost it!

Michael Cole: Give me a break. Folks we are sure to have more announcements about 2021 as the night goes on but right now we continue this Union talk with the founder of The Union. Michael Everett takes on Daniel Slaine for the United States title. Up next…

Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the United States Championship. On his way to the ring, hailing from New York, NY. He is the leader of The Union … Michael Everett!

You are beautiful on the inside
You are innocence personified
And I will drag you down and sell you out
Run away

“Judas” by Fozzy begins to play as Michael Everett walks out onto the stage. The fans boo them both loudly as he walks down the ramp and over to one of the young fans in the crowd. Michael takes off his shades, snaps them in half and than hands them off to one of the fans. Michael walks up the steel steps and gets into the ring.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, he is the reigning and defending XWF United States Champion… Daniel Slaine!

“99 Bottles” by Slaine plays next as Daniel Slaine comes out from the entrance way. The fans cheer loudly for one of their favorites as he walks down the ramp. Daniel has the look of intensity and focus in his eyes as he climbs into the ring and head toward his corner. Stretching and preparing for a fight.

Michael Everett Vs Daniel Slaine (US Title Match)

The ref rings the bell and the two circle before tieing up! Everett gets the advantage and backs Slaine into the corner. The ref breaks the hold and Everett backs up.. the crowd claps in approval. The two tie up once more in the center of the ring and Slaine grabs the advantage and backs Everett into the corner where the ref breaks the hold once more. Slaine slowly backs up and the crowd approves of Slaine.

Michael Cole: Slaine is the favorite with this crowd here tonight..

JBL: These fans are stupid, Michael Everett is clearing the more experienced and dominate wrestler!

The two circle each other and tie up but Slaine shoves Everett off, they tie up once more and Slaine gets shoved from Everett! The two go face to face in the middle of the ring and begin trading punches! Rights from Everett, rights from Slaine, back and forth, punch to punch, finally Slaine has the advantage and hits kicks to the midsection before hitting a few more right hands to the face of Everett causing him to back up and Slaine hits the ropes and rebounds but Everett sidesteps and Slaine lands on the ropes but before he can springboard back, Everett shoves Slaine forward over the ropes and lands on the apron. Everett runs into the corner and jumps to the middle rope and springboards to out of the ring and Slaine hits a stiff kick to Everett in the face and Everett lands below on the mats! The crowd gasps at the high-risk then no-reward for Everett but cheers for Slaine.

JBL: Amazing!! Everett with a springboard move and when he leaped over the ropes Slaine caught him with a kick!

Slaine looks back at Everett whose getting to his feet and Slaine springboards to the ropes and turns in the air to land a plancha but Everett sidesteps and let’s Slaine crash into the railing! The crowd gasps once again at the huge spot. Slaine is picked up and thrown into the corner where Everett hits backhand chops and kicks to the thighs! Slaine goes down and Everett just hits punch after punch in the corner. Everett picks up Slaine and throws him to the other corner, where Everett follows closely and just as Slaine runs into the corner back-first, Everett is there with a leaping splash! Slaine stumbles out and Everett kicks to the midsection bending Slaine forward and Everett hooks the arms and Slaine struggles out and the crowd almost lost their minds as Everett tried to end it early..

Jerry Lawler: Notice Slaine getting out of the finishing move of Everett..Thats why Slaine is the champion and Everett isnt.

Just as Slaine starts to get up, Jackson starts running down to the ring, the fans are screaming.

Michael Cole: Here we go, it was only a matter of time until the Union made its present known.

JBL: Because that’s what a team does, they stand together with one another!

Jackson makes it to the ring grabbing Slaine by the boot, knocking him off his feet. Then holding him in place. The ref is yelling for JAckson to leave the arena but doesnt move in time, as the fans start cheering, we see a big man jump over the barrier wall.


Jerry Lawler: Slaine said he had an insurance policy and there it is!

JBL: He’s not a member of the roster, SECURITY!!!

Ethan runs around the ring and Jackson sees him last minute and Jones spears him hard right to the concrete. Then starts to beat Jackson down. Everett taking advantage of what Jackson did procedes to stomp on Slaine in the corner and picks him up, sliding him out of the corner to the ropes and throws him against the other side of the ring ropes. Slaine bounces back but ducks Everetts clothesline and Slaine hits the ropes and comes back for a crossbody but Everett just lays out on his back quickly and Slaine hits the mat empty-handed! Everett picks up Slaine and goes for his finisher once again but Slaine struggles out of it and rolls to the apron. Everett bends through the ropes and Slaine kips up on the apron with a stiff European uppercut sending Everett back to the center of the ring where Slaine springboards to the ropes and hits a frogsplash. Slaine takes a breather and gets to his feet and picks up Everett hitting a quick DDT….

Pin: 1……………………………….2……………..

NO! Ethan Jones and Jackson Bryant are brawling up the ramp and the two go out of site.

Michael Cole: Slaine now has Everett in HIS game, Slaine is beating down Everett with kicks and that’s exactly where Slaine wants Everett.

Slaine stomps on Everett and picks him up and hits an exploding suplex! Slaine takes a breather and nods no to himself, and picks up Everett and hits a KTFO!





Slaine gets to his feet and is obviously pissed off and waits for Everett to get to his knees when Slaine punts Everett in the head! Slaine slaps the mat and picks up Everett, but Everett lands out on his back and by the trunks – pulls Slaine through the ropes to the apron. Everett gets to his feet but a bit shaken and grabs Slaine and suplexes him back into the ring. Michael Everett looking for the TCO now. Grabbing the legs and trying to lock in the sharpshooter. Daniel Slaine half way turned over but he’s able to twist the legs and then push Everett off of him. Everett bounces into the ropes and then comes back. Daniel Slaine quick to his feet and nails the KTFO! out of nowhere. Cover now…




Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and STILL United States Champion…. Daniel Slaine!

Michael is laying there in disbelief as Daniel walks over to him looking down at him. Slaine mouths something to him and points right at him shaking his head.

Michael Cole: We all know who that was for.

JBL: Yeah and that person will get hers tonight in the main event!

The fans are all out of their seats after witnessing a great match with Michael Everett and Daniel Slaine. Daniel just making his way out of the ring leaving Michael in the ring. Just then…

Without Me blasts through the arena and Daniel stops at the begininng of the ramp. Michael is sitting up now watching the stage when his father walks out with a Mic in his hand and the tag title on his shoulder. He lifts up the mic to his mouth…

Kevin Kronic: Great Match, Great Match!! How is Redemption been so far??!!

The fans start cheering loudly.

Kevin Kronic: The XWF does not disappoint thats for sure and we certainly dont leave things open ended. Now earlier we saw Sheena dropping both the womans title and the tag. Stephanie will be going through the female roster as to see which lucky knockouts will be chosen to contend for that title. Im out here for one reason and one reason alone. THis…

He hols up the tag title to the fans.

Kevin Kronic: Now Sheena wanted us to personally give this title to you Daniel Slaine and Ashley does need a partner.

Michael starts to get up, you can see him getting mad. Daniel smirks as he walks up towards Kevin and is standing right infront of him. Kevin reaches the title out to Daniel.

Kevin Kronic: Now we are going to do just what Sheena requested but….there is one thing. Even though I am handing it to you, you are not a legal tag champion. But…if you should win with Ashley then you become the new tag champion along side Ashley. if you lose well then you both lose those titles. Sound fair?

Daniel nods but Michael grabs a mic.

Michael Everett: NO!! NO!!! NO!!! That is not fair! How can you just hand hima title he has never won nor defended!! This is outrages!

Kevin Kronic: Son, you didn’t let me finish so when you are done with your little tantrum….

He waits for Michael to lower the mic.

Kevin Kronic: Now before that interuption I was going to say that next week there will be a tag title match as the main event at Inferno to kick off the new year. So Daniel you and Ashley will be facing not one….not two…but three tag teams…and that match is going to be a fatal four way challenge…

Daniel nods looking back at Michael

Kevin Kronic: Don’t get to excited now because Im not finished….yes it will be a fatal four way match but….it will also be a TORNADO TAG MATCH!! And the teams you will be facing will be…Malaboo and her sister Lorilie.

The fans give off a nice pop for them.

Kevin Kronic: Jason Thunder and Lucifer Morningstar!

The fans again cheer and the camera goes back to Kevin.

Kevin Kronic: And last but not least….Michael Everett and Scott Grayse!

The fans start to boo but Michael is grinning ear to ear in the ring nodding his head. Daniel looks at Kronic and reaches his hand out to shake his hand and then turns back towards Michael wo is looking right back at him. Daniel then drapes his title on the other shoulder and walks across the stage exiting the ring followed by Kevin Kronic leaving Michael in the ring as we get ready for the Main Event….


Michael Buffer: The following contest is scheduled for one falls and is your Main Event of the evening. The winner of this match will be the person who escapes from the 2 Cage Structure seen above the ring. First, the challenger. He weighed in tonight at two hundred and sixty pounds. Vin Halsted!

A blue strobe light flickers over the white smoke as Halsted rises up from the floor to the rampway while standing with his head down and hand-in-hand in front of his body when the first chord of “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play. He, then, rages forward with his arms spread and a massive yell from his abdomen “Hail to the King” as the line “Hail to the King” crescendos over the arena sound system.

The blue strobe light fades as a cascading golden waterfall of fireworks flows from the top of the entrance to the rampway behind him, he saunters forward with a cocky strut and smirk on his face. Halsted starts to climb the cage where the match will start as he awaits his opponent.

Michael Buffer: And his opponent, hailing from New York, NY. She is the Reigning and Defending XWF Heavyweight Champion of the World. Ashley Slaine!

Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory hits the PA system next as Ashley Slaine walks onto the stage. She has determination in her eyes and seems more ready for the match as she heads to the ring. Ashley stops at the cage, looking around at the structure. Ashley removes her title and begins to climb the cage. Knowing what awaits her.

Vin Halsted Vs Ashley Slaine (XWF World Title Match)

The bell sounds and our Main Event is officially underway. Both superstars find themselves on top of the first cage as they look around. They can see how high up they are, the fans looking like ants in the stands. And the fact that inside that first cage is thumbtacks covering the mat. The two begin to approach each other and tie up. Vin Halsted delivers a knee to the midsection of Ashley and then puts her into a headlock. Halstead nails a few punches to the face while he’s got her in the headlock but Ashley is able to lift him up and nail him with a back body drop. Ashley gets back to her feet and nails Vin with a couple of elbow drops. Ashley then goes to the center of the cage and stomps on it a little bit. She can see that there isn’t much holding it together and its a long way down. Ashley Slaine picks up Vin and tries to scoop slam him on the cage. Vin stops her though and nails her with a kick to the midsection. He then follows up with a DDT in the center of the cage. The cage bends but doesn’t break which saves both of them from a nasty fall.

Michael Cole: Never before have we seen a match like this in XWF history. I’m told this match originally came from a company called HHW.

JBL: Yeah and how stupid were they? Why would anyone want to compete in a match like this?

Jerry Lawler: Ashley never backs down from a fight, no matter the match. And Vin Halsted doesn’t seem so worried either.

Vin Halsted picks up Ashley and tries to give her a chokeslam through the cage. Ashley fights it off with a couple of elbows and Vin drops her. Ashley follows it up with a dropkick that sends Halsted to the edge of the catch. He waves his arms to catch his balance and does so. Ashley comes charging at him but she runs right into a big boot to the face. Vin picks up Ashley now and drags her to the center of the cage again. He lifts her up for another choke slam and this time nails it. The cage starts to bend more, the center plate weakening but somehow holding together. Vin quickly picks her up again and this time tries for a powerbomb. Ashley Slaine once again starts fighting it. She nails a couple of punches that sends him backwards. Ashey then nails him with a hurricarana that sends Halsted down through the cage and landing on the thumbtacks. He screams in pain as the tacks cover his body.

Michael Cole: My God, can you imagine what he’s feeling right now.

Ashley Slaine looks down at Halsted. She takes a deep breath and says a small prayer to herself. Ashley leaps down the cage and on top of Halsted. They both land on the tacks and both are covered with them now.

JBL: What is she thinking?!

Michael Cole: Putting her body on the line. Ashley knew she had to get into that cage eventually.

Jerry Lawler: Like diving into a pool, except instead of cold water its sharp thumbtacks!

Ashley gets up and brushes away some of the thumbtacks. She goes over the ropes and starts to climb into the 2nd part of the cage. Vin Halsted back up too though. He grabs Ashley by the leg and Ashley Slaine follows up with an enziguri as Halsted falls into the 2nd cage with Ashley. We see Ashley Slaine trying to head out of the cage and end this match early. Halsted catches her by the foot, but Ashley kicks him away and hits a springboard splash. Ashley gets right back up and begins to head up to the top of the cage and straddles the top. Halsted already back on his feet and rushes to the top, stopping him and slams her knee and ankle into the side of the cage before bringing him back into the ring and crotching her on the top rope after a kick to the head. Vin Halsted hits a couple of big elbows to Ashley’s head and Ashley falls off the ropes and onto the mat.

Michael Cole: Important to note here that the only way to escape the cage is through a small opening in the right corner.

JBL: I think what Ashley was trying to do there was not escape through the top of the cage but instead some kind of diving move that got haulted by Halsted. Ashley knows she’s going to have to inflict enough punishment if she wants to leave the cage.

Vin Halsted stomps away at Ashley before picking her up and slamming her right back down to the mat. Halsted begins slapping Ashley across the head before picking her back up. Halsted grabs Ashley by the head and tries tossing her into the cage but Ashley Slaine reverses at the last second and sends Halsted into the cage. Ashley then grabs Vin Halsted and tosses him into the opposite side of the unforgiving steel. Ashley isn’t done though, grabbing Halsted and tossing him into the third side of the cage. The fans know whats coming next as Ashley grabs Halsted and tosses him into the final side of the cage. Vin Halsted bounces off, twirls around and finally falls to the mat. Ashley grabs Halsted by the legs and goes for a single leg crab. She has him locked into the middle of the ring and Halsted knows hes in trouble. Halsted eventually grabs the ropes and while theres no referee to break the hold Ashley decides to do so knowing momentum is lost in the submission hold. Ashley Slaine tries to sneak out of the cage, but Halsted catches her and hits her with a couple of nasty clubbing blows to the back. Halsted brings Ashley back into the middle of the ring and continues to grind away at Ashley, driving his knee down into Ashley’s back and hitting her with a double ax handle to the small of Ashley’s back. Halsted tries for a powerbomb out of the corner, but misses as Ashley rolls out of the way. Ashley tries for the Blade Cutter! but Halsted reverses it and nails a DDT out of nowhere.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know about you guys but I think this is the end of the Ashley era…

Vin Halsted starting to grab some weapons now. He sets up a table at one corner of the ring and then grabs a kendo stick. He begins bashing it over the back of Ashley who screams out in pain. Once the kendo stick is broke he grabs a chair and uses that instead over the back of Ashley. Vin Halsted grabs Ashley now and locks in the CTFO. A rear-naked choke and there is nowhere for Ashley to go. Halsted applies pressure and is choking the life out of Ashley. A few minutes pass and eventually Halsted releases the hold. Ashley looks out cold as Halsted slowly gets back up. He rips a few tacks out of his skin and then starts to head towards the exit of the cage. He starts to crawl through but then feels a hand touching his boot. Ashley refuses to give up, she’s trying to stop Halsted from leaving. Vin Halsted picks up Ashley and tosses her into the corner. He sets her up on the top rope and tries for the Fahgetaboutit Bomb! Ashley fights it though. Nailing a few punches and is able to escape. Halstead charges with a clothline but Ashley ducks and nails the Blade Cutter! Both superstars down in the middle of the ring.

Michael Cole: This match could come down to whoever gets to the opening first.

After a while both superstars begin crawling towards the cage opening. Ashley starts to climb out but Vin Halsted grabs her and tosses her away. He then starts to climb out but Ashley grabs him. The two begin slinging punches at each other and working their way to their feet. Halsted irish whips Ashley to the ropes and nails her with a spinebuster. He then picks her up and tosses her into the corner again. He’s trying for another Fahgetaboutit Bomb! Ashley is able to counter it though. Getting in position so that she stands in front of him. Grabbing his neck and then the two leap off as Ashley hits a top rope Blade Cutter! And this time Halsted lands through the table. Ashley Slaine begins to crawl and she exits from the cage.

Michael Buffer: Your Winner of the Match and STILL XWF World Champion… Ashley Slaine!

Michael Cole: Ashley has overcome the odds once again. Somehow she has come out on top of this deadly contest.

JBL: She might of won but at what cost? Next week she’ll have to defend the tag team titles and I don’t think her body can hold up for another match so soon.

Michael Cole: The damage might be done but Ashley has proved she’s a fighter. But what about Vin Halsted? What’s next for his career? Will he continue in XWF and continue his fight?

Jerry Lawler: Twenty Twenty-One should be an interesting year!

Michael Cole: No doubt about it. We will see you next year folks. Thank you for joining us. Goodnight!