We open up live to a sold out crowd as XWF Unbreakable is on the air. The fans are excited for great action and are standing at their seats. We head down to commentary, joined by the familar crew of Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Michael Cole welcomes us to the show and gives us the lineup. The Union is in tag team action tonight going up against Ashley and Daniel Slaine. Cole also mentions that Daniel will be doing double duty tonight as he also takes on Jason Thunder for the World Title.

The King mentions that Loralie Blackwell will also put her title on the line tonight against Sabrina Rossi.

Michael Cole mentions that the tag team title will be the first of three titles defended tonight and that match starts in just a few minutes.

Michael Everett & Angel Vs Ashley & Daniel Slaine

Angel starts out for her team and it looks like Ashley will start for hers. Angel reminded everyone why shes the Queen of Darkness and taking it to Ashley early. Eventaully Michael tags in and takes advantage of the situation. He works the legs of Ashley and tries to slow her down. Ashley starts to get some momentum and Angel quickly tags back in. Daniel gets the tag as well and the two go after each other.

Daniel Slaine nails a DDT to Angel and eventually nails a clothline that sends her over the ropes and onto the floor. Michael comes in and gets sent to the outside as well. The Union regroups and replans their match before Angel gets back in the ring. Some dirty tactics from Michael as he rakes the eyes of Daniel in the corner when the referee wasn’t looking and Angel nails him with a tombstone. Michael in the ring and locks in the TCO. Daniel refuses to tap out though and eventually makes it to his corner. Ashley in and she goes after Michael. Michael has no answers as Ashley nails a hurricaranna and a couple suplexes to Michael. Ashley goes for a Blade Cutter but Michael escapes and tags back out to Angel. Ashley ahead of her though and nails a Blade Cutter on Angel but only for a two.

Angel pushes Ashley away into the corner and Daniel tags himself in. Michael and Angel taking turns double teaming Daniel Slaine. Eventually Daniel fights back and goes for a splash in the corner but MIchael moves out of the way and Daniel hits the referee. Angel and Michael continue to work on Daniel and Ashley’s seen enough. She goes to enter the ring but all of a sudden Nikki trips her up and Ashley hits her head on the edge of the ring. Nikki then tosses Ashley into the steel steps as the fans boo. Michael nails Daniel with a low blow and Angel nails the Apocolypse. Angel covers Daniel as the referee comes to and counts to three.

Michael Everett & Angel def. Ashley & Daniel Slaine by Pinfall.

After the match Nikki celebreates with Angel and Michael while Daniel Slaine checks on Ashley and her health. The commentary team seems concerned for Ashley as we go to a quick commercial break.

We return from the highlight video as Sid Vicious is arleady standing in the ring. Out next is Asena Love as she heads down the entrance ramp. As she’s taking her time we see Sid Vicious grabbing a microphone. He waits for her to get in the ring and begins to speak.

Sid Vicious begins talking about the legends he’s faced in the past. He mentioned, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels. Sid Vicious reminded everyone he is a multiple time World Champion and a giant in the business. Sid then took his hand and patted Asena on the head. He said a little girl like her had no place being in the ring with a monster like himself. Sid told Asena to leave the ring now because he would not be responsible for what happened next.

Asena snatched the microphone away from Sid and told him that no man tells her what to do. Asena then kicked Sid right between the legs as Sid drops to his knees. The referee quickly called fo the bell and here we go.

Sid Vicious Vs Asena Love

Asena nailed Sid with a variety of punches and kicks. She then went off the ropes and dived at him but Sid Vicious grabbed her by the throat. He got back up and looked ready to finish her off with a chokeslam. Sid Vicious lifted her into the air but Asena broke free with a tornado DDT. Sid is stunned as Asena nails him with Broken Love and quickly gets the three count.

Asena Love defeats Sid Vicious via Pinfall

Asena quickly exits from the ring and runs half way up the entrance ramp. Sid Vicious is not only stunned but angry at what just happened as we’ve had perhaps the biggest shock of the night. The referee tells Sid he was just doing his job But Sid Vicious grabbed the referee by the throat and nails him with a chokeslam. Meanwhile Asena continues to watch from the entrance ramp and back pedals to the backstage area.

Back on commentary Michael Cole says that Sid could expect a heavy fine after what just happened. Jerry Lawler questioned which offical would draw the short straw and give Sid that fine. Cole switched topics now by mentioning our next title match is coming up. Loralie Blackwell would be defending her title. A title which she’s held for 200+ days.

JBL said Loralie has faced some of the best but Sabrina Rossi had nothing to lose and everything to gain in a match like this and that could make her dangerous.

Sabrina Rossi Vs Loralie Blackwell (US Title Match)

The two traded arm-locks before the they got to their feet and the crowd cheered. Sabrina Rossi landed a dropkick and a high-knee in the corner. Sabrina went to the top and landed a cross-body block from the top rope for a near-fall. Sabrina ran at Loralie Blackwell, but Loralie got the boot up and then dropkicked Sabrina to the outside of the ring. Loralie then hit a cannonball Senton. Loralie then slammed Sabrina to take control. Loralie went for a springboard, but Sabrina got the knees up to even the odds. Sabrina landed a snap dragon suplex. Sabrina ran at Loralie, but Loralie moved and the two traded pin attempts before Sabrina got a hell of near-fall. The two fought on the top and it looked like a Spanish Fly was supposed to happen, but the two just kind of fell to the canvass and Loralie Blackwell got a great near-fall. The two traded elbows. Loralie went for a strike, but Sabrina rolled her up and grabbed the tights for another shocking pinfall.

Sabrina Rossi def. Loralie Blackwell via Pinfall

The referee hands Sabrina the title as she celebrates. Meanwhile Loralie looks upset in the ring as things did not go as planned. The commentary team mentions the theme of the night which includes upsets in every match so far. JBL mentions that also includes two title changes tonight and wonders if a third could take place.

We get a quick video package between Jason Thunder and Daniel Slaine. It highlights Jason Thunders rise to the top along with Daniel Slaine’s many past accomplishments. Its a battle of Past Vs Future as Jason Thunder and Daniel Slaine not only face off in the main event but their match is up next….

Daniel Slaine Vs Jason Thunder (XWF World Title Match)

There were loud “Slaine” chants before the bell. Daniel Slaine went for the early uppercut from his back, but Thunder blocked it. Jason Thunder taunted Rhodes over it. Slaine backed Thunder into the corner and gave him a clean break. Thunder spun him around and then kicked him rather than give Rhodes a clean break. Thunder taunted Slaine with an early slap, which led to Rhodes firing up and throwing punches at him. Thunder took offensive control briefly, but they ended up at ringside where Slaine slammed Thunder’ head onto the ring steps. Slaine charged at Thunder, who turned him inside out with a clothesline. Thunder rolled Slaine back inside the ring and covered him for a one count.

Daniel Slaine connected with the uppercut from his back a short time later. He picked up Thunder in suplex position and dropped him face first. Slaine executed a Disaster Kick and covered Thunder for a two count. Slaine set up or another springboard move moments later, but this time Thunder shoved him over the top rope to the floor. Jason Thunder went to ringside and ran Slaine into the barricade and then slammed his head off the broadcast table. Back inside the ring, Thunder remained on the offensive until Slaine came back with some punches. Slaine went for a sunset flip in the corner. Thunder grabbed the ropes and sat down on Slaine, who kicked out at two. Both men ended up on the ropes. Slaine powered up Thunder for a nice superplex. Both men stayed down for a brief time.

Slaine and Thunder got to their feet and traded chops, punches, and slaps, which got a rise out of the crowd. Slaine knocked Thunder down with a shoulder block and followed up with a power slam. Slaine clotheslined Thunder over the top rope to the floor. Slaine ran up the ropes and dove at Thunder, who avoided him and returned to the ring. Thunder set up for a suicide dive, but Slaine hit him from the floor. Slaine hit a cutter for a near fall. Thunder set up for a Angel’s Fall, but Slaine slipped between his legs. Thunder hit him with a knee strike and followed with a superkick, which led to a two count. Thunder played to the crowd and then went for a Curb Stomp, which Slaine avoided. Slaine went for CrossRhodes, which Thunder avoided. Slaine went for a top rope move, but Thunder kicked him on the way down. Thunder went for a Angel’s Fall, which Slaine stuffed. Slaine went for the same move, but Thunder stuffed it. Jason Thunder performed a falcon arrow for a near fall. Both men stayed down and a “this is awesome” chant broke out briefly.

Jason Thunder got to his feet first. Slaine caught him with a kick and went for a springboard move, but Thunder caught him and tossed him into the corner. Thunder performed a top rope frog splash for a near fall. Thunder went up top again and went for the Phoenix Splash, which Slaine avoided. Thunder landed on his feet, but Slaine put him down with the KTFO for the cover and the three count.

Daniel Slaine def Jason Thunder via Pinfall

After the match the fireworks shoot out and a new champion is crowned. Daniel Slaine celebrates with the World Title. Climbing on turnbuckle after the other as he holds the title above his head. After dropping down from the fourth turnbuckle he turns around to Jason Thunder staring at him. Daniel Slaine extends his hand at Jason and tells him that was a hell of a match.

Jason Thunder looks at Daniels hand but then points at the World title. Jason tells him to enjoy the win but he won’t hold that title for long as Jason exits from the ring and leaves Daniel to celebrate as the PPV comes to a close.